Saturday, January 31, 2009

Eat, sleep or holiday?

Pick a choice! Eat, sleep or holiday...which one you choose first? Some might select to eat first, especially those who have heavy appetite and love eating more than anything else. I have three sons, my first son prefers to eat first and sleep later. Without a full stomach, he finds difficult to rest. I am different, I rather like to sleep first and eat later. I love sleeping but just that, time does not allow me to rest too long. They you grow older you sleep lesser. Not me! Without seven hours of solid sleep, the following day won't be a pleasant one.

During the recent Chinese New Year, I had a chance to ask the above question with an eleven year old child. Christ who promptly responded..."I pick holiday first!" His logic was...on holiday he can eat and eat and sleep until no end. What a smart reply! How true...I should have picked holiday too. Not only abundance of food and relaxation are assured, but plenty of romance and love making could be added as well. Never knew a young child knows better than an adult!

Food for thought - "A holiday gives one a chance to look backward and forward, to reset oneself by an inner compass" — May Sarton.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Are you stingy?

A SYT asked, "Robert! You are a successful man and must be super rich?" I said,"N0! I am successful in my career but I am not rich because I am not stingy enough."

Perhaps this SYT might not understand my statement. I had read a book, "The characteristic of being a billionaire"...explaining what the rich people do and don't. One common feature for the rich is...they are always stingy in nature. They tend to spend less by themselves but not shameful to make you spend on them. Their cash is constantly being locked in untouched. Whereas they prefer to use bank borrowing, who are too willing to loan the rich. At the end, the bank has to take the risk while the rich is protected with his cash saved under a safe haven.

An incident I won't forget. Many years ago, while prospecting a case, I met a filthy rich man at his expensive office in town. Over a discussion, I needed to write his telephone number down. On his executive desk, there was a paper pad of three inches by three inches size, which I thought I could use. I asked his permission to give me one piece for the writing. Instead of offering me the one full page, he cut it into half and kept the other half for himself. Passing the paper to me, he said, "there you are, you don't need the full paper for writing my information". I darn not uttered a word and took the half cut paper with a smile for him. In my mind, he was so rich and yet so stingy for only a piece of paper. Perhaps this is the normal way the rich behaves in society, otherwise they are not rich if they aren't stingy.

What about you? If you want to be billionaire, then you have to be stingy without the shyness of being looked upon. I can't for I rather like to be what I am and be contented as just a normal successful person rich in the heart.

Food for the heart - "Find the seed at the bottom of your heart and bring forth a flower" - Shigenori Kameoka.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

His face tells so much about him!!

There were a group of us having fun and laughter while killing our time in a gathering. All the young friends were too keen to learn something from me. Looking at their faces, I could see them happy and enjoying themselves. I could also identify those who were in love by looking deep into their eyes. Because, I believe the heart has a pathway that links to the eyes. When your heart is in love, your eyes have the romantic grow. Most of them there had loves in their eyes, few were still seeking for it and one was out of love.. so sad for this unwanted love bird.

I told these young people, eyes could see the sentiment of the heart but more interesting would be seen with the nose and the mouth. The nose depicts the sexual prowess of an individual. The two words, 'sexual prowess' immediately captured all interest, including the ladies. They insisted that I should elaborate and to share much more on them. I gave them the laugh...Richard who has a big rounded nose confirmed that his penis is big at the head, Nick has a long tipped nose is definitely long in size ( 2.5 against the length of nose), Janet with a broad mouth has to look for a big boy to cater her needs, Johnny's body frame might be big physically but his short and small rounded nose, represents a small brother down there, Susie whose nose is raised plus a bony facial below her eyes is a sex lover and not Junnie whose nose is shallow and face rounded, tells she isn't much interested in sex. Wow!!!! They were amazed and their laughs were uncontrollable, until others came over to join our sharing for the nite.

Love is from the heart but without the compatibility of the sexual physical, a couple might not get the fullest satisfaction out of loving each other. Though my younger friends were laughing all the way in that particular party, they were actually learning the external and internal of themselves by observing the faces of each other. I hadn't offended them and they suggested that I should write on my blog to share to the world. Let me see your face and I can tell more about you!

The mystery world - "There is something precious in our being mysteries to ourselves, in our being unable ever to see through even the person who is closest to our heart and to reckon with him as though he were a logical proposition or a problem in accounting." - Rudolf Bultmann

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Love till death

Nothing is permanent, except death! You have a sweetheart at the moment, and you don't love her or him passionately, the fire of love might disappear and fade gradually. You have a spouse whom you think is the ideal partner. But if you are not prepared to understand what is life and family, misunderstanding and obstacles along the way, could sometime break a wonderful marriage. Divorce and separation are quite common. Soul mates are considered as most lovable partners but life has no mercy in the face of temptation and evil over the world. The changes of emotion and environment, even soul mates could become hate mates.

The only time when one claims that she/him is your sweetheart forever, or a spouse till death or to be a soul mate when her or his name is being engraved onto a tombstone. Death is permanent. As such, it confirms the name engraved has been a true lover who has loved you till the end. I hope and wish... my love for my little darling is an ever lasting one. See the above picture and you will laugh over my thought. Fred was definitely a true lover.

Food for the heart - "Love is a force more formidable than any other. It is invisible -- it cannot be seen or measured, yet it is powerful enough to transform you in a moment, and offer you more joy than any material possession could." - Barbara De Angelis

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

How to love my man to love me faithfully.

I was in Singapore when I met Shirley from the Philippine again. She was still emotional over her husband's death two years ago. Most of the time she visits her only daughter who is married to my brother-in-law, a Singaporean. Over the nite with the family, I had a chance to learn some extraordinary romance from this great lady I so admire.

Shirley and Tony were two love birds, who were well respected as a 'solid couple' back home in Manila. Tony was also my good friend. Before he passed away peacefully, he had told me many times before that the only lady he loved in his life was no other than his beautiful and passionate wife. They were happily married for forty three good years. Asking Shirley this question..."How did you love this man to love you faithfully for these past 43 years?" She wept to express her life with the man she still loves very much.

Ever since she married to him, she took effort to love him till his last breath on bed. She was a marvellous homemaker, making sure the house was a home with comfort and food. I had been to their house twice and I enjoyed every moment of staying there. Their house is a sweet home where all husbands love to go back. She spent most of the time with the husband, accompanying him whenever and wherever possible. She loved listening to him, who spoke with divine and wisdom. Tony had a little fault, he could get upset quite easily with temper. However Shirley being older by three wise years, could understand her hard-headed man. She used her wittiness and charm to humour him, whenever he got a bit tight in mind. With her jovial temperament, she always could make the man laughed with fun. Older was never an obstacle to the lady. She knew how to trim her physical, beautified her personality and spoke elegantly. Being beautiful and attractive, certainly she was able to love him with utmost delight. The lady was very proud of her partner because he had never fallen for another girl before. She had all the smartness, beauty and passion to capture the love of her soul mate.

