Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Be brave to admit your mistakes....

Selling tips...

An inexperienced agent was confronted with this problem. She had misinformed her client that an accidental claim was payable. While the client was arranging the medical report from the attending doctor, the agent realised that actually the benefit wasn't added on the cover and claim would be rejected by the company. Now! How is she going to explain to the client who is expecting so much from the insurance? She was so worried!

I asked her what could be the compensation, if the claim is payable. She claimed that the indemnity could be around 1000 dollars.

This was what I told her. Imagine, out of rushing to see someone, you drove passed a red traffic light and was caught by a police traffic officer for breaking this severe traffic offence. Are you going to be scared? If you are, then most likely you would find it difficult to explain to the officer. But! If you are not afraid and have the confidence to speak nicely to him, offering good reasons why you accidentally speeded against a red light, perhaps the officer might let you go off just with a warning without a fine compounded. The reason why you are afraid for being caught is because you might be issued with a traffic summon. The fine could be amounting to 500 dollars. You are afraid because you might need to pay the unnecessary money for a mistake committed by yourself. On the other hand, if only you could except your own mistake and prepare to pay this 500 dollars, your mind would definitely be more lighter. The thought could be less scary, less stressful and you might even be able to speak better to admit your fault and mistakes. Honesty and empathy are the ideal way to overcome problems.

Coming back to the insurance claim, I told the lady agent if only she could admit her mistakes and prepare to compensate the client with her own fund, I'm sure her worries would disappear instantly. Explain and verify properly with the client. In case if she refuses to accept your explanation, please be sincere to offer your cash to her instead. After all is only 1000 and the 1000 isn't worth crying and be too worrisome over the problem that you faced. This is how I lasted in selling life insurance for 30 years. 

Food for thought - "Mistakes are always forgiveable, if one has the courage to admit them" - Bruce Lee.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Your food could be another person's poison...

My youngest son got a new job as an Event Manager for a new nightclub in another town. He has been stagnant to his present employment as an IT Engineer for few years and yet not benefiting much from it. He had done some part-time event business before, and some of his previous contacts are supportive with his new position. However our family, especially his elder brother is totally against his acceptance of this new venturing. What really attracts my son is a good income and may be having another chance to team up with his friends to do business later.

His elder brother knows the new town he is going to work in, is a cowboy town with lots of gangsters and drugs. He is worried the younger brother might get suck into those unpleasant environment and might not be able to come out of it later. Desperately the elder brother found him an alternative sales job, but the younger brother isn't interested at all. From afar, he kept calling me to try to change the younger boy's decision. All the family members have the same concern toward this son who is currently stood at age 31, still single but definitely available. 

I had a talk with him last week, and I know he is serious in taking this new challenge. He told me the upside of the new job and he knew the downside of it as well. Money is the main attraction that motivated him. I only listened but didn't offer any comments. In fact I was afraid to give a wrong decision. 

Thirty years ago, when I took the risk to become a Life Insurance agent, all my friends and my wife were against my decision. They claimed my last job as a Sales Executive was a good job with fixed salary, and I need not to worry the uncertainty of income. More so Life Insurance was a taboo product and people would not like to see a life insurance agent. Luckily I didn't listen to anyone of them but took up the new career till today. Today they said I was lucky to have taken selling life insurance as a career. They were wrong and I was right.

Twenty years ago, when my eldest son came back from his oversea studies with his law degree, told me the saddest thing in life. He had his law degree but didn't want to become a lawyer. He claimed that I was the one who insisted him to study law but he was never interested in this subject. Instead of pursuing the law practise, he ventured into various businesses on his own. Yes! I was very sad and angry then. But today, on his own accord, he has climbed the ladder of success in the International Corporate World. I was wrong in making his decision, whereas he is right.

Am I going to make another decision for my youngest son now! Really I'm at lost. Because there is a saying... Your food could be another person's poison. Any of my readers would like to advise? Really would appreciate them.

Monday, October 29, 2012

I sent my children to school

Chua was a little stressful lately because he needed to fetch his both daughters to school. With his tight schedules while conducting his business, he found not enough time to complete his work. His working wife could not help because she works as an office administrator and is not supposed to come out while working.

