Monday, March 31, 2008

Take the extra miles to see the different.

I received an unexpected call from one young telemarketing executive representing Citibank. He introduced himself as Daniel. His voice sounded jittery and I knew he must be new on the job. He told me the bank had increased my credit card's limit to another fifty thousand dollars which I could draw out at any time. This is the normal credit card marketing promotion in our country. I did not cut Daniel away from this friendly call. Instead I told him, the fifty thousand was too little for me. I would be more interested if the bank was keen to consider five hundred thousand dollars loan for me. The young Daniel was taken by surprised. Immediately he said, "Sir, no credit card will allow five hundred thousand limit."

I continued, "Daniel! How do you know I can't when you have not try to enquire?" With hesitation he said, "It was never done before sir." My turn to speak my mind,"Daniel, if you want to learn something beyond your scope, I suggest you try to enquire from the various departments of your bank. There are many products you have not heard before. You only know and learn, if you are prepared to check and investigate. You have three choices. Either you do nothing for me and you will not learn anything. Or pretend to check for me, when you do nothing again. Or take my sincere advice, when you really take the effort to enquire in details. If you dare to take this challenge, then prepare to take the third option. I believe you will learn tremendously along the way. I am giving you a chance to explore in life young man."

My words shocked him for a second. He had never spoken with any client with such aggressive approach. He could only utter with "Ah! Ah! Ah! How can??" With some encouragement I added, "Daniel, I shall give you three days to try. Take my words you will never regret. Ok?" We ended the conversation just like this.

Three days later, this time I was caught with another surprise. Daniel called to inform that he had some good news for me. The bank has agreed to grant me few options of the five hundred thousand loan facilities. He really took the trouble to check, recheck and uncheck from various parties concerned. These were the actual words from his mouth, "Sir! You are totally right. There are so many things I had not known. With your persuasion, I had learned so much from my enquiries. You had given me a chance to grow. You are building my confidence and hopes in life. Yes! You are entitled to the five hundred thousand credit limit. Whether you want to apply this loan with me or not isn't important any more.What matter most is! Can you allow me to be your friend?"

I was delighted with his confident statement. My little motivation had helped a young man to understand life better. Always think outside the box, be creative in your work and take the extra miles in whatever you do. Later Daniel left me his personal mobile number. He also sent me this message, "Thank you Mr Foo! I felt more energetic after spoken to you. Thank you for your encouragement. God Bless you Sir! Daniel -Citibank." I wished him good luck too.

Mark Twain spoken, "Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbour. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore dreams."

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Express gratitude joyfully and openly

Zarina is an attractive intelligent lady whom I just met recently. With my confidence and understanding, she was brave to reveal her heart. She is in her thirties and still single. With her strict parental background plus firm religious faith, it was not easy for her to meet the right man during her earlier age. By chance, she was introduced to a man whom she has not physically seen. They are cyber friends for almost three months. According to Zarina, the man fits well in all ways. He is older by one year to her. A widower who has a child. He loves poems and poetry. Successful in his own business too. From his photo, he looks handsome and tall, which is one of her requirement. In fact, this virtual friend had confessed his love many times already by emails, text messages and on telephones. He wrote a wonderful message to her, "I am willing to hold your hand forever because I truly love you so much." From Zarina explanation, statements, expression and words, I know the lady has fallen in love with the man from afar. However till this point, she has not shown or reveal her mind and heart to the man yet. Excitingly she seek my advice, "Robert, what should I do now?"

I told her, "Zarina, I know you have feeling for this man. Please don't let him to guess your thought and feeling. Moreover he can't even see and touch you, except the virtual senses. He had made his move and standing. If truly you have some interest in him, its high time you should express them out to him. Your pride and self esteem are holding back your feeling. If he guesses wrongly, you might loose a chance to know him better. Most man would not have all the patience to wait for his ideal lady. Tell him a little about your liking and give some sincere encouragement to him. Without your sweet words and feminine charm, he might not go further to love you. Just tell him your feeling and love will have the magic to spackle the relationship further."

She was so happy with my words that she promised to take action immediately. Her eyes were full of joy and excitement. I did not know, at my age I could still spur younger woman to fall in love. I wish her best of luck.

Moral of the story; Don't let pride and self esteem to hold back your feeling. When you like the person tell him or her. Coz is never wrong to tell your feeling. In fact you make the listener loves you more. Remember; "Express gratitude joyfully and openly."

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Sex resolves quarrels.

There was a worldwide survey done on sex behaviour, which I think is interesting. Are you aware, European women have more sex when they don't feel secured in the family? However when they are established, they have lesser sex. Comparing to the Asian, where I am now, women have lesser sex when they have complication at home. Reason was not given. With my own assumption and logic, I think the European females are smarter than the Asian. When the family has got problem, more sex might bond the couple closer again. You can have quarrels with your spouse, but the minute the couple has sex together, all anger and temper will be released. Further conflicts or frustration could be erased. After sex, the couple will forgive and forget each other. So the next time, when you have misunderstanding with your lover, stop all activities and just jump onto bed for the sexual distressing. You will be surprised how all problems could be solved so rapidly. Peace not war.

Another fact written by the survey. Out of four Japanese, only one would have regular sex. The other three have forgotten what is sex. They are so bogged down by their work, they just don't have time for making love. I think the Japanese is a very progressive and hard working people. But without a complete satisfying sex life, perhaps they could be living a very stressful lives as well. All works no play, makes Jack a dull boy! All works no sex, makes Jap a stressful boy!

This was given by an interesting friend. "7-Days makes one week. 7-days of sex makes one weak. But no sex in a week makes one sick. However, good sex once a week makes one seek! Have you had yours this week?"

Friday, March 28, 2008

The three layers of our heart where trust is built.

