Wednesday, April 30, 2008

How to be happy and interesting.

Many friends asked me, how to be happy and be an interesting person all the time. In simple language I told them; 'Sow Happiness you will get joy' but ' When you sow hate, anger and frustration will follow you.' On the other hand, when you do nothing, loneliness and boredom will also affect you. Happiness comes when you make others happier. You become interesting when you start to be creative with others.

I start my day by making my friends happy. I really mean everyday. The easier way is to wish those who are celebrating their birthdays. The cheapest and fastest method is through sending an early morning text message over the mobile phone. I tried to make all my messages interesting, meaningful and cheerful to read.

This morning I sent two wishes to a man and a lady. To the gentleman I wrote, "Specially to this friend, Mohd Taha I respected so much. Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction & skillful execution, it represents the wise choice of many alternatives. You represent that person of high quality. Happy Birthday."

To the lady friend I wrote, "Specially to this admirable lady, Nor Elizabeth. The beauty of a woman is seen through her heart where love do have my dear. Happy Birthday to you today."

The magic of love is, when I am sincere in giving, my heart always feels happy, knowing my friends know I do care and think of them. This is what I called Happiness is to make others happy because of ourselves.

The following were some of the interesting messages I received, which also stimulated my mind and heart. "Good morning sweetheart...pls do well darling & have a beautiful day. See u soon. I love you."
Next; "Oh my may take u a lot of time till u find a an extinct breed. Take me. Hehe!!"
Next; "Grrrrrrr can't get u..what are doing with your mobile phone?"
Next; "I love you pls take care of yourself..SLEEP EARLY... mmmmmmmhh..:-D."
Next; "We too are lucky to have friends like you. Thanks again."
Next; "darrrrrlinggggGGG.."
Next; "Dear sir, we really appreciated your insights and your passion to share life perspectives."
Next; "M not sure we have the same wave length but I know we speak the same lingo. M not sure we have the same feather but we had breast rubbing. M not sure we swim together but we had dry swimming. U are my sunshine and m your rainbow."

I had given abundance of happiness to those I met. I tried to be as creative as to make myself interesting for others. I never failed to inject humour in all my interacting. In return, I was given joy, excitement and plenty of laughter. Love truly has the magic of power to feel nice. Just that, don't wait for happiness to come. Go for them! You want to have an interesting day, make it creative and exciting yourself first. Try and you will see the unbelievable of yourself.

Food for thought - "A kiss makes the heart young again & wipes out the years."

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The feeling of serving a client of 25 years faithfully.

Dr Singh and his family is migrating to The USA soon. He has been my client for 25 years. Before he leaves, he and his wife came to see me for a final review on his family life insurance covers with us. Over a good cup of Punjabi tea, we chatted and discussed all about our happy moments for the past many years. I advised him the various options on all his plans and he gave the necessary instruction to act on them while he is away soon. During the two hours of meeting, I felt extremely happy and wonderful because as an agent I had sold him many policies, when his family was younger then. I gave him the protection covers, when he needed them at different period of time. From the time, the children were still schooling, until all graduated. I had honored my promises to deliver no matter what happened to him. I felt joyful with pride, because we both are still active and are still growing up. He has done well as a medical doctor and he has being a responsible father and husband. All his three children had successfully graduated as doctors currently too. He is equally proud of me, as I have not deviated my career as a life insurance agent with the same company. He too has seen me grown, and knew how I had brought my children up where they are now today. Most important, all his policies are still in force with solid investment and strong retirement fund available now for him and his wife, as promised 25 years ago by us. I stood tall to tell him that my company has fulfilled our financial plans and I am alive and still around to serve him at this very moment. I went on even further to assure him, as long as I am still on Planet Earth, I will remain to be a Life Insurance Agent. The only different is, now selling becomes by personal interest and hobby for life. He can reside in other parts of the world, when I am just one call away from him only. This is my sincere commitment to him and to all my clients and good friends.

My strongest belief in life - "The most wonderful thing in the world can't be seen or touched but can be felt with our heart." Serving of 25 years in my career and to be respected, is certainly a marvellous feeling of pride and achievement that money can't buy.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Successful man is good in business and likes women too.

I had a friendly chat with a friend, Teh who had retired from his previous job turned to be a working advertising partner. We were joking about his ex boss who is the Chairman of a private company. The boss is a successful and prominent business man very well known locally and internationally. He has power, fame and wealthy. I believe he could be in his mid seventies but still handsome, physically strong and active in his business. Is a known fact in town, this great philanthropist is also a great romeo. He has countless attractive young ladies who admire him. Teh was saying that successful people have the charm for women. I added to his statement, not only is the charm but the man has got to have courage first.

I believe any man who has the courage of the mind and heart, usually is smart and intelligence as well. If a man is smart and has little courage, he is not a risk taker then. On the hand, with courage and intelligence, most men tend to speak more confidently. With skills, talent, courage and intelligence, all men would do well in any things or ventures. Be it in business or to look for loves. To do well in the business world, personal confidence is needed. To win over any woman, equally the man needs confidence. You can't do away with them! Business requires courage, effective speaking, risks taking, smart planning and creative thinking. Similarly to court a woman you love, the same approaches and skills are needed too. Very seldom, I could see a successful man who isn't interested in woman.

If another man who degrades or gossips a successful man in having many beautiful women, I think something is wrong with him. Either he is young, immature or does not understand the true facts of life. Instead, I think he is actually jealous over the success of the other person. Coz to have many lady admirers, a man needs to have all the qualities of success. I am sure, for the man who criticizes, he too is interested to have many woman admirers. The fact is, he has no courage, no smartness, no intelligence and no money in his pocket to be successful. Whether is right or wrong, the truth is actually in our heart.

As far as Teh and myself, we look highly upon on his ex boss for the guts and success in him. He is truly a man who works hard and know how to appreciate the best part of life. He is not bother on how people look at him from the outside. At this golden age, many would have gone or retire but he is still very lively in all his doing. I salute on his success, business and women.

Spoken by Adolpher Hitler - "If you win, you need not explain - but if you lose you should not be there to explain."

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Love is blind on odd couples.