To encourage my friend, I gave him this true story. I have a very successful family's friend in Penang who had a formula to guide and educate their children. The husband is a lawyer and the wife is a doctor. Their three children had completed their university studies and all are self employed professionals too like both their parents. According to their parents, when the children were young and were at school, they never failed to drive them to study and picked them up again later of the day. All other families usually paid school buses to fetch the students or letting the neighbours to help. Not this family! The father and the wife took turns to be responsible to the welfare of their kids. They scarified much of their working time to be with their boys and girls. The morning session when they sent them to school was the time for motivating and inspiring. The early pep talk could spur them for better result at class later. Later in the evening when they picked the children home, either parents would listen to their day's class story. Their attentive listening could sense and to understand whether the children were happy or otherwise. Should there be a problem, the parents would solve and provide solution immediately. The children were properly groomed and developed out from the journey to school. It was the best and ideal time to understand and to teach the children.

After this short episode was told, Chua was enlightened and he promised not to complain any more. What about me! So sad! Because by the time I was given this true story, all my sons were already grew up in life. But! If ever I had a chance to have another baby, I believe I will be a better father to the child.

How true....

If I had my child to raise all over again,
I'd build self-esteem first, and the house later.
I'd finger-paint more, and point the finger less.
I would do less correcting and more connecting.
I'd take my eyes off my watch, and watch with my eyes.
I'd take more hikes and fly more kites.
I'd stop playing serious, and seriously play.
I would run through more fields and gaze at more stars.
I'd do more hugging and less tugging."
- Diane Loomans, from "If I Had My Child To Raise Over Again

Friday, October 26, 2012

Brave or Stupid????

An Iranian friend gave me this interesting question. When a man jumps over the bridge to commit suicide due to a broken heart... Is he considered as Brave or Stupid? 

Ah! I was caught there. The meaning of brave is 'Ready to face and endure danger or pain; showing courage.' And stupid means 'Lacking intelligence or common sense.' If he isn't brave, he won't dare to jump but if he really jumps he is then stupid. How lah!!!

Any one out there can help please???

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Care & Concern is my business.....

Selling tips....

Sales are important but after sales services are even more important, especially in the Life Insurance career. In the 30 years of my business, I had accumulated more than one thousand clientele. Constantly I have clients who are sick and are admitted to hospital for treatment. Those days I would have time to pay a friendly visit to those who were admitted. Nowadays I only worked four days a week, from Monday to Thursday. Friday and the weekends are for communities work, or being invited as platform speaker, or outstation hideouts. However deep in my heart, I still feel like to be closer to those who are sick and need a little of my attention. After all our business is to provide 'care and concern', especially when our clients are down with sicknesses.

Few days ago, my client Shamsul was admitted due to his raised blood pressure. Though I could not visit him, I sent him a message... "Is a beautiful morning today. I hope the young man in the hospital there is smiling." I knew he would read it. Instantly he replied, "Getting better, hope can be discharged sooner. Have to wait for the doctor. Thank you." Another message for him... "Laughter is the best medicine."

Next day before I left the house, I sent this message again... "Young man. Still resting in the hospital?" I wanted to make sure he wasn't discharged  yet!! He replied, "Yes! Most properly tomorrow. Still waiting results of my blood test." I tried to make him laugh... "Sure don't have HIV?" Guess what was his reply? He said, "Most properly not." Sounded like he could be a naughty man too! Haha!! Shamsul is 56 and married. Before I ended my conversation, I complimented him this... "Your blood result shows... Kind, fun, humorous, highly intelligence, likable and lovable type." He was laughing on his bed. I knew my laughter worked better than those medication given by his attending doctor.

Next morning, instead of me calling him, he sent over this message... "Blood results ok, slightly high cholesterol. Checking out later." I told him, "Thanks God! No HIV."  Late evening a final message from him, "Just left the hospital, TQ Sir and all the fun with you." I knew he is a satisfied client. 

Conclusion: Care & Concern could be felt, either by sight or by hearing. Physically I wasn't there to present my concern, but the intention and the effort through the telecommunication works pretty well too. 

I like this proverb - "He who sows the ground with care and diligence acquires a greater stock of religious merit than he could gain by the repetition of ten thousand prayers" - Zoroaster quotes.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Be truly a lady.......

JW is one of my lady client. This morning I received a message from her, "Hi Robert, I am unemployed again. Wondering how to carry on my insurance premium. Any advice? Thanks".

Later I relied her,"On checking with your family policies, there are sufficient fund to maintain the covers for at least 2 years, if you find it difficult to pay the premium. So my dear, please don't have to worry. I'm sure you would get a better job soon coz you are an intelligent lady. Ok?"

