Saturday, June 30, 2007

Bad for good in life

"Beautiful young people are accidents of nature...
Beautiful old people are art of life."

These few words were collected many years ago, when I could not understand them better than today. When we were young, we make mistakes without realising them. We disturbed others with intention or at times without intention. We were rebellious and our parents were so worried over us. We fought at the slightest anger. We caused hatreds more than joyfulness. These were the bad part of life when we were young.

In everything, we have the negative and the positive part of life. We have to be sick, in order to appreciate good health. We have to be poor to understand the suffering of living. So when we are rich, we would be kind to the poor. We need to be sad at times and wish we could be happier soon. If is too hot the season, we would be complaining but when the rain comes, we smile the wetness of the surrounding.

Its normal to experience the naughtiness of younger days, but when we are much older, we turn to be wiser. That would be the time, we understand the bad and good of life. Good alone isn't good coz when bad occurred, we would not know how to overcome the ugly part of living. Bad by itself is definitely bad. Unless we grow to change and improve ourselves in life. Those few words on top are written with true meaning of our world between the beautifulness of young and old.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Creative selling

One of my closed colleague, a lady insurance agent is back selling. She has been in insurance for almost 7 years but the last two years were the difficult one. Most agents when they are distracted, would loose interest in selling. I am glad she sms me to say she is sowing at the moment. Sowing means prospecting.

Like farming, before you can harvest, farmers have to sow their land first. Similarly before agents who can gather their sales, they need to prospect and create new approaches. I advise her, sowing isn't enough because every agent in town would also be doing the same manner. Don't forget we have more than 100,000 agents selling at the same times, making selling insurance as a very competitive career. Unless she does things that others don't.

Selling insurance has to be creative. Hard work is good but would be better if you could master the art of selling. The Art of Selling is to sell but yet you don't sell. You are selling but your clients won't feel that you are selling to them. They buy because they need your products and not because you ask them to buy. It sounds funny but with a bit of time and understanding, selling becomes a hobby or an art.

To be a successful insurance agent, she has to know her job at 100%. She should know all her products, company profiles, laws and regulations, personal and business insurances, claims procedures, underwriting and etc. But on selling, she needs only to apply 10% of what she knows. The 90% of success depends on how much she understands the art of selling and the facts of life to people she encounters. Most agents who fail in this business is because they apply 90% of what they know on insurances and practise 10% of selling and not understanding the true facts of life.

I sincerely hope this lady associate and those who are not doing well currently could change their styles of selling. We sell hopes and promises. Not just insurance products.

Specially for my fellow colleagues; "Succeed in believing that you will not fail. Use diligence and determination to set your sail."

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Are men seeing women as a sex object?

One of my girl friend said, "All men are the same! Whenever they look at a woman, they would take us as a sex object." I didn't catch her meaning, "My dear, what do you mean by that statement?" She explained, "The way you look at me, you think of sex. That would be your first objective."

Perhaps that would be true, but women cannot just blame man as they are the one who create that temptation themselves. Look around the world of the female fashion today. Most ladies dress very attractively. From top to bottom they look gorgeous when all eyes are at them. Those that wear shirts would leave one or two top buttons unbuttoned. We can almost see the valley of their bosoms with that opening gap. Their clothing are relatively soft and light which are almost transparent. We can see the colour of their bras or not wearing them. Their jeans are unbelievable! They are tight and almost like falling down. One pull and I am sure their jeans would fall out. If you see them at the front, you can imagine where their pussies would be. Or perhaps they wear skirts which are so short that you can see the colour of their panties.

If you ask them, "My dear, why are you wearing like these?" She would replied," Alah! These are fashion that all women love to dress. We have to keep up to date. I am already an auntie but I still need to dress young lah."

So! They have forgotten that this world has male and female. Between women and women, they dress to compete and to admire each another. However, between women and men, we see each other differently. Men would admire their beauty but because of their over dressing, without them realising, temptation bound to be created to a certain extent. Unless we live in the spiritual world where there is little colour in living, then temptation would be totally well taken out.

