Friday, February 29, 2008

Cyber love is artificial.

Can we fall in love through Cyber space? My sweetheart used to text and email to me with loving words. Like;"I love you sweetheart and I love u and I love uuuuuuUUUUUU... cyber hugs and kissssesss...:-))"

I told her, she could be writing endlessly with all her virtual heart, I will never be able to fall madly in love with her. Virtual love can only be felt by reading words. Words can be touching and fanciful. Whereas emotion could be more intense when we could smell, see and touch. Her words, 'I love you' could be felt with pride and sensation. But her cyber hugs could not be smelled. I need to smell her feminine perfume to get excited. At the same time, I have to see her from top to bottom when I could acknowledge her beauty. Cyber hugs and kisses have no real touch. The touch of skin arouse the excitement of our mind. Smell, sight and touch create greater feeling. The feeling will bond love closer. Sweetheart, I need the real love of life, not Cyber love which is just imagination and artificial. Its frightening how our world has changed from true love to unseen love.

To those who want real love; "Telling someone you love them comes from the heart. The place that make you love them from the start."

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Children can be young only once in their life time.

The above are not my children but they are my heroes. Sent over by my daughter-in-law who is staying afar. I have five and a half grand children from two sons. The half is on the way soon. Looking at them relate the past memories when my children were as young as them. They were cute and active too. However I regretted for not spending enough time when they were still growing up. I had opportunities to rub shoulders with them but I did not. Many a time, they asked me to take them to the park, I gave excuses that dad was busy. They wanted to go for the movies but I gave money instead of accompanying them. Instead of shopping together I dropped them to the malls and went prospecting for business. Instead of teaching them swimming, I paid others to teach them. When they were at lost in studies, I was not aware of it. By the time I realised I had to be with them, they no longer have time for me, for they have all grown to be adults. They have their own mindset and thinking now. They have their families to manage too. We only communicate by emails or to chat on the net, coz they are too busy with their careers as well. My first chapter of life had gone passed. I had worked successfully but I took time for granted. I should have spend more time with my children when they needed me most. Although I had made this valuable mistakes which money can't buy, I certainly wish my children and all those who read my blog now; "Please take every moment of time preciously with our growing family, for the children can only be young once in their life time with us."

Foot for the heart: "The minute you settle for less than you deserve, you get even less than you settled for." - Maureen Dowd

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The art of selling by understanding your prospects.

Most salesperson identify their market before selling to the right segment of people. They pick their prospects according to their requirements. Can the prospects afford to purchase? Are the prospects the responsible type? Are they reachable and friendly? Is he the smart or not so smart prospect? Prospects could be screened by the way they dressed, the way they talked and the place they worked. These might be termed as pre selling assessment before the actual sales.

Of course, its ideal to identify and pre assess our prospects before the actual selling. However most salesperson are not aware that while they are assessing their prospects, the prospects are also there to determine and to appraise whether you are the rightful salesperson to handle their sales. Perhaps without you knowing, prospects are also seeing how you dress to look decent, responsible and smart. Are you able to talk with confidence? Are your command of language perfect? Is your communication skill good? Does your words show the care and passion over your profession? Overall have you depicted your true success as a person to them?

Most salesperson failed to realise the important of the two ways transaction of all selling. Not only you must be efficient to determine the fruitful prospects, but you also need to have the skill to portrait a successful image of a salesperson. Remember you look at them, but they are also be looking at you as well. This is the art of true selling by understanding our prospects.

Aristotle wrote, "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence therefore, is not an act but a habit."

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

How the ladies look at man?

I thought it is only men who appreciate and admire the external beauty of woman, ladies equally like to stare at male physical. These are some interesting views gathered from ladies I know. Most females look at man face first. Are they handsome or just so so? They prefer darker complexion which has the macho look. Has the man got the intelligent or sneaky eyes? A long nose relates a long penis. A broad nose might have a bigger penis head. Most women like men with a wide and broader shoulder. It depicts strength. Although man would not have a bigger breast to show, ladies admire man by the way we walk. They could identify a strong personality by the posture of us. If a man who wears a tight jean or pant, you won't be surprised that women would also stare at your bottom. To feel and imagine how strong is your sexual organ. The best place to observe each other will be at the beaches or the swimming pools. The man admires the female, and at the same time she assesses him. Something I learned from a great lady, the bigger the man toes, the larger are our penis. Gentleman who have smaller dicks, suggest that they should always wear shoes and not slippers.