She continued, "It's not easy to get  a job... People look for young blood and dynamic aggressive ppl. I have to venture into something else but don't know what!"

To inspire her I said, "George Washington's tagline.. Do the common things in an uncommon way. The world would be at your command. I'm sure u can as well my dear. Good luck.". 

She continued, "U are always so positive about things!! That's your greatest asset. Must get the positive vibes from you. I am the other extreme... worry and negative."

My final words for her," A happy heart will see a beautiful world. Laugh and smile more. They are free my dear." I hope JW was motivated.

But deep down my mind, I wanted to tell her more. JW is a professional corporate legal adviser. She is  extremely an intelligent lady, ambitious, and no nonsense person. I can even consider her as super brainy lady who commands and dictates others. She has a character of a male but lost the charm of a lady. Two broken marriages had demotivated her and I doubt she would marry again. A single parent in her late forties with a teenage daughter staying with her. Otherwise she could be a lonely person. If only she could behave less intelligence, less prideful, less arrogance but more feminine, more sexiness and more humbleness, things could be different for her. In the eyes of most men, they are afraid to befriend her. And no woman would be happy, if there is no admiration from men. Yes! She could be a tough woman. And a woman still needs the shoulder of a man, if she needed to cry and be pampered. So sorry for JW! She is a woman but yet live like a man. Do I have the guts to tell her???  Still pondering myself. Or any suggestions from you out there??
Quotes by Coco Chanel....  A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A happy family needs love around.....

Yesterday I visited Haran who needed some medical advices on his current covers. Looking at his face, I knew he wasn't happy again. As usual he would complain all about his wife and only son. Is very difficult to change his mindset because Haran is a very intelligent person, and is a PhD holder. At his age of 70 now, he is a very stubborn man, and seldom he would listen other people's views. 

His wife is also another professional lady at age 63, working as medical lecturer. I hardly saw her smiles and seldom I saw her speaking with the husband. They have a son, who is a commercial pilot, unmarried and in his late thirties already. Though the three are staying in one roof, they behave like stranger to each other. If ever they needed to talk, they yelled and raised their voice more like foes. So the better way to avoid confrontation, the father always tried to keep a distance from the mother and son. What a way to live in one family!!!

My personal view is, Haran and his family lack the most important factor of life... They don't have love. They  might have love in their heart, but they kept it in a silent manner. They don't openly express love to each other. They don't communicate and don't understand each other. The three of them are highly considered as intelligent individuals, have too much pride and self esteem in them. They turn more arrogance rather than being softer to each other. Should the father be more willing to touch and approach the family, I'm sure things might be different. Hugging and touching could distress but I know the master of this home would not do it. Yes! He thought he is intelligent but surprisingly at his age he isn't wise. I feel terribly sad too because he refused to accept my kind advices. Nevertheless I will try again, if I see him next. Any suggestions please?

Food for thought - "To us, family means putting your arms around each other and being there" - Barbara Bush

Monday, October 22, 2012

Open your mouth thoughtfully.....

Once an old man spread rumours that his neighbour was a thief. As a result, the young man was arrested. Days later the young man was proven innocent. After being released he sued the old man for wrongly accusing him.

In the court the old man told the Judge: "They were just comments, didn't harm anyone." The judge told the old man: "Write all the things you said about him on a piece of paper. Cut them up and on the way home, throw the pieces of paper out. Tomorrow, come back to hear the sentence." Next day, the judge told the old man: "Before receiving the sentence, you will have to go out and gather all the pieces of paper that you threw out yesterday." 

The old man said: "I can't do that! The wind spread them and I won't know where to find them." The judge then replied: "The same way, simple comments may destroy the honour of a man to such an extent that one is not able to fix it. If you can't speak well of someone, rather don't say anything."

"Let's all be masters of our mouths, so that we won't be slaves of our words.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

World's oldest dad, 96, has sex four times a night

Who say you are too old to make baby?? Read on to find out more....

Farm labourer Ramajit Raghav, 96, who became the world's oldest dad two years ago, has set new standards of virility following the birth of his second son. But his 52-year-old wife Shakuntala Devi is no slouch in the fertility department either.

According to The Times Of India, she gave birth to a healthy baby named Ranjeet at a primary healthcare centre on 5th October. The couple from the northern India state Haryana—about 50km from Delhi—welcomed their first child, Vikramajeet, in November 2010.