For that girl friend of mine who said that I only look at her as a sex object, I would like to remind her. That there are three types of men who would look at women in different ways. The first type would be men who are not interested in female because they are not healthy or sick. How beautiful a lady you are, the least he would be interested in you. The second type would be those that you think they are not interested in women but in actual fact they like so much. Except that they don't have the courage to see and approach ladies. Instead of directly looking and admiring female sexiness, they quietly stare when you don't notice them. The third would be those like me who has the confident to see you directly. To admire and appreciate the beauty of women. Of course, the sexual thought would be there at the same times which is beyond our control.

My dear,"Would you like to be admired with your beauty or you prefer that all men are least interested to look at you. Not forgetting you have spend so much time and effort to look so seductive and attractive."

Conclusion; Women love to be admired but they can't stop men to admire them our way. They like and yet they say they don't like. Again the heart and mind are playing tricks on them.

"Its impossible not to see and yet pretend that didn't see."

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Earthly, Family & Intimate Loves

From Spiritual teaching, I was taught there are three types of love on earth. They are Earthly love, Family love and Intimate love. The three loves complete the cycle of life for spiritual happiness.

They are very logically defined and I believe it is worth thinking about. First is the Earthly Love which is given to others. As the saying goes, "Happiness is to see others happy." We should offer our unconditional love to the world. By doing so, we give more than we should receive and it is almost like a one way traffic. It is tiring and not all are prepared to constantly give with sincerity.

The second is the Family Love which we whole heartily give to our surrounding family members. At the same times, they in turn would also offer their love and care towards you, when you would feel the feeling of acceptance again. The support of family love is important because they offer you encouragement and motivation which you may not gain from the earthly love.

The third is the Intimate love which I consider to be paramount important. It is an intimate relationship between a man and a woman who truly loves one another. The giving and sharing of feeling and understanding allows the couple to be united. It is the most intense affection of the three loves because it allows physical contact when contentment and sexual satisfaction can be fulfilled.

To face the challenges of life isn't easy, when there are so many obstacles and problems that we have to encounter. There are many who are willing to serve the outside world with love but without those love from your supportive family, you might be drained away with your energy quite easily. For those who are even more ambitious to rich to the top, earthly and family loves are not enough to sustain your enthusiasm and drive. You need the intimate love to strengthen your confident to the highest level. If you look around this world, those who are super successful and powerful have the completion of these three loves combine together. This is fact of life that we have to accept.

Famour quote by Zig Ziglar, "You can get everything you want, if you would just help enough people get what they want."

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Good manner but wrong intention

Is a manner to say, "How are you?" Not many would say it sincerely. If you don't believe me, the next time when someone approaches you, either on phone or in person, take a bit of time to observe. You would be surprised that most say these three words out of manner and not out from the heart.

To see a friend or a stranger, it is a manner to start with an opening words. Most of the time, "How are you?" is the starter to any discussion or meeting. If these three simple words are spoken with the real intention from the heart of knowing how is the person in front of you, it should be spoken with full enthusiasm and smile. The person who hears them, should be felt with warm and feeling of acceptance. Because he knows that you really have intention to know his self being. Regret to say, most of the time, these gesture are spoken so fast that your listeners don't even have the time to reply. "How are you?" is followed by another question of real intention. Perhaps the next questions are meant to be the main purposes of doing business or for a favour.

A lot of businesses or selling are lost because the sincerity of the"How are you?" is not spoken right. Since it is the starter question for an approach, remember to spend some time to understand the effect of saying it. Say it with sweetness and be serious about your gesture. Allow your friend to hear your full intention. Do not go into another question, until your friend replies to "How are you?" It sound simple to apply but we tend to forget when we do it.

Interesting quote by Lao Tzu; "Do you have patience to wait till your mud settles and the water is clear? Can you remain unmoving till the right action arises by itself?"

Monday, June 25, 2007

In love we look better.