One important tip I gathered from Shirley. If the husband and wife had a dispute during the day, they would never sleep until their problem was solved. Carrying the problem over the nite could lead to many frustration and pain, which might not be favorable in the long run. The better way is to 'give & take' for each other.

After listening from Shirley, I think these rules have to be changed slightly...
Five Rules For Men To Follow For A Happy Life:
1. Get a woman who helps at home, cooks and clean up.
2. Get a woman, who can make you smile and laugh.
3. Get a woman who you can trust and who does not lie to you.
4. Get a woman who is good in bed and who likes to be with you.
5. It is very important that these four women do no know each other".

The last rule should be rewritten as... "Get only one woman who can play the roles of these four women and you will the happiest man".

While I am writing my blog, Julius Kew sent a sms message to me...."Happy NIU Year! I wish u to have Niu luck, Niu clothes, Niu undies, Niu houses, Niu cars, Niu business, Niu figure money. All niu niu except Niu spouse...don't be too much ok. Hehe". Yes Julius, if all ladies could follow Shirley's way of life and to give the best to her man...there won't be Niu spouse for sure.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year.

Today is Chinese Lunar New Year...The Year of the ox. I take this opportunity to wish all my friends, clients and my readers a healthy, peaceful, prosperous and happy Chinese New Year.

To those who are kids, they wish to receive more bigger ang pow or red packets. In fact today kids are different from before. They don't just wait to be given but rather they asked in advance. My three little brothers (grand children) in Singapore had sent their email earlier to me at home. They wrote..."Hi! Kor Kor (big brother), when you come over to Singapore this weekend, please make sure our ang pow are no smaller than Sing$100. Otherwise I no friend you ah!" See!!! This is the current generation of children. On the hand, I enjoy being disturbed by them too. No joke no fun!!!

To those who are adults, they wish the New Year be blessed with romance and prosperity. Those who still have not found their love, they have to pray hard to the Ox for the giving of a pretty or a handsome. Not forgetting the money luck is important. Make sure tonight at the count of twelve, pray towards Choy Sun Yea (God of Luck)...your wishes and prayers would be answered. When I was young, I did what my mum told me and I got what I wanted...romance and prosperity.

To those who are sixties and over, I am sure money isn't the main factor of life. Year of the Ox, please let us be strong and tough as the bull. Be healthy coz health is wealth. I am not shy..I want to ask more. Healthier and that I could be a better lover to my little darling. One of the success for man at age 60 is sex...have you forgotten...!!! Let me be healthier and sexier so that I could still be playful in live.

My humbly advices...If you are young, respect the elders and visit them today, for today is the Chinese New Year. To the elders...don't be stingy. Give a bigger any pow and make the young happier. After all you had received yours when you were young. Right? Chinese New Year is a day of celebration and get together. Go out and have fun. Ask for forgiveness if you have done wrong and forgive those who have offended you. Hug the one you like and kiss the one you love. After all Chinese New Year is for everyone who loves to live.

Chinese New Year is a happy moment of time. Try this phrase - "Happiness is perfume, you can't pour it on somebody else without getting a few drops on yourself" - James Van Der Zee

Sunday, January 25, 2009

How old is your brain?

You might be old in age but what is important is your mind and heart. Do you feel young? I do..I always feel young as ever. Right at this moment, I am 35 just turned over from 36 last year. I tested my brain age with the website below and my score was right to the dot at 35.

Don't cheat ...this is really interesting and the first time answer is the most accurate. enjoy!!!!
Don't worry about the Japanese characters. It works. This is interesting !!! See if your brain is as old as your body ~ or ~ (perish the thought) ~ OLDER !! Procedure of Flash Fabrica Game: 1. Touch 'start' 2. Wait for 3, 2, 1. 3. Memorize the number's position on the screen, then click the circle from the smallest number to the biggest number. 4. At the end of game, computer will tell you how old your brain is.
You should try it !

My belief - "The heart that loves is always young".

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Have a caring heart.

Today is Mia's birthday. I greeted her with a warm wishes, sang her a song and gave her a kiss on phone. She was so delighted but was a bit disturbed. How she wished her husband could be as romantic as this caller. Immediately, I sent a text message to her husband..."Young man ( Maram actual age is 55) is your darling wife's birthday. She has the beauty of a woman with a loving heart. Please let her know. RFoo".

Maram replied, "Thank you so much. I will convey your wishes to her and very thoughtful of you Robert". I responded again, "Please remember to take her for a candle light dinner. She is expecting something from you". Maram.."I will and thanks again". Another one more from me, "Give her a tight hug and a sweet smile".

This is my routine when I love making friends happy, especially those who celebrate their birthdays. I have been doing it for the past forty years and still enjoy doing it. I touched Mia's heart and I taught Maram to love and be more romantic with his darling. I am only a simple life insurance agent but I do care for those I know. Believe me, I am a darling to almost all my clients. Sometimes even my little darling also gets jealous over it.

Food for thought - "Warm weather fosters growth: cold weather destroys it. Thus a man with an unsympathetic temperament has a scant joy: but a man with a warm and friendly heart overflowing blessings, and his beneficence will extend to posterity" - Hung Tzu-Cheng

Friday, January 23, 2009

Judge the expression for the truth.

This can happen to anyone of us. You pick the choices of your favorite dresses or shirts from a departmental store. Without considering, you rush to the fitting room to try those clothing. They fit well and you are extremely happy with the products. The next step is to ask for the prices from the attending sales promoter who is too willing to assist. With a broad smile, she tells you the exact cost on those ranges you have picked. To your surprise, the pricing is beyond your budget and you could feel the pinch in your pocket. Now! What are you going to do? You are caught in a dilemma of whether you should buy or not. While you are pondering, the sales promoter is waiting for your call.

These are the likely reaction for all purchasers, including myself...
1. Give false excuses. Like..colour isn't suitable, not my taste, quality is poor or design is bad. In actual fact, these are not the real reasons. The real reason is, can't afford to buy and is difficult to devolve because of pride and ego.
2. Not to loose pride and self-esteem, bite the bullet and buy with the pain in heart.
3. Without shame, tell honestly can't afford to buy.