Ramajit told reporters that when he walked up to the doctors and revealed he was the father, they all burst into laughter. "They just laughed, but they were very surprised. What can I do? This is all God's wish," said the proud papa.

Having received his "two gifts from God", Ramajit has decided that God's been generous enough, so Shakuntala will be undergoing a tubectomy operation—a permanent contraception surgical procedure to prevent pregnancies.

Despite getting thinner as he nears his century mark, Ramajit was apparently a wrestler in his younger days, and he has high hopes for his sons, according to The Mirror. "I have been a farmer all my life," he said. "I want them to become high ranking government workers."

He also said that a daily diet of almonds, butter and milk has kept him sexually active right through his twilight years.

"My neighbours are jealous and they keep asking me for my secret," he revealed. "I do it three to four times a night. I'm healthy and I enjoy sex with my wife. I think it's very important for a husband and wife to have sex regularly."

Until he met Shakuntala 22 years ago, Ramajit said he had remained a bachelor. "But she didn't have any family or friends around, so I wanted to help her," he recalled. "We fell in love later."

Shakuntala believes she would have been dead by now if not for Ramajit's caring ways. "It doesn't matter how old he is, I love him and I care for him dearly even, though he shouts at me sometimes," she said.

"He doesn't seem old to me, he can make love like any 25-year-old man, even better because he can go on all night, and he makes a wonderful father."

Source: The Times Of India, The Mirror

Friday, October 19, 2012

Life Insurance needs to be reviewed regularly.

A friend called to seek my help on insurance matter. His sister is diagnosed with breast cancer. She has an insurance plan with our company taken 18 years ago through her own brother, who was working as a part-time agent for a short span of time. With total trust and faith, she purchased the plan without doubt because the agent who recommended her the covers was the brother. However during the last 18 years, there was no review or up dating or advices rendered to her. She assumed the policy with all the relevant benefits could continue until life or as long as she pays her yearly premium. So sad! On checking with her program lately, she realised that the major medical cover has an expiry term till her age 60. She is now 61 years old and the medical benefit no longer applied. No one did explain to her. And today she really needs the money to pay all her heavy medical expenses. Not forgetting she is still a single lady, unmarried and earns very little.

While she was on chemo treatment last week, I personally paid her a visit at the hospital. The minute she saw me, she was already crying. Holding my both hand with tears dropping over her eyelid, I could hear her soft voice, "Please Mr Foo. Please help me!!!" I returned with a broad smile and said, "As long as I live, selling insurance is always in my blood. I'm sure my caring company will listen. I will do my level best my dear".

I was given all the necessary medical reports and letters from her attending doctor. Upon reaching home, I spent two hours writing a supporting letter to my company, appealing and explaining what I had witnessed. Now is the time, I want to see whether truly my company or the people who work inside, really have a heart for our clients. 

Conclusion: Buy life insurance from full time committed professional agents. Buy what you need and not buy because of obligation to others. Always review and upgrade your program regularly. 

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Jealousy in love........

Is it wrong to have jealousy in love? Took me a long time to understand. 

When I was in my teenage, my first puppy love was a total failure. I got jealous with my girlfriend quite easily, and without realising I became too over possessive and later I lost her totally. 

Well! What is jealousy then? As emotions go, jealousy is neither subtle nor kind, but it is definitely complex, encompassing feelings from fear of abandonment to rage to humiliation. It strikes both men and women when they perceive a third-party threat to a valued relationship, and that distinguishes it from envy, which involves wanting something someone else has. Conventional wisdom holds that jealousy is a necessary emotion because it preserves social bonds, but it more often destroys them. And it can give rise to relationship violence. Sounds scary... Right?

What about today? With a lot of understanding and knowing the true meaning of love, I have to accept love has to be borne with full trust between two persons. In trusting each other, they avoid the emotion of being jealous over one another. Jealousy usually leads to control or trying to possess another person's freedom. Jealousy ends with anger and hate. Always avoid this feeling. 

But is good to have a little jealous! When I'm with some attractive ladies around, and I could see my little darling's eyes are jealous over them because of their presence and their admiration for me, I would feel wanted. Knowing she is jealous for a short moment of time without creating any fuss, I feel great and accepted by her. Or if I came home late in the night, little darling called to see whether I'm back, indicates she has concern for me. Yes! I'm sure she must had some jealousy out of her thought, wondering why I was late. The jealousy carries some form of concern and care too. 

Conclusion: Isn't wrong to be jealous in love but make sure is controllable and manageable. 