My experience through selling, tells me that love grows with energy. Whether a male or a female, with or without love in them, you could see the different. Without love, both sexes would look dull on their faces but with love, they are the most beautiful creatures on earth.

When a man is in love, he carries more enthusiasm and energy. His eyes sparkle with joy and attention. His mind is alert and creative, willing to go for the extra miles. Given any responsibilities or work, he would be too keen to accomplish them. His life is meaningful and has purposes. Whereas a man who has no love or lost his love, life would be dull and sorrowful. His esteem and energy are low when nothing could motivate and excite him. He has no direction or dream. Success of life would be difficult for him to challenge.

Similarly when a woman is in love, she looks more attractive and sweeter. Her eyes reflex the desire and romance. Her thoughts or moods are obliging and warm. Even her bosoms are full and firmer in look. Her personality draws attention. However a woman has no love or not interested to be in love, her face sags with dullness. She can put all the cosmetics to beautify herself, yet her attractiveness would still be artificial and unromantic. Perhaps she would turn arrogant, selfish and hot temper unnecessary. Woman is like a car! If a car is properly taken care with love, its engine performs efficiently and its outlook shines with envy.

This is again the Miracle of Love. Love added with affection and sex, enhance the relationship of man and woman. I believe God created this beautiful purpose of love for us to live happily ever after. So! If you want to live wonderfully in life, seek your own love and fall in love.

One secret admirer sent me these few words which could be true and I like to share, "Sex, hugging, touching, holding, rubbing, kissing are good. They stimulate the body to produce its natural hormones which are needed for good health and longevity." Believe or not, you have to try!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Love Quote

Quite sometimes back, I received an interesting message from an older friend with a Love Quote: "A woman can forgive a man for the harm he does her....but she can never forgive him for the sacrifices he makes on her."

Not quite true, a man could be faithful and sincere but without value and wealth, equally a woman could leave him. Faithfulness isn't enough coz has he the means and ways to make her happy and contented in life. After all this world is too materialistic and possessive to live in.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Love has miracle on ex-convict.

Ex-convict get hitched. Jamil Ahmad, 57, who is one of the longest serving prisoners, has tied the knot with a 23 years old single mother, reported Kosmo! He had spend 30 years and 11 months and nine days behind bar. His new bride, Siti Nasfuyah said,"I am willing to accept God's will if he is the right match even though he is an ex-convict. My heart is open to accept him."

Carol, one of my reader who commented on my title, "Love has Miracle" is right. She believed that love has miracle coz when we fall in love, nothing really matters anymore. Love has no limit or forbidden rules. It doesn't matter who we are, how we look, what our age is or where we are from coz when we have love, we have everything.

I wish Jamil Ahmad & Siti Nasfuyah a happy marriage. Love be upon both of them. Once and for all live for your own soul. Sam Keen wrote, "Love isn't finding a perfect person. It's seeing an imperfect person perfectly." How I wish my friends could think like this!

Friday, June 22, 2007

To give without the pain

As I was having my morning breakfast in a coffee shop, there was a poorly dressed man begging and selling his tissue papers to customers around. He was limping because he had only one leg. Our of sympathy, some bought his tissue. I could observe the different of characters with the givers and non-givers in this situation. Those who did not bother to look at this poor man, could have an unsympathetic heart. Those who gave were either kind or pretended to be kind.

What matter most would be if you could give whole heartily without feeling the pain in you heart. The amount you give isn't important but the thought of helping and giving is the gesture of kindness in your heart. If you could give with such thought, your mind would definitely feel the joy of your heart. True happiness is created through this way; "The giving and sharing of life." So! The next time if you give and you still have the slight pain in your heart, sorry to say, you don't have the kind heart yet.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Thanks for your comments on "Love Has Miracle"

I received two meaningful comments on my title, "Love has miracle" which attracted many interest. I do not know your true person but I certainly would like to thanks these two readers, Capteagle8 and Carol for their sweet encouragement on my blog. You had given me love as well. Thanks again.

