Monday, December 31, 2007

Gives a lot and expects a little.

Chew is a good friend and client for more than 20 years. He is a very responsible warehouse manager, who has many years of experience. Lately he was upset and unhappy due to his heavy loaded responsibilities plus no appreciation from his upper management. He was on the verge of tendering his resignation, when we had a chance to meet over a cup of tea.

With some knowledge and a little wisdom, I quoted to him this powerful phrase spoken by George Washington Carver, "When u do the common things in life in an uncommon way, that is when u command the attention of the world." This statement opened his thought for further discussion.

I gave him my personal name card with the title written as; 'Seven rules to be happy...never hate, don't worry, live simple. expect a little, give a lot, always smile, have friends like Robert Foo.' In order to prove my point to him, I illustrated the monk-hood way of living. To be a monk, one has to detach more than to receive. They do not possess any earthly possession except the clothing they wear. They give a lot in divine love and expect nothing in return. In turn, the after effect brings another kind of spiritual energy, which creates unlimited happiness to them. They have no hate, no worry, contented and always smile. Chew would gain the extra special energy, if only he knows how to give a lot without expecting much from his work. It might sound foolish to most ears, but if one darns to do the common things in an uncommon way, that is when one could command the attention of others. Chew was enlightened with delight. Before he left, he said, "I have learned one important fact of life from u Robert. Expect the least from whatever I do, I will be a happier person. Thanks so much."

Quote to be remembered; "Do the right thing. It will gratify some people and astonish the rest."
Mark Twain (1835 -1910)

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Lonesome can kill.

I had an efficient, trustworthy and responsible staff who did my errant work. It's sad he is no longer around because he passed away at the age of only 45. A client was surprised that he died so young and not married. I had known him for more than 25 years. Although his death was due to a heart attack but I believe lonesome was the main killer. He had never got a chance to fall in love and he died as a virgin, which was most unbelievable to the present society. Should he had a love with him, things could be different.

I received a mail from a gentleman who reminded me not to follow the footstep of this beloved staff. The phrase was well written; "7 Days makes one week. 7 days of sex makes one weak, but NO SEX in a week makes one sick. However, good SEX once a WEEK makes one SEEK! Have you had yours this week????" Is something that all healthy people have to consider. Please don't laugh or to think I am naughty cause these are true facts of life again. Including my dearest!!!!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

The mirror of life

A closed lady friend was worried over her young daughter of ten. She was brought up by the grand mother who had pampered her all the way since baby. Like her mother, she is stubborn and hot temper. Although the mother has changed tremendously in character, she finds it difficult to change and teach her child now. In our recent discussion, she seeks my advice to guide her child.

I told her to apply the mirror of life. Without a mirror, no one could see our own faces. The mirror is our reflexion. It helps us to adjust our look physically. The mother and the daughter could not see their own faces without the mirror too. I advised the mother to be the mirror for her child and her child can also be the mirror for the mother. Tell the child that she has mistakes which she cannot see by herself. Perhaps mother can be hot temper, angry without a proper reason or unreasonable towards the family, the child shall be the mirror to relate the mistakes to the mother. If the child agrees, the mother should also propose to be the mirror for her darling as well. The mother is an attractive intelligent lady took my advices promptly.

We live in a life with errors which we might not even realise. If only we had many true good friends who are willing to be our mirror of life, we will have lesser mistakes and defects.

Quote from Edith Wharton, "There are two ways of spreading light; to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it."

Friday, December 28, 2007

Think outside the box.

I have known Mr C and Mr L for many years. They are business partners and have been in trading and technical services for almost 10years. Comparing to the beginning when their business was rather small, today they have achieved success to a certain extent. Mr C is more of an aggressive Sales Director wanted his establishment to go further than what they should be. However he tried in many ways, nothing spectacular happened. As a good friend he seek my wisdom advice.

This was what I told him. All well established International Corporation have one objective. To make more profit. To make more, they focus all their attention towards the world. Their brains are make to think outwardly. To serve efficiently and to satisfy all their customers. They have little problems internally because all their working staffs from the lowest to the highest are all well taken care. Their basic needs and income are paid according to their effort. Their shareholders, directors or partners have the same standard vision and they know exactly what they want and aim in life. In turn all concern, apply the 100 % energy and concentration for the benefit of their customers and not just within themselves. That is why they are ranked the top producer worldwide. They think outside of the box.

Mr C and Mr L could be able to reach that level too. Just that they should put aside their personal problems and all differences in the company have to be solved soonest. Instead of spending time inwardly, they should concentrate more towards the outside. Objectives are how to increase sales and how to improve services Once they know where to apply their energy and effort, I am sure their business would expand even further.

Whether is a company or a self employed person, I believe the above apply. Just like today, another sweet aggressive colleague sent me a message, "Dear, I am having tension bcoz i am not closing enough sales." I replied her, "You sell for the love of selling and not sell for you personal agenda." I believe she understood the meaning. Sell for the needs of your clients and not to sell for your personal glory of the year end incentives. I hope this lady and Mr C know what to do now.

Powerful Quote from Li Ka Shing, "Vision is perhaps our greatest has kept us alive to the power and continuity of thought through the centuries, it makes us peer into the future and lends shape to the unknown."

Thursday, December 27, 2007

To be in love again.

Love is a splendor and to be in love is splendorous. When a person is in love, his eyes show the grow. His heart flows with happiness and joy which stimulates his mind with blissfulness. The thought of his love excites his life. Everything he sees is beautiful and looks like there is no obstacle ahead. He looks forward to a new day as a challenge. To be with his love and to make her happy. In turn, she creates hopes for the man. Hope is like another force which can work wander to both lovers. Love is translated into positive energy which can enhance a person well being. His personality is pleasant, calm in nature, sweetness in words and confidence in personal drive. Over all his performance in work will definitely be better and his life will be more meaningful as well. All successful person have someone to love in order to go for the extra miles.

Nobody could live alone and be happy. The smarter one won't. If you happen to be reading this blog now and are not in love yet, don't be stubborn, give yourself a chance to allow another human being of your opposite sex to fall in love with you. You will be surprised, how much you have missed out in life. In order for me to have a heartfelt age of 38 turning 37, I have to fall in love again. I hope the lady whom I love dearest be reading my romantic blog too. Dear darling, thank you for allowing me to fall in love again one more time.

The words from an admirable lady spurs me, "No man can be truly happy until he translates the words from the Golden Rules into deeds and shares happiness with others."

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Well Wishes that laugh on Xmas.

Christmas and New Year is the time when everyone exchanged greeting and well wishes. The fastest and cheapest way is by text messaging. Since last night, I had being receiving flow of messages from near and afar. The type and style of wording can depict the character and personality of my senders. Those who are soft spoken and careful type of person would write in a traditional manner. Like one I received, "Wishing you and family a very blessed Merry Christmas." The creative, courageous and cheeky one will have something interesting. Let me show u some laughing messages from my friends;

Idris: "My dear friend. Later Mr Chung & his family will visit me. I'll ask them to visit u too! The Chung family members are; Chung Ma Piu, Chung Tai Choi, Chung ToTo & Chung 4D. They'll be there to wish u Gook Luck for 2008. Don't worry! One of the members will not visit u for the whole year. Chung SaMan is out of town this year:) Merry Xmas & A Happy New year to u & family!"