A good salesperson can understand the psychological buying emotion of a buyer. The truth can be observed from the buyer's expression and vocal as buying signals. Any excuses can be shown with a timid eye and the tune of words tend to be lower. A sale is normally ended with a shinning eye and a positive voice. With a lot of practices and observation, you can almost know the feeling of your potential buyers. Selling is an art.

Food for thought - "You've got to be success minded. You've got to feel that things are coming your way when you're out selling; otherwise, you won't be able to sell anything" Author: Curtis Carlson.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Your taste in life is shown by the woman you love.

Over a lunch with another wise old man, he said... a refine man who is successful and knowledgeable, got to be completed with a polish class lady, he loves. Any man might claim to be perfect with all the ideal qualities of a person, is shown with the company of the woman he deeply in love with. If he is educated, his lady would be understanding. If he understands life, his woman of choice is definitely kind and passionate. If he is considerate himself, his mate would equally be romantic and loving. If he is humble, his partner would be gentle and soft. If he knows how to appreciate the beauty of the Universe, his soul mate will have the beauty of the heart, seen thought the eyes and spoken with words of sweetness.

This old man challenges me...bring your little darling and I will see the truth in you. I might have the mask to cover my false identity but the lady besides me...would reveal my whole personality. The logic in life is, success leads success or a pedigree precedes another pedigree. I think he is little darling has all the qualities to be a perfect maiden in attendance. Otherwise she won't have accepted me as one playful and mischievous man with the golden heart. By the way, any ladies out there like to accompany me to meet this wise old man?

This is what I learned in compatibility - "To be happy with a man you must understand him a lot and love him a little. To be happy with a woman you must love her a lot and not try to understand her at all." - Helen Rowland

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Hug a tree for energy!

Do u feel down, not wanted, no love, no energy, no inspiration? Try hugging a tree. Rinnie is one friend I just got to know. She is pretty and intelligence but because of a bad marriage broke up, she isn't ready to fall in love so fast again. She is handling two jobs a day and need to care for her four years old daughter as well. By the time she goes home late, she would be dead tired and exhausted. She cries to have a man who could love her sincerely but being a strong headed lady, she chooses to be independence for the time being. I asked her how she could overcome the need for love. She said...."I hug tree whenever I am down!!!"

Out of curiosities, I seached and found this 'tree hugging exercise' from The Medicine Wheel Handbook. This is interesting....

What You Need: - A Tree
Estimated Time: - Thirty Minutes Instructions
1. To really experience a tree, Hug it!!!
2. Just hug it for fifteen minutes or more and feel the flow of life energy in the tree, in yourself, and between you and the tree's.
3. You should be aware of what you are feeling in your body while you are hugging the tree. Let your awareness flow up and down through your body as you are doing this exercise. *Remember, the life energy can feel the same as sexual energy.
4. Keep hugging until you feel a difference in your energy. Note what the difference in feeling is.
5. Turn your back to the tree and lean against until you feel the energy shift. Be aware of how the shift feels.
6. Thank the tree and leave an offering.
**Note**It is a gift both to and from spirit to embrace a tree. Another great gift to a tree is to dance and frolic around its base letting the earth energy flow from the tree's roots into your being and letting your joy and energy flow up into the branches of the tree. This cycle of joy can renew both you and the tree spirit. If a tree is very strong and you are a climber, you can climb the tree and cuddle up in its branches. Once you have experienced the energy of one tree you might try the same exercise with other trees, with bushes, shrubs and herbs! You have your whole life to finish doing these exercises. Notice that different trees evoke different feelings in you. You can begin to learn some of the healing properties of trees and other plants if you can sincerely focus on these feelings!

So! You need a partner or a tree. Thanks God! I have my little darling...I certainly prefer to hug her more than anything else.

Food for thought - "Energy is an eternal delight, and he who desires, but acts not, breeds pestilence." - William Blake

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Smiling to life.

Are you smiling and feeling on top of the world? Many are not! Most places I visited, people seemed to be unhappy, afraid, negative and unsure what is going to happen for this year...due to the world financial meltdown.

Just to quote you an example...the other day, while I was having my lunch in one of my favorite bak kuit teh restaurant, Ah Fah, the shopkeeper came over to my table to chat. She likes talking with me because I always offered her wisdom learning. She started with this statement, "business is very bad lately, customers are eating less and I don't know why". I was shaking my head to reply her, "you are to be blamed coz you make everybody scared!"

The reason was quite simple. Instead of saying positive and encouraging words, Ah Fah was spreading fear and uncertainties to her customers. If she could relate the above statement to me, most likely she would have spoken to many other customers who patronized her shop. Not uttering a word would be better but words spoken pessimistically could cause fear and anxiety. By her saying business was bad might have triggered the draw back out of her customers. Instead of ordering more food, they rather tightened their belt now. To make things worst, her customers would again spread this unpleasant news to their friends causing a chain reaction in the market. I am sure, there are many Ah Fahs out there who could be causing more harm innocently to our economy.

Another typical example. My brother in law, Hock Cheng came over to my house. His first remark was, "Is going to be a bad bad year!" I asked him, "When did you ever tell me that there was a good good year for you brother? Before was bad and today is still bad!"

I reminded Hock Cheng, as long as we are healthy, we should be grateful to The Universe. Go to the hospitals and we should see those who are sicked with incurable diseases. A healthy and jovial person, stands a chance to make the year more fruitful and meaningful. A smile attracts another smile. Feel to be on top of the world and it would attract more success to come. How bad we face...I believe every cloud has its silver lining.. be brave and smile. Life is a matter of attitude...think positively everyday.

Food for the thought - "The unselfish effort to bring cheer to others will be the beginning of a happier life for ourselves" - Hellen Keller

Monday, January 19, 2009

Laws of attraction.

Steph was a strong producer when she first started selling life insurance eight years ago. Money was the prime mover then. She easily got excited in all sales promotions and was always the top in her agency. However the last two years were bad for her. She had lost her personal drive, her attitude was negative and she is in a nut shell currently. During her last agency meeting, when every agent was to project their goals setting, she felt so shameful as not being able to bring herself up. All her colleagues were dreaming to have expensive cars, homes, holidays and more but our poor girl was crying in her heart. Christ was criticizing her old Korean car and John was boosting his pride of his expensive office. They did not know, they were killing their colleague who had lost her self esteem in selling.