While waiting for our cars to be serviced, I had a friendly gossip with another customer. The attending service clerk was a pretty tall girl. Our of curiosity we asked her, "My dear, you are tall for your age. What is your height?" She was brave to reply, "I am 5 feet 8 inches (considered as tall for Asian female). I am the shortest at home. All my sisters are taller but not the boys." We continued, "Is your boyfriend taller than you?" She was quick to respond, "No lah! My boyfriend is slightly shorter. Is difficult to get taller man. I think we females are growing taller than most men." We asked, "Do you mind if he is shorter?" She put on a broad smile, "Not at all coz we love each other. Although he is shorter, he is intelligent and caring which are more important to me."

As we gossiped along, from afar, we noticed there was a couple who was holding hands side by side. The woman was very fat but the man was very skinny. As we were staring this odd couple, this question was thrown out, "Why a fat needs a thinner partner?" The logic is a fat person likes to be thinner and a thinner person likes to be fatter. Most likely the fat lady sees her shinny man as ideal and the skinny man loves to have a fatter partner. Further more, it will be difficult for two heavy size lovers to make love on bed. One the other hand, if one is fat and one is shinny, they can still be able to adjust their needs accordingly. Please use your imagination here.

These are gossip wisdom which have facts of life as well. Love is blind. The tall or short won't deter love grows. Neither the fat or thin would actually mind. As long as true love is there, it will overrule all sizes, height and weight of the person.

From one of my blog admirer, Ladyvanity - "We come by love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly."

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Sometimes a no is better than a yes.

Billie, one of our older colleague came to seek my financial assistance. I knew he was not doing well and had many family and personal problems. To lend him money is to loose him as a friend. It was not easy to explain to a desperate friend here.

During the many years of selling life insurance, I had on countless occasions lent and assisted many friends who borrowed from me. As an agent we tend to be very personal to most of our friends and clients. We practically know their financial needs and income. Once they are in financial trouble, the nearest person who could help usually would be the life insurance agents. As I had soft heart and ears, I seldom said 'no' to my friends those days. The saddest things was, very few would attempt to repay the friendly loan offered. To make thing worst, we no longer are friends now coz, either they are too shy and shameful to turn up to repay or they just refused to repay for the sake of taking advantage of the situation. I lost many good friends by lending money to them. Just today itself, while locating for a car park in town, I accidentally saw a friend who had borrowed five thousand from me a couple of years back. The minute he noticed me around, he turned his body to shy away from me. I was sad and felt hurt coz we were good friends at one time. Because of this small value cash, we had to distance ourselves now. In order not to make things difficult for this particular friend, I too had to assume I did not know him.

I related the above to Billie who took it positively. Instead I assured him, I would rather support him morally and physically. For the amount he needed, I advised him to approach the bank who might consider an employee personal loan for him. I hope sincerely Billie would still take me as a good friend.

Moral of the story - sometimes we have to learn to say no when a yes cannot be granted. If ever you want to lend money to a friend, make sure you don't expect to have them back. Otherwise you loose the cash plus a friend.

I think these are true facts of life - Give unconditionally and love unconditionally, our heart we not be hurt.

Friday, April 25, 2008

The magical formula of selling life insurance.

Few young life insurance agents came to seek my advices. They wanted to know the secret formula and magical charm to succeed in selling life insurance. I told them to put 'LOVE' in their business because love has magic. They were confused and did not understand my simple English.

I insisted that they should write the meaning of love on paper. What is love? "Love is patient. Love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not easily self seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails."

They might be knowledgeable in the products and understand the rules and regulations of selling life insurance, but without love, it would be difficult to maintain and last in this challenging career. Love is just a four letters word but not many understand the real meaning of it. If an agent truly understands and applies the beauty of love, magic would definitely appear his way.

Life insurance selling needs patience and tolerance. Especially when an agent is new in the trade. He has to learn all aspects of selling. He has to face the unknown and to accept rejection. Mistakes are unavoidable along the way. An agent with love will have patience to overcome this hardship. The more patience he has, the more he will be respected by his clients.

A kind hearted agent sells with care and concern. He is like an angel who gives the best attention to his clients without complain. He will be too happy to assist and to provide the necessary with good intention plus sincere smiles added. He works humbly and serves willingly. He doesn't boast of his sales and achievement. He isn't rude in behaviour but rather sweet and nice in all his doings. He always serves to the best of interest for his clients first without self seeking for himself. In any messy and difficult situation, he is calm and polite to solve problem, and not easily angered to the surrounding. In any wrong doing by others, he would forgive and forget. He will never criticise and complain his peers, agency manager, company or the industry. The journey might be tough but he always has high hopes and dreams of the future. With plenty of perseverance and hard work, he will never fail to attain success.

I will address these as to put 'love' onto the business of selling life insurance. This is my magical formula coz I believe LOVE has miracle when one professes on it truthfully and sincerely.

Food For The Heart - "It is the nature of the ego to take, and the nature of the spirit to share."

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Indirect asking to see the inner mind.

Sock Ngee is getting marry in two weeks time. I feel extremely happy for her because I saw her grows since a baby 27 years ago. She is my good friend daughter whom I have treated more like my own, being that I don't have daughter myself. Today was the day when the bride and bridegroom were to meet, exchange of gifts and dowry to be paid to the bride parents. A Chinese ceremony and custom before the actual marriage.

I spoke to Sock Ngee on the phone, "My dear, are you sure you have picked the right man?" She smiled, "Yes! I am sure Robert." I continued,"How much is the dowry your parents are receiving from him." She said, "We agreed at ten thousand." My turned,"What! Only ten? Your parents had spend so much and effort on you. Surely you are worth more than that. At least he should give them a million. I still have a last son not married yet. I will offer you two million, if he isn't prepared to give a million. How?" She had a shock, "Mmmmmm! How can! One million is a lot of money. Moreover I don't think he has the cash. Not fair to him." I hesitate, "My dear, if you don't try, how would you know he can't." Showing aggression she responded, "He is not rich yet. He is poor and can't afford it now. He is only a worker and not a boss."