Me: "Thanks so much. Please request Mr Chung and his members to drop by."

IreneTan: "If a fat man in red comes into your room in the middle of the night and shoves u into a bag, don't be scared coz i told Santa I wanted a friend like u for Xmas!"

Me: "I will be ready for him then."

JulianQuah: "May this Christmas blessings bring peace, joy, good health & prosperity to u & your family" Note - really too dull for me. I replied with something different.

Me: "Thanks young man. I prefer Happier, Merrier & Naughtier Year ahead. Can u re wish for me again? Thanks."

JulianQuah: "May your wish be granted as miracle happens at this time of year! Its definite u'll have a Happier, Merrier & Naughtier year ahead."

AbdRahim: "My family & I wish U & your family joyful Merry Xmas." Too plain from him

Me: "Not just Merrier but Naughtier as well."

AbdRahim: "More naughtier in the new year! I guess once reaches 60 wisdom will counter balance it.. so wishing u Happy Notorious New Year (sound strange) he he."

This is the top on my list;
Pris: "Dear..this is what I received during Christmas: He laid her on the table, so white clean & bare. His forehead wet with beads of sweat, he rubbed her here & there. He touched her neck & felt her breast, and then drooling felt her thigh. The slit was wet & all was set, he gave a joyous cry. The hole was wide ... He looked inside, all was dark amd murky. He rubbed his hands & stretched his arms... then he stuffed the turkey. Merry Xmas and Happy New Year!"

Me: "Wow! That was a good wishes. That friend of yours must be a creative and playful type like me."

Pris: "Yip... both of u can match together."

Me: "But I am sure he is much younger than me. Wonder whether he still be as creative and brave to apply when he is like my age. Unless he knows how to grow up and not growing old. Betul tak sayang?"

Pris: "Yes love.." End.

Which ever way we write is up to the individual but as long as the thought is sincere and kind, the feeling of acceptance is definitely be felt. Words have power and effect, even how short it is.

Peter Thomas said, "In a world where the big things have little diference - It's the little things that make a big different."

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

GASTT as a Xmas gift.

Xmas is the most happiest festival. Is time when Santa Claus would be giving gifts and presents for everyone. I take this opportunity to share and offer 'GASTT', a gift of LOVE to those who read my blog today. Whether you are young or old or whether you are man or woman, we are all hungry of love. To give and receive love, one has to know the art of giving and receiving. Because love has language by itself. Unless one speaks the language of love, one might not know how to give or to receive. I was enlightened, Love has five languages applicable internationally. GASTT is Giving, Affirmation, Service, Touch and Time. Surprising, isn't it!

Giving is a love language from the heart. To get the attention of the children, buy the gifts and toys they like and give them sincerely and they will love you for life. Diamond could be the best friend to some women. If the man who is willing to give a five carat diamond to his lady, he stands a pretty good chance to love her. Those giving could mean a lot to those who received.

Affirmation is different. It comes in voice and words. Affirmative people like to be called with loving and romantic words. Dear, darling, honey or sweetheart are words pleasant to their ears and feeling. The next time, if you happened to have an affirmative lover, call him or her as darling, and he or she will melt in heart. This is the love language for them.

Service is a language of love that comes in the form of rendering help and assistance. Your mother could be busy cooking in the kitchen alone. Although you are also a busy person working, but you still have the thought to help and assist your mother, she might be the happiest mum. You have already given her the love in service kind.

Time is a language of love that should not be forgotten. You could be a busy dad working in a big corporation. On the day when your little child is having a singing contest show, you spare the time to come and witness his participation, would definitely bring him joy and confidence. Time is love when you spend them with the one that needed it.

Touch is sensational to the one who understands the love language. Touch can be fondling, hugging, patting, kissing or skin contacts. To those who speak the language of touch in love, they would be happier and feel loved if they are touched more often. A little pat over the shoulder could mean a lot to a tired person. Hugging and kissing bond a couple who understand their needs for each other.

The world speaks in many languages to communicate. If only we know how to understand the languages of love and apply them right, our world would definitely be more peaceful and a better place to live. So the next time, when you see another person, not only you need to speak but understand his or her language of love. Your chances of making him or her happier and merrier will be greater.

GASTT was given to me by a special friend who cares and understands life. It is by chance and luck I know her. She had taught me to understand love deeper and to apply love more effectively. Thank you my dearest. At the same time, I like to wish everyone A Merry Xmas and A Happy New Year.

A naughty phrase, "If a fat man in red comes into your room in the middle of the nite and shoves you into a bag, don't be scared coz i told Santa i wanted a friend like you for Christmas."

Monday, December 24, 2007

Sense of humour prolongs healthy living.

A lady phoned my house this morning, "Can I speak to Mrs Foo? I mean the older one." My family has three Mrs Foo, one my wife and the other two are my daughter-in-laws who could be termed as Mrs Foo as well. I replied that lady caller, "Sorry my dear, Mrs Foo isn't at home." She was curious, "By the way, who are you on the line?" I responded, "I am Mrs Foo's boyfriend here." She cried out,"Hey! Can you be honest? Are you the elder son? Is your mum around?" Not to confuse her further, I prompted, "My dear, I am the boyfriend and also the husband of Mrs Foo. Haha!." She was laughing,"Goosh! Are you Robert? I couldn't believe it! You sounded so much younger. You are also very cheeky and naughty. You amazed me."

This is my way of life. I love to add humour and jokes into all my words whenever I speak to anyone. Some might think I am cheeky and naughty but most appreciated the style I speak. The sense of humour creates laughter and warm. The warmness offer friendliness to our listeners. It breaks all obstacles and links friendship closer. It is pleasant to the ears and tickles heart with laugh. You would always be remembered easily. At the same times, it brings excitement to our mind and open our heart with acceptance. In turn, it activates a positive energy to our whole selves, which I feel nice and wonderful. I strongly believe the sense of humour of oneself can prolong healthy living and is a formula to longevity of life. So laugh, be cheeky and naugthy in some ways, for they are good for ourselves and for others.

The definition of happiness by auther Jennifer Leese, "Happiness is contagious...when you reflect happiness, then all others around you catch the happy bug and are happy, too."

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Men enjoy being maximum doggy!

Just for a laugh:
Words written expressed the thought of our mind. I was forwarded an interesting phrase of words on man's behaviour written by woman. I believe whoever wrote these words relate the true facts, they had encountered earlier in life.

"All men have double standards. They hate cats, but love pussies.
Don't want to be called a donkey, but love to ride a good ass.
Eat chicken, but prefer to feed the cock to chicks.
Hate being called Dog, but enjoy themselves maximum doggy."

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Attractive intelligent ladies.