A young agent asked me this question, "Mr Foo, I noticed most people trust you. They almost believe whatever you said. How do you earn your trust?"

In order to make things simpler to the young man, I explained, 'Trust is earned through the heart'. If you could not reach the heart of a person, most likely he would not believe your words. Outside of the heart is doubt, suspicious and uncertainties. The inner heart has three layers of emotion. If you only reach the first layer of it, you earn the respect of your listener. At least he is willingly to talk with you with an opened mind. With more skill, when you could reach the second layer, not only you earn his respect but he begins to like you more. Add more sincerity to the heart, not only you have respect and be a likable person, you will also earn the full total trust. Whatever you said, he will definitely believe. The logic is heart can touch another heart.

If you have intention to succeed in the selling world, understand the heart to heart selling. Those who sell for the sake of selling, will never reach and touch the third layer of the heart. Coz touching the deepest layer of it, requires a lot of patience, tolerance, sincerity and kindness. Those who have the true love of a heart, make a better successful salesperson, no matter what you sell on earth. The reason is, you are trusted in every way of a person.

For those who are interested in falling in love, are you capable to touch the heart of your woman. If the lady could not even remember your name, I am sure you have not reached her heart yet. Can't blame her for she has doubts over you, because you are actually outside her heart where suspicious and uncertainties still lies. If you could make her to address by your name, then you rest assured you have earned the respect from her. Meaning, you have reached the first layer of her heart. Allow yourself more time and effort plus genuine care and concern, she might later call you as 'dear' or 'handsome'. At this stage, you have arrived the second layer of her heart. You are definitely a likable person to her now. She appreciates your friendship and she enjoys your accompany. If you are prepared to shower her with your true heart with pure love and passion, she will be melted to call you sweetheart then. For you have finally touched her deepest point of the heart. You have earned the fullest trust in her. She is prepared to sail along with you, as long as you can maintain this stage of penetration.

Just one reminder. You can attempt to reach and touch a heart to earn the trust, but make sure you don't pierce through it. Coz when that happened, it could be very disastrous and painful with blood to smear the wounded heart. From trust it will be converted to hate and sorrow for all parties concerned. These are all true facts of life.

I like to remind the one I love, "Intense love does not measure, it just gives." -Mother Teresa.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Not in love, in love or rejected in love!!

Every human being lives with feeling all the times. Our mind will never stop to think and feel. The only time, our brain ceases to think and function is when we are dead. Love is always a feeling in our heart. As I ponder over this feeling of love, I believe each and everyone would fall into either of these three types. You are either not in love or in love or rejected in love. Which group are you in?

If you are currently still not in love, most likely you have to do things by yourself. You could be happy and at time you could be sad. There are positive and negative energies within yourself. As long as you have good influences around, you would be happy and cheerful. However life is always uncertain,when there are the ups and downs that you have to face. In the events when you are encountered with difficult obstacles and challenges, your mind might be upset and frustrated. Under such circumstances, as you are not in love, you have to accept the situation and to live and solve ways by yourself.

Those who are in love have different feeling and behaving. Love has magical charm which tickles our heart and mind. The magical charm lifts our mind to a floating like in feeling. You are always positive in character. Willing to accept challenges. Looking forward to each day as a happy day. Your eyes sparkle and your face grows with joy. Obstacles would be turned into opportunities. Hardship and work are fun and excitement. You tend to achieve most things you want on earth. Coz you have another love to share the wonderful part of yourself.

Avoid this type as to be rejected in love. Another meaning is love sick. Once happened, all your positive outlook in life will disappear. Your heart saddened and your mind is depressed. There is no cure for love sick. You refused to move. Life is ugly and torturous. Most likely you can't eat and sleep because of the pain in heart. Your face will be sunken to frustration. For sure, you loose weight and look sickly in manner. Every day is an ugly day to you. You have nothing to look forward to in life, unless you can find another love.

Those who are not brave, might choose to remain as neutral. To stay away and not to fall in love. Because in love, it has the joy and pain. For those like me, who accept great challenges of life, will never be afraid to be in love. Coz I believe Love has magic which will lead me to the freedom world of joy. I know pain is part of love but with plenty of patience, tolerance and understanding of life, I would sail to avoid the painfulness of love. To my sweetheart, lets pick to be in love and face the world with loving courage. Will you?

Food for the heart; "Becoming free is not changing yourself into someone you think you should be. Becoming free is falling in love with who you are - right now."

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Stupid verses smart for ideal happiness.

I asked my sweetheart, "Dear why do you love me so much?" She always replied with this remark, "Yes my naughty cheeky dearest...coz you are stupid."

To the many, they would be wondering why she loves a stupid man. In fact she is an intelligent lady who knows the real sense of 'stupid' of her lover. The world has the smart people who tend to take more than giving in life.Whereas the 'stupid' gives more than taking. The smart gives with condition all the time. Not the 'stupid' who willingly gives unconditionally. The smart has no patience, when the 'stupid' wait without complain. The smart is selfish and the 'stupid' is kind. The smart is boastful in nature. Not the 'stupid' who is humble as ever. Smart can be rude and has anger when they are being disturbed. 'Stupid' smiles instead and will not has self seeking. Smart controls and possesses whereas 'stupid' releases and relaxes. In the long run, the 'stupid' tends to be happier than the smart. Is up to us to choose whether to be smart or 'stupid'. I might look stupid to the smart for not gaining the benefits. In actual fact, I am smarter than the one who thinks I am 'stupid' coz I am happiest for living a wholesome live, as one my secret admirer, Young Kat claimed.