Food for thought - "Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own... Jealousy is a disease, love is a healthy condition. The immature mind often mistakes one for the other, or assumes that the greater the love, the greater the jealousy" - Robert A. Heinlein

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Should I pick a young or older wife???

old man with mature woman

old man with young woman

I have a good friend,still single at age 55, who intends to look for a girlfriend. I am wondering whether to consider him as lucky or not lucky for never ever fallen in love before. He is perfectly a normal healthy man who is responsible and committed to his legal employment. Perhaps he was too busy, first to take care of both his elderly parents who had lately passed away, and later making sure that his younger brothers and sisters are all settled down in their lives. All his responsibilities and obligations as the eldest in the family are fully cleared by now, and with some hard saving through the many years, he is seriously wanting to get an ideal woman to love and eventually marry her too.

The good friend seek my advices. He is pondering whether to befriend young lady below age 25 or to look for much older woman!!! Not forgetting he is already touching 55 today.

Mmmmm!!! Tough question to me!!! Using my personal observation in the romance world, I offer my view to my inexperience friend who is looking for a love mate . Younger ladies are usually beautiful and sexy to admire. They are always pleasant to look at, especially by the older men. BUT! Their understanding of life is definitely shallow and weak being that they are still young in age. With little experience in loving someone, they might not truly understand the real sense of this word, LOVE. Whereas much older women, who could be a divorcee or a widow is more realistic. A divorcee and a widow have the experience of being loved, understand the feeling of what is love. With their relationship of the past, they might appreciate the present if another acceptable man comes around again. A good relationship between a man and a woman, requires a lot of understanding. Both have to be tolerance and be patience with one another. Yes! If you pick a young lady who could capture your attention with her external beauty, but most likely she might not have the patience and tolerance for a much older man. Is only the beauty for the eyes but plenty of stress and tension for his mind later. Be practical my friend. Though a divorcee or a widow might not have a wonderful past, they make a better choice if another opportunity is given to them. 

A good piece of advice for my friend - "The beauty of a woman isn't judged by the way she combs her hair or how she dresses herself. The beauty of a woman is shown in her heart where love resides".

Any better suggestion out there please?

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Split Personality

Bryan is my second grandson. A bright 12 years old boy, growing well with a very likeable personality. Though he is staying afar, I kept close with his progress and achievement. At his age, he is considered as mature among his friends. Intelligence he is but he thinks he knows everything, which might not be too good for a young lad like him. Recently I realised he has developed a dual character in himself. Meaning, when he is out with his friends he is such a sweet and a lovable kid. He is approachable and is obliging whenever he interacts with the outside people. Everyone out there would highly admire and recognise his manner and behaviour. BUT!! Not in the house. His dad and mum aren't happy with his attitude. Whenever they speak with him, he sounds rude in responding. His body language would tell that he won't like to be disturbed. To his younger brother, he would even yell and shout. No smile and cheer is shown, unless his mood is right.

These are what I called as Dual Characters or Personalities in oneself. Is like Angel when he is out and Devil he is when he is at home. I guess Bryan might not even realise himself. Both parents are finding it difficult to change him, except by threat and warning when he misbehaved. 

Well! I hope the next trip when I visit them in Singapore I will attempt to explain to the entire family there. Bryan is such a likeable child who could offer so much sweetness to others, I see no reason why he cannot smile and give more love to those who love him so much at home. Angel has patience and tolerance, while Devil has temper and anger. A truly likeable person is one who could keep himself as an Angel all the time. A truly likeable person is one who keeps learning and correcting his manner and behaviour. A truly likeable person has only one character in him. 

Food for thought - "It's beauty that captures your attention: personality which captures your heart" - Oscar Wilde quotes.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Past, Present & Future.....

Is the Past important to us? To me, the Past was my experience, and I'm indeed glad that I had a very meaningful one. Without it, I would not be what I am today.

Today, I received an official reply from one of our executive staff, who confirmed that they had overlooked a benefit from an insurance plan which was sold 20 years ago to a client. This benefit could have been given to our client two years ago when he was sick, but they assumed it's not applicable and nothing was given. Though the plan wasn't sold by me, by chances I had an opportunity to deal with this client recently. Looking over with his old program, I realised the mistake and immediately I wrote to our company for verification. I had to write three times to three different staffs. The first two refused to listen, claiming that the benefit is not available to old plan. Luckily with my determination, I managed to reach the third staff who took heal with my query. She listened by reading my details email, and after a thorough investigation from all sources, she finally realised I was right. Yes! She listened and she understood but not the first two careless colleagues who took things for granted. 