I have known many lady friends from my course of work. Most like to be attractive and intelligent. From the interaction and observation of their behaviour, I managed to group them into three types. The first type is those who are attractive but love shopping more than any thing else in the world. Perhaps they are attractive but I don't think they have the intelligence. The second type is those who are also attractive but their first preference and priority will be seeking and gaining their feminine independence. They spend more time on their work or career and shopping is merely secondary in needs. They are attractive and intelligent types of lady. Finally the last type is those who are very attractive who have no time for any love relationship coz their careers have taken practically all their time in the world. They are totally independent and they love spending and shopping whenever opportunities arise. They are truly the super ladies with attractiveness and intelligence. Although they are all females, it's amazing they live and behave differently. So for the man, which types of lady you would like to look for??

Words spoken by Margaret Young, "Often people attempt to live their lives backwards: they try to have more things, or more money, in order to do what they want. so they will be happier. The way it actually works is the reverse. You must first be who you really are, then, do what you need to do, in order to have what you want."

Friday, December 21, 2007

Have the drive to work beyond age 60.

As I will be reaching my 60 of age soon, I pondered those interesting years behind. At every stages of life, I lived and worked in different ways and manner. Those early years, money was the prime mover to excite me to work hard. Then the children came, when I felt I had to work even harder. In between, creative incentives were thrown in by our company with various promotion to excite our career. Further more, awards and recognition were another form of encouragement and motivation for us to do well.

However at this stage of my life, the above way of living, no longer excites me any longer. Not many of my colleagues could understand me because non has reached my age yet. Or perhaps there are still some who are older than me, but they are not at the front line selling as aggressively like me. They have lost their personal drive in selling and have taken a step back to stay in the office most of the time. Many opt to retire totally.

Recently as i was sharing my experiences with one attractive and intelligent lady, who was curious and wanted to know how I still be able to maintain my aggressiveness and drive. I told her, I am a lucky man who has found a very interesting hobby. My hobby is talking which is free in nature, and life insurance is a license which allows me to continue to talk endlessly. I sell not because I want to be awarded or recognised. I don't need to have incentives to spur me to work hard. My children are independence by themselves when they can't excite me any longer. The one who could really excite me at this stage of my life is when this attractive and intelligent lady called me, "sure darling." For her to address me as dear or sweetheart or darling is sincere from her heart. She loves to call me by those names is because i have earned her respect and admiration as well. Although I am 60 of age, i have proven to her that i am capable to think and feel young in heart. At the same time my knowledge and wisdom of life had impressed her. She felt that I am truly a successful and a honest person. I have the charisma which is likable to her. She gives me hope and lives. This translates into energy which allows me to continue my next phase of life. I considered this as a hidden mystery force that could work wanders. Without them, perhaps I too have to retire for good. Thanks to the Almighty Universe, I believe with confident, i will be able to work successfully for another fifteen years. At the same time to share willingly to those who need my assistance. Thanks to this understanding, sweet charming lady who called me 'darling'.

I believe,"So often in time it happens, we live our life in chains, and we never know we have the key."

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Effective words motivate.

Words have power. If are written right, they can inspire and motivate. One couple was on a verge of breaking up because of some misunderstanding. The lady refused to meet her man. With patience and determination, he kept sending text messages to her. Out of the many messages, the last was the most effective one that wooed his lady back.

He wrote: "God gave u...2 legs to walk, 2 hands to hold, 2 ears to hear, 2 eyes to see. But why did HE gave u only one heart? Bcoz HE gave the other one to someone for u to find!! I have found mine but waiting for her to agree."

Surprisingly she replied: "How about One heart two souls."

He wrote: "God purposely created one heart in each person. In order to be happy and blissful, one has to seek another one's heart to be contented. Otherwise the world won't move. For me to live or to survive happily ever after, I have to move and to search that particular heart that match mine. It got to be two hearts and two souls."

She responded, "Wow! Marvellous.."

He wrote: "Thanks dear. It took me a long time to understand spiritually and earthly. Please allow me to link to your lonely heart again."

She replied: "Got to give me sometime to learn too. Thanks."

He wrote: "Dear, as long as u are living, u have to keep on learning endlessly. Lets help each other to learn the facts of life to be happier and merrier. Please say CAN. Your CAN makes a lot of different to me."

She replied: "Can"

He wrote: "For that CAN...u had already inspired me. U have given me hope again." End.

Moral of the story, use effective words to motivate.

Robert Frost quoted, "Poetry begins in delight and ends in wisdom."

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Miracle force of love

Love has its miracle force. If is affectionately given and willing to receive, it will create a positive energy to the giver and receiver. However one could be giving with affection but the other is unwilling to receive, the result might not be so fruitful. The worst will be the one who always gives but the receiver is the least interested. Then the force could turn negative and it might be damaging to both parties concerned.

A man might be interested to a lady. He wants to make her happy everyday. Sweet words soothe the eyes and ears. He sent her the message, "A beautiful world can only be seen through the eyes of the happy heart. May u always have a happy heart. I will make sure u have it." She received with joy and thrill. She responded, "Darling! How sweet of u to tell me. Thank you and u too have a happy and fruitful day." He was equally excited with her calling him darling. The love thought and sweet words from the both, created the sense of acceptance. This is termed as positive force which energises their mind. They will be happy, excited, joyful and fruitful for the day.

On the hand, if the same man sent that similar sweet message to her but she replied, "Hey dear! I am speechless with your love energy. Your forces are just too strong...could u slow down please." The man might be taken a back, wondering whether he had caused some inconvenient to his lady. The whole day, he will be bugging where he had gone wrong. Unhappy though but he should try again.

The worst will be if the man who had sent his lady that loving message in the morning but there was no reply at all from her. I am sure he will be moody for the entire day. Lost interest in his work and not sure what he should be doing next. This negative force is damaging and hurting. The only advice is to avoid it at all cost.

Love has the energy to move the unbelievable. It moves mountains and sails the unknown oceans. Love is always out there for everyone. Just that he or she has to be courageous to have and to give willingly.

A little poem for my lady who reads;
Friends are like Stars.
You can't always see them.
But you know they are there.
I know you are the Star always with me.

Monday, December 17, 2007

A lady's view on how man thinks

I was directed with an interesting email from a closed lady friend. Perhaps by posting onto this blog, many would have a chance to understand how man and woman think.

She wrote; "Dear, just wondering, when a man sending porn clips or talking about sex. Does it mean he wants sex? What is running in his mind? What is his intention? Or it should be, give everyone a benefit of doubt. Its just a conversation and sharing. I am sure, if the other way round a woman is the one who speaks about it to a man too. Mmmmmmm."

RF replied; "Wonderful dear. You are truly a smart lady. Before I answer u this question, I will ask u two simple questions first. Which perhaps would answer yours too. Try!

Q1. Imagine...if our world was created without man. Meaning only women live. Now, would women then be more attractive than the present world or less attractive or just the same as the present?

Q2. Next... our world has only woman. U think the men would work harder than now or less harder or remain the same as to the present?"