I am proud my intelligent sweetheart could see the quality of me, who has the understanding of being 'stupid' of knowing the real meaning of LOVE in depth. To be a true self, one has to know the beauty of love. Love always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails. Love has magic. Sweetheart, you have loved a 'stupid' who will always give unconditional love to you. Perhaps intelligent needs 'stupid' to make a better world to live in.

Food for the heart; "Life in abundance comes only through great love."

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Love without intimacy could be sorrowful.

Kld and Ela are my friends. Both are still unmarried. Kld is a 60 years old man, whom I have known since childhood. Ela is a 50 years young lady whom I have known for the past 5 years through Kld. From the previous company, they both worked as colleagues, became good friends and later turned lovers. Kld caught the attention of Ela, when he was helpful and sincere in their close contacts. Kld is truly a man with good heart and integrity. Similarly Ela is loving and a caring lady. Both by fate, never had a chance to fall in love at the earlier lives, until about 5 years ago they have strong feeling for each others.

In fact, from the outside, both of them reflect a lovable couple. Although Kld is a Muslim and Ela is a Catholic, the different of faith is not a hindrance to their relationship. Both their relatives and communities accepted their matching. Coz it was not easy to fall in love at this wise age of them. Both understood the meaning of love. They know love has plenty of patience, tolerance, giving and sharing. I was really happy for both of them, especially for my buddy, Kld.

The saying, 'Don't judge a book by its cover', is a true facts of life. Outwardly Kld & Ela are happy but inwardly they both are silently in sorrow. Kld is a heavy diabetic for more than twenty years. He is suffering from erectile dysfunction, which leads to lost of interest on sex. Ela is a full bloom lady who is hunger for love and sex instead. Just imagine both eligible single who loves each other, when one requests for intimacy and the other is unable to provide. She could be excited to the utmost when her man stared with misery. She cried with frustration when he yielded with sadness. To me I termed it as a silence sorrow which remains always as hidden and unknown.

Love has all the ingredients to create magic for all couples in love. Is sex considered as part of love to make it as the paramount needs for completing the cycle of intimacy? Or is sex just by itself without love? I am still pondering! Even love with patience, tolerance and scarifies cannot prevents the craves for sex. For those who are in love and are truly satisfied in all ways, you should be thankful for not having to go through this silence sorrow of romance.

Can this be true? "Sometimes in life we wear so many masks that it becomes difficult to see your true self."

Monday, March 24, 2008

Without manhood, man will loose his drive in life.

Bill has been selling life insurance for almost twenty years with us. Ever since he felt sick 2 years ago, things were not pretty good on his side. His wife asked for a separation, friends were moving away from him and he has low esteem drive to sell. He still needs to work coz he has to maintain his personal and children education. He was extremely worried over his business.

Yesterday with some hesitation, he walked into my office room. He asked, "Robert, please tell me how you gathered so much of joy and energy to sell. You are always cheerful, enthusiastic and willing to share and assist others. I am at lost! Can you help me?"

I could see Bill's eyes were sad and depressed. Immediately I stopped all my work and listened to this frustrating colleague who needed attention. He was a successful agent prior to his sickness which brought him down. He was a happy person before. Not until when his wife left him with hatred and anger. Presently he does not have love and happiness in his heart. He was not closing cases. In fact most of his friends and clients were avoiding him. Is natural, most people only like to deal with successful person. A fact we can never deny in life. Some who bought insurance from Bill were more for sympathizing him. In the long run, he could die by a natural death.

As I gathered more feedback from Bill, he was frank to relate he had lost interest in LOVE and SEX. For the last two years out of frustration and depression , he had abstained from sex totally. He is an impotent person who does not feel proud of himself. Without manhood, man would loose his personal drive in life. Initially he dislikes woman for fear of his impotency. Subsequently without love from woman, he gradually loose the happiness of living. Without happiness, he looses his drive in career. I always believe this phrase, "A happy heart sees a beautiful world." Bill has a very unhappy heart without love, he sees the world as ugly.

I advised Bill, the first thing he has to do is to correct his defect. Impotency can be cured. He could seek the clinical way or another recommended method is by traditional penis massage plus herbal treatment. As he had parked his penis at the wrong place for too long and not utilising it at all, caused it to be malfunction temporary. Is like he had parked his car in the garage and never got it started for years. If he goes for the massage for a couple of weeks, I assured him, those stimulation and treatment could restore his strength and vitality again. With manhood, I am sure, Bill will be proud and excited. With desire he might later look for his love. With the passion of love given by a true loving woman, Bill would be happy. If his heart is full of love and joy again, I am sure his personal drive and enthusiasm of work will be increased. He doesn't need a sale talk to motivate him but rather a counselling of love and sex to restore his full manhood. I was glad, I could make him understand the facts of life, Love has miracle. I played the role of a faith healer again.

Mark Twain spoken; "Dance like nobody's watching. Love like you've never been hurt. Sing like nobody's listening. Live like it's heaven on earth." If we do have this energy, nothing will stop us from getting what we want in this world.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Doctor and Life Ins. agent save lives in a different manner

I was having a relaxing time with Dr Loh at our spa club. Over our friendly chat, he was constantly staring at the clock. It was almost time for him to leave because as a medical doctor he has to work according to time and schedule. Although both of us are considered as professional who saves lives. His time is always being controlled by his work. Whereas I control my time on my job. What a relieve for me, as I work according to my style and planning.

The different in our profession is, as a doctor he sees those who need to be seen when they are sick. Whereas I see those who don't see me, because when they need to see me, it will be too late to see me. When you are sick, you have to consult the doctor. When you are not sick, please consult the life insurance agent. Coz life insurance could be purchased only when you are healthy.

Because of the above reasons, Dr Loh had to rush back to see his patients. I was much luckier coz the people I deal with are heathier who could wait and seek my advices later. In short, buy life insurance when you don't need it. When you need it, you can't buy. That is the time, I am sorry you have to see Dr Loh. We both save lives.