By coincidence, I met Steph who was too willing to share her frustration and rejection. From her eyes and facial, I could understand my friend wasn't happy at all. These was what I told her... Never compare oneself with others and be contented with what you have in your doing. In my forty years of selling, I believe the strongest motivation is from our heart. The mind might graft for the earthly possessions; like money, expensive cars, bungalows, holidays, etc...they are only considered as artificial and temporary inspiration of love. Once you have them, you might no longer want to move again, unless you continue to chase and look for more stronger needs and wants. The heart is different, when you work with sincerity and kindness. These two characters strengthen love within your soul, and if you are prepared to work and offer love unconditionally to whoever you meet and encounter, happiness would appear gradually. The Law of Attraction is... when you give loves whole heartily, loves will be returned in fold. Meaning...when you work and sell through the heart, your business will be able to sense your sincerity and kindness. Although you might not expect immediate results or sales, your heart will be happier because you have to believe..."Happiness is to see others happy coz of yourself". Unless you understand this phrase, magic would not happen.

I hope Steph and those colleagues of mine, who might be reading my blog now, please trust me... to sell life insurance not only we need the mind but the heart as well. I don't have a branded car like Christ, neither do I have an expensive office like John but I do have a heart who is too willing to share unconditionally. Thanks God...I am still selling happily after 4o years.

Food for the thought - "A book is not only a friend, it makes friends for you. When you have possessed a book with mind and spirit, you are enriched. But when you pass it on, you are enriched threefold" - Henry Miller.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Medical insurance is important.

Quite recently, I received a call from Kua's wife. The husband was admitted to a private hospital, for treatment of his spinal stenosis. He had been staying there for almost three months, when two operations had been done on his spine. On visiting him, I was told one hundred and eighty thousand dollars had been spend, and the bills were still increasing as further treatments were needed. Upon reaching there, both husband and wife were asking whether life insurance could be purchased. I felt sad for them because four years ago, I had proposed a comprehensive medical and life plan for him, when he strongly declined the protection. He was then a fit and healthy person who believed in cash rather than on life insurance. Though I had tried hard to sell him, I had failed.

While Kua was hospitalizing, another friend, Ong was eagerly trying to reach me on phone. He was not feeling well for the past half a year, and he was loosing weight drastically. With persuasion from his wife, he consulted a specialist who diagnosed him to be suffering from liver cancer. At the same time, the doctor was suggesting to him to get ready with his medical fund because the surgery and followup treatments would be very costly. Ong was a bit luckier because three years ago, I had forced him to effect a medical plan with the lowest benefits at the cheapest cost. Stingy in nature, a man who are 'penny smart pound foolish', was not prepared to pay more for his personal interest. However the day he was admitted to the hospital, he requested for the best room, best nursing and best medical...without realizing his insurance was only payable with a minimum payout. He had forgotten he wasn't paying the best premium but yet he wanted a best return in benefits. Though he was complaining that not all the medical bills were paid by the insurer, I knew deep down in his heart, he was already a satisfied client because in the first place he actually didn't want to purchase the cover.

The two recent cases were true testimonials of life insurance in the making. I keep repeating.. "Buy life insurance when you don't need it because when you need it, you can't buy".

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Let's go for a drink!

Somethings interesting here...

What goes through your mind when someone says..."Let's go for a drink!" Please refer to the pictures...they will tell you all. Perhaps you will understand the difference between man & woman now. I don't know what you saw but I could see the wanders of woman. Without them, the world won't have spun this fast, they created more business opportunities and make life more interesting. Right? I salute to the ladies of the world.
Food for the thought -"Woman is not born: she is made. In the making, her humanity is destroyed. She becomes symbol of this, symbol of that: mother of the earth, slut of the universe; but she never becomes herself because it is forbidden for her to do so." - Andrea Dworkin

Friday, January 16, 2009

This is my sweetheart.

Do u have this unpleasant feeling?

U are deeply in love when both lovers trust each other. U might have the understanding, patience, tolerance, affection and passion, but when you see her talking closely with another handsome man, or when she sees you chatting and laughing with another attractive lady, I believe there would still be some jealousy in the mind. Most of us might pretend that nothing has happened but deep down our heart there is the ' sour sour feeling' which I consider as unpleasant feeling.

On sharing with my little darling who loves me sincerely, she was frank to admit that this unpleasant feeling did occur when she happened to see my secret admirers who were with me at times. Though our trust is strong, some jealousies are unavoidable. To win her heart again, I always introduced them as, "These are my dears and she is my sweetheart", holding her hand at the same time. After that I could see her eyes grew with more confidence again. This tip is meant for the gentlemen who are caught unguarded with ladies.

My little darling is equally an understanding lover too. She knows not to hurt my feeling, when she is with her male acquaintances, she always introduces me as her sweetheart as well, while holding my arm tenderly. Her touch creates a sense of pride and confidence in me. This tip is relevant to the attending ladies who care for their men.

To be in love is common but to maintain a long lasting romance needs a lot of understanding in love. The little caring and thoughts make a lot of different in a relationship. I am still learning and I hope somebody out there can share with me too.

Food for the thought - "Plain women are always jealous of their husbands. Beautiful women never are. They are always so occupied with being jealous of other women's husbands." - Oscar Wilde

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Hot & Spicy!

Over a retreat recently, our company had our yearly meeting at a hill resort. It was a successful gathering with almost five thousand participants who came from all part of the country. I had a chance to meet up with many good friends and buddies. Over the nite, we had some fun and drinks. Most of them brought along their wives or girlfriends to keep companies. It was extremely cold outside, the temperature was below 15 c*, which we considered as very cold for the Malaysian. Though I was the most senior of them all, I like to be cheeky with my friends and their spouses. During our chat, I playfully asked, "You guys must be working very hard last nite on the bed because it was cold. The better way to keep warm is to make love. How I wish my little darling is with me now!" I thought they would agree with my statement. Surprisingly, non took the advantage of the weather to make love. Rather, all of them tugged into the blankets and slept through the nite.

Over this interesting topic, we realized that most people prefer to make love when the weather is warm and not when its cold. Too hot isn't suitable either, because the body sweats and perspires, releasing odour which might not be pleasant for romancing. Extreme cold deters the mood as well, because the body needs heat to keep warm. How could a couple makes love when they are clothed! If the temperature is around 23c* to 25c*, it would be the ideal cool on the outside and yet is warm and comfortable to be felt for all love making. We were laughing all the way in our sharing. How true...the most densely populated nations in the world, are those from the tropical zone. Perhaps hot & spicy can really spike a person up! That's why we say, "we need a warm heart to give love".

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Woman or life?

Another naughty friend sent over this cartoon to me. While I was laughing over it, these five rules came to my mind again...."Five Rules For Men To Follow For A Happy Life:
1. Get a woman who helps at home, cooks and clean up.
2. Get a woman, who can make you smile and laugh.
3. Get a woman who you can trust and who does not lie to you.
4. Get a woman who is good in bed and who likes to be with you.
5. It is very important that these four women do no know each other".