She wrote: "To answer your question my dear, there will be no colour when either one sex only exists. This is also the reason why God created Adam and Eve. Be it the competition, excitement, jealousy, pain or pleasure, it takes two to tango. Without man, woman can't survive. Without woman, man can't live."

RF replied; "Hi dear. At your age to be able to reply such sensible answer, I termed u as truly an intelligent lady. If Adam could not live without Eve, I neither can. You had answered your own earler questions to me. It takes both of us to tango along to get excitement, pain, pleasure and doubts. I am glad that God understood Adam's needs by creating Eve. Otherwise we wont have communicated this far to have laughter and fun together." End.

I like her conclusion, "Without man, woman can't survive. Without woman, man can't live." This is true facts of life.

Selling life insurance is like preaching a religion.

In our life insurance industry, all companies highlight the important of sales. In order to increase the productivity of new business, incentives and challenges are always there to spur the agents to move. Recognition and awards are given to motivate everyone. Is sad today, nobody is excited to know about claims. Not like before, when I first started to sell life insurance 25 years ago, we were motivated to sell because we saw the real action of life insurance. We experienced and witnessed death and medical claims. There were many testimonials from our agencies that convinced us, the miracle of life insurance which saved lives and created hopes for the surviving families. Although the bread winners were dead, their children and wives still continue to live with dignities because of our products. We sold life insurance then with conviction and honour. Incentives and challenges were not important to us at all. We were selling like preaching a religion of hopes and promises.

Thanks to The Almighty Universe, although the present style of selling has changed to cater the present agencies, I still remain faithfully my old way of reaching and touching lives. Of course getting the new sales are nice and rewarding but to experience an actual claim which you could help is even more pleasurable. This year alone, I had two death claims made, many critical sickness covers paid and countless of medical & surgical honoured by my company.

Today itself, I was informed by my efficient secretary, who has being working for me for the past fifteen years, that one of our lady client's case was approved by the claims department. I had known this young lady client since she was a little girl, when her mother with my persuasion, took up a child saving plus medical cover seventeen years ago. Later she went abroad to study, got married and happily settled down. Three years ago, with respect earned, I advised her to effect another long term investment plus medical plan which she took up without hesitation. Three months ago, I was informed by her mother that her darling daughter was diagnosed with cancer. It was a sad story but the young lady was strong to go through the operation and currently under treatment. Upon knowing her claim was being approved, I called to inform her immediately. I could only hear her voice through the telephone but she sounded cheerful, happy and grateful. She said, "Uncle, thank you very much for your help and assistance. With this insurance money, I will definitely feel much more confidence to go on with my medical treatment. Although it is costly but now I can pay them without disturbing my parents. You brought me hope and peace. Thank you again uncle." I was overjoyed with tears to hear those words. It wasn't a new sale but rather an ending of a sale which had more sensational feeling than seeking for new one. My objectives in life is to see others happy and thankful, which I have found in my passion and love for selling life insurance. I am glad that I have achieved it with success.

I like this word HOPE quoted by Samuel Johnson,"Hope is itself a species of happiness, and, perhaps, the chief happiness which this world affords."

Sunday, December 16, 2007

A strong successful Aries.

During my course of selling life insurance, I had met countless strangers who eventually became my clients and later turned good friends. My career allows me to grow with them. From humble beginning, many of my clients have been successful with their jobs, careers or business. I almost know everything about them, from their personal to their dreams and goals. Just awhile ago, I was chatting over the net with Hanafiah, who I considered as a very young entrepreneur. He is only 38 and already talking of million transaction a day. I have known him for more than 15 years, when I had seen his up and down in his working career. With his strong contacts and net working, he is building a very powerful business model for the country.

As I know his age and date of birth, he is born under the star of Aries. The characteristic of Aries are adventurous and energetic, pioneering and courageous, enthusiastic and confident, dynamic and quick-witted. With these features of quality, he is destined to be of what he is today. Hanafiah, if you do happen to read this blog, the Aries also has the dark side of life. Aries tends to be selfish and quick-tempered, impulsive and impatient, foolhardy and daredevil as well. Capitalise your strength and understand the weaknesses.

I reminded him before I ended our chat, "Remember to be always humble all the time."

Getting older but young in heart.

There are two types of aging male. Most of the older foes loose interest in the new technology world coz they refused to accept changes or reluctant to learn. One of the easiest way to notice them is by the way they communicate with each other. They don't use the text message on their mobile phones. They only know how to receive and call out from their phones. This is the group, I considered them to be really old and have very little drive in life. Their pace of living is slow and definitely are not interested in the business world any longer.

Ah! Look at these two older friends communicating and exchanging their words in test messages. These were their actual messages sent;
Hamid: "Besides many reasons such as hygiene, social & erotic, there is one more interesting reason for being circumcised...Women GRAB anything with 20% off!!"
RF: "And that is why I always lose to u, whenever we talk ladies. U gave away 20%. That is not fair lah!"
Hamid: "By the way, need dairy/ calender. Tq."
RF: "Can! But I only give dairies to men who have many girlfriends coz they need to keep track of their naughty appointments. What about u young man?"
Hamid: "I qualified lah. Today why no hot emails?"
RF: "Ok! When I pass your house, I will leave one set to this playful man. I thought u no longer like hot & sensational emails."
Hamid: "Must charge battery ma. Otherwise how to get ngang."
RF: "For your sake, mati mati I will send u later."
Hamid: "New beer in town Hin-draft. Popular among demonstrators for quenching their thirst during illegal assemblies."
RF: "Not interested! Prefer lady-draft."
Hamid: "Yes! Its called pussydraft."
RF: "Why do men become smarter during sex? Coz they are plugged into a genius. Why don't women blink during sex? Coz they don't have enough time."
Hamid: " Thanks for the infor. Btw..Golf ins - tolong renew."
RF: "For one hole or 36 holes Sir?"

Although their combined age has exceeded 120, they live like a younger person. This is the second group of man who knows how to live young. They face the challenges of the new world. They are brave to accept changes and are prepared to learn the unwritten. They remain to be cheeky and naughty in character which in turn energised their personal drive in work and lives.

Hamid is a respected Professor who still contribute to teaching. RF is in marketing and selling. You can't stop aging but you can slow it down.

Quote spoken, "I can't understand why people are frightened by new ideas. I'm frigthened of old ones." John Cage (1912 - 1992)

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Are you still looking for a job?

It is sad to notice that those who are aged 45 and above are still seeking for employment. They could be reading from job vacancies in the newspaper or asking friends for recommendation. Hopefully with my working experience, I can enlighten those who are unsure of their career or job opportunity.

I strongly believe life always starts with uncertainty and unknown. Most adults when they have just completed their studies, they assume they know everything. Take my words, this is the stage, "When u thought you know, but actually u do not know." It is only, "The more you know, the more you know that you do not know." During the period between 20th to 30th of age is a learning stage. The young people would be making mistakes and learning from them. In fact mistakes are actually teachers of oneself. It is here that you should know your strength and weakness. You explore and experiment. Tap the unknown and face the uncertainties. Coz at this early of life, you can afford to make the unnecessary mistakes.