Interesting phrase; "There is only one success: to be able to spend your life in your own way, and not to give others absurb maddening claims upon it." - Christopher Darlington Morley - (1890 -1957)

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Love yourself first before you can sell.

There was a lady associate who was not doing well in her selling of life insurance. She had been in our business for many years. Over a cup of coffee, she seeks my advices. From her words I realised, she was very down, depressed and negative in thinking. Without the true happiness in her heart, selling life insurance was not easy coz our job needs to see and talk to people. Her face looked dull and unpleasant, which was not a good personality for meeting prospects. I told her, you had to love yourself first before you could sell yourself. She could not understand my wisdom. Before she left, I told her I would bring magic to her. Please wait for my text messages from tomorrow onwards.

The next morning I sent her this sms message. Written as; "My dear, although you have witty naughtiness, you are an attractive intelligent lady. Please smile coz you will make many happy."
She replied, "Thank you handsome. You really made my day :))"

The next day, I continued with another message sent; "Dear, God has blessed you with attractiveness. Please use your intelligence to reach out and touch more lives. I strongly believe you can. Do it now!" She responded, "Yes. I am sure I can. Thank you."

The third day, I received a late evening call from her. She was very excited coz she had closed a fairly reasonable big case unexpectedly. Later she sent me another message written as, "Yea. Thanks for you super moral support."

Moral of the story. When she wasn't happy within herself, love wasn't growing. Her pride returned, when she was complimented with the beauty of being an attractive and intelligent a lady. She has to love herself first before she could love others. I had casted the belief of faith and confidence in her. This is the miracle of love again to do well in life.

Meaningful phrase; "The true measure of a man is how he treats someone who can do him absolutely no good." - Samuel Johnson (1709 - 1784)

Friday, March 21, 2008

Life Insurance in action.

Although it was a public holiday today, I was too eager to meet up with Ihsan. Ihsan is only 21 years old who has to shoulder the family responsibilities. Since his father death last year, and being an Indian Muslim, Ihsan still pursuing his degree, has to take over as head of the family. His mother is a typical Indian house wife with a younger daughter of six to care at home. The family has a growing supermarket business not too far away from their house. With nobody to assist, the young Ihsan has to manage the family business at this studying age.

His father had been my client for many years and I had seen the family grown. With a lot of respect earned through the years, Ihsan took me as a family member. Periodically I would check on him to see whether he is on track in personal and in business. I was amazed how he lives and works through the day. He has to get up at 6 in the early morning. Go to the shop even before any staff turns up to work. He spends two hours there to verify various matters from the previous day sales. By about 10.30 am he has to be at his college. He finishes his study in the late evening, when he has to return to his shop again. His homework has to be attended plus his business affair is endless. I really admired the determination and strength of this young man who has to think of so much at this innocent age.

As a life insurance agent to him currently, I took the challenge to make sure Ihsan would be guided properly in life. From time to time, I shared with him the facts of life which most youngster of his age would not be bother to listen. I motivated him the drive to sustain and continue his studies. I advised him the right way to handle business like an adult. I enlightened him with love to be shower to his sister and mother. I am not just an agent, I am his best friend for life who is preaching the religion of love and fate. I am confident, Ihsan will be successful in all his endeavours. Coz I had promised him that I will always be there, whenever he wants my support and assistance.

Ihsan has also his personal blog which can be sited at

Leo F. Buscaglia wrote; "Love is always open arms. If you close your arms about love, you will find that you are left holding only yourself."

Thursday, March 20, 2008

The sweetest three words on earth.

The sweetest three words on earth are the 'I Love You'. However the funny part of it, is, when you don't mean it, they could be easily uttered or spoken. If you really mean them, these simple three words are so difficult to express them out.

Take for instance, you might be telling to your friends you do love your parents. If you had never spoken those words to them before, you might find it difficult to relate to them in person. You could be appreciating your friends who had assisted you in many ways, but to acknowledge them with the 'I love You' is always not easy. Or you had no intention to fall in love with a lady or a gentleman, but just to appease them, it is easy to say 'I Love You'. Not when you have finally fallen in love with a person, to confess to her/him is shameful. To the man it takes a lot of courage to say the I Love You to his woman. To the woman, the I Love You could be kept only to her heart coz true love is supposed to be secret for female.

Whether it is meant to be true, I believe everyone likes to hear and to receive these three sweet words on earth. Tell them to your families, friends, clients, employers, staffs or people you are in contact with, and you will be amazed how joyful they are. Especially to the one you love most at the moment, the I Love You will definitely melt that particular person. Remember Love has magic.

I learned from my sweetheart; "Laughter is the best medicine. But love is the greatest healer of them all. Let love leads, then laughter would be sweeter."

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

How I had fun with my career as a life Ins. agent.

It was such a wonderful day when I called the secretary of my client this morning. Her boss is the CEO of a Public Company. This was the exact conversation;

RF: "Hi Wati! Is your boss in?"
Wati: "Hi Robert! Sorry my boss is sick today. Anyway how are you?"
RF: " Nothing is happier than to hear your loving voice my dear. Is so nice to talk to you all the time."
Wati: "Thank you Robert. You always make me happy. My boss always talk about you."
RF: "Tell me."
Wati: "My boss has many friends. But not one is like you who care and understand. Only good friends have the guts to tell the truth of him. You corrected his mistakes and gave the advices when needed. You motivated and inspired him. You are his energy giver. He needs friend like you."
RF: "Wow! I did not know I have his admiration. Tell him, I am equally proud to have such great successful friend like him too."
Wati: "I will make an appointment for you to see him next week. Please see him more often."
RF: "Thank you Wati. You really make my day."