Might not be possible for all men. Recently a male friend, Mr A was having a severe uproar with his new wife Madam F. She seemed a soft little kitten prior to her marriage, but after her birth of a new born child, she was very possessive of the husband. As he is a frequent traveller, who is always exposed to the entertainment world, he has many girlfriends all over the world. Out of carelessness, when he was sleeping in the house, his sneaky wife saw all his romantic text messages and those sexy lady pictures stored in the hand phone. Without giving him a chance to explain, the furious wife took a pistol to aim at his face, confronting who those bitches were. The above cartoon depicts the exact situation of Mr A, his wife and girlfriend. He is caught sweating.. is the sensational girlfriend more important than his disturbed wife!!!

Mr A had made a big blunder because he did not follow the last rule 5, which stated,"It is very important that these four women do not know each other". Man being man, we are always the mischievous one, making life interesting and sometimes causing pain to our loved one.

The Chinese has a proverb.."A picture is better than a thousand words". Please take this topic as a joke but is also a true fact of life.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

How Loveable Are U?

How Loveable Are You? This is going to be interesting.....
Take our quiz to know
by S.K. Smith

Are you giving off signs that you're open to love - or repelling it? Inherently, as human beings, we're all loveable. But the simple truth is, the way you feel about yourself has a lot to do with how you're perceived as a potential partner and your success in attracting (and keeping) an appropriate mate. Take our quick quiz and find out if you're really as ready for love (energetically) as you think you are!

1. In terms of relationships, I see myself as…

a.A catch. I don't really stress about love. I have a lot to offer and am excited to share myself. (10)
b.A wallflower. I'm always in the wedding party. It seems like I'll never find someone to care about me. (0)
c.Relationships can be tough for me, but I'm working on that and most of the time I think there is, ultimately, a match for me. (5)

2.Dating is…
a.Frustrating sometimes, but fun! (10)
b.A chore. I hate it. (2)
c.A frantic search for a life mate. (0)
d.Fantastic. I never want to settle down. (5)

3. My attitude about taking care of myself physically is…

a.Screw it. The right person will love me just as I am. (5)
b.It's everything. If I'm not attractive, how will I meet someone? (0)
c.It's important, but not everything. My aim is to do the best I can. (10)

4. The idea of spending my life alone makes me feel…
a.Desperate. Which is pretty much how I feel all the time. (0)
b.Nervous. I mean, I like my life, but I'd really like to be with someone. (10)
c.Nothing. Who cares? I'm fine on my own. (5)

5. True or false: I have a sense of humor about myself.
a.True. I try not to take myself too seriously most of the time. (10)
b.True. My life, after all, is a joke. (0)
c.False. I'm embarrassed about my shortcomings, but I'm working on not being so hard on myself. (5)
d.False. What's so funny? (0)

6. I believe I deserve happiness - and feel it in my heart.
a.Always. (10)
b.Sometimes. (5)
c.Never. (0)

7. True or false: I have a long checklist of qualities I expect in a partner.
a.True - absolutely. And why wouldn't I? (0)
b.True - sort of. I mean it's not long. But there are a few things I know I want. (10)
c.False - I'll take anyone. (0)
d.False - That stuff goes out the window when you fall in love. (5)

8. Sexually, I am…
a.Open but selective. (10)
b.Ready any time any place. (5)
c.Disinterested. (2)
d.I use it to get what I want. (0)

SCORING Keeping yourself down (0-24 Points)
The reason you're not succeeding in love is not that you're not loveable, it's that you don't feel good about yourself. As such, you won't attract a mate who feels good about you (or themselves!). As cliché as this sounds, no one can complete you, other than yourself! The good news is, provided you take the necessary steps to uncover some inner truths, you can change things, starting with the way you feel. It's time for some soul searching. Where do your self-doubts come from? What can you do to prove yourself wrong? It takes courage to break bad patterns, but you can do it. Only by working from the inside out, will you discover a new outcome.

Room for improvement (25-56 Points)

There's no doubt that you know your own worth… most of the time. What you may be doing however, if you're having trouble mating and relating, is erecting barriers without realizing it. If your checklist for love is too long (or non-existent!) you're setting yourself up for failure. Life is a reciprocal activity between you and the universe. You will only get what you give. And that goes for love, too. Work on giving as well as receiving, or receiving as well as giving - only you know which you tend to favor. Sometimes, we can confuse self-interest with being in tune with the world. Creating your own reality in love includes being open to someone else's.

Giving off love (57+ Points)

You're confident. You're self-sufficient. And yet you're open to letting someone in. Congratulations, you're giving off love - and lovability. Always remember that everyone has imperfections though, including you. A little "go with the flow" goes a long way!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Loves build determination.

Ah Fei has been selling life insurance for almost 8 years without much head way. Lately he worked quite closely with me, when I could understand him more. He is certainly a jovial guy, always full of cheers and humour. With his personality and intelligence, he should have done better but his mind isn't very focus on his job. He is already 35, still unmarried and rather playful in character. He is more interested to chase for sexy ladies, rather than looking for a decent woman to settle down. I noticed, the only motivation that could move him to work is through the external forces. He needs all the time, the incentives and promotions given by the company or sometimes by his agency manager. Without their inspiration and encouragement, he tends to be contented and reluctance to excel. I told him his problem...he hasn't the self determination from the inner force of himself.

The logical sense is, external motivation is useful and effective when one is young, example at early twenties or so. Those incentive of oversea trips, extra cash bonuses and recognitions are exciting for the younger agents. Not when one has gone passed the growing age of the twenties, especially when one is at the thirties and above. Ah Fei lacks self determination because he is still not married, when he needs not be responsible to any person. Should he be married and has a family, I believe he would think differently. Love is a miracle in life! The minute he has a loving wife and a small baby, they would definitely make him to realize that love creates responsibility for him. His family is the centre of energy and unity, which in turn stimulates his instinct to improve and to do well. This is termed as self determination from the within.

I am sorry Ah Fei, you don't have the self determination. You need more of those temporary incentives to spur you from time to time. If you consider me as your sifu, my advice is.. high time that you have to be serious in you personal life. Go out! Look for your ideal lady, one who is going to standby you, love you whole heartily, spur you to greater height, willing to build a home together with you....she is your inner inspirator when you don't need those outside forces anymore.

Food of the thought - "We all have dreams. But in order to make dreams come into reality, it takes an awful lot of determination, dedication, self-discipline, and effort." - Jesse Owens

Sunday, January 11, 2009

My birthday.