At early thirties, it is an important time for a working career. During this period, you should have gathered sufficient working experiences and skills. You know your needs and want. You know whether you should be working for yourself or you could be better off working for someone else. If you need to be self-employed, you know exactly what profession is most suitable. Or on the other hand, you want to be an employee, you know exactly what sector, industry or corporation you should be working for. If by age 35, you are still uncertain what is best for yourself, regret to say you might not achieve great success later.

The logic is; to be successful in any job, career, profession or business, time is a factor. You need time to develop and built a successful job or profession. Success cannot be over night. Let say, if by 35, you have decided to be a life insurance agent. Prepared to burn your bridge and to focus the entire life on this particular career. Together with your strength and belief, Law of The Universe will never fail to achieve your success later. Perhaps allows a time frame of ten years or more, or by age 45, you would have fully developed yourself a true professional when everyone recognises and respects you.

The old proverb of saying is totally right; "A rolling stone gathers no moss."

Friday, December 14, 2007

Never give food & drinks that u can't consume to others.

Is endless to learning. A good friend, Dr Bharti with her humbleness and wisdom related her thought; "Never give our food and drinks to others or the poor, if the food and drinks are not eatable to us." What she said was true because most give away food and drinks, when they think they are not fit for the home. Rather than throwing or wasting them, they thought it is sensible to give away to the less fortunate. But in fact this is the worst sin of all humility of life. If the food and drinks are not suitable and unfit to be consumed, most likely they are already contaminated and unsafe as well. If these are taken by the ignorant poor, their health might be affected and possibly they could fall sick easily. For one to give away such waste, is considered as selfish and uncaring. He knows how to protect himself but he is the least not bother about the welfare of others.

According to Dr Bharti, immaterial who the people are, when they turn up at our home, offer the best food and drinks to our guests. Even the beggars who happened to be around, give what you eat and drink to them. Always have the heart for those who visit you coz the more guests you have, the more blessed the home will be. Thank you Dr Bharti, not only are you a caring doctor but you are a great lady of wisdom too.

Our Mother Teresa taught us, "There is hunger for ordinary bread, and there is hunger for love, kindness, for thoughtfulness, and this is the great poverty that makes people suffer so much".

Thursday, December 13, 2007

A beauty with just one missing link.

Today I had an opportunity to have a lunch with one of our company super insurance lady agent. Although she was busy, she spared some time with me. The meal and meeting was meaningful to both of us because we learned something within us. Talking to a male and female agents are different. I like to be with the ladies as they tend to be good listeners and showed plenty of respect.

Most lady agents who sell insurance do better than our male counter part. The reason is quite simple because women are more focus on the job than the men. This particular special lady agent who was with me today, works extremely hard. She thinks nothing accept to be successful with her career. In order for her to broaden her knowledge, she constantly attended various training and classes to improve her well being. She lives single and have all the freedom to be serious with her job. While with her over the meal, there were endless calls from her clients. She spoke very well and her communication skill was excellent. She knew how to carry herself diplomatically. Her command of words was fantastic and had the sense of natural humour to make others laughed. On top of it, she is attractive and intelligent. She knew how to beautify her facial and hairdo plus a matching dress to look elegant and smart. Her outside beauty is almost prefect but equally I could feel and sense she also has a caring and sincere heart that most don't. Now I know why she could sell so well in our business. For any female prospects to meet her, I am sure they would be engrossed and be motivated by her personality and talent. Should any male prospects she meets, her charm and intelligence could easily capture them.

She is a complete role model as lady agent for the selling world. Likewise nobody is prefect. She could be successful for the time being for she has intelligence, attractive, willing to work hard, has kindness and freedom but the one thing she has missed out is love. She has all the love in the world for others but she don't have the special love of a one man who could love her sincerely and truthfully. If ever she could meet that one man whom she loves too, then the two souls bonded with one, she will definitely be more of a complete person. I hope her career has not blinded her thought over this.

Alexander Graham Bell spoke, "We are all too much inclined to walk through life with our eyes shut. There are things all round us, and right at our very feet, that we have never seen, because we have never really looked."

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

This is ONE negative we want!

In life is recommended to be always positive in outlook. Our mindset have to be positive. Start the morning with a positive smile and the day ends with a positive note. Be positive to close the sales and be positive to end the year with a positive closing. Expect a positive bonus from the company and be positive a better incentives next year. Court the girl with the positive approaches and be positive that she accepts. Have a positive accounts balance and the man will expect a positive marriage. Every one on earth is taught to be positive in one way or another. Nobody wants to be negative. But hold on! There is ONE and only ONE negative that we, all of us want. A negative result of our HIV blood test. If you do have a positive result of a HIV test, you will be the most unhappiest person in the world.

So, if you have been naughty lately and need to have a blood test done. Be positive that you will get the negative. But should your result is positive, still be positive that you don't get the negative or face the challenges of life positively. If you can, then truly you are a positive person.

A little poem;
Succeed in believing that you will not fail.
Use diligence and determination to set your sail.
When the weather is stormy and the waters are rough.
In the moment of peril the strong get tough.
Whenever life presses you down a bit.
Standup and shout, "I will not quit even if I had HIV."

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Do you have kindness in your heart?

Kindness is from the heart. It cannot be learned or transferred. You either have it or you don't. Perhaps it would be easier to cultivate it when you were young. Those who were brought up without the sincerity of kindness, would find it difficult to change, even when they consciously attempt to be kind.

I had a chance to witness two ladies of opposite nature. Lady A was a very blunt and unkind person. Knowing her weaknesses, she turned spiritual. Hoping the spiritual influences might change her way of life. She learned all she could and offered all the necessary assistance whenever she was asked to. Whether she was prepared to render all the charities from her heart was debatable. Lady B was a friendly and kind person. She has humour and willing to render help. Her words were pleasant to hear and her facial has smile. A very simple person in nature without influences from any sources.

They both knew a male friend who was injured on his right leg. He was to climb and walk up a row of staircase. With his pain from his leg, it was not easy to climb. Lady A was with him at that moment of time. Instead of supporting her friend, she moved away further from him. She did not want to let others to see her to be together with this man, who was walking in a very awkward manner. Her sincerity of kindness was not there for her but rather her pride and shame were the evil in her thought. Lady B came later who immediately responded by letting her male friend to tap on her shoulder for support while climbing the steps. She had the kindness without the fear and shame. Because kindness is in-borne which goes along with our instinct and feeling. Kindness in return rewards her with a feeling of acceptance and happiness.

Conclusion; Lady A do not have the natural kindness. She will never be able to feel the happiness out of this sincere giving. Whereas Lady B is gifted to possess the kindness from her heart. In turn she is lucky to be able to gain happiness wherever she goes.

Quote to be remembered, "To be kind is more important than to be right. Sometimes all a person needs is not a brilliant mind that speaks but a patient heart that listens."