I know the poor girl was disturbed. Without further ado, I explained my intention for asking those questions. Of course no normal working man could afford to pay a dowry of a million. The normal dowry is within the ten thousand range only. I was just trying to test how she reacts by joking with her. Without her realising it, she was very protective over her coming husband. I threw her the challenge that she should forward that similar question to her darling. She could also take it as a joke. The ways he replies could determine his real character. If he gets angry over them, then he isn't a gentleman at all. On the other hand, if he could reply with a sense of humour, I believe he is a real understanding husband for my dear. This is the best and final time to see the mind of a man prior to his marriage. The young bride was delighted with my explanation. She accepted my challenge and promised to ask the man accordingly.

Moral of the story- "The indirect way of asking can see the true colour of an unknown mind."

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Humour creates fun.

A friend asked, "Is that your last son?" I replied immediately, "Oh! him, the one with long fancy hair. He is my third son. I don't know whether he is the last yet coz I am still productive at my age."

With laughter and humour I explained to this confused gentleman. When you said that son of mine who is currently 27, is the last, I felt you were claiming I am unable to perform or active in sex. Indirectly you were telling me I am old and not capable to make baby any longer. For your information, my heart felt age last year was 37 and just turned 36 this year. I am too eager to start another family again if given another opportunity. Or if my sweetheart is ready and prepared to conceive, I am able and too willing to father another child. I still have the desire and strength. My present third son might not necessary be the last child.

Moral of the story. Never say 'Is that your last child?' to a person who is still growing up at age. That statement or question links to old and aging. Is a negative sentence with no humour. I prefer to ask this way. "I am not too sure whether this is your last child! Coz you are still fit to have another one more. Can you?" My friend laughed after when he heard those words.

Chinese proverb - "Be not afraid of growing slowing, be afraid only of standing still."

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Life is a journey.

Ping is a successful business lady. Out of a her busy schedule, she was given an incentive trip abroad for 2 weeks. She was so busy, when she had no time to pack and plan the necessary prior to her holiday. Until the last nite before departure, did she manage to arrange her luggage. She was tired and felt unpleasant, even though she was about to leave tomorrow for her vacation. It was sad to see her not appreciating this holiday.

To most people who are on holiday, the destination is important. But in actual fact, the destination is only secondary. Is the planning of the holiday that makes you feel happy and excited. Ping should have taken more time to plan before she flow off. She should check the various options of her places of visit. Perhaps while reading those information of her visits, she could visualize the places of excitement, the food & drinks, the comfort of accommodation and those tourist spots of interest. With all these understanding, she should be able to plan and pack what are necessary for her trip. In fact the minute she had the thought of this holiday, the holiday had already started. Just that she was not aware of it. She thought the holiday was the destination and not those planning before the trip. She missed the best part of a holiday.

Life is the same. Every one wants to be successful. To us success is the destination. Before reaching success, the journey towards success is the best part of lives. We start by putting in hard work and determination. Along the way, we face hardship and problems. We have to overcome them before we can reach another stage of learning. At times we are rejected and being criticised. However we take all these as challenges of life. All mistakes of lives are our teachers. We learn, relearn and unlearn to perfect ourselves. Without realising, we are actually molding our character to a stronger personality. Finally when we are successful or have reached success, I am sure our confidence level is greater than before we started this journey of life. Is good to be successful but without the journey of life, one will never be successful.

Chinese Proverb - "A gem is not polished without rubbing, nor a man perfected without trails."

Monday, April 21, 2008

Food will taste better if added with a potion of love.

It was a Sunday afternoon, when I walked back into memory lane with a friend. I brought this friend to my childhood residence. An old part of town with wet market and food hawkers in abundance. In mind, I recommended my friend the prawn noodle store which has been in selling for more than 40 years there. Not far from this store, we could already smell the aroma of the prawn cooking. As usual this hawker store which is inside a run down coffee shop was packed with customers. In front of the shop is the bus stand, always with heavy traffic. Under these unhygienic and over exposed environment, willing customers were still there to patronise this pawn noodle. Including myself, I like taking this noodle too, because the taste is delicious and fantastic. All unfriendly environment were temporary overruled.

I explained to my friend why this prawn noodle is so popular, because the owner has got love and passion over his business. Although he should be at his mid sixties, he was still there to supervise his operation. Not only he was there to cook, his children were there to assist as well, plus many foreign workers to serve the plentiful customers. With his forty over years in this cooking, he never deviates nor distracted. He is certainly well focus in knowing what he wants in life. Simple in manner, contented in mind, he served all his customers with the original smile. His smile reflects sincerity and love of his business. His prawn noodle is actually added with so much of love that no other similar store could serve and sell tastier. While both of us were enjoying the noodle, we were admiring and trying to understand the pride and achievement of this great prawn noodle seller. In my heart I said, "Thanks God! I have love and passion just like him in my business too."

Chinese Proverb said - "Deep doubts, deep wisdom; small doubts, little wisdom."

Sunday, April 20, 2008

The ideal qualities of being a male partner to woman.

As a man myself, I know it is important to pick a right female partner. I see the beauty of a woman is not in the clothes she wears, the figure that she carries, or the way she combs her hair. The true beauty of a woman must be seen in her eyes, because that is the doorway to her heart - the place where love resides.

Likewise, a woman should also know how to pick her ideal male partner. All the while, I thought it was true love of the man was good enough for all women. Until I met an intelligent attractive lady who enlightened me further. She said, getting a man who could shower her with true love alone isn't sufficient. Most important her partner has to be intelligent, kind, fun, good hearted, understanding, motivated and lovable. WoW! Love alone isn't good. The man can be intelligent but can he creates fun and excitement or offer humour to make her laughs when she is sad. The man can be smart but does he cares and has concern for others. He can be rich but has he the understanding of life and offer humanity. Has he got the confidence to motivate and advise. Is he an all rounder of being a likable and lovable person.

Gentlemen there! Man looks at women but ladies look at us too. Is not easy to be a true lover to an ideal intelligent attractive lady either. Before I left, I asked her,"My dear, do I qualify to be that ideal man?" She said, "Darling, I think you have all these qualities...thats why la....:)))"

Food for thought - "Life ends when you stop dreaming; hope ends when you stop believing; love ends when you stop crying; friendship ends when you stop sharing. So share these with whoever you consider a friend."