The sweetest day of the year I believe is one's birthday. In my 27 years of selling life insurance, I have never forgotten all my friends' birthday. Prior to me selling insurance, I was a salesman selling Hallmark Cards which is the most prestigious card in the world. I learned the important of birthday's feeling and the expression in words to make it more meaningful. Today I send all my friends' birthday cards, specially designed and worded by me personally. Not only they received these unique cards, I would not fail to call them personally to wish them the birthday on the phone. For I always believe the five senses of life are important...they saw, smelled, tasted and touched my cards to feel nice, plus the hearing of my voice, completed the satisfaction of a birthday's wish.

Today, I was equally lucky because I had three attractive and intelligent lady friends, who insisted to celebrate my belated birthday in a '6 stars' hotel. They paid for a high tea's hour, when they pampered me with food, drinks and jokes. Though they missed my birthday last month, they still wanted to make me happy because I think all of them really love me. The moment when they sang the birthday's song with full joy and enthusiasm for me...I could also feel the sensation and happiness in soul and heart. I had made many people happy in my life and I was glad it was my turn now. As I was opening their birthday's present, I asked them whether it was a toy gift to remind me as a child. They said...the gift was better than a toy. Inside the packet, it wrote a letter...."Pick anyone of us, we are too happy to be your darling for the nite because all of us love you so much". Wow!!! What a gift! I was so touched and could not believe my eyes. Before I picked one of them, all three hugged and kissed me in advance first as a gesture of present to me. Later of the afternoon, I left with one of them who became my darling for the nite. Who? Sorry lah! You guys have to guess!!!

Before ending, I have to wish a birthday wish to one of my reader, Red Lavender who is also celebrating her birthday today. Specially for you my dear..."The beauty of a woman is seen through her heart where love have".

Saturday, January 10, 2009

A guardian to my client's children.

Jeanette is a great mother who raised her three children well. Working only as a private tutor, she knew it won't be easy for her to send her deserving children for oversea studies. When they were much younger, she had reminded them that they had to study hard in the government schools, to qualify for the universities later. The children were equally intelligence to understand the mother's financial constraint. One of the elder child, Jonathan whom I had seen him grown since a baby, had just completed his senior secondary education. He did extremely well in his final examination and was awarded a Canadian scholarship to study in Canada too. I was so proud of him and felt so happy for the mother.

Tomorrow Jonathan would be flying off to Canada. Before leaving, his mum had requested me to speak to his son. She wanted me to have 'a man to man's talk' to the boy who is turning to be a man soon. I invited the smart son to meet me over at my club where we had a friendly chat. I no longer treated him like a little child for he is a full grown person now, as tall as six feet and two inches and very mature in look, tough he is only 18.

We talked about the past, of how time passed so rapidly and we shared moments of cheers and laughter. I told him, seventeen years ago when my sons left for oversea studies, I set three rules for them before they flew off. The rules were very simples. They could do anything they like when they were abroad, but they had to promise me that they had to fulfill these three rules. The three rules were; one - don't bring home a foreign wife. Two - don't bring home HIV. Three - bring home a university's degree. On hearing my rules, Jonathan was laughing. However things had changed. Today I think, myself and his mother would be more than happy, if Jonathan agreed to accept not three rules but to accept just the last two...don't bring home HIV but bring back his educational degrees. As expected, Jonathan being young but witty, understood my advices, he shook my hand and promised the two rules will be fulfilled.

On the way home, I felt the sensation in my heart...I had the privilege and honour to act as a guardian for being a caring life insurance agent to the family. I had played my role and responsibility with sincerity and I believe the young man will make it as well. Good luck son!!!

Food for the thought - "The most sensible people are not reluctant to consider the feelings of other people; and to know how to submit to the wise guidance of others is a kind of wisdom in itsel" — Magdeleine Sable (c. 1599-1678)

Friday, January 09, 2009

She is for him.

To achieve success is never an easy task in life. Not only hard work alone, a lot of scarifies, patience, luck, courage and wisdom are needed.

Mani and Suni is one couple I am currently watching. Mani is deeply involved in the local and on international projects. He is a risk taker who has the courage to borrow on high gearing to fund his various businesses. Most of the time he has to fly often to meet up with the political and corporate connection. With a very tight schedule, his local plant is currently managed by Suni, a full time housewife turns an administrator.

Few days ago, I was at her office having a casual chat with her. She was a bit worry because the bank account was running low. She had to be tough to manage a handful of rough workers in the plant. To make thing worst, her husband was also under pressure because of the present anxiety he is facing. The recent medical checkup on him, indicated that he has a slight raise blood pressure.

As a closed friend to them, I advised Suni that she has to be strong first. I reminded her this powerful phrase; "For every successful man, there is always an intelligent lady besides him". The intelligent woman, inspires, motivates, assuring, supportive and loving to her man at all times. All these action will help him to move as he falls. When he is down, she assures him that he is her hero. When he is sad, she hugs and kisses him like a baby. When he is stressful, destresses him with love and sex. I told Suni...that intelligent lady is no other than her...she has to be there for him now.

Specially for my friends Mani & Suni....A good pussy is one which allows the master to throw in all his anger, temper, frustration, tension and anxiety to her pit hole, when joy and contentment will be released again. As long as Mani is under control with the right frame of mind, he would have all his confidence to overrule all obstacles of life, including his present business ventures. I am sure, it is a matter of time success is there for them. Good luck Mani & Suni.

Sex... "Too little sex is boring. Too much sex could be taxing. No sex is frustrating. Have some sex, they will be destressing".

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Hobby & passion.

Talking is my hobby and recently I found another one more...blogging. With passion from the heart I write everyday on things I saw and felt daily. Out of my blog, I created and drew some admiration from almost all part of our globe. There are more than 18o countries which had read my blog. Today I had a keen reader, namely Renuka who commented on my recent topic on passion.

She wrote; "reading your blog everyday is one of my hobby....:) but this story really draws my attention...when you do something, you must have passion in order to achieve success...its true. I was admitted in hospital few weeks ago. During my stay there, I have seen many nurses who are doing their duty just to earn money...but there was this young, kind-hearted, Malay nurse who was doing her job with full passion. All the patients will seek for her help including me. I learned about passion and patience from her".

Thank you Renuka. Your compliment and sharing do inspire me. I am sure I will continue to write though I was never a writer before. I love talking, selling is in my blood and certainly my recent interest on blogging helps me to improve my expression in words. You keep reading my blog as a hobby and I promise to keep writing on blog as hobby too. Both need the passion and patience to do it.