Monday, December 10, 2007

Father taught daughter to have virtue being a doctor.

One of my good friend daughter had graduated to be a medical doctor who is currently on her internship. Naturally both father and daughter are happy. The father had worked hard to support the child and she had done well in her studies. Over a chat with them, the father reminded her daughter with this firm statement; "A good doctor is one who saves lives without discrimination on races, creeds, colour and nationality. Save each live as though u are saving your own father." She replied, "Yes! Dad, I promise your virtue will always be in my mind."

Those few words from both of them really impressed me. A good father is one who loves the child. Patiently, unselfishly together with a lot of effort to bring and care for his offspring. Eventually the child is guided well to serve those who need to be saved. She is there for a purpose to bring life for others to live. The child could be knowledgeable in her profession but the father was there to provide further wisdom of life to enlighten the young mind of the daughter. This is a spirit and dedication of true love between father and daughter. I salute to these admirable friends. The world could be made more pleasant and wonderful with people like them around.

Quote to be remembered; "Don't go around saying the world owes you a living, the world owes you nothing, it was here first." Mark Twain (1835 - 1910)

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Without clothing is better?

Just for a laugh!

A brave lady friend sent over a text message which has a lot of meaning. Would like to share with the rest; "We all love to spend lots of money buying new clothes but never realise that some of the best moments in life are enjoyed without clothes!!"

I thought was a joke, until another braver male friend who forwarded an unbelieveable presentation about nude meditation from another part of the world. It concluded that the phrase has wisdom and factual. Perhaps without clothes has more meaning in life. Seeing is believing. Shall we try?

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Daughter is better than son!

Fifty year ago, it was a bundle of joy to give birth to a boy. Not today any more coz daughters are more valuable as they have proven to be more caring and loving than sons.

One typical example was a classmate of mine. A Ceylonese father had four sons who all became doctors. Sons are important to the Ceylonese race. When all the sons got married, it was customary that the brides had to offer dowries to the grooms. They were lucky husbands who received handsome gains. Their father at that time was the most happiest and proudest man in town. Fifteen years ago, the father passed away. Before he left, I visited him at the hospital. These were the words I would never forget in my life. He said, "How I wish all my sons were daughters instead!"

I believe when one is dying, money or glory are not important any more. What he wanted was care and concern. He could not get the physical love from his sons. No doubt, the children could offer medical and financial support. But they did not have the time to love the dying father. If only he had one or four daughters, his death could be more peaceful. I face the same dilemma like this family coz I have three sons and no daughter. Am I too late to have one little daughter now? Any suggestion?

This is true. Spoken by Maria Robinson, "Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending."

Friday, December 07, 2007

How I see the beauty of a lady friend.

All women love to be beautiful and attractive. I have a known a lady friend for many years. She forwarded an email to me and attached two of her recent photos. She asked whether I admire her pictures and with my knowledge and wisdom, can I be able to assess her beauty. She has been my keen and supportive blog reader. With her permission, she allows me to describe what is the beauty of a woman.

My dear friend, your look is charming and sweet. Of course all young girls are always pretty and lovely. But to be beautiful forever is something beyond your control. All of us have to face the aging process of life. As we age gracefully, the beauty comes in a different manner. When I was younger in age, I let my eyes to deceive me to judge the beauty of a woman from the outer look. Today, I no longer let that to happen to deceive my mind.

To those who understand the wisdom of life, "The beauty of a woman isn't in the clothes she wears, or the figure that she carries, or the way she combs her hair. The beauty of a woman must be seen in her eyes, coz that is the doorway to her heart. The place where love resides.The beauty of a woman is not in a facial mode but the true beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul. It is the caring that she lovingly gives, the passion that she shows."

My dear friend, you do have the beauty of the outside and the inside. I prefer the beauty of the inside more coz it will be forever.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Do u need the sales more than your clients?

During my course of work, many of my fellow colleagues would seek my advices, especially the year end closing. One came with this little obstacle; I had a new case which our insurance company accepted but with condition over the cover. I could not get in touch with my client. I think she was not picking up my calls, when I had tried many times and had send many text messages to her. What do you think I should do, cause there is the date line I have to meet? A friendly advice to this agent. I am sure the client is unhappy for some reasons. Reach to her first, your case is secondary.

Another was even a more obvious case. The agent is currently short of sales to achieve his/her year end closing. He/she wanted the best formula to capture the require amount of sale by this month for rewards and incentive purposes.

I was a bit disturbed by the way most agents carried themselves in making sales. Life insurance is a need selling product. Is intangible and comes with hopes and dreams. As agents, we sell because our clients need to be protected and not because we need the sales more than our clients need the plans. The above two cases reflected the greed of the agents who wanted the sales more than the clients. Of course is good to be aggressive in selling but never for the sake of personal glory and self gratification in gaining those sales. Our clients' needs and interest are the most important requirement and priority in the art of selling. After all, selling life insurance is a life long career. We can't be depending on one case or on one particular month to survive. We need to have the passion and love over our work, which is the only way to last in this professional career. I sincerely hope these fellow colleagues or those who are selling life insurance would apply the words I used. Trust me, they work! Otherwise, I won't have been selling for the past 40 years and are prepared to sell for many more years, if only The Almighty Universe permits.

Power quote from the great; "The secret of life is honesty and fair dealing. If you can face that, you've got it make." Groncho Max (1890 - 1977 ) His words cannot be wrong.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

I borrow positive energy from a special magical lady.

Every stage of life is different. When we were a little child, being so innocent and naive, simple little things could motivate us. During the teenage period, our parents could be our prime mover of life. We would be listening from them until we completed our education. When we turned adults and be facing the working world, we were quite easily be influenced by friends around. Once married, the drawing attention was on the family. During these period of life, when we were working and to be responsible to the family, money is the most important factor to excite and to encourage us to challenge the world. However aging is unvoidable, it comes a time when the families are mature and all the children are fully independence, most men at this stage of life will find difficult to seek for their personal drive. They could be highly motivated earlier in life but during the later part of age, career, money, glory and fame may not be necessary to move the aging men. This is the stage, I termed it to be the silence sorrow of man.

Not me! I believe our mindset have to be strong, in order to continue to strive for our needs and wants. Most older men could have called it a day and do nothing but drain their potential and abilities, which they had gathered through the many years of working. In order for me to tap the outer energy different from my past, I have to borrow the universal strength from the younger people, especially the females. I have many friends but I tend to mix more within the younger group. I share my knowledge and wisdom with them and they gave me their vibration and hope.

This afternoon itself, I was spurred with excitement when one of my lady secret admirer who called to tell me that she loves to read my blog everyday. She had learned tremendously from my sharing and I had also greatly impressed upon her. Her statement inspired me, "Dearrrr, can you write everyday coz I want to read them everyday." Her voice touched my heart and her concern created hope for me. We talked not just like friends but more like good intimate friends who understand. I take this opportunity to thank this special magical lady who has one way or another given me the positive energy to live. YES! I can and I will. To live on happily and to give my best to the world. Proven again, Love has got miracle.