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Life & Sex have pleasurable pain.

The most pleasurable pain is sex pain. Yet everyone of us love to have it. All healthy normal human beings can't live without sex coz this is God creation to allow man and woman to satisfy the needs of our sexual instinct. The pleasurable pain could be delighted with yells and cries but deep down our heart we want it so much more.

Similarly in life we have pleasure and pain. We seek for fame and glory to gain pleasure but we dislike shame and defeat which have pain. We want more money to have pleasure but we are reluctant to work hard to avoid pain. We like to show result for pleasure but we are not prepared to add the extra effort to have it. We wish to stay in a big comfortable house but we seldom plan to achieve it. We love to have wonderful holidays but we never sacrifice enough time for them. We want to be loved but we never attempt to put effort in our love. In real life, we just want to have pleasure and dislike pain of life totally. The saddest thing is, we only accept the pleasurable sex pain. However to those who could accept lives as a package with pleasure and pain, then life would be more appreciated. Is just like when you have sex, the pain is overruled with pleasure. Take life as a challenge. When you face life's pain at times, yell and shout like sex pain. You be surprised, your yells and shouts could turn pain to pleasure again. Nothing would happen, if you don't try.

"Never break four things in your life - trust, promise, relation and heart because when they break they don't make noise but pains a lot!"

Friday, April 18, 2008

Insurance claim is more important than a sale.

A lady associate called to seek my advice. She had a claim cheque in hand for a client who is currently on chemotherapy. She is extremely busy the next two days for she will be leaving for an incentive oversea trip awarded by our company. Her holiday takes 10 days or more. This is the fourth payment cheque at only three thousand ringgit which to her is a small amount. The client is residing in the centre of the city where she might find difficulties to park her car. For all these inconvenient, she wasn't sure whether she should deliver the cheque personally to her client today, or to mail it, or to hand over later when she returns.

My advices to this disturbed and distracted agent. No life insurance sale will be completed until final payment is paid. Either maturing pay-out, sickness or death payments. Selling is immediate. Whereas payment of claims are uncertain. Sometimes it takes years to experience one death claim. I told her as far as I am concerned, I will always take claims as my first priority of work. If I had a choice to sell or to hand deliver a claim, whether is small or a big one, I will pick to hand over the claim cheque to my client first. I rather loose the sale than not to face my client who is sick and unwell. My sickly client might be unpleasant for any reasons, I would still want to see her personally. I would attempt to cheer her with my understanding of life, plus showing her the miracle of life insurance. Remembering this statement; "Buy Life Insurance when you don't need it. When you need it, you can't buy." Now that she is sick, our life insurance comes to replace her needs. Having a new sale is nice but handling a cheque to our sickly client is even more rewarding. I could see her smile and hope. After all, happiness is to see others happy. I reminded this lost agent, a sale is only one point to our achievement measurement. However a successful claim is 10 points to our personal gratification. Or should I say, a sale is only a glory of your mind but a claim is the passion of your heart. The rest I left it to the lady agent to decide.

Later of the evening, this agent whom I have high hope on, text a message to me. She wrote; "Thank you my dear for reminding me to do my job correctly. I saw my client smiled, even she had done four chemo but I'm so happy to see her smiled." Without her knowing, I was equally happy for her and myself. In my heart it said, "Thanks God! My dear took my advices."

The definition of happiness by John Roberts - "Happiness is living in a state of freely choosing to create and exchange one's rational values with others."

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Is sex important in a relationship?

Is sex important in a love relationship? I am still pondering! Lee and Fan have been in love for a couple of years. They enjoy the togetherness. They share every piece of their experiences and lives. They compliment each other in every way. They share happiness and overcome sorrow. They hold hand, hug and kiss whenever opportunities permit. They have confessed to each other their true love. The one thing that they have not done is sex. Without the skin contacts, there is still a flimsy boundary that divides the two lovers.

On the other hand, Pat and Ronnie are lovers for only half a year. They are as loving as Lee and Fan. On a raining night when it was cold and romantic, Ronnie confessed his love to Pat. Their desire were strong and intense. Without further ado, they made love and sex bonded them. I could see them as two souls united as one. Their love are much more mature than Lee & Fan. There is no obstacle within them but rather they are more transparent than before. They share intimacy to the highest level without shyness. They have more fun and excitement. They are not afraid to explore the hidden and unknown. Their love has blossomed with hopes and dreams. It creates the unimaginable force and energy. They have more drive, enthusiasm and confidence in their day to day's affair. Sex offers the miracle of love.

I believe there are two schools of thought here. Would like to open to my readers for some comments. You think Lee/Fan be happier than Pat/Ronnie? All comments are most appreciated.

Food for the heart; "Express love through acknowledgement. Notice the good in those around you and freely comment on it." - Rev. Mary Manin Morrissey

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Successful person makes prompt decision.

As I was leaving the office today, I bumped on to a young man in the lift. Without hesitation I greeted him and I introduced myself as 'Robert'. In return he replied, "I am Eimir Azli, Mr Robert." I did not like to be called Mr, "Please just call me Robert." Anxiously he responded, "Are you the Robert Foo?" Smiled, I said, "Yes!" He was amazed, "Really you are Robert Foo!! I have been reading your blog almost everyday. I am also with Prudential. All my agents read your Wisdom of Life everyday too." I was delighted to hear that statement. Since I was rushing for time, I stopped for awhile to ask him, "Thanks for reading my blog. Now that you had read many of my titles, in short, please tell how do you see me?" This was his words, "You have plenty of energy Robert."

His short compliment tickled my heart. As I always wrote; "The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen and even touched. They must be felt with our heart." Thank you very much Eimir Azli. You had made my heart happy and felt nice.

I believe Eimir Azli is a young aspiring Unit Agency Manager who just got promoted in our company. Since his agents are reading my blog, I take this opportunity to write a selling tip for them or perhaps those who sells as well.