Food for the thought - "Beware the hobby that eats" — Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790)

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Black & White.

Black & white are matching colours, if only you know when and how to use them.

See whether you like this true story here. Twenty years ago, I had a young secretary, named Sharon who was working for me in my old office. She is a mixture of Portuguese and Eurasian. Her complexion was dark with a Malay look. She was sexy, sociable and attractive. Among many admirers who were chasing for her, there were two crazy guys who were madly in love over her. The first gentleman was a medical doctor, a Punjabi who was tall, handsome and very fair in look. The second man was a sub contractor, a half Negro and half Indian, not so handsome, not only dark but black. To cut the story short...Sharon eventually married to the second candidate. She was more comfortable to the black one because she stood fairer with him. As her complexion was dark, the black contrasted and brought her beauty out as a lady. She felt more secure and an ease with the black husband. All attention would be on her when she was with this man. However when she was with the medical doctor who was fair, she seemed to be much more darker in feature. She did not look attractive and appealing. Attention was drawn more to the man than the lady. Although he was the eligible man in comparison, his colour defeated his approach to the woman.

Love could be blind sometimes, but the compatibility of skin colour matching between male and female applies too. Oh I am lucky! Though I am dark but my little darling is fair. I know wherever we go, she will draw a lot of admiration because the contrast of black and white could easily be seen and noticed. I am proud to be with her and equally she is happy with me around. Whether I am right or wrong, please take a bit of time to see this fact of life does apply or not.

Contrast in meaning - "His boots shone splendidly, in contrast to his intellect, which did not. — Joseph Wright Alsop (1910-1989).

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Can money change a person's character?

Someone was asking this question? Can money change a person's character? I am sure it can. Many years ago, over our radio's talk show, they were debating on this topic. Many were claiming they won't as religion or upbringing were the main factors which hold their dignities and self control. Out came a young lady of early thirties who was frank to speak her mind. She believed most people were bullshitting, hypocrites and were not telling the truth. Although she was a religious, homely, responsible, caring and a kind hearted person, if someone out there was prepared to pay her a million dollar and wanted her to change her character from good to the worst...she would do it. Though she had been working very hard for many years as secretary, she had never seen this much of money before. She did not mind to change her total self character, personality or whatever ways she was instructed to do so, as long as she could have those cash in hand. It was easy for others to say they won't, because...the fact was, nobody was given cash to do it in the first place. If cash was there, everything was possible and this is true fact of life.

I have to agree with this brave lady who was telling the truth. Even myself had experienced such happening. KW is a childhood friend since the school days. After we had left school, all of us went our different ways to make our careers. Of all our school mates, KW did very well in his career and later ventured into business. He became rich, famous and was also awarded the Datukship twenty years ago. I had not got a chance to meet him until about eighteen years ago, when I accidentally saw him in a private club having lunch with some attractive ladies. Out of courtesy and respect, I went over his table to greet him. Though his age had caught up but he still looked the same as like a boy to me. I called him by his nick name from our schooling day, "Hi! KW how are you? Is great to see you here. Can you recognise me? I am Robert Foo from CRS school." Out of surprise he stared with an unfriendly glimpse, and said, "I am sorry...I don't know you, please leave us alone." I was taken aback with that statement. I was sure he knew who I was because I addressed him with our childhood name. Perhaps he might have felt offended when I did not call him by the first status name, Datuk. I could not imagine KW had changed from a humble simple friend when I first known him to now an arrogance and high headed person. The different was, last time he was poor but now he is rich and famous. Through some of our common friends, it was confirmed, our successful KW no longer like to associate with his old friends who knew too much about his past. Money has definitely changed his personality.

My belief - "Money can makes the world goes round. Too much money can also turn our senses down. Money isn't money if isn't utilized. Money spend can contribute to economical growth. More so, if it is spend to save a person's life. Too much money can be evil. Too little money can be sorrowful. Just have enough and would do"

Monday, January 05, 2009

Unhappy relationship!

Is sex important in a marriage or a relationship? I mean good active sex!!!

In my dealing with couples while selling life insurance, I observe things that most people don't see. You might see a couple happy from the outside but deep down inside them, there might be some hidden and unspoken personal problems. Not only couples are unhappy with the normal misunderstanding of facts of life like, my spouse is inconsiderate, impatience, not responsible, financial constraint, bad temper, not loving, possessive, not romantic and many more.... but whether good and effective sex is applied to satisfy each other.

John was a most number one ideal husband for Janet. He provides everything from top to bottom to the family, making sure the family is taken care. He loves Janet, romantic to a certain extent, responsible, caring and sincere. However Janet sexual needs is stronger than John, which makes him feel small in some ways. Janet still has many boyfriends outside and John has no control over her. This is a true story related by my little darling coz Janet is her good friend.

May is an attractive and intelligent girlfriend to Low. They have been in love for few years but Low is still trying to avoid the wedding bell. Low loves May in every way for she is a perfect girl who has the soft and tender care for him. Inside Low's heart is May whereas his mind is always seeking for other women who could offer him crazy and wild sex. May could look a sweet decent girl but her sex drive is extremely low. Both of them are my clients.

Is always easy to meet man and woman or ladies for gentlemen but is never easy to meet a couple who is genuinely compatiable and be truly in love. One could be a nice person but not a good sex maker or one is marvellous in sex but a horrible person in character. Some might say sex is not so important in a relationship, but I have seen women who are happy staying with men who are considered as good for nothing, except a fantastic sex lover.

So you want a good ideal partner in character or a sensational sex partner or you want both to be together? To identify an ideal character is possible, throught sighting and listening. Given time, one could judge the person behaviour and manner. However is not possible to verify and measure the sexual strength of a partner whom you have not touched yet. Life is a mystery; you thought you know, but when you finally know, you know you have picked the wrong know.

Food for the thought - "Secrecy is the element of all goodness; even virtue, even beauty is mysterious" - Thomas Carlyle

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Even hawkers sell with love & passion.

In most part of South East Asia, food courts are a way of life to us. Our food is cheap, exotic, tasty and available every corner of most township. Come to our capital Kuala Lumpur, you would be amazed how our various types of food are served. Usually at most food courts or hawkers, they would be packed with customers especially during the lunch or dinner time. You can order your food from one or few food stores, sit any where you like, and they would send your dishes to the place you sit. The court could be crowded and busy but they have the skill and attention to identify each and every of their different customers. They might be just seeing you for a short moment when you order your food at their stands, they are still capable to remember your presence later. This is what I call...professionalism in their own way. Though they are only food hawkers, they are very focus, serious and know their business well. On top of it, their food and drinks have to be good before reaching your palate.