See! The past was very important. Without my 30 years of experiences in this career, I would not have the ability to understand the various old and traditional options offered. What about the present? Yes! Everyone has the intelligence to learn and to understand the current informations now. BUT! What we have today, in 20 years time, these informations would eventually be considered as past again. Question! Would the future generation be able to understand and keep these promises as offered today. I really ponder!!! What about you?

Food for thought “Study the past if you would define the future.” - Confucius

Friday, October 12, 2012

Be a friend to your husband.....

Ja & Pa are my clients. Ja, the wife is a practising lawyer and Pa is a business man. Ja called me recently to find out whether her husband had cashed out fund from their insurance programmes. She was frank to tell me that she wasn't happy, because she was worried that others are taking legal case over the husband's business. The husband had appointed the wife as their legal adviser.

This was what I told her. Her man is a brave and courageous person. In business he has all the experiences and knowledge. I'm pretty sure he has the confidence to overcome any setback if it ever occurred. Though we had met recently, he never sounded that he needed fund from our insurance investments. Please don't be alarmed by being suspicious over his recent problems.

As a good friend to Ja, I reminded her this famous proverb which says, "Every successful man has a woman behind." So! My dear Ja are you that special woman or merely you are his wife? If you are going to be just a wife, you might show your worries and nag him for being careless and trusting others for no reason. A joke that says, "Wives are magicians. They can change anything into an argument." I suggest for now, please be a good friend to him. A good friend would inspire, motivate and advise. A good lawyer will carry all the troubles and problems for her clients, and eventually solve them emphatically. Support him in every way but don't add fear into his current situation. 

She ended the call by saying to me, "Thank you so much and I love you."

I learned from my childhood day, "A friend in need is a friend indeed."

Thursday, October 11, 2012

High temperatures are not good for sperm production.

I love sauna, especially after a heavy gym workout. BUT! After reading the below news cutting, I have to be careful. Otherwise I might even burn out with my manhood. For the gentlemen, please read on to find out more.... 

THE sauna room is no place for men as the high temperature would affect the quality of their sperm, Kosmo! reported.

It's different for women, however, as a steam bath could help build up hormones and revitalise their reproductive system, said the paper, quoting spa operators.

Nor Mazidah Ghazali, 34, a spa operator in Shah Alam said there was scientific evidence to back claims that spa baths affect men's “reproductive organs and sperm cells”.

“High temperatures are not good for sperm production and most sauna treatment generally use herbal ingredients to raise the temperature of the body as well.

“This is why I would discourage or explain the effects of the treatment to male customers before they try it,” she said.

True Fitness CEO Simon Philip, 22, said sauna treatment at his establishment took into account expert advice and guidelines to avoid affecting their male customers' reproductive organs.

“For sauna treatment, the temperature is kept at 40°C, while our male customers are advised not to spend more than 10 minutes in the room,” he said.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Would U be jealous over your attractive old husband?

Yesterday I had another chance to handover a maturity cheque to a client who has touched 70. He came along with his wife, and both were excited to see their money finally are in their hand now. Over a coffee chat, the subject of 'Man & Woman' was brought up.

I asked the wife, "If your husband was surrounded with many beautiful young ladies, would you be angry and jealous my dear?" Took her awhile before she could respond, "No! I would be happy for him." Deep down my heart, I knew the "NO!" was a false one. 

If I happened to be the wife, I would be too proud and happy to see my darling being surrounded by so many attractive ladies. At age 70 a man, it's not easy to have that attraction. Firstly he has to be confident, has a lot of humour to make everyone likes him, knowledgeable and willingly to share, kind and understanding, humble and entertaining, generous and a giver, and possess a very interesting and exciting personality. When you are jealous over that man, most likely you are the one who doesn't have the quality of him in the first place. Otherwise in every sense, we tend to admire this old man for his attraction. 

For your info... little darling of mine would definitely be proud and happy that if I could continue to shine with such attraction for the rest of my life. I'm also sure she won't be jealous either, cause true love has trust and faithfulness in each other.

What do you think readers?

Funny quote"Don't worry about avoiding temptation... as you grow older, it will avoid you."
- Winston Churchill

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

A Professional.......

