Thursday, January 31, 2008

Do u enjoy your work?

Do you really enjoy your work? If you don't, most likely you won't stay long with it. Many of my fellow colleagues who sell life insurance are not happy with what they are doing. They remain in the career basically for the income or for the incentives. They dislike all these; prospecting for new clients, fixing appointments, paper works, follow up, after sales services, learning and getting to know the existing clients better. They love the closing of cases only.

Although I have been in the business for more than 25 years, I love my job even more now. Most of my relatives are wondering why I still need to work. In fact, my work is really not working but rather it is like a hobby to me. Talking is my interest and life insurance allows me to continue to talk endlessly. I have created my work as fun and excitement. To the many who fear prospecting but to me is like a challenge. Each new face or person I will learn something from them, and I will never fail to make them like me more. If ever I received rejection from these new friends, I don't take it as a negative response. Every rejection is an opportunity if you take it positively.

If you hate fixing appointments, then this job isn't suitable for you. I look forward to having appointments with all my clients. After all I can't see them regularly most of the time. And when the time to meet, we have so much to chat and to catch up. In case, if I can't see them I will never fail to call them on their birthdays, including the young and the old within their families. The birthday calls are to make sure they are happy and fine.

Although I have an efficient secretary who have been working with me for 15 years, I still get involved in the paper works in the office. Without touching the files and reading the contents, I will not be able to understand the latest happening. I design and print my birthday cards and letter heads. All birthday cards are hand written by me, addressing to all my clients and their families. Not forgetting it takes 365 days to write the same birthday to that one person I wrote last year. I really enjoy every moment of it. Some of my friends had received my cards for more than 30 years. I have some clients who kept all my birthday cards since receiving from me.

Today all my clients are also my good friends. They shared their joy with me and they also let me know when they are upset. I might not be a scholar but the hard work gathered, make me a stronger person in character. I have broadened my knowledge and deepened my wisdom. Now I know, I do have the confidence to advise and to assist my friends in many way possible. I might not be all the time near them, but I assure them that I am just one call away from them, should I be needed.

Yes the rewards are there but I don't have to think of them. Coz I know the logic in life, as long as you love your job, success is always there. How I wish my fellow colleagues who read this article could see my insight. Money is the prime mover at the beginning but money can't move you all the time in life.

Quote by Jospeph Addision; "If you wish success in life, make perseverance your blossom friend, experience your wise counselor, caution your elder brother, and hope your guardian genius."

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Life has distraction.

Life has always got distraction. We can't escape but we can try to minimise them. Imagine those early days when we were in school, if we were not mixing with the wrong friends, we could have done better in studies. We were distracted. Even playing our games, at times we were caught with the wrong motives and eventually we lost our plays. We were distracted. Came the time when we were looking for a job but there were too many offer. Instead we landed ourselves with a wrong career. We were distracted. You think you have taken the right career to sell life insurance, but with so many different financial products been created, you would find a problem to master the trade. Again we are distracted. You want to fall in love but there are many negative gossips. You might be distracted too.

Life is full of distraction as long as we can see and hear. No matter how focus we are, our sight and senses will affect our emotion to take changes. Some distraction could be mild but unbelievable distraction could cause blunder and down fall to a person. The above picture scene is one reminder that distraction can kill in life.

A focus person is a successful person, like Thomas Edison. He said, "I have not failed. I've found 10,000 ways that don't work."

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Darn to explore our dark side of ourselves.

When you meet someone, would you tell good or bad of yourself. I think, most of the time, all of us will emphasize only the best. The defects are always kept hidden or perhaps we might not even know or aware of our weaknesses. I strongly believe if we were to explore our dark side of ourselves, we might even improve our overall well being.

I had a lady friend who seemed to be smiling all the time with others but in actual fact, she hated smiling. She smiled for the sake of securing appointments and dealing with her clients. When she was with her loved ones, she seldom smiled. I wonder whether she knew her behaviour. To her benefits, she should have the courage to explore her dark side of herself. She is the only one who can help herself to correct and improve her inner beauty.

When I was at the middle age of life, I depicted myself to be a serious and no nonsense person. My children were all scared of me as a father. Those who did not know me well, would assume that I was an unfriendly person. I thought behaving this way was appropriate for my profession. I thought seriousness and no nonsense were good qualities of character. However my dark side of me was really a playful, naughty and cheeky person. It was later in life when I turned 50, I took the courage to understand myself that I should live as what I am from the inside. I no longer be serious in character but instead I added plenty of humour with my words. My true nature of being playful as a child, naughty and cheeky as a man, helps me to raise my level of confident. Without me realising, I became more of a lovable and a likable person. I am glad I explored my dark side of myself, when I switched them to my favour. What about you?

Quote written by Miyamoto Musashi; "Perception is strong and sight weak. In strategy it is important to see distant things as if they were close and take a distanced view of close things."

Monday, January 28, 2008

Be a loveable & likable person.

AC wasn't a happy man. As he is my good colleague, upon seeing me, he seek my elderly advices. Upon getting marry recently, his wife and sister were not in good relationship. Previously they were staying together as one happy family. With so much conflicts, AC and his wife moved out. The misunderstanding created disturbance and inconvenient on his work. He could not link the relationship between his wife and sister.

After listening all his frustration, I began to understand the problem better. Basically all of them lacked the giving of love. True love is reflected from the heart. From the mind is selfish. Most of the time, they assumed they had given love but in fact there were motives in giving. Love should be offered without condition to gain the feeling of blissfulness. I told AC, if he wants his sister to feel proud of them, sell yourself as a lovable and likable person.

A lovable and likable person has a lot of patience. He could tolerate all misunderstanding and complaints. His heart is a forgiving one with plenty of kindness. He shares more than to receive. He will not talk bad of others but rather offer compliments. His mind is pure without ill thought and feeling of others. He is always supportive and willing to assist. He does not envy and not boastful. He will not be rude, self seeking or easily angered. Unless AC is prepared to be a lovable and likable person, he will find it difficult to win her sister back again. I sincerely hope AC would take my advices.