Immediately I forwarded a text message to this great friend. As written;

RF: "Did not know young man can also fall sick! Or is it love sick?"
Nasir: "Young man not invincible and also forgot not so young anymore. We meet next week. Get Wati to fix a date. Thanks."
RF: "I had reached and touched her heart. She would advise me. Take care and always feel young."

How could I term this as work, when for every moment of seeing and interacting with people, I am enjoying myself to the utmost. In fact my work is my hobby which allows me to have fun and excitement. I will never trade and exchange my career as a life insurance agent for anything in the world. Coz it is the best noble profession that taught me to understand life deeper and more meaningful. Thank you to Wati and Nasir for being such great friends. I love you.

Richard Bach was right. He wrote; "The best way to pay for a lovely moment is to enjoy it."

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Add creativeness in asking to gain better result.

Be brave to tell your feeling and thought isn't enough, add creativeness is even better. Let me show what I meant.

This is the continuation of the couple who were on honeymoon. The next morning, both went to the restaurant to have their buffet breakfast. The setting was marvellous with all kind of delicacies and food. The lady loves bread but was disappointed, when she realised her favourite French bun was not available. She told her lover, "Darling! will you ask the waiter to add some French bun?" Without hesitation, he immediately approached the nearest waiter.

There are two choices of asking.
Scenario One:
Customer; "Excuse me Captain, do you still have the French bun?"
Waiter; "I am sorry sir. The French bun had all been taken earlier. The other types are still available."

Result: The man could not impress his darling who loves the bun so much.

Scenario Two:
Customer; "Excuse me Captain, my wife and me are on honeymoon. My sweetheart favourite is your hotel's French bun. Can you help me to have this special bun coz I love her so much."
Waiter; "Sir, Let me check with our kitchen whether the French bun is still available."

Result: The loving words of the man touched the waiter who took extra initiative to cater the needs of his customer. The lady was happy and felt proud of her lover.

Moral of the story; Be BRAVE and CREATIVE to tell your feeling and thought. The result works always!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Be brave to tell your feeling & thought.

Hi readers, I am back after a short break. Over a holiday, I learned something from some whispers. Communication skill is important, on all aspect of life. Whether in business or over with your love partners.

This is interesting. A couple was on a honeymoon. After a long trip, finally they managed to check into their romantic room for the night. After a hot shower together, they were anxiously getting ready to bed. They hugged and kissed lovingly under the blanket. With a soft voice, the lady sounded to her lover, "Darling, aren't you going to sleep?" She repeated that questions three times. He heard every single word. He thought she was tired after the long journey and wanted to sleep early. He replied her, "Yes! dear we should sleep then." It was their honeymoon when they both had the urge to make love dearly. However both thought that they were tired and were not ready to have a heavy workout for the night. Both did not sleep well either. In fact, they were waiting for each other to have intimacy.

What a waste of the night for this couple, who should be having a good love making session on their honeymoon, but instead they slept with uneasiness and dissatisfaction. The blame was mainly, they did not communicate to understand each other well. Moreover they were too shy to admit their feeling. Should she had said, "Darling, I love you and need you", things would have happened differently. That statement was a true feeling of the evening, compared to her weak question of "Darling, aren't you going to sleep?" which was very subjective and debatable.

Moral of the story, tell exactly how you feel rather than letting your listener to guess your thought. This is what I called the art of communication.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Do u pamper yourself with holidays?

'All work & no play, makes Jack a dull boy', this was what we knew when we were kids. Perhaps this is also applicable to adults or even myself. Tomorrow I am taking a break, pampering myself to a short holiday afar. I love spa and massage. Later may be go for some crazy shopping. Not so particular with food but wine has to be included. If ever I could get a sweet young thing to accompany me for the dinner with music to seranade the night, that will be the most beautiful feeling for me. I am sure I will enchant one lucky lady along the way. Hopefully the trip would bring more thought and inspiration. I believe the holiday is good for rejuvenating our mind and heart. Live a balance life coz life isn't just money and work.

The definition of happiness by Gelett Burgess; "There is work that is work and there is play that is play; there is play that is work and work that is play. And in only one of these lie happiness."

Thursday, March 13, 2008

When you can't sexually satisfy your partner!

I was asked this question once. When a husband can't sexually satisfy the wife, can she seeks the court for a divorce? Some said yes and some said no.

As far as I am concerned, when two persons are in love, they should be responsible to each other. The man provides and she cares for him. He should work hard to shower her all that she needs. In turn she gives her best to appease his wants. In order to fulfill all the obligation, sex is an important part of their marriage life. A sensible man should know how to keep and maintain his health. If he only knows how to make money and not taking care his health, surely his sex life would be affected. Sometimes the blame might not be just the man alone. Woman could also lose interest in sex due to many reasons. Like depression or hormone imbalance.

Like I mentioned earlier, if the couple is truly in love, they should be able to communicate and solve things out. Whether is the man or the lady, who has lost interest on sex, both of them should seek medical for remedy. There are many types of treatment which could bring sex life to the couple again. Just that they need a lot of patience and encouragement to seek advices and assistance. On the hand, if either one isn't prepared to see a doctor and still insist to request for a divorce, I think they have already lost their true love in their relationship. In love, there are always the patience, giving, affection, concern and sacrifices. Once the ingredients of love are lost, the magic of it would definitely disappear at the same times. Perhaps divorce is the better solution to both parties concerned.

Therefore when you want to be in love, make sure you are capable to make love and be sexually active as well. As sex is an important part of life to all men and women. Don't laugh coz this is true fact of life again.

Are you aware that: "Sometimes in life we wear so many masks that it becomes difficult to see your true self."