Not happy with your hair look! Try seeking a professional hairstylist who could change your entire face lift. A skillful hairstylist could visualise what is best for your personality just by looking at your face. Give him a bit of time and allow him to trim and cut the necessary, you would be amazed how handsome or beautiful you would be later.

Not happy with your home arrangement or deco! Allow a professional home designer with the budget that you intend to spend, he could change a tasty and comfortable design for your house. They could also visualise what is most attractive for the home environment even before touching on the real structure in the first place.

If you had a piece of bare land undeveloped yet, and let a professional architect to study on it, you would be surprised how he could tap and explore the potential out of it. Architects are creative people who could visualise and imagine things which aren't built yet. Without them, our world might be flat and unattractive to admire. 

What about professional life insurance agent? Yes! We are just like the above three professionals who could visualise an individual's financial needs for the future. The financial needs start from when a baby is born, until the days he leaves the world much later in life. In between the growing stage of life, a profound agent recommends and advises his client's needs and requirements financially in term of providing protection. Making sure the client's dreams and needs are fulfilled at all time.

All these professionals play a very important role in our living and I'm lucky to be in one of them. And it took us many unaccountable years to develop our expertises and skills. So the bottom line is, when you need any help, don't hesitate to consult a right professional to do the job. Okay?

Food for thought - "I believe in professionalism, but playing is not like a job. You have to be grateful to have the opportunity to play" - Wynton Marsalis

Monday, October 08, 2012

Smoking and drinking are bad habits....

Good to read this information...

WASHINGTON: Those who smoke and drink heavily may develop pancreatic cancer at an earlier age than those who don't, according to a study published in the American Journal of Gastroenterology.

The study involved 811 pancreatic cancer patients from the international database Pancreatic Cancer Collaborative Registry, which gathers information on patients with pancreatic cancer and at high-risk for developing pancreatic cancer.

Citing the study, China's Xinhua news agency said Tuesday that heavy smokers were defined as those who smoked more than a pack per day, and heavy drinking was measured at about three average drinks per day.

The researchers from University of Michigan Health System found the heavy smokers with pancreatic cancer were diagnosed around age 62 and heavy drinkers at age 61 almost a decade earlier than the average age of 72.

However, the harmful effects of heavy drinking and smoking could be reversed after 10 years, former smokers and drinkers who quit their habits faced no extra risk of earlier diagnosis, the study said.

The researchers cautioned that the study only indicates these habits can lead to developing pancreatic cancer earlier in life, instead of proving the habits caused cancer. - Bernama


Thanks God! I have never learned to smoke and I don't like drinking either. 

Friday, October 05, 2012

I mingle with younger people to stay young....

Yes Adel, what you commented was true. I mingle with younger generations all the time. I find it difficult to interact with those senior citizen. The minute they slow me down, I will offer excuses to move away from them. Otherwise I might be like them, gossiping grand mother stories at the coffee shops.

Thirty years ago, not all women or men I met were beautiful or handsome then. Today! Wow!!! All women and men who are younger than me, look so beautiful and handsome. Wan, one of my supportive reader whom I had met two years ago is a handsome intelligent man. He brought along his wife who was so sweet and attractive. Though I haven't seen Adel in person yet, her name tells me she is a young lady. The way she writes relates she is an attractive and a smart lady too.

Deep down from my heart, all young ladies and men could make me feel young. Not just ladies alone, younger men have the same vibration as well. The different is.... The younger men give me value and respect, they treat me like a guru or a master and they enjoy my sharing and learning. With their presence, they energise my thought and inspire my heart. BUT, when mixing with ladies they charm me with romantic excitement. My mind feels sexy and my heart grows with joy. However to gain their support and confidence, I have to speak the same wave length like them. 

How true - "Men do not quit playing because they grow old; they grow old because they quit playing" ~ Oliver Wendell Holmes

Thursday, October 04, 2012

Beautiful ladies make old man young....

This morning my secretary sounded something which made me shy and shameful. She said, "Dear Boss, you have forgotten to pay my salary last month!!!" Oh my God! How could I forget this! I had been diligently paying my faithful girl every month for the last almost 20 years her salary. She has been a fantastic staff and I considered myself as a wonderful boss too. Something must be wrong with my ageing mind!

Later of the day, I sent her this message... "Not intentional dear. Perhaps I'm getting old. How lah?"

This was her reply... "Simple. Surround yourself with beautiful ladies laa.." 