Food for the heart; "None of us has the power to make someone else love us. But we all have the power to give away love, to love other people. And if we do so, we change the kind of person we are, and we change the kind of world we live in." Rabbi Harold Kusher

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Seeing is believing!

Oh Gossh! I don't believe until I saw what was posted as A Sex School in Japan which taught sex education to students. In their closing ceremonial study, 500 person go into a great hall. 250 girls and 250 boys nude together for getting fun in a wild style.

Perhaps the world has forgotten our natural instinct to make love the right way. We have gone far to advancing and progressing in our human race. We have gained confidence in science and medicine. We have the best of life styles to cater our needs. Communication links the entire world by the minutes. We travel fast, rapid and in comfort. We thought the world was square 500 years ago. Today we explore the universe. In the progress of time, human has added stress and tension to our living. We take more and give less now. We are more selfish when we should be more loving. We take each other for granted. We have forgotten how to make love. Most marriages end in unhappiness in the long run. These are the sacrifices for advancement and progress in life.

May be the Japanese knows their flaws. To save their future generation into deeper misunderstanding of applying love, they are brave and couragous to educate the practical part of love and sex to their young. What about you? Have you forgotten your natural instinct of making love? Don't laugh coz you may be one.

Quote written by Alvin Toffler, "The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read or write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn and re-learn."

Saturday, January 26, 2008

To learn is to live.

To progress and to grow, we have to learn. And learning should be kept forever, as long as one lives. Anyway it's easily said but it is not easy to do. When we were a little child, our parents were there to guide and to take care of us. Later were those teachers who educated us. When we were adults we could be inspired easily by the surrounding. However when one turns older, things would change. The parents were no longer there to advise. His friends might not have the courage to tell him to change. Older mind has lesser motivation. They refused to accept changes and are reluctant to progress with the younger generation. They prefer to stay aloof and are not prepared to learn further. This is the old age syndrome of most people, applicable to male and female.

I am lucky in many ways for not falling into the trap of aging syndrome. Although I might be an energy giver to others, but I too have to tap those who could be brave and sincere to energise me at times. After all I am still a human being who grows and have feeling. I just came back from our company three days convention where we learned and relearned. In fact, if it was not a good lady friend who was much younger than me, who tickled and disturbed my thought, I would have not participated in this interesting event. I had gained some extra knowledge, caught up with many good associates and most important of all, I felt younger and happier by attending those classes.

To the younger people, keep learning to gain the knowledge of life. To those wiser foes, keep learning to stay alive. To that special dear who stands besides me, I have to thank you for your inspiration and advices. Though you are young but you really have a great heart for me. Thanks so much again dear.

This is what I learned from Dennis Waitley, "Failures do what is tension relieving, while winners do what is goal achieving."

Friday, January 25, 2008

If u can't tackle girls, u can't sell.

Strictly for man only:-

If you are a man who isn't interested in women, most likely you don't fit to be a salesperson. To be interested in girls, you need to tackle, woo or court the lady you like. No decent female will come to a man. Is always the male who approaches the female first. To win a lady you like, you need courage and braveness. You have to show your sincerity, honesty, responsibility, kindness, faithfulness, commitment and gentleness of character. At the same times, be humble to depict your intelligence and smartness of your personality. Your words are full of sweetness and confidence which reflex your success of a gentleman. Without all these characteristics of a true man, the chances of winning your ideal girl will be tough. If you happened to be a female reader who is reading this blog now; "Am I right my dear?"

To be a successful salesperson, one needs the same characteristics of the above. If you are the shy and timid type of man who always finds difficult to tackle girls, I personally suggest, don't try to come into the selling world. I don't think you will make it. For the ladies who are good in courting men, I am sorry to say, I really won't know whether this is applicable to you girls.

Quote from Earl of Beaconsfield; "The secret of success in life is for a man to ready for his opportunity when it comes."

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I fell in love with a wonderful married man.

Joycle is 48 and is still single. She has a good career and living a quiet life, until she fell in love with a married man who is older than her by 10 years. She loves him dearly but at times she isn't happy either. Happy because she got a man who is responsible, caring, intelligent and most of all, he loves her sincerely from bottom of his heart. Unhappy as he is still married. She feels the pain each time when he has to return home. As we are good friends, Joycle asked me, "Am I at wrong? Shall I leave him? Or what shall I do?"

Is a tricky and sensitive question? Any way I managed to give my personal view and I would like to share them with my readers without prejudice. I told Joycle these. The world was never created to be perfect in the first place, ever since Adam and Eve ate the forbidden apple. No nation is perfect either. There is no peace around as wars and fights are every where. No single company is perfect too. If you had the chance to see them inside, they have dirt and rubbish as well. No family can live without quarrel and arguments. No sole person in this world can live perfectly well.

To the many, Joycle should have met a single man. However it isn't easy for her to meet an ideal man at her present age. She should have married, when she was younger some said. However nobody could turn the clock around now. It was unfortunate she didn't meet her prince earlier in life, but it is by fate she met this man who truly loves her now. It is always easy for woman to get man but isn't easy to get the right man who loves the woman. I considered Joycle as lucky to have met this wonderful man.

I told her, it is important to live for herself, and not to live just for the sake of showing to others. Be couragous, love him with all you heart and soul. Love him with affection and care. Love him with tolerance and patience. Love him without selfishness but love him whole heartily with support. Love has no hate and ill thought of each other. Love him not as a wife, as it's rather late for both to be as husband and wife now. But rather to love him as a good friend to share the good and bad of life. Love him as a romantic lover to give him the love of life. Don't be bothered by the disturbed surrounding and environment. Love him until his surrounding; likes his friends, relatives, family and especially his wife respect and admire her greatness of a true lady. All these could be made possible, if only she believes love has the virtue energy and magic by itself. I was glad Joycle took my advices and encouragement, when most asked her to back out.