To the ladies who look at us, "It is always easy for woman to get man but it is never easy to get the right man to love." So! Don't judge the man by his look. Look at his heart. A friendly advice, "True love never leaves the heart. So if you don't love me now, you did not love me then."

Monday, February 25, 2008

How men see the beauty of woman.

There are many ways man see the beauty of woman. Some would look at the facial first. Her eyes, noise and mouth. Does she has the sexy eyes or with a kissing lip? I was told thicker lips kiss better. Is her face rounded? Some prefer to stare at the hip next to the buttock. A tight hip with a eight curve dimension is very appealing to man's eyes. Small buttock tends to have smaller breasts. Some men like small buttock but many like bigger one. Breasts are the main spot which are most greatly admired. Within men, we classified breast into few types. Are they the lime, orange, mango, papaya or coconut breast. Different males like different fruits. Of course, the neck, shoulder, hands and legs are equally important. Next is the way she combs her hair, or how she dresses herself or even the way she walks can capture attention.

For the ladies, please don't be angry with us because females are created for men to admire and to appreciate. Without your external beauty, perhaps the world is less exciting. However as far as I am concerned, the external beauty of a woman is only temporary for no one is able to stop aging in the process.

I told my sweetheart how I see her; "The beauty of a woman is not in the clothes she wears, the figure that she carries or the way she combs her hair. The beauty of a woman must be seen in her eyes, because that is the doorway to her heart - the place where love resides."

For those who read here, "Learn to love people and use things. Not to love things and use people."

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Are u prepared to buy bras & panties for your loves?

Over a dinner, a lady was telling to the men that the current males buy funny gifts to their loves. Instead of the normal practise of offering flowers or diamonds, crazy men buy bras and panties or even sanitary napkins to their ladies. She challenged us whether we darn to buy these personal usages to women. I was the first one to say YES. I told her, I will be too glad and proud to buy bras and panties or sanitary napkins, especially the latest fashion with colourful types. BUT only to the one that I truly love. Love has got no shyness. The buying of the above needs, relates that I love her and I do understand her from top to bottom. Something I learned in Shanghai. I will be too happy to also carry my lover's handbag wherever we go together. If she allows me to carry her handbag, it indicates she trusts and believes in me. At the sametime, carrying her handbag is like telling her I love her very much.

For the ladies, if you ever want to know whether your men truly love and be proud of you, try these. Test them, by asking them to buy bras and panties or sanitary napkins on your behalf. When you are with him, request him to carry your handbag. If your men are not prepared to submit to your requests, it is high time to ponder whether you have got the right lovers. These are the simple facts of life.

Sweetheart, would you agree, "It takes three seconds to say 'I LOVE YOU' but a lifetime to prove it."

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Sophisticated ladies smoke.

Life is very funny. Do we need to be educated to be more health conscious? Not so! I was in Bangsar, an elite class of neighbourhood where most people dressed well. Especially the ladies who spoke well and were very fashionable in personality. They could be seen in the shopping malls or just drinking tea at those little restaurants. What caught my attention was, most of the attractive and elegant ladies here carried cigarettes and smoked openly. Perhaps the cigarettes made them looked even more sophisticated.

On the other hand, if we moved over to Kepong, another township not too far away, the people here are less educated. They are mainly the lower middle class residents. The dressing is simpler and casual in nature. You see less sophisticated ladies but more typical Chinese aunties around. I hardly seen any girls, women or ladies smoked in this conservative neighbour.

I thought when we are educated, we tend to be more knowledgeable and smoke less for a healthier reason. Or is it now that we are more educated, we are not bother to look at our health! Or is it when we are less educated, we would be more serious with our health! But thanks God! All the lady friends, especially the one I love most, do not smoke.

This could be the reason, "Having the knowledge but not applying them, is like not having knowledge."

Friday, February 22, 2008

Don't take things for granted.

