Friday, August 17, 2012

I am back again my friends.....

Hi everybody. So nice to come back again after a short break. During this period I do learn something and also to confirm what I had learned and today I have to relearn again.

As I had spoken before, our world comprises of the good and evil forces. They are unbreakable and have to be linked together, otherwise you and me won't be here in the first place. A good man cannot cheat because he will feel extremely guilty if he does it. And a bad person would find it difficult to be honest. The good type of people gain their energy by having a good heart, while those who are bad live happily by not playing sincere. The polices and lawyers would not survive if there are no criminals, and no thief could live when everyone is also criminal to him.Whether we like it or not, man comes by many characters and faces.

I remembered when I was a child our entire township was controlled by gangsters. You can call them as hooligans too. In order not to be disturbed and harassed by them, all the shop owners had to pay protection money to the gang. In our local dialect we addressed them as Sam Seng, who are equally intelligent type of people. They spoke well, tough and had super brain. Today though these gangsters are no longer in operation, they still exist in our world. They are even more intelligence, educated and brave. Last year my personal email was hacked, and my blog which was linked to it was also being taken away from my hand. Thanks God! Google assisted me to retrieve it. Now! My posts were being humiliated, condemned and criticised. By whom? Good readers won't do it but the Sam Seng would. Good readers appreciate my sharing. After all no one pays me. I write everyday because it's my passion and to me sharing is part of happiness. For what reasons why Sam Seng put so much effort to degrade me. I really don't need to know because the fact is... Evil always are there to cause unnecessary trouble to the good. They just could enjoy themselves for seeing me suffering in pain and shame. BUT! I have to tell this sole Sam Seng that I too enjoy playing along with him. He makes my blog more interesting and I'm also learning how Sam Seng reacts as well. I only wish he darn to reveal his true identity. Why attack a man who could face you in the open, when you know who he is while you hide under the mystery. Since you write so well and think so intelligently, be brave and wise to share your mind too Sam Seng. 

The last post was a very meaningful one, where I saw who were my true friends. Wan, thank you for always stood by me. Michelle I love your comment, it was very encouraging. Shirazi first time seeing you here. MdKhan, Sam Seng cannot break me lah. Thank you to Brandon and Gypsy who darn to speak their mind. Really do not know who Anti Anonymous was but you were sharp to reveal the retarded Sam Seng who tried to fool all of us at first. Thank you so much Anti Anonymous. You guys were the one who asked me to continue to write and the one who encouraged me to lay off for good is no other than Sam Seng himself. How can I drop off  so easily when passion and love are so strong in my heart. Sorry lah Sam Seng! You have to work harder to suppress me. Otherwise join us then. Ok?


little darling said...

Welcome back sweetheart!!!

Wan said...

Hi Robert,
Great to see you write again.
It seems that you are fully recharged now.
We all know you wouldn't give up so easily... and you proved us RIGHT!
Welcome back and my mind's breakfast is back.
Just miss your blog.
Have a Wonderful holidays!

Robert Foo said...

Hi little darling,
You make my life worth living.

Robert Foo said...

Hi Wan,
Thank you for your constant encouragement. You are a God sent friend. Currently on holiday in Singapore.

Adel said...

Hi Robert.

That was me, Adel.hahahahaha! I was so pissed off with anonymous whcih keep on repeating.So I used Anti-anonymous instead.:) Have a nice day Robert!

Robert Foo said...

Hi Adel,

So kind of you! That guy thought was me writing. You were really brave to speak your mind. Thanks once again.

Michelle Yong said...



Robert Foo said...

Hi Dear Michelle,
Thank you for your ever ready support. I'm still on holiday currently.