Meaningful quote from an Unknown Author; "Being happy doesn't mean that everything is perfect. It means that you've decided to look beyond the imperfections."

Monday, January 21, 2008

When is money most needed?

When is money most needed in life? Is it to getting marry, or children education, or buying a house, or having a long overdue holiday or to give the best to your parents? All these are important and most likely you could solve them if you are still healthily alive. However when you are dead or critically sick or totally and permanently disable, that is the time when money will be most needed. Most people think of good happening more. Seldom they visualize the unforeseen. A professional life insurance agent offers the peace of mind to their prospective clients. I am proud to be one, for I always remind those I encountered that Life Insurance is money to be given, when your family needs it most.

Many of my clients who had passed away, life insurance offered hopes and dreams to their survivors. Their children could continue their studies. Their houses were not taken by their bankers, as the loans were settled in time. Although their parents were sad but the old foes lived on. Those who fell critically sick or disabled, our life insurances helped to ease their pain.

Selling life insurance is a noble profession. It takes a lot of guts, patience, learning and understanding of life to make it. I will never trade my career for another business opportunities. Coz there are still many homes and families that need to be saved.

Quote by Christopher Morley; "There is only one success - to be able to spend your life in your own way."

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Do u get jealous over his intelligence or her beauty?

Do men like women to be more attractive and women love men to be more intelligent? Is a debatable question! All men like looking at attractive, sexy and gorgeous ladies. They are appealing and adorable to male eyes. Similarly, I believe all women love to know intelligent and handsome men too. Their intelligence and macho personality appease the feeling of females.

However these only happen when the men and the women are not in love yet. As long as those females are not their wives or lovers and those men are not their husbands or lovers, both sexes could be attractive and intelligent to all eyes. The funny in life is when the lady becomes a wife or lover to a man, he will not like her to be too attractive any more, especially being too sexy or over exposed to other male eyes. Is the same to a man who is now husband or lover to a woman. His intelligence could also be noticed by others ladies.

On the surface everyone behaves as normal but in actual fact, the about is the true facts of life. Man and woman are created with feeling. We have selfishness in our thoughts. We want and possess more than we give and share. When is not yours, you admire and appreciate the beauty. The minute it is yours, you want the entire piece to belong exclusively to your own. This is applicable to most of us. Unless we understand deeper into life. In order to overcome the feeling of selfishness, we have to understand the feeling of love.

Love is patient. Love is kind. It does not envy, it doesn't boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love doesn't delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always hopes, aways perseveres. Love never fails, unless you have selfishness.

To the ladies and the gentlemen, are your husbands, wives and lovers jealous of your intelligence and attractiveness? If they do, it is high time that they should learn the real meaning of true love.

This happy thought by confucius; "To be truly happy and contented, you must let go of what it means to be happy or content."

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Woman is stronger & man is selfish.

Do you love your mum or dad more? Both parents could have given the best to raise their children, but it was the mother who suffered more in labor to give birth to her children. The children have the name of their father, who endlessly worked to support them when they were young. Nonetheless the bonding of mother with her children is still greater. Simply because she conceived and delivered them. They are part of her and like a mirror of her ownself. The father would never be able to have this emotion as the mother. He played a very small role by merely deposited his joyful sperms and the mother had to bear the joyful pain for life. Even in the animal world, the male mates with the female who willingly succumb to his approaches. Later when the female gives birth to her young, it still be the mother who will look and care for the little one. The male seldom bother to stay back. Perhaps this is natural instinct of animal and man, with the female loving the children greater then the male.

Whether we like it or not, it looks like woman is stronger and man is more selfish in nature. Not today any more, cause woman is getting smarter when they don't just take the pain alone by themselves. They want the man to bear the pain of life together with the family. Otherwise they could live without man and yet the children are still bonded with the mother. High time that we, the man have to awake ourselves. Love our mothers and all the women in the world as they are very important to us.

This quote of happiness by Harriet Meyerson; "Happiness comes only from appreciating what you have right now. You can even be happy by appreciating your troubles because they are helping to build your character."

Friday, January 18, 2008

Blissfulness can't be purchased.

My dear was pondering something she could not understand. There is a Korean friend who has the heart to support children who needed educational financial assistance. Although he is not really rich but merely a middle income earner, he is prepared to shoulder those who could not afford to pay for their studies. What more he is a foreigner helping our locals to fulfill their dreams and hopes. A challenge most ordinary people won't do at all.

Most people would think the man was stupid to help someone you do not know. It takes a lot of understanding of life to know the purpose of his sincerity. Helping someone from your heart is virtue. It is the purity of thought and heart to comprehend the willingness to assist without condition. If you could reach this level of kindness, you will feel the blissfulness beyond your imagination. A feeling that money cannot buy. This great philosophical Korean is most admirable to us.

Quote from Johann Wolfgang; "Knowing is not enough: we must apply. Willing is not enough: we must do."

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Is your smile a genuine one?

The sweetest smile is a smile from the heart. A smile represents your character and personality. If you truly have sincerity and kindness, your smile shows. Or if you have hate and anger while smiling, your smile will never be a genuine one. Smile could be effective in selling when you meet your clients. To have that genuine smile for your clients, you have to smile with a thought of sincerity and willingness to meet. The sweetness of that smile will definitely be seen and felt. Most sales were lost because the smiles came with some unpleasant and unreliable senses. The logic is all smiles are actually controlled by our mind.