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

An ounce of courage to remove ton of distress.

At every stage of life, we have challenges. At every level of status, we meet obstacles. The higher we climb, the more lonesome one would face. Just like, one of my closed friend/client, SM whom I met this afternoon. SM had came a long way from the bottom he rose. Started as a small little venture twenty years ago, SM is currently a Chairman of his own International House. From the external look, he is respected highly in every way. However a lot of his problems were hardly known to others. He is currently faced with unsolved matters related to a huge oversea project. He could not mention the financial weaknesses to his people for fear of loosing their moral and confidence. Neither could he speak to his friends or associates because they might jeopardize his project. He did not want to share his frustration to his loving wife coz he did not want to burden her. His children are too young to understand. The only energy he could gain was to pray silently to his God which was only of one direction without any physical reply.

Although I am a life Insurance Agent, I played a role of a faith healer who listens and to understand. With plenty of encouragement and patience given to SM, he poured out all his problems and fear to me. He spoke his heart and mind, like a child telling his fear to his father. He was emotional and stressful all the time. I was honoured to have the opportunity to listen his mind of secret and expectation of his life. I understood his thought. With his permission, I raise my voice to tell him, "SM, I have known you for too long. I believe you are a man of responsibility and have commitment. You do have character and ability. Forget your fear. Listen to your heart, work with your mind and I know you will be able to go through. Just do it. For I know you have the strength and will power to make it."

SM had spoken hours when I was listening. I just uttered the one minute statement which changed his entire mindset from fear to hope now. He felt so relieved to hear those words of faith. They reinforced his energy and aspiration. Finally he stood up and said, "Yes! I will do it and I must make it."

Moral of the story; "It only takes an ounce of courage to remove a ton of distress."

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Groom your children with love.

Tesh is only 13 years old. She is adorable, loving and intelligent, who speaks a few languages. Each time when I met her, she would meet me with a smile and an opened arm to hug. Her voice is always full of sweetness and confidence. The credit she be given to her single mother, who groomed and taught her with love and passion since she was conceived. Even when her mother was pregnant, she talked to her with feeling. She fondled her stomach with care and concern, kept telling she loved her. As a little baby, her mother whispered near to her tender ear with words of 'Sweetheart I love you.' The love never stopped. Her mother kept flowering more passion and sweetness to the growing daughter. They bathed together like lovers. They slept hugging with joy. Both mother and child always had the skin to skin contact. Sometimes when Tesh made mistakes, instead of shout and yell, mother would provide advices and encouragement to her. To let her go the extra miles, a lot of patience and motivation were given. With all these qualities of teaching plus plenty of love, Tesh has grown to be a very independence and capable young lady. She is currently studying in Beijing, China. Her mother who is a very closed friend of mine, resides in Malaysia.

In order for a child to grow with love and passion, in medical term, it is recommended to teach them from young. As early as on conceiving period to the age of seven. If the child is given love and attention within these period of growing, you rest assure, the child grows to be loving and caring for the rest of his life. However if the child is injected with hate and violent, especially at this tender age, most likely he would grow to be arrogance, ill manner and selfish a person.

For those ignorant parents who had never given love to their children while they were young, it is still not too late to apply now. Coz love has the magical force which would overrule all obstacles of misery. Remember anger leads to hate. Whereas love creates happiness. Thanks to Tesh mum who had taught me to understand deeper of what is true love from the heart.

Food for the heart; "When love comes to you, don't refuse it by thinking you are not worthy. You are worthy, or love couldn't come your way." - John Roger

Monday, March 10, 2008

Relax & calm is different.

While waiting for an important client who was busy, I text a message to my loved one. It was written as, "Dear, I am still waiting for this Chairman since one hour ago. I have to be patience. Otherwise I may not secure the business."

My sweetheart replied,"Have more patience and u will be more calm and relax. Then u can think better. Also good for your heart." I knew she had concern for me.

With the many years in selling, I believe patience is the game to success. Patience is an attitude of the person and not a skill which could be developed over night. You have to be relaxed to be calm. When you are relaxed and calm, perhaps you might gain patience. Relax is more of a verb with meaning; to relieve from tension or strain. Where else, calm is more of a noun. Exact meaning is peaceful and undisturbed. You might be relaxing but not necessary you could be calm. When you are calm, you don't need to relax coz calmness is a stage of peace and undisturbed. A spiritual person is calm with blissfulness and holiness. An agressive man might not have calmness. He needs to relax first to gather calmness. You can try to learn to understand yourself to relax but is not easy to learn calmness in yourself. If you could relax and reach calmness, then patience of the mind might be developed.

For those who sell, learn to relax first and calmness of inner self would enhance your patience to success. For those who are in love, you need all the patience to win over your partners. So for my dear, you should have told me,"Relax and be calm. Then your patience with be there. U will think better and also good for your heart."

Lao Tzu said, "Do you have patience to wait till your mind settles and the water is clear? Can you remain unmoving till the right action arises by itself?

Sunday, March 09, 2008

That Blossom was voluptuous.

As I was doing my shopping round, there came a lady with her extremely big bust. I could not pretend that I wasn't staring. I guessed her blossom could be as huge as cup size F or higher of 42 above. I was sure my palm hand could not hold her entire breast and they were even broader than my face. Without me realising my sweetheart was watching me. She propped, "Darling, do you like it?" I gave my remark, "Dear, that was voluptuous!!!!" My mouth was watering, "Slurrrrrrpppp!!!"