Selling Tip. At the closed of a sale, most prospects would say, "Let me think about it!" Either you let them think about it or you have a better way to complete the entire sale. As far as I am concerned, I try not to let them think about it at home, when I know with my experience, most likely they won't. Very seldom prospects actually meant what they said. The minute they go back, they forget everything you have discussed. So! It is better to solve all matters with them at the first discussion. If a prospect throw this statement to me, I will always reply, "Good! Is good to think. All successful people think. Successful people also make prompt decision. A yes is a decision. A no is also a decision. Not sure is not a decision. I believe you are a capable person who can make prompt decision. Shall we proceed to seriously consider this plan?" With some practices and a lot of understanding, 'Let me think about it ' is not going to be an issue and objection.

Words spoken by Muhammad Ali, "I hated every minute of training, but I said don't quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion."

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Trust leads to a comfortable relationship.

I believe the way we sit, will tell how comfortable we are toward our friends. Most of the time, when we visit others in their homes, we tend to behave in an unnatural way to depict good looking. We speak politely, carefully, tactfully and we sit mannerly, posture up right and elegantly. The female acts lady and the man represents gentleman like. They seldom move around the host homes. When you happened to see these type of guests, I rest assure they are not closed to the hosts yet. However, when you see guests who could sit with legs and arms opened, body not in the up right position, voice are aloud with humour, moving around the house or even mingle into the kitchen, I am damn sure they are more than just friends to the host. Meaning, when you are comfortable to a host, you tend to be more relaxed to show your true self. The earlier good looking personality is only a mask being covered. In fact, the true self is all up to you to decide. If you could even sleep on your host sofa, you are truly his best buddy and not mere friends.

Similarly, when you have a girl friend who sits politely while you are driving, I think she is not closed to you yet. If you could win her heart a little more, she should be sitting with her both legs cross over on the passenger seat. This is a signal to tell she likes you. If you could go further, when she feeds you while you are still driving, I think she really has interest over you. Once she is very comfortable with you, she could even stretch both her legs onto the dashboard. Or one hand over your shoulder while you drive. Or one hand stretch to rub your tight while you giggle with laughter silently in your heart. Meaning, the way the girl friend sits while you drive, could determine how intimate they are. However a strict reminder to those gentleman drivers who have intimate lovers beside, please learn to drive with one hand coz most likely they would not have a chance to use both hands to drive. One hand would be on the wheel and the other hand should be exploring the intimacy of romance. Funny as it is, but these are the facts of life that we might experience.

"Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away." - Antoine de Saint Exupery

Monday, April 14, 2008

Life is like a growing tree.

This is my second posting on this title which has a lot to tell about life. My earlier posting was June 03 2007. I am sure, many of my readers have not read it yet.

Life is like a growing tree. The deeper its root, the stronger it will remain. Most Malaysian trees are not deeply rooted because we have plenty of rainfall to cater its water retention. They look green and elegant from the outside but if a huge storm arises, these trees would also be rooted quite easily. Not like countries where rainfall is scarce, their trees grow deeper and wider. Their leaves may not be as green as ours but they can withstand even a hurricane storm.

Growing up is like a growing tree. Our youths of today are given too much of pampering. They have not seen the suffering of the yesteryear. They have not eaten the bitter taste nor they have gone through any hardship. Comfort and luxuries are always available right at their doors. Parents would be too happy to chauffeur them in and out. Perhaps they don't even need to think when their minds are so dependable on their computers and games. They would never have a chance to grow deeper to understand the real truth of living and surviving. Their lives are not rooted. Consequently at the later part of their lives, if they face the uncertainties and the unknowns, they shall be torn apart easily.

Too much water for a growing tree is bad. Similarly too much love and affection for the growing children is treacherous. For these are the facts of life you can't escape.

A poem I like to share; "The realization of Happiness happens only after experience of pain. If we desire to blossom like flower in the garden of life, then we must learn the art of adjusting our life with the Thorns!"

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Sexiness is admirable by all men.

I think ladies have two types of sexiness. One is the external beauty of the woman. The way she combs her hair. The way she dresses herself. The shoes she wears plus all the necessary that beautifies her entire personality. Her elegant cat walk which attracts. She poses with a tempting smile that melts most heart. Her voice is soft and tender which captures attention. Her blossom are half seen and her hip is gorgeous. The swing of her back draws admiration. This is truly the outside sexiness of woman, when all men like to appreciate and to fantasize.

The other sexiness of woman could be seen only by her love. In the privacy of their room, the beauty of that woman is reflected by her magical charm. The transparent flimsy night-wear could arouse temptation. The perfume and odour from her body stimulates excitement of her man. Her loose hair, black bra and pantie are irresistible. With dim light and musical background, the entire room is just perfect for making love. In such sexiness of the woman beauty, all men will definitely fall madly with her. No wonder why man could not live without woman. We not only need beautiful women, we also need sexy ladies. Without these beauties, I wonder how men could survive.

My understanding of life, "The thing that counts most in the pursuit of happiness is choosing the right companion." Thanks God I am blessed to have one sweetheart who not only is attractive and intelligence, she is damn sexy and admirable in every way.

Friday, April 11, 2008

The Wisdom life of a man at 76.

While exercising at our gym in the club today, I noticed there was a new member with us. What attracted me most was this particular member was definitely much older than me. I am one of the most oldest member who still patronised the gym at the moment. Not when I first joined the club eighteen years ago, when there were many who were older than me then. As through the years, the senior members disappeared for reasons like giving up exercising, left for another world unknown to us yet, ill health or joined another clubs. I stand tall among the present membership now because I am still a regular here. Much older! No, should be I am still growing up, with full of humour, determination and willing to assist new members who are not comfortable with us yet. With opened arms, I greeted this senior veteran together with a warm handshake. I didn't take long to make this new comer to feel comfortable. He is a retiree aged 76 with super physical fitness. With his present, I told him he is going to be my inspirator and mentor from now onwards. I was actually looking for someone to show me the way to live pass the age of 75. Those who are around, are not qualified because they are much younger than me. Those who are older, are also not fit to advise me because of health reason. In fact, I am the one who is motivating others at the moment. Perhaps God has answer my prayer. HE sent him here to inspire me and to acknowledge that we can live a long healthy life. Just that we must know how to take care of our mind and physical.