Equally when a man loves a lady, his smile has to be felt with warm and trust. Is like a voice softly spoken to her, "I love you darling." In turn she replied with another sweeter smile of 'I love you too.' Or if both are excited and have intention to romance, smiles in the heart and murmurs in the mind, "I miss u! I need u! I want u!" You will be surprised, those smiles are not verbal but they can be sensed and acknowledged. So to those who are timid lovers, you don't need to say it out but just smile as much from your heart to your love...she/he knows. I love to smile to my sweetheart. My smiles make her loves me even more. Is it true my dear?

Is true what Chris Hart wrote; "All the statistics in the world can't measure the warm of a smile."

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

We are your mirror of your future.

I have three good classmates and we have been friends for more than 45 years. Sometimes I wonder whether we really have lived a rightful life. We can't change the past but we can change the future if we take choices of the present.

Let me describe a little about my three hero friends. SP has been a conservative, strict and unchanged person. He worked very hard since young. Although owning a little grocery store, without changes, his business remains stagnant and is not doing well. He has always been an unhappy person because he lives with an unforgiven heart. Due to some unforeseen quarrel with his family, his career wife left him quite many years ago. Without love in his heart, he turns stubborn, arrogant and unfriendly. Talking to him has to be careful.

Next is PL who is cheerful and daring. He was a corporate man who later became self employed. Although wish to be retired from his small scale trading business, he likes to keep in touch with his associates and friends. One of his interesting hobby is to get to know many darlings. Almost all the China dolls who visited our city knew him as a big brother. Those young attractive Chinese dolls make him feel young and active in life. His philosophy in mind is; "why keep one love when you can have many."

The last is KD who is the quietest of all. Had not achieved any thing fantastic in his working life. Always lives alone and still remains a bachelor. Again without love, his heart isn't contented. Without proper care and attention on his personal well being, he is a diabetic for many years. He lives a quiet life and not interested in female.

Looking at them and understand their characters, I definitely will not follow their footsteps. I am the youngest among them in months but already a grand dad of five grand children. Non of them have grand child yet. Yet they feel like an old man who has nothing to look forward to in living. They have lost their personal drive and are counting their days. I hardly heard them exercising, except sometimes just slow walk. Whereas I jog and pump iron in the gym on a regular routine. They keep to themselves whereas I reach to everyone. They have nothing to share but I love opening my arms to the whole world. Except PL who carries his mobile phone to contact through sms with all his darlings, the other two heroes know only to call out and receive calls from their mobile phones. Non of them are interested to excess the internet for knowledge. They don't even know I am a blogger who write about them at the moment. What a pity! I am so sad for them because they are not prepared to change and advance against time. They are at lost in their old world. I could have gathered the same knowledge and wisdom like them but I am willing to impart my learning to those who seek my assistance. The more I give, the more I receive, which they don't realise. They have forgotten their original playfulness as a child, whereas I still remain as naughty as ever. They felt that they are growing old by the days, whereas I feel that I am still growing up with so much more to learn. I am looking forward to see myself in another 20 productive years ahead, which they can't visualize like me either. Coz I love talking. As talking is a hobby to me. And I have the licence to talk because I am a life insurance agent. I can continue to reach and touch lives as long as I live. The difference of me and them is, I know where to get my positive energy and at the same time I am also an energy giver. I hope my three friends would one day, read this blog which might change their prospective of life.

Quote from Vince Lombardi; "The different between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack of will."

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Success needs time to build.

A professional life insurance agent knows 100% of his product knowledge. However in his real practice, he only utilizes little of what he has to know. Compare to the unprofessional agents who pretend they know much of their work, but in fact they know little. The formal sells successfully without much effort whereas the latter speaks in detail and yet finds difficult to close. The only different is the professional one understands life better than the unprofessional. The professional speaks with confidence and understanding. His simplicity of words and sharing are easily accepted. He knows how to provide and create hopes, dreams and offer the peace of mind to his clients. The 100% of his professional knowledge is reflected on his look which takes years to accumulate. To those who are serious in our career, be patience cause Rome was never built in a day. If I had not been a life insurance agent for these 25 years, I won't have the confidence to write on this blog either. Time is the factor when most people are reluctance to wait. I trust my fellow colleagues will believe my words.

Robert Collier wrote, "Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out."

Monday, January 14, 2008

China dolls are here.

Is natural when men meet, we talk about woman. I wonder when women meet, do they talk about us! Latest subject was quite a frightening one. Most middle aged women, married and unmarried are losing interest in sex. Their husbands and boyfriends alternatively are seeking freelance younger ladies to satisfy their needs and desire. Most of these professional female companions are from Mainland China. They are around the early twenties, young and attractive for our Malaysian but considered old and unpopular in their home land. They came as regular visitors and they know who to reach when they are here. Through the years, they have compiled and gathered a full set of male clients' data base or references with contacts. Usually they would sms to all the prospective male clients upon arrival here. Informing the men who they are; of age, specialising in what skills, loving, gentle and satisfaction guarantee. Their prices are much cheaper than our local serving ladies.

These imported China dolls understand our Malaysian style of living. They know our strength and weaknesses. They know what our men like and what our women dislike. They target the middle income class, where both husband and wife work to maintain their families. Due to growing pressure from business, career or at work, most couples tend to be stressful in nature. By the time husband and wife reached home, they have little time to communicate and to romance. The most badly affected age groups are those above forty who have lost interest in intimacy. With the appearance of these sexy young China dolls, they in turn replace the role of wives and lovers. Their beauty excites and stimulates our men who have been abstained from sex in their home. These China dolls really know the needs and wants of our neglected men. They provide tender love and passion. They seduce and they tempt our men. They are so likeable here because they could satisfy our men who seldom get what they want from our women. Our women are more interested in building career, while the China dolls are building lust relationship with our blinded men. Is disturbing but this is the true facts of what are unseen happening. It is a price we have to pay for a progressing nation like us. I hope my little sharing could open the eyes and ears of our women. Yes! Woman's career is important but don't forget your man either. He needs your attention and love as well. Loves him and protects him. Including me also!!