Buy when you don't need it.

Would you buy a product when you don't need it? Certainly not! Logically we buy things only when we need them. Otherwise it sounds silly to buy something when you don't need it.

However, there is one thing in this world, which you have to buy when you don't need it coz when you really need it, you can't buy. That miracle product is no other than "Life Insurance." These two words are most fearful to most people. If possible, people would just like to skip these words or just try to avoid it. They may hate to listen them but it is the only product that can offer them the peace of mind. If only they are prepared to hear and listen with an opened mind and heart.

It was only yesterday, when one of my client who contacted me to inform that one of her brother is sick and needed medical attention. The doctor had confirmed that he is having severe heart disease and might need to go for a surgical correction. The total medical fees could exceed RM50,000. His employer has taken a minimum medical insurance with only a limit of RM4000 only. The brother was always against insurance and never bother to check and verify from the company of his staff medical benefits. Unless they can deposit the RM50,000 with the hospital, the doctors are not prepared to proceed with the correction needed. The sister was calling me to see whether I can help to provide the medical insurance for the brother now.

I told her, "You buy life insurance when you don't need it. Sorry! When you need it now, you can't buy." She knew too but she thought miracle can happen sometimes. So, the next time when you happen to be approached by a life insurance agent, don't reject him or her totally. They may offer you the peace of mind for a product which you don't need it immediately.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Mind & heart always play trick.

Most of the time our action and words spoken through our mind do not coincide with our heart. Our expression or verbal could be pleasant from the outside but our inner feeling from our heart could be unpleasant. On a long term behaving this way, we might develop a habit of insincerity.

Perhaps an incident could well explain the meaning. Miss Chong was a simple and carefree lady. She had a cunning rich cousin who always like to take advantage of her whenever they met. On all these abusive occasions, she would not retaliate her cousin but she would just keep silent and put on a smile towards her. Miss Chong later asked me, "Have I done the right thing?" I said, "Not bad! At least you had not quarrelled with her. But, while you were smiling, was your heart feeling pleasant or frustrating?" She was caught for a moment, "Oooh! To be frank, I was disturbed." I continued, "So! your smile was not a genuine one and I believe your cousin could also feel them too."

Another good example. Francis was providing physical and financial assistance to Stella. He was helping her out of true affection. His action was sincere and kind. Stella had no interest over Francis but the receiving of a long term assistance made her feel obligated to him. On seeing him, she had to smile and pretend to be loving but her heart was upset and torturous. In silent she was suffocating herself slowly until depression occurred.

One more example. Steph was an efficient secretary before joining a sales career. She took up selling because she thought it could bring in lucrative income and incentives. She wasn't well informed that selling had high level of rejection. In order to survive in her competitive career, she had to put in a big smile to all she met. After working for a few years, when more rejection came, her smiles were bitter in heart. She didn't realise that her expression was unnatural for she was forcing herself to display her successful image to others. Her heart and mind were acting and behaving differently. Without her realising, her insincerity were shown. Not forgetting a long term selling requires a much sincere and kind hearted person.

Our mind and heart may play trick with us at time but for a person who has a true and sincere heart, most likely his mind would be equally true and sincere too. Always remember, "Kindness is the language, the blind can see and the deaf can hear."

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The three Cs for ever lasting love

For any love relationship to last, three Cs are needed, "Compassion, Compatible and Communication." They sounded simple words but most lovers are not aware the important of them. For the purposes of those who are still in love, I suggest you read on. True love story. Three years ago, one of my close friend, Chan who had never fallen in love before, came excitingly to tell me that he had met a most wonderful girl called Fun. Both Chan and Fun were dating for a couple of months. Their love blossomed and they were happy with each other. The most ideal man for a woman is his true sincere love, which Chan has till today. Chan never failed to text Fun all the romantic and sweet words everyday. Each night before she slept, he again would call to say, "I love you" before they parted into their dreamworld. At any moment of time, be it the morning, afternoon or late night, if she called for anything, he would be there for her. Should she require any physical, financial or work assistance, he would be her saviour for sure. He assured her that he would even die for her if necessary. Chan is almost a perfect lover for any woman because he is a faithful and a sincere man.