I was away to China for quite awhile. Before I reached there, I was so eager to feel the cold. Not when I was there, I realised winter was not suitable for me. In fact, I felt sick due to the extreme cold and without proper heating facilities, I was having a tough time to adjust myself. During the period when I was recovering from my illness, I learned to appreciate life better. All the while, when I was in Malaysia, I took things for granted. We used to complain the weather was too hot or was too wet when it was raining. In fact, Malaysian are lucky because we have a constant temperature and climate for the whole year round. We have sunshine almost everyday and once awhile we have rain.

When was icy cold, getting up in the morning wasn't easy. Even going to toilet was scary because the coldest place was the bathroom. Especially in the early morning, going to urinate could be a torture. In Malaysia, I bathed two to three times a day. Shameful to say, when I was in China, I bathed once in three days. I must had smelled like a pig! Now I know why the perfume are so saleable during winter. I hated going out especially when the temperature dropped below zero. I had to wear five layers of clothing to keep warm. Walking was a bit clumpsy. Since I didn't sweat, urinating were quite frequent. With five layers of clothing, the calls of nature were not easy either. Luckily my bed was fitted with a heated mattress which offered the warm for a good sleep. I wondered whether the Chinese here preferred to make love more in winter or summer when it is hot. With such warm in a heated mattress, I would never want to make love here in winter.

Thanks God! I am back home in Malaysia, a place full of warm with people and envirolment. A multi racial nation with smiles all round. Sunshine is plentiful with everyday a wonderful day to look forward to. I could dress formal to work or as casual in short and t-shirt to my convenient. I could relax in coolness from the hill resorts nearby or to feel the breeze and warm of the sea. All within my reach at all times of the year. Food is available everywhere. They are cheap with varities. I can't be asking more, for I am from Malaysia, a land I called as Paradise. I no longer take things for granted, for Malaysia is blessed with all the good things available. You name it and we have it.

I know, "The most wonderful things in the world cannot be seen or touched but can be felt with our heart." I love my country.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The young & old need each other.

George was a young man of thirty who used to workout in our gym. One afternoon session, upon meeting him, he said, "Mr Foo, it is always good to see you around often here. As a senior veteran member to be exercising with us, you do inspire us greatly." With a feeling of contentment, I replied him," Thank you George. With you around as a younger member, you also motivated me as well. Seeing you, recap my past memories."

Life comes with the past, present and future. George knows that if he doesn't discipline to exercise regularly, his health might not be as fit as of today. By looking at us, he could visualize the future of him. Yes! I am very much older than him but with the many years of constant exercising, I still keep myself fit and healthy. Wise look but extremely young in mind and health. We, the older generation is his testimonial to live.

The old could not live alone by ourselves too. We have to tap the energy of the young, like George. By observing and admiring the physical of him, we could remember our past glories. Those memories are important to us because emotionally we feel nice and wonderful. Indirectly it soothes our mind and heals our heart. I believe this feeling could slow the aging process of man. Otherwise I will never dare to claim I am a person that felt like I was 38 last year and turning 37 this year.

Nobody can stop aging, as the past moves to the present and the future will come. Be happy when you are young because youthfulness will never be forever. Old certainly is there and more of permanent in nature. The old guides the young and the young memorises the old. We need each other to survive. This is the true facts of life.

Quote spoken; "Happiness is the ultimate realization that everything was, and is, exactly as it should be." Paul of The Netherlands

Monday, February 18, 2008

Be brave to feel young.

Maram has been my client since 1983. I had seen him grown from a mere executive to a current senior corporate director. We met recently to review his policies with us, as he is going to retire in a year time. To me he did not sound very positive. Over our discussion, I got the chance to introduce him my personal blog. I was glad he read because it took a change of his life. He was wondering, how a man like me who is a few years older than him could gather so much of positive energy. I am older but is still here to serve, whereas he is younger, he has to retire soon. Until when he read my interesting blog, he realised my naughtiness of character does help to make me feel young.

Be brave to feel young! Otherwise the thought of feeling old could overrule oneself. Be brave to mix more with the younger people! Because they have the force and vibration to energize us. Be brave to share willingly and unconditionally! The sharing and giving make us happier and more wholesome. Maram intends to start his blogging soon. Congratulation! I am sure you too have a lot to write. Be brave to fall in love again! Is only love will make you kind and wanted.