Quote from Tom Bodett, "They say a person needs just three things to be truly happy in this world. Someone to love, something to do, and somethng to hope for."

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Safe sex is to wear mask.

A good laugh for the Malaysian:

A doctor friend was telling me, since 1st January 2008, The Ministry of Health has launched the latest theme; "Safe sex is no longer by condom but rather safe sex is by wearing a mask from now onwards!"

For those who do not have sense of humour, let it be known that wearing a mask on your face is safer than using just condom. Condom can protect your inner but not wearing a mask while having sex can reveal your entire self to the whole world. Carry a mask when you want to be naughty or perhaps all hotels would provide one if you do check-in. If you still don't laugh, I think something must be wrong with your mind, unless you are not a Malaysian.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Instinct to survive

Is an instinct for plants, animals and human being to fight for survival in living. Look at those trees in the thick jungles. In order for them to grow, they have to out beat each other by growing higher and higher for reaching towards the sunlight. With water and soil below but without sufficient of sunlight their green will not survive. This is plant natural instinct to grow. I had a bitch which gave birth to six cute little puppies. With their own self instinct again, they had to reach to their mother for milk. Nobody taught them and yet as a few days old puppies, they lived by milking themselves. Out of the six, one died out of starvation because she was not aggressive enough to reach to her mother's milk. The fittest and brave survive, whereas the weak and soft will drop out in life. Not forgetting these are only plants and animals only.

Today, we Malaysian are very dependable on foreign workers to assist our domestic and general manpower. Most of these workers are from the third world countries. We might think they are not smart but in fact I believe they could be smarter than many of us. I personally observed all foreign workers who have being working here for a short period of time, speak most of our local dialects and languages. They could master and speak our tongue better than many of our local people here. They could learn so fast for a simple reason because they need to survive in a foreign land. Without proper communication, they will not be wanted here. This proved, man has the instinct to live and to survive in all difficult manner.

My intention to write this title of Instinct To Survive is to remind our young Malaysian to adopt a stronger perception of life. If we were to take life too casually and too easily, I am afraid we might loose the natural instinct to fight for our national survival. We have came a long way of 50 years Independence and are looking forward to be a fully developed nation by 2020. We need to be stronger in spirit and greater in determination, so that we will not be overtaken by those who are fitter and braver. Malaysian Boleh! Cause we have the instinct to survive.

Meaning quote by Frank Loyd Wright, "The thing always happens that you really believe in; and the belief in a thing makes it happen."

Friday, January 11, 2008

Music mind has creative mind.

This is interesting. Lift your right foot off the floor and make clockwise circles. Now, while doing this, draw the number '6' in the air with your right hand. Your foot would change direction. You can try but most normal person finds difficult to control these directions of foot and hand spontaneously. Perhaps those who utilize their left and right brains at the same times can perform such action.

I tried on two friends, one was a music producer and the other was a disc jockey. Surprisingly they both could control their legs and hands after a few attempts. According to these friends, all musical artists are creative people. They have the talent to control their mind to think at various levels and stages. In music, it has different notes and sound, the bass, the rhythm and the beat. A good DJ could control the bass, rhythm and beat according to the liking of his listeners. His thought has to be swift and smooth. His brain has the ability to think of many thoughts all at one time and moment. His one hand to control the bass using his left brain, while at the same time adjusting the rhythm by using his right brain. Not forgetting to prepare the next music and perhaps singing along with his crowd. These are the artists who tap the maximum potential of human mind.

If only the normal people like you and me, who know how to utilize our mind as not one, but two or more brains in us, then most likely we could think faster and clearer in thought. These musical friends recommended, by learning to play some form of musical instruments will help to expand and make our mind more creative in thinking. For those who are in selling, music will enhance your ability and skill. To those who find dificulties in courting your mates, music will build your confidence. Because music helps to develop your creative mind. Otherwise, you will be using only your left mind which is the logical brain. In fact, the right mind is where the creative brain is, and it is hardly used at all. Think logically and think creatively in lives.

Washington Irving once said, "Great minds have purposes; other have wishes. Little minds are subdued by misfortunes; but great minds rise about then."

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Making love makes a person more likeable.

Are you aware that how arrogant and frustrated a person is, when you make love, all anger and frustration will temporary on hold. Not only that negative emotion disappears, instead your mind get stimulated. Arrogance turns to excitement and anger becomes sweetness. You might be a person who speaks less loving words. But when you are making love, your words are so romantic and loving. Perhaps that is the time, your heart is being soothed with much comfort and joy that allows you to speak lovingly.

This power phrase is absolutely has logic; "Happiness is to see other happier." When you are making love, you are actually making your partner happier by sexually satisfying him or her. Upon seeing your partner gaining his/her satisfaction, in turn yourself are equally excited too. Excitement of both partners leads to happiness and contentment of lives. Making love is like telling each other, we make each other happier physically and emotionally.

So the next time, when you are angry, upset, arrogant, not motivated, frustrated or even lazy, try making love. Is one way that will solve your immediate problem. Especially when a couple who is at quarrel, best way is to jump on the bed and start making love. Those who have little sweet words are those who dislike making love less. Unless you change to like making love, most likely you would remain to be an unlovable or an unlikeable person. The best way to see whether is logical of my words here, is; ask yourself what type of person you are. If you are the one who likes making love, I am sure you are a likeable person who have loves for others too. On the hand, if you are the type who dislikes making love, I am sorry to say, most likely you have very little loves and affection for others. To me personally, these are all facts of life we have to face. I am a likeable and lovable person.

Quote from Jules Renard; "As I grow to understand life less and less, I learn to love it more and more."

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Right mental attitude.