According to my dear, not all females like big busts, especially the extraordinary huge one. The bigger the size, the more difficult to maintain and to care. Exercising could be difficult, running is tough and movement is restricted to a certain extent. A big bust cannot be reduced but a small one has a chance to be bigger. I am sure to all females, their blossom are the important part of themselves. Their external beauties are highly graded from their bust line features. And male cannot live without the sight of this special creation of the woman blossom. Whether they are small or big busts, man will always have the sensational feeling when they are allowed to smell, see, taste and touch them. Man can't live alone. Neither can woman, when man isn't around to admire and love woman.

Food for the heart, "It is through love that we elevate ourselves. And it is through our love for others that we assist others to elevate themselves." - M. Scott Peck, M.D.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Brave & outspoken.

Thank you to one of my keen blog reader, Young Kat for offering me her sincere compliment as I have bravery and being so outspoken. I really do not know whether I am brave but I know I speak my mind all the time. I wrote what I saw and felt in mind and heart on my past experiences and the present. I don't just write to please most people ears for I know good things might not be necessary good. I live for myself and I am not afraid of how others judge me, as long as I have principle and integrity in living. My belief, "The one who is honest and has a true heart will always feel light and tension free."

Perhaps at my age, I am qualified to be naughty and cheeky. Most older foes might like to behave like me, but for sure I know they are afraid for reasons they only know themselves. Outwardly they said I am not behaving as a man but in the heart they do admire me for my bravery. They admire my youthfulness, charisma, attraction and success quietly.

I wrote meaningful articles to benefit those who read them but I also wrote the unwritten for laughter and learning. As I was telling Young Kat, the world needs the good and bad to live together. Without the bad, the good cannot survive by itself. Is important to know the good and bad part of life, so that we understand the world better. You are totally right, Young Kat, I am outspoken. To be outspoken, I have confidence and courage. In turn, I earn the trust from people I deal with all these years. Without trust, I won't have survived 40 years in my selling career.

Young Kat, you don't have to feel sorry for being so straight forward with your comments. In fact, you had not at any time made me feel uncomfortable at all. You might look beautiful with your lips closed, but I rather like to see your frank and brave heart more. Thanks again for your support.

My strong belief; "Face the future with a daring heart."

Friday, March 07, 2008

Women are secretive in love.

I believe man is more expressive in love over woman. When a man loves a lady, most likely he is brave to reveal. His action comes first, then he speaks it out in words. However it is difficult to judge the feeling of woman when she loves her man. Women tend to be secretive in love. They don't show easily their feeling but rather observe their partners. Especially the early stage of contacts. So! For the gentleman, when you have interest over your ladies, be patience and be tolerance at the beginning. She might not utter a word, but that doesn't mean she is not interested. Allow her to feel for you first.

For the ladies, please don't fall for the man who has the guts to confess "I Love You" the minute he knows you. True love cannot be spoken once immediate. True love needs time and understanding. True love has patience and affection. If your man could say the "I Love You" all the time with passion, braveness, sincerity and pride, I am sure that man really loves you.

The man might have spoken hundred times the "I Love You", don't expect your lady would respond with these three words back to you. Remember, Love is secretive and hidden in woman heart. However, if the day comes when your lady is prepared to sound these sweet short words of I Love You to your tender ears, you rest assure she truly loves you deeply. Am I right Ladies?

At this stage of romance, there would be more surprises for the men. Just that the men have to get ready for she is ready now to receive his true love. In romance, both lovers have to help each other to love each other more. Shyness has to be erased and both have to give a truthful and faithful chance for themselves. This is when the excitement of love begins. I strongly believe true love offers courage, strength and energy. If you are in love, make the best of what you have and appreciate the beauty of your loves.

To the gentlemen who have found your new loves, "A kiss makes the heart young again and wipes out the years."

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Fart at the wrong place.

The lift was full during a peak lunch break. A soundless fart was released. The smell was horrible and unbearable. All the passengers were decently dressed, except one who was poorly clothed. There were remarks like,"What a fucking fart!", "Who was the bastard!" "Why fart here?" Everyone was staring at that guy who didn't dress well. He was quick to respond, "Hey! Hey! not me!!" Someone spoke angrily, "If not you who else? Don't you have manner?" Everyone was covering their noses and ran out immediately when the lift opened on the next floor. I was there as well. I knew was my friend who was giggling all the way. He farted so coolly and yet nobody suspected was him. Because he was in an immaculate personality which saved his face. The poor guy who was so innocent took the blame.

Moral of the story, your dressing and make up are your front runner of life. Whether at work or casual, your personality is judged by the way you present your look. If you want to succeed in the corporate world, look smart and decent for that is the doorway to success.

My belief; "You are judged by how you dress."

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

To make others to listen is a skill.

MT is one senior corporate manager with a public company. He didn't sound cheerful when I visited him, because the company is down-sizing. The moral of the working staffs is low and unhappy. MT has been working with this company for more than twenty years. He practically understands all aspects and conditions of the progress of his employer. He knows the strength and weaknesses too.

During our discussion, I suggested MT to propose his ideas, thoughts and improvement for his company. Perhaps his sharing might be useful to his boss. At that point, MT was a bit serious and upset with my suggestion. He claimed that his boss was never a person to listen to others. He would be there to hear but not to listen. MT was explaining, Hearing and Listening has different purposes. According to him, he might be there to hear but nothing would go into his mind. Unless he listened.

MT was totally right. If only his boss was listening, things would have improved. However MT also had made some mistakes, he approached his boss by the hearing concept and not by the listening. If he wanted his boss to listen more attentively with him, he should have started the ONE MINUTE question. One example, "Boss, I have a fantastic idea which will make our company a turn around. We will shine again. We will make Billion. If only u have the time to listen. Are u interested?"

If that One Minute question was asked in the first place, thing would be different then. The one minute question creates curiosity, excitement and thought. If the boss has intention to listen, I am sure the listening will be intense and serious. Subsequently, MT would have a better chance to elaborate and present his sharing to the board. Meaning, the One Minute question leads to more time given. Instead of just hearing, now he has to listen with attentiveness. I hope MT understood my explanation.