Not many men of 60 and above could exercise regularly in a gym. One that runs regularly to control his cardiovascular and on weight to strengthen muscle. To have this senior veteran of 76 to be around in our club is a blessing. I got to know his name as Senior Yap. Without hesitation I asked him the secret of health and longevity of life.

The following are what Senior Yap advised. Live simple and be contented with what you have. Never compare with others but be yourself. Never stop exercising. Laugh as much as you can. After all laughing is free. Mix with friends who have understanding and humour, like Robert Foo. Expects a little and if you can, give a lot. Have fun and be naughty if you still have the desire.
I did not catch his meaning here. I asked, "Are you still interested in sex?" He was not shy at all. With confidence he replied, "Yes! Without sex, I think life is meaningless."

A power phrase from Zarina,"To love without condition. To talk without intention. To give without reason. And to care without expectation."

Thursday, April 10, 2008

The effect of giving whole heartily.

I always believe happiness will be gathered if we make others happy first. Seeing others succeed in life because of ourselves, will create contentment and satisfaction in our heart. Many who asked me where I get my motivation and energy everyday to be cheerful and happy. I told them it is easy. As long as you are willing to give outwardly, the world in return will give you the happiness and energy of life back naturally.

This was how I started my day to cheer a friend who is suffering from cancer and is on treatment currently. I sent Amrit a message while on the early run in my car, "My dear, how are you lately? Please be strong and have a strong mindset. I am sure you will make it. Please read my blog under this title, 'An ounce of courage to remove ton of distress'. It will help to build your strength." She replied, "Thanks uncle. By the way, I spend one hour reading your blog site. Very motivating. Thank you."

I received another message from a new friend whom I still have not met yet. The telemarketing executive from Citibank whom I had motivated about two weeks ago. I pushed him an extra mile to learn something more for himself. His message, "Blessed day, Robert I sell more effectively and more confident after I've spoken with you. Thank you Sir - Daniel Citibank."

I had a morning talk with our branch office. Sharing the title, 'Agent Philosophy' to some young agents I had not met before. Later in the afternoon, one of them sent me this message, "Hi Robert. Sim here. Thanks for your today great sharing with us. Many of your points are part of my life which is happening now. Hopefully I can achieve like you one day."

Thank you Amrit, Daniel and Sim. Your messages gave me strength. Although they were just text message in words, they created values and hopes for me. These are the little thought and appreciation which could motivate a person, including myself. If I had not started to think for them first, these positive force would not have gathered. Their sweet words really made my day and I am sure there will be more to come tomorrow. Don't wait for something to happen, rather make something interesting happen and you would be amazed how powerful they are.

I received this lovely phrase from Zarina who cares, "Sweet words are easy to say; sweet things are easy to buy; but sweet people are difficult to find."

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Life Insurance Agent Philosophy

This morning I am going to give a talk on 'Life Insurance Agent Philosophy'. I don't know why they have picked this title. I thought it was easy, until I asked myself what is the real meaning of this simple and yet so powerful word, Philosophy. I searched the Oxford Dictionary which tells the exact meaning. Philosophy is pursuit of wisdom or of knowledge. The word wisdom excited me because it is the subject I love to share. All of a sudden, I know this is one talk I will definitely enjoy to share with my fellow colleagues. Perhaps I also take this opportunity to write a little of what I have in mind to show to my readers here.

Selling Life Insurance is a professional job which needs a lot of commitment and passion. Before one is allowed to sell, a new agent has to learn. To learn about the products, the law and regulation that governed our insurance, the selling skill, the services from our company, investment and financial planning. We have extensive, intensive and constant training provided by the industry, company and agencies. The more knowledge an agent has over these trainings, the better equipped will be the agent. A committed agent needs to have the keen desire to pursue his knowledge in order to succeed in this career.

However just the pursuit of knowledge in life insurance matters isn't enough. The understanding of life is even more important. As the word is spelled as LIFE Insurance, life depicts the wisdom of lives in general. Life starts from the time a child is born. Life ends with the sorrow of death. From birth to death is a journey of uncertainties. There are happiness on the way and at times there are also the suffering. Each part of lives has different way of living. The young might not understand the needs of the future or the old might not be able to control his destiny. The poor suffers and the rich might not understand the suffering of the poor. The rich could be comfortable but he might have some silent or hidden suffering you could not see. The man needs a woman and equally she also needs him, for everyone has to be loved. You can be young once but youthfulness isn't meant to be forever, as old is more of permanent. The young needs the old but without the young, neither can the old survive by themselves. These are all considered as facts of life which cannot be taught. To earn this wisdom, an agent has to have the passion and love to pursue and understand how the world lives and survives.

With knowledge you could be intelligent but with knowledge and wisdom of life, an agent can be more profound and refine in his selling. Just with strong based knowledge, an agent might be arrogance and selfish in behaviour. But adding with wisdom in his pursuit of knowledge, the agent would be more complete in character. Most likely the refining of his mind and heart, makes him to be more humble, kind hearted, caring, responsible and more committed in all his undertaking.

Conclusion; A successful committed life insurance agent is one who constantly pursues of wisdom and knowledge to enhance this career.

Young Kat - "Difficulties mastered are opportunities won. He who has hope has everything. Happy is the man that finds wisdom."

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

The silent love world of the deaf & dumb.

To be an effective communicator, not only one has to speak well, he needs good facial expression plus natural body and hand's language. Most salesperson fail in selling because verbal alone isn't enough. They need to understand their other combination of facial, body and hand movement to bring out the best of their words.

To speak without verbal is an art. To discover the miracle of the silent world, lets look and the deaf and dumb people. Although they can't hear or speak, they could communicate effectively with each other. For a normal couple to make love is easy coz they could relate with words to understand each other needs and want. Loving words like; "I need you. I miss you. I want you. I love you. I want to have sex. I want more and more. I am coming darling", are easily spoken with intention. However the couple who is deaf and dumb will not be able to say. Right? They have to use the next alternative by God given instinct of facial expression, body and hand's language.