I have not just sold life insurance to Maram. I have also sold him the way to live younger. I am sure by now, Maram will agree with me that life begins only at 55 and we still have a long way to go.

Interesting phrase; "A foolish man tells a woman to stop talking. But a wise man tells her that her mouth is extremely beautiful when her lips are closed."

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Walking love's language

Life has a lot of splendors. Love has plenty of wanders. The way a couple walks, tells their relationship.

If these happened:
1. Man and lady walk parallel or side by side. They are just friends and acquaintance.
2. Lady leads and man follows. Most likely man has interest over the lady.
3. Lady leads and man carries bags. Looks like lady has interest over man as well.
4. Man holds lady hand while walking. Both are in love.
5. Lady holds man arm while walking. They are intimate lover.
6. Man and lady walk three feet apart. Both have quarrel.
7. Man leads and woman follows. Both take love for granted.

Perhaps these are walking love's language. They reflex how we behave in our love manners.
"You will know the real meaning of love when you fall in love."

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Who is your sweetheart?

Someone asked who is my sweetheart! Referring the dictionary, sweetheart has several denotes. Can be one who is loved. Informal - a person regarded as generous or lovable or something cherished for its excellent qualities. Meaning, sweetheart could be called on many different ocassion and by different classes of people.

A mother loves her little child who is like a gem to her, calls the child sweetheart with pride. A male friend has done a favour for a lady. She is the sociable and loving type, repays his favour by just calling him sweetheart. Husband and wife who are bonded with love, call each other by sweetheart. Some seductive ladies who know how to utilize their feminine charm, call everyone sweetheart. They get job done faster.

As I am a typical Chinese man, sweetheart is only meant to be called to the one that has the heart of sweetness. Sweetheart has got to be a lady to me. She gives hopes to me that I can aspire. She cheers me when I am down. She walks with me when I am lonely. She advises me when I am at wrong. She shares my sorrow and joy. Her sweetness of the heart could be seen in her eyes. Her sweetness tickles my mind and melts my heart. Her sweetness is pure and sweet as honey bee. Her sweetness could be felt as sincere as ever. Her sweetness has trust and confidence. Her sweetness has understanding and plenty of laughter. Most important of all, her sweetness adds sweetness into my heart too. This is the lady I call sweetheart who will be reading my blog everyday without fail. Even right now!

To my one sweetheart who reads;

"When I saw u I was afraid to talk to u.
When I talked to us I was afraid to hold u.
When I hold u I was afraid to love u.
Now that I love u I'm afraid to lose u."

Friday, February 15, 2008

To love and be loved.

I received this Valentine phrase, "To love and be loved is the greatest gift of all" - written by Henri Toulouse.

Yes! All human being need to love and be loved, but the fact is not all know how to love and to receive love. Some are willing to give love but not all are prepared to return love. Selfishness is the reason for holding back love. Between man and woman, man has to make the first move to love the woman. To have a true gentleman to love a woman is not easy coz most men have their personal motives. On the other hand, a man with his true love for his lady might not be accepted either. That lady might have high expectation when the man could fail to love his lady. It needs both hands to clap and both to tango.

In the course of my life, I had seen many lovers who had experienced many unhappiness due to love. They taught they were in love but later they realised they were not, when there were too many complication and misunderstanding. All of us in life have to make mistakes, including love's mistakes. So, if we failed in one or more loves, don't be afraid to love and be loved again.

To the man, be a hero to love the woman you love. To the woman, be kind and accepts his love. For what Henri Toulouse said, "To love and be loved is the greatest gift of all." I hope the sender who sent this text, knows what the meaning are all about.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine Day.

Specially to all girls, mothers, women, dears, ladies whom I know and admire, and most important my sweetheart.

"The beauty of a woman is not in the clothes she wears,
the figure that she carries,
or the way she combs her hair.
The beauty of a woman must be seen in her eyes,
coz that is the doorway to her heart,
the place where love resides."