My question now is? Does an ageing man needs ladies to feel younger? She even emphasize beautiful ladies and not just ladies. Perhaps some readers out there could enlighten me.

Meanwhile I responded her first with... "Ok! Will take your advice dear."

Aristotle Onassis said, "If women didn't exist, all the money in the world would have no meaning."

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Interest & commitment the difference...

Interest & Commitment has a lot of differences in them!

I was interested in my career as selling life insurance 30 years ago. Today I'm committed to it, as selling life insurance is my personal hobby now. To be interested might be either way, to stay for a short period or to extend further later, depending on how fanciful and exciting is the work. Whereas committed is serious, I have to put my whole soul to the duties of this hobby now. Interest alone might not show result, while commitment always does. 

Same to a relationship between a couple. If a man is interested in a woman, the relationship might be uncertain. However if he is committed to their bonding, their loves would bloom greater and stronger. Merely  interested, the man might take things lightly, whereas if he is truly committed to her, he would put extra effort and attention to his love. 

So! If you are working and not seemed to be progressing well... Ask yourself whether you are only interested or committed to your work. If you are only interested in the salary and benefits, and not committed to the responsibilities and duties, success is difficult to come by. And if your love relationship isn't heading no where, the truth is... there is no commitment on either side to support the love. Interest or Commitment plays their roles differently. Agree?

Food for thought - “Unless commitment is made, there are only promises and hopes... but no plans.”
& “Once a man has made a commitment to a way of life, he puts the greatest strength in the world behind him. It's something we call heart power. Once a man has made this commitment, nothing will stop him short of success.”

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Messy desk & cluttered mind

Yesterday I was talking about shoes, and today I refer to bed & desk.

If you are a child, and never like to tidy your bed when you get up in the morning, most likely you might be a lazy and a careless child. Is always good to clean and rearrange the blanket, pillow and bed sheet before you leave for school. However when you are a pampered or perhaps a carefree child, tidying your own room isn't important any more. If this manner isn't corrected, the chances are you might grow to be much lazier, careless, unattractive, dirty, indiscipline, irresponsible and an unchallenged adult later in life.

To see whether an adult has all these weak points mentioned, just look at his working desk at home or at his office. If his working desk is messy with files all thrown over, cigarette buds not cleared and papers lying everywhere, I would certainly guess his manner suits well as laid. Given a chance, I prefer not to deal business with him because I don't feel comfortable with his character any more. If you think I'm wrong, please look around to see whether you are this type of person first,or judge them with those around you.

The best way to adopt the right manner in life is to teach our children when they are still young. Insist that they should clean and tidy their own bed room. If you are already a grown up person and a bit spoiled since young, suggest you should try to correct yourself now too. First learn to clean your own room without any assistance. Second, clear and arrange your working desk immediately without further excuses. If you could conduct these two simple tasks, I'm pretty sure your personality would also change gradually. Don't forget, a person who is lazy, dirty and carefree seldom does well in life. Good luck to you.

Food for thought - "If a cluttered desk signs a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?" - Albert Eintein

Monday, October 01, 2012

Shoes can reveal a person's character......

Good shoes are comfortable to wear. But how you place your shoes reflexes your character!

When I was a young salesman forty five years ago, my first job was selling household products. I needed to do cold calls, visiting house to house. I had to be polite before I was allowed to go into their homes. Those days, I was taught and seriously instructed by our seniors, it's a manner to take out our shoes before entering our prospects' house. We had to carefully place our pair of shoes side by side within a corner as not to obstruct their families. The way we placed our shoes on the floor, indicates the character of us. Those who simply chucked shoes at the front door are those who are irresponsible and are the careless type, while those who took a bit of effort and put them nicely are always responsible and careful in character. I'm glad I was trained in such a manner, which made me an excellent sales agent of today.
Today wherever I go, especially visiting a home, I could see and understand how responsible are those who are staying in there. Just by observing the way they place their shoes and slippers on the floor or in the cupboard. I prefer to deal with people who are responsible. And responsible people are usually successful.

The logic is.. We need shoes to move around. The more comfortable they are, the more we could walk our lives. If we need the shoes to keep us comfortable and lasting, we have to value and take care of our shoes. Right?  Only responsible person thinks this way. If you are not, sorry to say you could be an irresponsible person then. For the ladies who are searching for an ideal man, please take time to see your men how they respect their shoes. The truth will be revealed from there.

Food for thought - "I wept because I had no shoes, until I saw a man who had no feet" - Ancient Persian saying