My understanding in life; "Listening is an art. To make others to listen is a skill."

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

To appreciate sex, open your eyes.

Love is blind. Can sex be blind too! Out of curiosity, I asked this interesting behaviour with many; "When you have sex with your partner, do you open your eyes?" I was surprised that most were frank to reveal that they preferred their eyes to be closed. Those who love to appreciate sex and romance, keep their eyes opened. One lady explained, if you want to admire a piece of clothing, you have to see to appreciate the beauty of the entire dress. The colour, texture, pattern and design are all important to her sight. Similarly when you have intention to make love, the sight is more important than touch, smell, voice and taste. Touch is sensation, smell is exciting, voice is attraction and taste is seducing. With sight you appreciate the entire piece of attraction in the art of making love. The minute you close your eyes while making love, without you knowing, you blind your thought. You blind the admiration of your partner who also likes to see your expression with an opened eyes. Eye to eye, the feeling of acceptance is greater, sexual desire increases and excitement is higher in intensity. Those who claimed they like love making, appreciate sex with an opened eyes. Coz they are not afraid or shameful to be sighted while having sex with their loves.

Conclusion; "Don't let our eyes be blinded in life. Darn to see to appreciate the beauty of love and romance."

Monday, March 03, 2008

Life Ins agent is also a faith healer & preacher.

Scientists had discovered our brains have a natural fluid called 'Endogenous Opioids', a chemical which could heal our body and to feel better if it's being released. During the pre-historical period when there was no medicine, the sick were healed by only faith healers. They gave only non medical powder or water which worked like miracle. In fact it wasn't magic but merely the faith to believe created the secretion of this fluid, Endogenous Opioids which actually healed those who were sick. It was a natural immune system which everyone of us has got but just that whether one has the strong mind to believe.

Faith healers have the power to convince your belief to heal your illness. Or another effective spiritual leader who could convince your belief with a fate, helps you to feel better of accepting holiness. These two benefits work because of the Endogenous Opioids in our brain. As I am a committed life insurance agent, I worked almost like a faith healer cum a preacher. I sold the belief of life insurance. I offered Peace of Mind to those who bought. My preaching indirectly helped their brains to secrete their chemical of Endogenous Opioids into their system. They feel good, wonderful, nice and confidence in thinking. In turn they lived more healthier in life. For those of my clients who were sick, I tried my level best to heal them again with the reinforcement of the power of faith. Believe me, it worked because all our mind have this God given chemical of self healing.

If you want to be an effective Life Insurance Agent, learn to be a faith healer and preacher as well. Coz selling alone isn't enough, faith healing and preaching complete the total confidence of an agent.

My belief, "The one who is honest and has a true heart will always feel light and tension free."

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Laugh, cry and yell louder if you can.

Not many know how to laugh and cry. Most people laugh inside their heart. Unwilling to show for fear of being laughed by others. Shyness could be one of the reason. Instead of throwing out the laugh, you might just giggle with a short breath or smile. Worst would be the 'cry' for crying is sorrowful. Everyone hides their cries because we do not like being seen with our tears. Sometimes happiness could lead to cry with tears of love. Whether we laugh or cry, both are emotional feeling of our mind. They distress and undress our worries and anxiety of living. If you need to laugh or cry, perhaps yelling out whole heartily would be the best for the mind and heart. Especially when both lovers are engrossed over a love making session. The woman could be at the peak of her climax and her man is at the highest of his erection, yell if they could. Because that is the time, when laugh and cry are both stimulated in their mind of intensity. They distress and undress their emotional acceptance of love by watching each other face to face, and eye to eye with contentment and satisfaction of life.

Life has no meaning when there is no laugh and cry. Please try to laugh as much as you can, and cry a little at time to soothe your heart. But never forget to YELL when you need to yell. For all these gestures of behaviour are needed in our life.

For those who pursuit love; "If a tear fell from my eyes, everytime I wished you were with me. I would have a puddle of fallen wishes at my feet."

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Only the brave can feel young.

Growing old is mandatory but growing young is your choice. I challenge myself to grow young. Growing young has to be brave. You need courage to feel, behave, think and act young. One of the thing which I had never done before, was to buy a special female undergarment to the lady I adored and admired. I had seen many younger couples of today who shared to buy such gifts together. I told myself, I have to give myself a chance to experience once how the feeling is like.

Today I had a chance to walk into a shopping mall with a special lady. As I was passing an undergarment store with a sale promotion on, I asked the lady, "Sweetheart, can you allow me to buy you a set of colourful bra and pantie as a gift from my heart." I thought she would be angry but instead she replied, "Dear, of course. It will be wonderful and you have to choose for me."

In the shop, there were more women than men. Men were just standing there to wait for their ladies. I was a little shy and scared but I had to be brave to pick the right choices for her. There were many fanciful bras and panties of various colour and size. I liked the pink and black sets. With a little imagination of my lady features, I requested for the size of Cup B of 34 for the bras. With her permission, I was even allowed to witness the testing in the changing room. I behaved as though I was brave but my heart was actually pumping harder than normal. She complimented me for selecting the right ideal bras of her taste too. We came out of the shop with purchase done happily. Later she texted me with this message, "Hi darling.. I am home. The bras and panties fit well. Thank you so much."

Goosh! It was really an experience. Although it sounds easy but believe me, it is not as easy as what you think. I had learned something from here. It confirmed, to be young, you have to be brave to feel young, no matter what age you are. To my special lady, "Thanks sweetheart for allowing me to feel young again."

Even Mother Theresa once spoken, "Life is an adventure, dare it."