Fun might not be young but the beauty of a woman is not in the clothes she wears, or the figure that she carries, or the way she combs her hair. The beauty of a woman must be seen from in her eyes, because that is the doorway to her heart. Chan could see this woman has this grow in her eyes. It took him 30 years to find such loving woman.

The first two years were beautiful for Chan and Fun when they had Compassion for each other. The work and time spend were Compatible to them as well. All friends envied their romance and love. However in any relationship, Communication is the most important factor for bonding and understanding. Sad to say, by the third years of Chan and Fun relationship, it started to sour with bitter argument. Both took each other for granted. He loved her so much when she fell he was like possessing her. He spent almost every night talking to her on phone, when he did not know that she was far pressed for time. His words sounded like instruction rather than as advices to her. She almost had no time for herself when she did not utter a word. Love turned into suffocation. The causes of these misunderstanding were merely because they both had not communicated with each other. They had not explained the need and adjustment for themselves. Every body on earth isn't perfect and including Chan and Fun. They had the compassion and were compatible at the beginning but they had forgotten to communicate frankly within.

It was a sad love ending but I hope this couple would read my blog to understand the defects of life. I sincerely believe they were the best lovers I ever met and I hope they could give each other another chance again. After all they only need the last 'C' to perfect this relationship.

Specially for Chan and Fun, "Life has its ups and downs. Sometimes the sun shines, sometimes the rain pours. But don't forget, it takes both sun and rain to make a Rainbow. Have your rainbow again."

Monday, June 18, 2007

Love has miracle

Quite recently I met a long lost friend. Although he is 67 years young, every one still calls him Baby. For the past thirty over years, he is living as a bachelor because his wife had left him together with his children. They had migrated to America and he is here alone. As he practised a very strict religion which doesn't allow divorce or remarrying, Baby never got a chance to seek for another mate.

This time when I saw him, I could see the grow in his face. His eyes were sparkling with joy and his words were full of humour. I asked him, "Baby are you in love?" Surprisingly he replied, "Yes! But how do you know!" I explained, "Heart is where love resides and there is a pathway that links to the eyes. I can't see your heart but your both eyes have love in them."

Yes! I am right, Baby has fallen in love with a girl friend and she is only 37 years young. According to him, it took him almost 7 months to court this lady. It was not easy for he needs a lot of courage and determination to overcome his fear. First he has to forget his faith and belief. Perhaps many of his relatives and friends might be talking about him. I am glad he said, "I live for myself and I should not be living for others to see." Confidently he claimed, "Most people are hypocrite. They pretend to live decent from the outside but in actual facts they are as a bad as devil. I am a healthy normal person and I need to be loved as well. Age isn't the factor. We both love each other and I rest assure to her family I would give the best to their daughter."

Baby isn't a rich man but merely working as a rice mill supervisor. He won over the lady with his androgynous charm. He has patience, kind hearted, humble, responsible, sense of humour and plenty of true sincere love for the woman. Although love is blind but love has miracle as well. Every one on earth needs to have love. Otherwise God would not have created Adam and Eve together. Baby could have missed out his best part of live without a companion but he realised it isn't too late to have one now. Your braveness and determination really inspire me. Thank you for relating your love story to me. I wish them happiness and joy for the rest of their life.

Specially for Baby and his mate, "Love knows no limit to its endurance, no end to its hope, it can out last everything, it is in fact the one thing that still stand when all else has fallen."

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Experience pain to understand life.

I am glad to be back after away for two week in solitary. Living in a monastery to understand the simplicity of life. In any form of learning, it is possible to be trained or taught but there are few human behaviour that can't. You cannot be trained to be kind. Neither can you be taught to be humble when you do not have them in your true heart. The only way to understand true kindness and humbleness, one has to experience physical pain and hardship. By doing away the comfort of life temporary for two weeks, I appreciate life better.