Everything goes up and has to come down. Not price of goods! When I was a little boy, a cup of tea or coffee cost only 1o cents. Goosh! Today a tea or coffee from a tea store costs a dollar. From a coffee shop, their price is around RM2.50 and the Coffee Beans or Starbucks Coffee is RM10.00. Thirty five years ago, a brand new Honda Accord was available below RM10,000. Today you have to pay around RM140,000 to get this dream car of your choice. I bet the price of all goods will go further up.

The price of goods have gone up and similarly our salaries and wages have increased tremendously. Forty years ago, it was a pride to be earning a four figure salary. Generally most wage earners earned between RM100 to around Rm300. Today most basic salaries begin at around RM1200 to unlimited amount. There are young salesperson who could be drawing income of few hundred thousand ringgits a year or self employed professionals who earn a million or more. The opportunities are better than before.

Price of goods could have gone up but is up to us to take life as a challenge. If you are prepared to work smart and hard, when your income is considerable high, then most goods will be considered as cheap to you. Of course when your income is low, you have to be careful with your spending because most goods will be expensive to you too. So the next time when you pay your coffee at The Coffee Beans at RM10.00 and you feel the pinch, the price isn't expensive but rather you are earning less. Do something to improve yourself and don't complain. Life has choices, either you buck up to progress or be contented with what you are.

Thomas Jefferson said, "Nothing can stop the man with right mental attitude from achieving his goals; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude."

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

I can see those who are in love!

I had not seen a closed friend, Farizah for almost two years. The minute when she came to my office today, I could see her glow on her face. So different from the last I saw her. She has put on a little weight which is most ideal for her mid forty. I called it as real woman look and taste for mature man. She is an attractive and intelligent lady. Before she spoke, I approached her with this statement,"Wow!! my dear you look so lovely. Through your eyes, I can see you are in love deeply. Are u sweetheart?" She was stunned, "Dear, how can you see and to know?"

I explained to her, the heart is the place where love and passion reside. I can't see her heart but there is a pathway that linked from it to her eyes. Her eyes spark with love and joy. Her whole face is reflected with sweetness and love. I was right, the lady is in love. She had a bitter marriage which led to a divorce and have to raise three teenagers single handed. Six months ago by fate, she met a foreigner who changed her entire outlook and personality. Love truly has got magic.

Love has given them hopes and dreams. Love has created an energy which is so virtue and blissful to their lives. Both are mature adults who had experienced the bad part of love which could be painful and sorrowful. In view of their understanding and accepting the true meaning of love, I wish them love to be with them forever. Be the woman besides him to offer support and love and be the man who whole heartily loves her faithfully and sincerely. Farizah, I am glad you finally have found the man.

Meaningful quote; "True love is eternal, infinite, and always like itself. It is equal and pure, without violent demonstration; it is seen with white hairs and is always young in heart."

Balzac (1799 -1950)

Monday, January 07, 2008

Silent Sorrow of intelligent wise man

In every stage of life, we have different types of living problem. The childhood innocent, the adulthood of struggling in the pursuit of knowledge, middle age crisis and finally the silent sorrow of later life. The upper three are quite noticeable but silent sorrow is hidden and not spoken. Especially on the man part which I like to share today.

As a man struggles in life to achieve his family, social, career and financial success, he has to work hard to get them. Along the way, he has to gain knowledge to be smart and intelligent for pursuing his purposes of life. Time is a main factor to acquire his dreams and goals. One can't be knowledgeable and wise when one is still young of age. Nature has to play its part when only one is much older, for then he is able to gain his knowledge and wisdom more. Usually when a man who has gathered all these strength, his family would have finally grown up too. His children are all independence by themselves and his wife is a free woman by now, having reached the menopause of life. If the man has knowledge and wisdom, he usually is an intelligent person who also knows how to take care of his health and well being of himself. A healthy man of any age is definitely a sexually an active person. Unless a man is sick and unhealthy, sex is out of his mind. These are true facts of medical life.

However the sad part of life for this healthy, intelligent and older man is, very few people would understand his silent sorrow. His loved older wife can't be his sexual active partner any more. His love for her doesn't permit him to be unfaithful. His respectful children look upon the father with full respect without the slightest thought of him being a naughty one. His communities, spiritual members, relatives, friends, clients and those who know him, take him as a man of dignity and good moral standing. He is taken more like a saint who lives without defect and mistake. He has sexual needs when he can't talk about it. He has to behave and pretend that everything is under control. He gives a false image to depict he is a fully satisfied and contented person in life. In fact, actually he lives in misery which I termed as Silent Sorrow.

One typical true case happened in our country, a senior politician was framed and caught having an affair with his love. The whole country took him as morally as wrong and sinful. With braveness, he admitted his mistakes and decided to resign from his political position. This intelligent older man was never given a chance. Is a real pity cause most younger people who voted his resignation could not understand the wisdom of life, the silent sorrow of later life. The brave lives for himself but most who are weak minded, live to show others. What are you?

A strong reminder from Albert Einstein; "Try not to become a man of success but a man of value."

Sunday, January 06, 2008

To satisfy a woman.

A young man was seeking my advice. He had a girl friend whom he found difficult to understand. He approached her in many ways but still could not win her over. He requested my wisdom of love. To simplify matters, I sent him this message.
To satisfy a woman:
Love Her!

To satisfy a man:
Just appear NAKED!

Instantly he replied, "How true! I should have known better. Thank you so much Sir." To my dearest darling who might be reading this blog, "Do u agree?"

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Lovesick is painful.

I think of all sicknesses, love sick is the most severe pain of the mind and the heart. And of all rejections, love rejection is the most unbearable rejection for mankind. When you are rejected out of love and fallen love sick, no medicine of any kind could remedy the situation. The mind will be sorrowful and the heart will be in pain. Your emotion is imbalance when everything is meaningless to you. You don't feel like working, you have no appetite for food, your personal drive decreases, you don't like to mix and you can't sleep. Definitely health will be affected and this is termed as love sick. As your heart has no happiness and no love, you see the world as ugly and unfriendly. To all my readers, try to avoid love sick at all costs.