A smart little darling who shared with me. Deaf and dumb couple uses the one finger to tell they need to have sex. Flapping the hands mean I want more sex. Shaking head means I am coming my dear. Biting each other means passionate, I cannot resist and I love you. A good sincere smile after sex, depicts I am totally satisfied darling. Not a single word or yell is sounded while making love, and yet the couple is so contented with each other. I have not heard or seen such couple breaking their relationship for any reason. In fact, they are the most faithful loving couple than most normal people like us. They stay together happily by non verbal communication.

For the normal people I suggest, try a few nights love making session without talking and speaking to your partner. See whether you can understand and be happy with the outcome of the silent world. Utilize and maximize your facial expression with excitement and enthusiasm. Add body movement with smoothness plus the hands to determine and show your true love. If both of you could be contented without verbal, I believe you have mastered the art of the silent language. You have reached the highest level of effective communication. Selling is so easy to you then coz your words are refined with more natural expression and emotion of body language. This is written from my 40 years of selling experiences as a communicator.

The powerful phrase I believe so much; "Do the common things in an uncommon way. The world is at your command." - George Washington

Monday, April 07, 2008

Willing loser is the real winner.

Lisa is a new interesting friend, I have just known. She is at mid thirty young and yet could understand much about facts of life. She shared with me the principle of 'Loosing & Winning' attitude of life. She illustrated with the challenge of arms wrestling as an example. In any friendly arms wrestling, both friends would attempt to beat each other to win. Its natural by human instinct, we want to win to feel proud. To loose is shameful. In the match of arm twisting, there odd to have a winner and a loser. I am sure in the heat of the challenge, both friends would try not to loose. According to Lisa, the real winner is not so much of the guy who beats the loser. Is the one who understands the pride of winning, when he knows he can win but he allows his opponent to topple him to win instead. As a silent loser, he congratulates his friend who does not know the actual intention. Seeing the friend laughs and cheers, makes him happy in heart and mind. In reality, the real winner is the one who gives way for the other to win. Coz he has the great heart to give willingly without selfishness in mind.

How true Lisa! In life, all of us want to win and most of us are not prepared to give. If only we are not selfish and yet willing to give, then the real winner is you. The next time, when someone cuts in your way, try not to be upset but instead let him bypasses you with a smile from your face. Or your friend hasn't contacted you for a long time. Don't wait further, call him immediately and tell him you are thinking of him. Or you need some motivation, don't wait for someone to tickle you, rather give those who are now with you. Or you wish your lover would tell how much she loves you, don't wait for that to happen. Phone her now and tell her how much you love her instead. These are the true winners of lives.

Mmmmm!! Not this, if ever happened. If your love is been approached by another admirer, don't give way. Otherwise you will be the real loser, if you don't attempt to challenge the opponent. Right sweetheart?

Mark Twain's powerful phrase; "The best way to cheer yourself is to try to cheer someone else up."

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Don't trust your aging eyes to feel young.

When you are above 60 at age, to stay young isn't easy. In the first place, you have to be brave to be young. What the young does, you have to behave similar. Not only your mind has to feel like them, preferably dress like them if you could. However don't let your eyes to deceive your look. Meaning, if you are 60 or above, you might feel young but your sight and senses are still be thinking old. I did not believe this logic, until I went to purchase clothing with a young darling to test my sight and senses. At the men store, I selected a range of pants and shirts according to my liking in colour and style. I thought I had felt to be young to pick these selection. I asked the sweet young darling, "Dear, if you buy these clothing for your brother who is around 37 of age. Would you think he likes them?" She shook her head, "Definitely not darling! The colour and styles are too old for him." I was taken a back. Out of curiosity I requested her to pick and select the best for him instead. Beyond my imagination, she selected a good range which I could never pick. The reason was, my mind would never be able to sight and sense the feeling of the young. Finally I decided to take the courage to buy those she had selected. And I am wearing them now. I am glad that I certainly look younger than my real age, especially with the new look of the dressing. In fact, I had borrowed her younger mind, sight and senses to feel young.

Moral of the story. The old has the wisdom of life but he still needs the young to remind him to feel young again. Then his wisdom could last a longer journey in life.

"Once you choose hope, anythings' possible" - Christopher Reeve.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Handbag is the pride for ladies.

Women are beautiful because they spend a lot of time to be. From their hair, face, body, hands, legs and, even fingernails and toenails, they love to decorate themselves. The hair do is always done according to fashion and look. Regular facial cleansing and cosmetic touch-up is a must. Their clothing are never the same. No dress will be worn within the week. Lotion and oil are constantly applied to tune their legs and hands. They even have packages for their pedicure and manicure. One thing for sure, will never be missing, is the handbag whenever they are out.

If you could check with any career ladies, all love their handbags. Without a handbag when they are going out, is like going out without clothing. Each of them could have a collection of dozen different handbags at home. They come in size, colour, branding, casual, business type for different occasion and outing. No handbag is purchased, if the touch's confidence is not felt by the buying lady. Each class of career females has different taste and requirement. The super intelligent one goes for the expensive branded design. By looking the way a lady carries her handbag, it tells the personality of the person. A successful understanding career lady, carries her handbag according to need and purpose of outing. Matching her status, colour to suit her dress and shoes she wears, plus the way she carries it while moving around. Not forgetting each morning when she changes her bag for the day, she cleans the inside of the bag and transfers all the necessary belonging from one bag to the new one. Just the handbag alone, women have to take extra effort, time and discipline to be good at. No wonder, why women are always beautiful. Being beautiful as they are, it allows them to think, plan and stay focus. Today most females are smarter and more successful than men coz men never border to be beautiful. We just remain to be handsome, which is easier to reach and to maintain.

Moral of the story; to be successful in life, one has to think, plan, effort, desire and be focus. Be beautiful like the woman. Learn from your sweetheart, you would be amazed, to be beautiful it takes a lot of energy to do it.

"The Quality of a person's life is in direct proportion to their commitment to excellence, regardless of their chosen field of endeavour" - Vince Lombardi.

Friday, April 04, 2008

Words inspire and create determination.