George Washington Carver said, "When you do the common things in life in an uncommon way, that is when you command the attention of the world."

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Create incentives to live a better life.

A lady friend lost hope in her husband who turned unloving and violent after suffering from a stroke a few years ago. Before his sickness, he was a good father and husband to the family. Sometimes stroke patients could become a nuisance when they felt that they are no longer have value and respect to society. It takes a lot of patience and determination for their immediate families to overcome this uncontrollable health problem.

In order for me to encourage this sorrowful wife to overcome this matter, I spoke to her with some unexpected questions. Although she was a simple and a typical Chinese housewife, she likes to play the Chinese game of mahjong. I asked her, "Mrs Lim, U love to play mahjong. Isn't it? If you are holding a bad or lousy set of card, would you still try to win or to lose on that game? She replied, "I will try to win, no matter how bad my card is!" With a broad smile I continued with her, "Very good! That was a positive way of thinking. In life is also the same, you might currently be facing a family problem with the unreasonable husband at home. Why can't you try to win to help and assist him to overcome his mental weaknesses?" She was caught without a reply.

From this conversation, I understand most people need to have incentives to live. We like to win rather than to lose in any gambling. The incentives are merely money and rewards. The man chases his lady coz he needs her love. The child learns hard to pass his exam, when his parents would reward his effort. The sales person goes for his sales to fulfill his yearly target and dreams. Even the spiritual guy who has no dream and yet too willingly to give his divine love to the world, still has his incentive. His ultimate goal perhaps is a place in heaven. Whether is right or wrong, it is up to the individual to create his or her own incentives to live for a purposeful lives.

I always remember this quote, "A lousy player with a deck of good card might not win. But a lousy deck of card, holds by a good player might still win."

Monday, December 03, 2007

Die with a smile.

While recuperating from my recent surgery, I was glad that there were many concerned friends and relatives who visited me at home. One of the most common question asked, "What happened?" Coz they had never seen me getting seriously sick or ever admitted to hospital before. To make things more livelier to everyone, I told them this story.

There was this lovely cyst which I think was like a crystal diamond developing within my right knee cap. For whatever happened, there must be a reason! I rather chose a good reasoning than a bad one. For this admission and operation, I had contributed my part to assist the growth and survival of the medical industry. Although my medical fees could be minor, it helped to pay the overall funding of the hospital. Not forgetting there are hundreds of families within this medical centre, which depends the sicks to support their financial needs. It was fair on my side because it took me almost sixty years to pay this due to them. Perhaps this is my first and last contribution in medical payment. I am sure everyone has to be sick one day and we have to take turns to do it. Haha!! Anyway, all my medical charges were paid by my insurance company. They were too happy to do it because I had diligently paid my insurance premium to them. Now was the time, they had to prove to me that what they had promised was true and reliable. Of course, I am totally convinced. With my stronger belief, I am going to enlighten more people to insure the necessary. See! This crystal diamond had created a real impact on my life. It served a purpose for being here.

My explanation sounded logically with lots of humour. Everyone was laughing. Again I had proven to myself, "Happiness is only the feeling of our mind." I chose to be cheerful rather than sad, even when I am unwell. My goal in life, "To die with a smile or before I depart from this world, I must have a smiling face to go with it."

Saturday, December 01, 2007

A wonderful experience of a recent surgery.

In all my life, I had visited hundreds who had been hospitalized but not myself. I broke my record this week when I needed to remove a lovely cyst which was hidden in my right knee. It had to be done by a minor surgery. Advising and encouraging others for medical attention were easy for me. However when my turn came for this admission, it was really an unforgetable experience for me. Although I managed to put up a false confident self, I was under pressure and fear prior to my operation. On the final hour when I was chaired into the operational theatre, I took a deep breath and sought for the Almighty strength, preparing and letting go myself for this surgery. I was treated by the general anesthetic when I was under deep anesthesia, an unconsciousness, deeper than any normal sleep. During the period of anesthesia, there was total silence, relax and peace of the mind. An experience which I like because of the unconsciousness. When I came back to my senses two hours later, I was surprised that the entire operation was over. It was such a relieve after that. It was like coming back to lives again.

From this admission, I know that nobody could avoid being sick and unwell. But when you are not, don't take lives for granted. Always appreciate good health and living. Medical isn't cheap either, if your financial strength is weak but you are still strong and healthy, please consider some good medical insurance for the future. You won't know, the one day you might need it. Otherwise when you have no money and no medical insurance, then don't get sick at all. For your information, I was very much treated like a VIP patient during my stay at the hospital because I was covered by a first class medical insurance. The hospital might not know me but they know my insurance company well, which made the difference. One good piece of news from the hospital. Prior to the surgery, I was thoroughly medically tested on my health first. The final result was; I am fit even to get marry another one more time. I was laughing all the way with the medical staffs.

From Derrick Lam who gave this quote, "A cheerful disposition is the medicine to our heart".

Friday, November 30, 2007

Afraid of rejection.

The thought of wondering why most believers, who believe in the spiritual world are willing to give unconditional and undivided love to a belief of faith, which they could only feel, when they are not prepared to offer the similar kind of love to the real world of people whom they can see, talk and touch. I had spoken to many friends regarding this subject and not many could give me a logical answer. One even told me that the spiritual world cannot be compared with people. But in fact, this friend had forgotten, it is the spiritual world that taught us to be loving and kind to others. What is the point to be loving to the Almighty alone ,when you are selfish to the world! Perhaps this is the part that most people lack in the understanding of life. To be loving and kind to the unseen, unheard and untouchable but selfish to those we actually can see, talk and touch.

To my surprise, my secretary who is a very religious lady and has been working with me for fifteen years gave me the powerful reason. According to her, the spiritual world is always blissful for the mind but the real world of people give rejection. Yes! The answer is, people just don't like to be rejected or afraid of rejection. Loving a person has joy and pain. Pain is a form of rejection which most people try to avoid. To succeed in selling, one has to be rejected many times to gain a sale. Sales rejection is a frustration process. You want to smile to the world but not necessary the world smiles back. Conclusion: to avoid rejection most people tend to be more reserve and selfish in nature. Solution: prepare to accept the rejection of life which is unavoidable.

I strongly believe; "We worry about our family, we worry about money or the lack of it, we worry about work, about where we live, about all sorts of thing. These are all burdens, the things we pick up along life's path and lug them around the obstacles and over the crevasses that life will bring; only to find that, at the destination they are useless and we can't take them with us. So be happy yourself and just do your best and surprises would come your way".

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Never turn a sale peddler away.

Happiness is to see others happier and knowing your sharing is being accepted. As I was sipping my afternoon tea, I received a text message from one of my secret admirer who took my learning seriously. She wrote, "Hey dear!...I was sitting there and someone came and ask for donation and I thought about u, 'Never Turn A Person Away And Always Give Them A Chance'. I hope u are hip hopping away..c u soon.." I replied her immediately, "U have done right my dear. Always give hope to someone who approaches u".