Recently I encountered three lady friends who were facing the above suffering. The first was Shirley, a typical Chinese educated housewife who was on the verge to divorce her husband. The man neglected the wife and they quarrelled most of the time. I only knew about it, when she called me to check whether I know the address of our local Marriage Bureau. She intended to seek the bureau separation and divorce. Instead of suggesting to meet the bureau, I acted as a marriage counsellor. I was preaching the religion of love. Explaining the definition of what is true love. One important question I asked her, "Tell me frankly, deep in your heart. Do u still have the love for your man?" She was shy but replied with a yes. I told her the meaning of love. Love has plenty of patience and tolerance. Love has no jealousy and not selfish. Love is willing and caring. I continued to explain the three roles of being a woman for the man; as wife, good friend and a lover. She was only a wife to him and she had forgotten the roles of being a good friend and lover. She had never called her husband as dear, honey, darling or sweetheart. She was not romantic as a wife. How could a man loves a woman when she did not know how to love him as well. I was glad, she realised her mistakes with my simple illustration. Promptly she admitted her mistakes. Her last statement, "Thank you so much! You have saved my marriage."

The second lady was Laila who has a relationship with a man for many years. One day she called to tell me that she is leaving the country because she wanted to leave her love. She was full of sorrow and pain from the words she wrote. I begged her to read my blog before leaving. Please read under the romance column where I had written many stories on love matters. I did not know whether she read but out of my surprise, I received her messages today as:
Laila; "Thanks my dear for all the lovely words of wisdom found in your Blog really motivating. Happy New Year!"

RF; "Glad u love them. Tell me. what have u learned my dear?"

Laila; "Quite a lot in particular give more and never stop loving."

RF; "Remember...Love has magic and miracle."

Laila; "Ok! will do and thanks a million for the advice too. It has made myself realised what I have missed out in life."

RF; "I am glad u got your love again."

Laila; "Yes and having a birthday celebration with my love this evening."

Laila I am happy for you. Love has got miracle. It works only when you understand the meaning of it. Laila thought she knew at first. Not when she was enlightened by the actual definition and application of this magical word.

The third lady was Pp who was frightened out of love. She is a sweet lady who refused to be loved again. Her fear was due to bad experiences out from one marriage and another from a recent painful relationship. I sincerely beg her to read my blog again for I believe she will see some light in my words of love. In order for me to offer my confident, I write this special poem for her to read. Hopefully she believes Love has got magic and miracle.

For Pp:
It the game of love -
It doesn't really matter who won or lost.
When u think of your past love,
u may view it as a failure.
But when u find a new love,
u view the past as a teacher.
Love will always find a way.
Will always win.

Friday, January 04, 2008

Earn your trust in selling

Recently two of my existing clients took my advices to effect their life insurances as company director benefits. There were many necessary forms and proposals which they had to sign. One of them instructed their secretary, "Whatever Robert needs, please give them to him. We totally believe and trust him." The job was done much easier together with premium paid accordingly.

Many new agents would be impressed and amazed on how the sales were conducted so easily. It was an easy sale no doubt but it took me more than twenty years to make it looked easy. At the beginning, I had to earn my creditability by working very hard. I never failed my promises and my appointments were always on the dot. There were many occasions when my clients faced hardship, I would be the first to be there. I offered encouragement and advices which eventually helped them to where they are. I saw them getting marry and happily raising their children. Should their children went astray, I rendered my advices and correct them as mine. My sincerity could be felt and my honesty has been proven. I am not just an agent to them. They have taken me as their personal friend. The sales were concluded mainly on our trust for each other.

I believe all existing life insurance agents can be successful, if only they are prepared to practise love and passion in selling. The longer you remain in this career, the selling will be easier and happier. Nothing is easy but if you love what you are doing, then it will be easy.

A little poem to share:
"Lift may fail sometimes,
But whatever may be the occassion.
Stairs will always get u to the top.
Luck might help u once.
Hardwork helps always."

Thursday, January 03, 2008

My 300th blog title......WoW!!!!

Wow!!! This is my 300th blog title, written since March last year. At the beginning when I first started to write on this blog, I never imagine I have so much to share. I was thinking, perhaps I could write a few days or few weeks before I called it off. I have to thanks my elder son for encouraging me at that time. I believe without his persuasion, I would have taken off this blog away then. He has an interesting blog, that spurs me to go this far. Whatever a younger man can do, I can do as well. Son, am I right?

I write almost everyday with excitement, because knowing very well I have many admirers or keen readers, who anxiously wait for my next current posting of the day. There were many occasions when I did not post on Sunday or on days when I travelled, friends would be calling me for the reason. I am most inspired to write constantly, is because of an admirable lady who said to me, "Dear...please write everyday, even on Sunday, Public holiday or on holiday. I love to read all you postings." I promised her I will try. Thanks dear for your inspiration.

I created my blog title as Wisdom of Life for the purpose of sharing my experiences with my friends, clients and the Malaysian. I wish not to touch on religion, race or politics but rather on the facts of life which we have to face in our day to day living. Most important is, to make my readers to laugh while reading my contents.

One thing I learned while blogging. As we share more in thought, our mind expand even greater. When I first started to write, I thought I had limited ideas. To my surprise, as I wrote further, more ideas came naturally. Perhaps this is The Universal Law of mind expansion.

This phrase is true,"The more you share, the more you gain."

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Naughtiness comes with creativeness & braveness.