I have known one coffee shop, lady owner whom I patronize for many years, who knows my favorite drinks. If she sees me in the morning, before I could even reach her shop, my hot coffee is already served on the table for me. Or in the afternoon, without ordering, she brings over my expected tea. She knows what her customers like because she loves her business too well. Over at another Cafe Corner, Roy is the part owner who always smiles to his customers. He addresses us whenever we visit his place. We like going to Joy Restaurant who serves food with passion because Joy and her husband cook their food for the customers. They make us feel at home whenever we are at their shop.

All these food caters are doing well because they know what they are doing. Is a competitive business and to survive they have to be good in quality and services. Those who sell with love and passion will succeed and be remembered. What about our life insurance business? I strongly believe...unless those who are serious, committed, focus and love selling life might not make it. Because life insurance deals with the understanding of lives, if you don't have the care and concern for your clients, most likely you would find it very tough to prolong and retain in our passionate business. If you happened to be one agent who doesn't know what I meant, please go out to the food courts and see how others conduct their successful business happily day after day. This is a true fact of life.

Food for the thought - "You are successful the moment you start moving toward a worthwhile goal" — Chuck Carlson

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Gives a helping hand.

Are you an energy giver? I might be just an ordinary person, but I know our words and action could be inspiring to most people who are down. This morning, one of my niece who sent me a text message, saying she was lazy and might not be able to work because a friend had made her very upset and frustrated. She seek my advice as how to overcome her emotion. I replied her with this message..."Hi my dear. Is a beautiful morning. Don't you think so? Always try to think of the good side of life. If you think is wonderful...u will feel nice. Or if u prefer to look ugly...u will feel lousy. The choice is yours and simple as that! Successful people have a stronger positive mind than the unsuccessful one. I trained to be stronger and mightier. I believe u can, because you have the first name like mine, 'Foo'. Right?" This simple worded sms inspired and motivated her, she left for work willingly.

Later of the day, I spoke to another cousin, Tony whose wife was having her birthday. Tony is a car salesman, who sounded not so happy because his current sales were not so encouraging. When he asked how am I, I told him with a confident voice, "Yes! Very Good! I am on top of the world". He was taken aback with that statement. I explained to him, wherever we stood on this planet earth, we got to feel that we are actually standing on top of the world. I made him laugh which was good for him.

Not to long, another SYT, Irene called. She was unhappy with her boyfriend who tends to be very possessive. He almost tried to control her in every way, especially meeting another male clients in her business. I told her, why be bothered by one who is most unreasonable, when there is legion of lovable gentlemen around. I reminded her, she is beautiful, attractive and intelligence. These are her beauties when most men find them difficult to resist. Those sweet words melted her heart.

My belief - "Help others get ahead. You will always stand taller with someone else on your shoulders" - Bob Moawad

Friday, January 02, 2009

To buy or not to buy!

Though I am a salesman who approaches and sells to others most of the time, I also allow others to prospect and try their luck on me. I was invited by a friend to meet her upper liner who were both marketing a new Biodisc products. They claimed to be fully involved and are committed to this new marketing company. I openly allowed them to present their sales to me, insisting that I had only one hour for them. In my mind, I wanted to see how they sell and to learn something new if possible.

The two salesladies were presentable, in their mid forties and spoke well. They gave a very good explanation on the benefits of these Biodisc Products. Something I really had not heard off but sounded too good to be true. The products are helpful to personal health and could upkeep a better environment for the household needs. They talked more than one hour of the exceeded time when I had to give an excuse to leave. Leaving the sale as not concluded.

Later in my car, I was pondering over their sales presentation. I asked myself...had I been sold for the products? Yes, it was but I had two different thoughts in my mind when I was with them.

The angel of me said 'Yes', please buy because they are good ladies who needed the sales. Moreover the products are useful to you, and in the long run it benefits me more. However the devil of me claimed 'NO', don't buy...they are taking you for a ride. Don't take defeat or you would loose your pride. During the one hour with them, my mind was debating within myself. Perhaps I was at the 50 over 50% chances of buying but the two attractive salesladies were not aware of what I was thinking at that moment of thought. Should they had noticed my buying signals and body language, and knew how to subtly suppress my negative thinking, I believe the sales should have been successful. Now they had lost and I had won.

Conclusion; they were good speakers but not a salesperson. They talked more than they should be selling. They were too excited and over explained on the benefits. They had forgotten or perhaps they did not know how to conclude a sale. I was surprised, they did not even mention the prices on their products. Most sales are lost when one who do not know how to ask their prospects to buy. I hope these little points could be usefull to all sales people.

My belief - "A professional salesperson helps clients to buy".

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year 2009.

Wow!!! Is 2009 and today is the first day of the New Year. They said this year might be a gloomy year for the world...not for me. For a start, I feel younger today and I am glad to be turning 35 from 36, just one nite ago. Last nite when I met Johnny Woo, who greeted me with a warm handshake, "Uncle! A Happy New Year to you". Immediately I paused him with this reply,"Brother! I am not your uncle coz tomorrow I will be turning 35 from 36. You are 32 and tomorrow u will be 33. I am only two years apart from you. I am as young and naughty as u brother. Unless you are brave to feel excited".

Is true, no matter of what age or what year one is at, as long as the mind feel good and positive, things will work out wonderfully. I am looking forward enthusiastically for the next 365 days ahead. I believe optimism will attract goodness which ultimately triump over evil. My resolution for this new be more playful with fun and to share and give more from the heart. For a start I have offered myself to one of my oversea reader, who is inviting me to share my wisdom to her people. She gives me value and I offer my heart sincerely.

By chance, I was given a playful and naughty picture which is posted on top here. You might think is crazy but it can make you laugh. Even when my little darling saw it, she said, "This is great time to come, we could have these as part of our fun exciting sexiting costume to arouse each other...what say you sweetheart? I told her, "Little darling....why wait...we start now....we start to be like teenages...when we can play play with each other".

My playfulness has just started and I feel terribly young in heart because the New Year is today. I wish all my readers can feel as sensational as us. I take this opportunity to wish everyone of you a 12 months of happiness, 52 weeks of fun, 365 days of success, 8760 hours of good health, 525600 minutes of good luck, 31536000 seconds of joy. Happy New Year!!!

Food for the thought - "I am optimistic and confident in all that I do. I affirm only the best for myself and others. I am the creator of my life and my world. I meet daily challenges gracefully and with complete confidence. I fill my mind with positive, nurturing, and healing thoughts." - Alice Potter