Life is always full of rejection and if someone smiles and offers a support, hope and dream might be created. It is not easy to peddle sale in the open or to seek for a charity course from the public. Many people snob at these approaches which they consider as a nuisance and rejections are extremely high. For those who peddle on the street are not wrong either. After all for the sake of survival one has to start some where to work. Whenever I being confronted by such peddlers, even I might not purchase or make a donation to them, I will offer them a friendly smile together with a sincere thank you. That little gesture can motivate them to continue to live and survive. This is the understanding of wisdom in life to help another person to live. I am glad my lady friend has learned that facts of life too.

This happy thought by Buddha, "Thousand of candles can be lighted from a single candle. And the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared".

Monday, November 26, 2007

Our world has gone upside down.

Not every one is as lucky as Alan who failed twice in marriage but yet has an understanding girlfriend. The minute Alan had plan to move over to Shanghai, his new found girlfriend, Fanny was willing to accompany him. She had a successful bank job prior joining him. For the sake of not loosing him, she was prepared to resign her work to follow him for the better or for the worst. She is not bother about the future coz as long as love is there, she is happy with her man.

Not many females of today are willing to sacrifice like Fanny, especially those who are educated and termed as the modern ladies of the world. The present women are strong minded, independence and are hard working. For their success achieved, they tend to lose the need and interest on man. Many successful ladies remain single or those who were married might have high chances of broken marriages leading to divorce. Recently I was asked by a close lady acquittance, "Why should I need a man when I can be earning well?" That statement wasn't spoken twenty years ago. Before, woman seeks for ideal man to provide securities. Whereas today, ladies seek for successful career to determine their future.

Yes the female is getting stronger by the days and the male is getting weaker by the minutes. Man is not as hard working, weak minded and lacking in drive. This morning itself as I was talking to a friend, William from Singapore who is still not married at thirty four of age currently, mentioned that he finds it extremely difficult to get a girl friend or a wife. Most Singaporean girls have higher expectation in life. They take career and position as more important than romance. With so much setback for man and without the feminine charm of the lady world, man is turning and romancing with man ourselves. Fifty years ago, the gay, homosexual or bisexual are hardly heard. Those days, these group of special people were hidden and unknown. Today in every corner of our world, they have gathered their strength and are partially recognised. Even myself at my age, I was cornered by one who claimed that he loves me and likes to make love with me. What a joke! Few days ago, another male acquittance told me that he is now a bisexual. A man who likes women but also likes men. He claimed that he didn't behave like this before, until his previous girlfriend left him. According to him, making love with man is even better than making love with woman. His final remark to me, "Robert! If you don't try, you will never know it is the best". This statement scares me!

Perhaps our world has gone upside down. Before it was the female who excites man but now man has to assist man. And the female has to live and be happy within themselves. I think we had lost our original creation, when God created Eve to love Adam. We have forgotten our roles. She wants independence and not her man. He is hungery for her love but she isn't there for him. Whether you believe it or not, these are the true facts of life happening at the moment.

Specially for the ladies; "Money can't buy you happiness, but it does bring you a more pleasant form of misery". Spoken by Spike Milligan

Saturday, November 24, 2007

True Happiness lies within.

Everyone wants to be happy. Most people await for happiness to come to them. Only few would make others happy unselfishly. Take my words, if you offer a sincere compliment to tell a lady, she is pretty, she surely will be excited and happy. If a man has done well in his job, by cheering his achievement, his pride will feel with sensation. Advising a friend and showing him the road to success, brings joy and happiness to him as well. But only the wise, understands that true happiness is to make others happy and succeed in life. He do not await for happiness to come by his way coz he knows happiness could be created at every moment of his life. His objective is to serve rather than to be served. Sharing and giving is a joy and not a pain or a sorrow. Is only with deep understanding of life, one is prepared to surrender oneself for others. The happiness and success of others is the accomplishment for the one who gives.

I hope this short message of happiness be understood by this special lady friend of mine, who debated with me on how happiness be gathered in our day to day living.

This happy thought by Og Mandino, "Realize that true happiness lies within you. Waste no time and effort searching for peace and contentment and joy in the world outside. Remember that there is no happiness in having or in getting, but only in giving. Reach out. Share. Hug. Happiness is a perfume you cannot pour on others without getting a few drops on yourself".

Friday, November 23, 2007

Difference between control & under control

Over a cup of coffee, together with two friends we were talking about bringing up children. Mohd Jamali brought up two interesting words; control and under control. I totally agreed with him, these are two different meaning of words and application.

Control sounds forceful with negative result. Whereas under control is to apply solution for a positive reasoning. If parents were to control children in bringing up them, children tend to turn rebellious and be frustrated in thought. On the other hand, if parents want the children to be under control, then the parents have to think of a better way to love and teach them right. Or if a man loves a woman by controlling her well being all the time, she might feel herself is being possessed. Controlling leads to selfishness and jealousy within both lovers. A love relationship that is under control is normally built on trust and understanding. Or a weak manager who controls his staffs might gain little result. Comparing an understanding manager who applies encouragement and motivation, his staffs surely would be under control eventually. Application of words and meaning are very important in life. Use them well and effectively, the outcome will have a tremendous impact on our lives.

Manju Puri said, "The differences between optimists and extreme optimists are remarkable, and suggests that over-optimism, like over-confidence, may in fact leads to behaviours that are unwise".

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Are u the loved or hatred person?

During my forty years of selling, I had interacted with uncountable people. Today, I strongly believe there are two main types of human being. One is the loved kind and the other is the hatred one. The loved person gives love willingly without feeling tired but when he turns hateful he loses energy very fast. On the hand, the hatred person is not willing to offer love. Unless there is an opportunity gain or for a purpose. Giving out love is tiring but to be hateful is normal to that person.

A loved person has admiration for others. He adores and appreciates for whatever he receives. Most of the time, he is friendly in nature. Helping others is part of his way of life and he will not get tired about it. He enjoys giving more than receiving. Making people happy is happiness to him. Seeing others succeed is like an achievement too. Should he gets upset and becomes angry for some unforeseen reasons, his energy would drain off easily. Love is his strength and hate is his weakness.

A hatred person is resentful to others. He has a selfish character and dislikes sharing and giving. For the purposes of showing to others, he could behave loving and caring. Or for the intention of seeking a gain, he approaches a friendly image with a mask covers on the face. The hypocrisy of love tires his mind when he applies too long a period. Whenever he is with his family or with his loved ones, he speaks with temper and anger. Those who do not understand him, might think he is angry or frustrated but in fact his hostility of behaviour is part of his normal self. Love is his weakness but hate is actually his strength though.

To a loved person, he might think a hatred person is wrong. Similarly a hatred person, could think the loved person is stupid. As far as I am concerned, the world will never have any perfect person. What is important is to understand the facts of life for the world needs all types of people to live together. Love the friend who has hate and understand the one who has love.

Quote to inspire; "Beauty is not in the face, beauty is a light in the heart". Spoken by Kahlil Gibran