Wan is my new personal driver. He is physically strong, aged 40, happily married and willing to work for me. During the first week while working, I understand he has been a smoker since when he was only 15. At one time, he was heavily smoking for 8 packets of cigarette a day. Now he has reduced to 4 packets which I considered as still high. Especially to a non smoker like me. During these two weeks of working along together, Wan was inspired by the way I worked. Although I was socialising and mixing freely with many people of all walks of life, I don't smoke and neither I need to drink to secure business. I earned my respect with a clean personality plus the heart to mix with people. I told Wan many times, smoking is a bad habit and definitely not good for health too. Almost half his income has gone to smoking, when he should be saving the extra for his family.

I did not know Wan took my advices seriously, until he did not turn up to work a week ago. His wife told me her husband is very sick. He is shivering, high fever, pain all over the body, could not sleep and eat at the same time. He has decided to stop smoking completely. Without the nicotine from his regular cigarettes, Wan is losing his energy and instead he is going through the draw-out process. I spoke with him on the phone, when he sounded weak and lifeless. He is currently under heavy medication with much determination needed. I was certainly impressed with his strong desire to change. To give him the extra support, I told him that I will wait for him until he is fully recovered. The job is always his with another increment if he starts clean without smoking any more. Wan promised me he will, coz I was the one who had convinced him to stop smoking.

Moral of the story. Words are powerful. They move mountains and challenge the unknown seas. As a faith healer myself, I managed to change his bad habit and gave him determination to win in lives.

A meaningful phrase I collected from one of my constant blog reader and admirer, Young Kat; "No beauty is like the beauty of a loving heart & A strong will is all powerful."

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Ladies natural senses & instinct are stronger than males.

There are two types of man who see woman differently. One just looks at the lady face and appreciates her beauty. The face reflexes the character of the person. Her calmness could be shown with her relaxing features. Her smile depicts friendliness and gentleness. Her eyes tell her happiness and love of her heart. A sensible normal gentleman communicates with ladies by using eyes to eyes contact.

Beware! There is the second type of man who sees females not with the face alone. They stare ladies from top to bottom. Their concentration are the woman blossom and the lower abdomen. Perhaps these are the type of men who really cannot control themselves from getting nearer to females. They get excited easily, especially if the females have a fantastic body line. As females are created with extra natural senses and instinct, which are stronger than the males, they could realise and detect such sex maniac onlookers. If such incidents happened, ladies will feel very uncomfortable with these male contacts. As though the ladies are being seen as naked through the eyes of those men. A friendly advice for the male, you can look at ladies but make sure you appreciate them as what they are and not as a sex object.

Something I gathered from the ladies. When ladies look at man facial, not only they could see your intelligence, smartness, sincerity and heart, they could also see your length and size of your penis. Coz the length, shape and size of our nose reveals our bottom. If you don't believe, check it for yourself. Seeing is believing!

Quotable uttering of the famous; "I have come to believe that the whole world is an enigma, a harmless enigma that is made terrible by our own mad attempt to interpret it as though it had an underlying truth." - Umberto Eco.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Happiest & saddest moments in selling life insurance.

I was asked these questions. 'What are my happiest and saddest moments in selling life insurance?' To the many aspiring agents, they would have considered selling a big policy and later to be cheered within their agencies. Or to achieve target and given an incentive trip. Or to be in the league for being the million dollars producers. Or the highest recognition for the year for being the champion of the company. These are the happiest moments for most agents. Perhaps I was like them too when I was younger in the business. Most agents need glory and glamour to be motivated in sales.

Not me any longer. My happiest moment currently will be to meet people and share my experiences of life. To make them realised that life is like a garden where roses are surrounded with thorns. We need to move carefully to appreciate the roses and not injure by the thorns of misery. I speak with passion and understanding. I speak with humbleness to reflex kindness. I speak the truth to earn honesty. I reach and touch their heart of all races and faiths. I do not discriminate but use fairness as my yardstick of judgement. With all my sincerity, I just hope to those I met and spoke, would accept me as their good and true friend. If ever my name could be left in one corner of their heart, that realization will be my happiest moment. Whether they purchase life insurance with me is not important any more.

My saddest moment is when prospect degrade a life insurance agent. So far, I had only encountered once in my life time in selling insurance. It was twenty six years ago when I approached a friend who did not buy from me. The remark he told me could never be erased from my mind. He said, "Selling life insurance is worst than begging. I would rather beg on the street but not sell life insurance." I could not work for days after being disgraced by that statement of shame. Later with courage and determination, I took those words as a challenge. I make sure, I will never be told in such manner again. Today I feel proud to be a life insurance agent who is there to preach hopes and life for others to survive. Thank God I am a true life insurance agent, I had proven to my friend I am not a begger.

This happy thought by Marty Varnadoe Dow, "I give thanks for the joy and happiness in life and trust God does indeed want me to be happy."

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Can you talk effectively?

My sweetheart said, "Dear, did you know you had spoken with me for two hours already on the line. Aren't you tired love?" What a remark on April Fool's Day!!!

I told her, "When you speak to the one you like and love, you will not get tire. And the one who listens, has interest over the speaker, will not get bored either." Is true readers coz I am not fooling you.

Whenever I had the chance to meet people or even strangers, I like to talk. More so, if I know through my instinct, that they are good listeners, I would spend more time with them. Talking allows one to express one's feeling. Is only through talking one could share thoughts and ideas. Talking sells oneself to be a likable person to others. Talking helps another to understand life. Talking sells your products and services. Talking creates hopes and inspire. Talking can make the other party to love you. Talking is a hobby which costs nothing, except the interest to talk. However to talk with effectiveness, one has to have the passion to talk. The passion is gathered from love and desire of the heart. If one is truly spoken from the heart, the energy vibrated could be felt as sincere and kind. With a little experience, perhaps one could even develop the art of talking and speaking. That is when excitement and enthusiasm are added to refine your words and tune. Of course most important, one must have the genuine desire to talk when necessary. Otherwise you could cause unnecessary time and inconvenient to your listeners. By the way, I have three best friends who love talking. Myself, me and I could be invited to talk at any time. Please try on us!

I was told; "For a long term relationship of a man and a woman. One has to be a keen talker and the other has to be a good listener. They rest assure the partnership will last forever."