In the monastery where I observed true happiness are those who live without earthly possession. They detach everything in this world and yet they are the most happiest people living. Their detachment release their egoism of their mind. In turn, they live with patience and tolerance. They are kind and humble beyond our imagination. Their world is different from mine and I know I would not be able to live like them. However the experience that I had gone through with them these few days, helped me to understand myself better.

My Belief; "To be kind is more important than to be right. Sometimes all a person needs is not a brilliant mind that speaks but a patient heart that listens."

Monday, June 04, 2007

Silent Retrieve.

I thought I know but now I know I actually do not know. Is always easy to teach and advise others but is never easy to help our own self when one hasn't somebody to fall on. Recently many things had been disturbing my thought and feeling. They are the unwritten and unspoken words from the people I work closely with. I could have applied the "Forgive & Forget", words of wisdom to release my thought and feeling. Unfortunately when I applied on myself, it doesn't seem to work whole heartily. Forgiving is easier but to forget when memories remain causes emotional pain. As I search deeper into my mind, I realised that egoism is the evil factor that control our self-esteem. Words are easily spoken but applying in practical is difficult.

I strongly believe these few words have meaning, "Without simplicity, one cannot gain the TRUE affection of others." I read and write them now, but I have to understand the exact meaning of simplicity to apply appropriately. In order to seek the meaning of simplicity, I am going for a SILENT RETRIEVE for 10 to 14 days when I would be away from home alone. During these period of time, I intend to do away those comfort of life as I used to, and live as simple as I can. Perhaps a monastery would be an ideal place for me to search for the meaning of simplicity of life in the true sense. Plus no interaction and communication with the outside world. Hopefully with full concentration on meditation, I would be able to search my inner self and be able to release and to detach egoism.

During this silent retrieve of two weeks, I would not be blogging for the moment. Until then I wish all my readers happy reading.

Too much knowledge create egoism

I had a chance to speak to a renown lady Yoga Principle of the third generation one afternoon. We were discussing society problems, when most people find difficulties in solving their daily life. Outwardly we behave and look good but inwardly it is always difficult to over come our own personal problems. We can be guiding and advising others but when we face great obstacles in life, we may not even be able to assist ourselves. The truth is, our egos overrule our mind. Perhaps it was the way we were brought up, make us to behave with high self-esteem in ourselves all the time.

This lady mentioned two ways of bringing up children, the traditional and the modern method. The traditional is hardly seen, unless you look afar from the primitive world. In those places, young children would be sent to the monasteries where they are taught and guided by masters of knowledge and wisdom. They learn scriptures, marshal art, archery and practise meditation at their tender age. They sleep, eat, play and share a simple monastery lives with all their fellow students. They are taught the meaning and existence of life. They are shown the spirit of sharing and giving. They understand the suffering and hardship which can make them a stronger person in later year. They accept simplicity as contentment which can lead them to a happier life. Only when they have completed the basic studies from these monasteries, would they be allowed to return home. In their own home, they live in a family of three generations, where the children can see their parents respecting and taking care of their aging grand parents. From this traditional up bringing, they understand true love and kindness from the heart. They respect the elders, are prepared to share, unselfish manner, tough in mental and physical, humble in character, positive attitude and easily contented in life.

Most of us here are brought up by the modern way of education. We were sent to the nurseries or the kinder garden centres at tender age, where we were taught how to keep your own belongings. We were not shown how to share but rather how to protect your own self. We learn in the comfort of the air-con and the pampering and unnatural affection of our young teachers who are obligated by remuneration. Life stories are spoken with fairy tales that create fantasies and dreams. We see colour and glamour of each of the fellow students. The rich would come in chauffeur driven expensive cars with branded clothing and bags. We learn to compare and to discriminate by our action. Most of us are staying with our parents or those who are unlucky would have a single parent to be with. Once in awhile, we would pay visit to our neglected grand parents, who are not respected and loved upon. The end result of our up bringing make us to be cunning, comparing, selfish, unfriendly, unnatural in character, unreliable, wrong attitude, greedy and boastful. The worst in ourselves is the 'ego' that we can't let go.