I was anxiously waiting 2007 to end and looking forward to 2008. On the eve of the New Year, I sent a special message to many of my friends. It was worded as, "Hellooo.. Do u know u have less than 10 hours before 2007 ends. Last chance for u to be naughty for this year coz next year u have to be even naughtier. Right young man/ my dear?" As I am much older than most of my younger friends, I wanted to see what they feel and how they react. This is what I called, "Do the common things in an uncommon way. The world will be at your command." I received countless replies and well wishes in return. Not all are brave. Some are cheeky and intelligent.

I like to share these, likable, cheeky and creative responses which you might laugh:-
Abd Hamid; "Y bother about 13 hours, u have 8760 hours to look to, naughty man."

Abd Rahim; "Remaining 13 hrs sufficient to earmark who & how many will be the 2008 victims of the naughtier-man! (or instead he could become grandma's victim!) he he."

Abd Rahim; "A person good in sales are truly creative (Handling objections converting 'prospects' to become 'loyal clients'). So 'naughtier' means "raising d bar" in everything one does good at! GO FOR THE BIG FISH (victims)"

Julius Kew; "Absolutely!"

Izham; "Right! Esp when i have u as my mentor."

Fun Fun; "Yes you are extremely right."

Lee; "I'll be naughtier and you'll be younger in the next 6 hrs later."

Chua SH; "You're right young man. Happy New Year."

Debbie; "Absolutely!"

Goh CH; "Tq very much my good friend. I am as young as u. Happy New Year."

Hanafiah,"Good one. Happy New Year."

Jayanthi," Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well preserved body but rather to skid in sideways - chardonnay in one hand, chocolate in the other - body thoroughly used up, totally worn out and screaming: woo hoo, what a ride! Happy New year 2008."

Manjit; "My quota to be naughty is up for this year. I m waiting for 2008 so that I can be naughtier. My dear what about u. Happy New Year."

MaryV; "The Beer Prayer: Out beer in the barrel, hallowed b thy smell, thy taste so sweet, thy high will come, so high we feel like in heaven.. Give us today our daily beer, forgive us our spills against us, do not bring us to intoxication but deliver us from any road blocks! Amen... Love and Happy New Year."

Elena; "Yes I agreed with you. U must be very naughty tonite."

Junnie; "Thanks for the reminder. Nowadays I must admit, I am old suddenly dun have energy and excitement to be naughty already. U are luckier as u are getting younger and still have excitemement. Happy 2008."

IreneTan; "I don't think soooo... I thought with every year, months, weeks, days, hrs and minutes passed, we grow wiser and more sensible in everything we do or to be done. So naughty ah... Once in a blue moon la! I mean still can. But be sensible lor! Ha ha ha. My dear wish u a marvellous year to come. Happy New Year."

Abd Thani; "Have to stop doing all those naughty things. Am in Mecca now doing my hajj. Anyway thanks brother for your wishes. Happy New Year."

Albert; "I wish u in Year 2008! Fantastic Jan, Lovable Feb, Marvellous, Luckiest April, Enjoyable May, Successful June, Wonderful July, Independence Aug, Tastiest Oct, Beautiful Nov, Happiest Dec. Happy 2008."

Rf replied; "I still prefer naughtiest year ahead."

Julian; "Very true! Will try my very best the naughtiest for the last 3 hours."

Steven; "Dear Sifu, how to be naughty without Sifu? No Sifu, No Play? Happy 2008." End.

From their replies, I learned most people are not brave and daring. Those who are simple and normal in character are very conservative and careful in nature. Few are outspoken and prepared to take challenges. Most take the word, 'naughty' as dirty or bad in meaning. Or perhaps, all like to be naughty in some ways or another but are shameful and shy to express it out in words. Beneath their hearts, they wish to be naughty but in their mind they don't have the guts. Naughtiness to me is purely of good emotion and expression. When we were a child, we were playful and naughty. However as we turn adult, we lost the innocent part of our playfulness. Those who are naughty, tend to be more creative and active in life. When I said, I am going to be more naughtier in the year ahead, my meaning is to be more aggressive towards my growing up in years. To me is positiveness without the thought of bad intention of any kind. I am too glad to be able to feel this way at 60 but to react and think like 36 at this moment. This is truly the strength of naughtiness. I tap this force to energize and vitalize my challenging life ahead. Naughtiness comes with creativeness and braveness.

I strong believe Leon J. Suenes statement, "Happy are those who dream dreams and are ready to pay the price to make them come true."

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year 2008

The 2007 had ended and 2008 is here. WoW!!! I have survived 60 years on Planet Earth. When I was a little child, I could not imagine what it is like to be at 60. I thought it was an age which I could not reach. With the blessing from The Almighty Universe I am here, fit and well. The 60 is just my biological age but my true heartfelt age was 37 and just turned 36 today. Most of my secret admirers will witness this declaration. Right.. honey, darling, sweetheart and dearie. Do you agree? Through the journey of my life, I had gathered the experiences to earn the little wisdom of age. The learning and understanding of people, allow me to broaden my knowledge. Knowledge and wisdom make me a happier person who is prepared to serve rather than to be served. My mind is contented and my heart is full of love. Contentment and love lead to purity of my total self. This is a balance force of nature which allows a person to live on blissfully.

Today I set my resolution and my goal. With this blessed energy and divine force, I am confident I will live right towards age 75. To stay and feel young and healthy all the way. Retirement is never in my mind. My hobby as talking and life insurance is the license that permits me to continue talking. My wisdom and knowledge should be shared without condition to those who need them. In order to be different from most people of my age, I have to stay physically strong by constant exercising and proper diet. I have to understand and to apply the true word of love. To love others and others to love me as well. Not forgetting that special lady to be besides me. Because, no man can walk the distance of life without the lady he loves most. The first 60 years was a tough journey but the next fifteen years and more should me much easier. I know I can and I will live to it.

Love, can make people happy. Money, makes the world goes round. But friend ahh!! They make life worth living. Especially the one who is reading my blog now. Happy New Year to you and your family.