After listening from this great lady friend, I began to realise that all of us are actually trapped in our self make artificial world. I thought I know but regret to say I really do not know. I have to seek for further enlightenment as how to decrease and to detach my egoism. So that I can perfect myself as to be a better person in every way. The more knowledgeable we are, the greater our self-esteem would be. Unless we know how to control our pride within us.

It is easy to read and write but isn't easy to read, write and practise what are written, "Without simplicity, one cannot gain the true affection of others."

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Man & woman need money differently.

Money is important to man and woman. The different is, when man has money, he thinks of woman first but when woman has money, she thinks of herself more.

Most of the time, when a man has done well in business or work, his first thought would be his love or family. Spending money on his lover or wife would be a joy for him. Of course is natural he would be spending on himself next.

On the hand, when a woman earns well in her career or strike a jackpot, her first thought would be to spend and satisfy herself. There is a saying, "Diamond is women best friend." They feel proud to buy those expensive gifts for themselves with their earning. Only later they would think of their family.

Women always want to claim equal right with men, but I wander whether they could treat men equally in the first place. In a family, if both husband and wife work to support the family, these could happen normally. What the husband earns, he has to share accordingly. What the wife earns, she keeps to herself. What belongs to him, the wife also has a share but sad to know, what belongs to her, he has no say. These are true facts of life which are unwritten and unspoken.

So gentlemen, if you want your lovers or wives to be happy and ever loving you, then work harder and earn more to give it to them willingly. Cause the buying and spending your money would make women happy and in turn they would love you again. This is the faith and destiny of manhood.

"What are the three words a man can say to a woman to make her happy? "I was wrong!" Spoken by Lana Banana.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Killer's smile that sells.

Twenty five years ago when I first started selling life insurance, there were hardly a few lady agents around in our company. Today, the female agents are more than the male agents and they performed better than male. They are self starter, have determination, work harder, patience, gentle, attractive and above all, they have the killer's smile.

Lady is different from man. They always love to look pretty and beautiful in every way. They spend time and effort on clothing and cosmetics to be attractive. The asset for the lady is their look and beauty. They spend time to beautify themselves. They carry at all time with them their lipsticks and mirror. They would never be bore to see themselves in front of any mirror. They love to look at themselves through mirrors and they know how to smile the proper way. To another female, their smiles are sweet and friendly but when they smile to man, their smiles can be seductive and irresistible.

Man is different when they hardly spend time to look better like female. The only time they look at themselves is the early morning when they wash their faces. Most don't even have the courage to smile at themselves in front of the mirror. If you don't believe me, the next time when you happen to be visiting any public toilets, please observe those men who wash their hands. Instead of seeing themselves on the mirror, they would be looking at the hands. Not many men would be smiling or trying to beautifying themselves in front of those mirrors. May be they don't like their faces or not happy with themselves! The fact is, if you are not proud with what you are, how could you be able to stand tall to meet another person.

I always encourage all my male friends to smile more. The first thing is to like and love yourself first. See more of yourself in front of the mirror whenever you have the opportunity. Although man doesn't carry a small mirror like the lady, we can still have a lot of our reflection seen as we pass through our working days.

Smile has many types. A smile can be a friendly or unfriendly one. A smile can be cunning or kind. Certain smile can be a yes or a no, depending how you show your gesture and expression. Some smiles can be spoken as "I like you!" or a special smile to depict, "I love you and I need you!" Each of us smile differently and we have to understand our own best. You have to know which angle and direction of a smile that suit you well. Can it be the right or the left that brings out the killer's smile? Only you, yourself would know what should be your best smile, if you are not afraid and shy to practise smiling from now onwards. Don't just let the women smile to seduce us but we could equally smile better than them.

Conclusion; "A smile is an inexpensive way to improve your looks and selling."