Sweetheart, I might not be able to see your heart, but your eyes do have the grow of love. Happy Valentine Day to all, specially for the one who is reading my blog now.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

To die with a smile

I recently saw an inspiring movie, Bucket List. The story is about Corprate billionare Edward Cole and working class mechanic Carter Chambers have nothing in common except for their terminal illness. While sharing a hospital room together, they decide to leave it and do all the things they have ever wanted to do before they die according to their bucket list. In the process, both of them heal each other, become unlikely friends, and ultimately find the joy of life.

I highly recommend to those who are sick and are suffering from terminal illness. In the course of my selling life insurance, I had encountered countless clients who were sick. Especially those who were disgnosed with critical illness, seldom lived to be alive. The minute they were told by the doctors that they were suffering from cancers, all hope to live weaken. When they were healthy, they were cheerful and happy. Not when they knew about their disgnosis, they turned sorrowful and painful. Instead of prolonging their lives, they shorten it. When you are not happy but sorrowful in health, death comes earlier than expected. Whenever I came across all those clients who were suffering from critical illness, I spend sometimes with them to cheer them up. I made them laugh and offered them hope. Most important to be joyful and cheerful. If it ever happened to me, I promise myself I will be joyful till death and will die with a smile. After all we die only once in our life time.

To all who read this title, I strongly recommend you to see this inspiring movie. Perhaps you could save another person lives.

I believe; "The best medicine for the heart is to laugh."

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Introvert versus Extrovert

I have known two closed lady friends. One is an introverted person and the other is an extrovert. Both are divorcees having to take care of their growing teenage children and have to work in order to support their families.

Miss I being an introverted lady doesn't seem to show her true love. Each time she goes home, she would yell and scold her children whenever they are not studying. But I know well, she loves her children. Just that her love is inward and doesn't shown outwardly. On checking the definition of these interesting words, 'Introvert & Extrovert', I gathered more meaning on them.

Meaning of introvert is direct inward and to concentrate upon oneself. A personality trait characterized by a tendency to be preoccupied with oneself, to be shy, cautious, and to inwardly reflective. A person who is more interested in his or her ownself than in other person. In short a introverted person is more selfish in nature.

Miss E being an extroverted lady is caring and loving. She treats her children like her darlings. They hug and kiss each other as often as possible. Her words are full of love, encouragement and advices. Her daughter could even sleep naked with her mum. Something most women can't do!

Meaning of extrovert is a social person. A personality type characterized by individuals being socially co-operative and liking others. Extroverts are generally outwardly expressive, active, and readily engage in social activities. Extroverts are prone to action than comtemplation, make friends readily, adjust easily to social situations, and generally show warm interest in their surrounding. In brief - one who is interested in other people and things rather than just in one's own thought and feelings.

I hope Miss I is aware of her weaknesses and could attempt to change her character. Otherwise, her children might grow to be like her in future. Even at the moment, her children are not friendly but rather more hostile toward strangers. Whereas Miss E children are friendly and loving to whoever they meet. As far as Miss E is concerned, I have to congratulate her. Please keep your character and personality, for they will never fail you in life.

"Happiness depends upon achievement of personality significant goals and leading a balanced life" - Michael from Worcestershire England.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Shopping can determine lady's personality.

I think all ladies like shopping. Although I am not a habitual shopper, I observed how women shop. The way they shop could determine their character and personality. They have three types. The one who spends more time in the grocery, likes cooking. If she spends more time in the household department, her home most likely is tastefully arranged and is comfortable. On the hand, if she loves to spend more time in the cosmetic or clothing department, that lady likes to be beautiful herself. The chances are she might not even know how to cook and up keep her home. Regret to say, although the present ladies are much prettier but they lack cooking knowledge and skill.

For the gentlemen. If you want to know whether your new found girlfriend is suited to be an ideal wife, who knows how to cook, manage the home and be beautiful as well. Take her to a shopping mall and allow her to shop wherever she likes. If she only walks to the cosmetic and clothing department, and not the least be bother to look at the grocery or household items, be prepared to learn to cook yourself. For you rest assure, she doesn't know how to cook herself either. Don't believe my words, the next time see for yourself in the actual woman world around.

Quote of the day; "Creativity requires the courage to let go of certainties" - Erich Fromm.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

In progressing, manner is lost

China might be one of the super power on earth, might have the most modern buildings built, might have the latest technology available, might have the most efficient railway system, could have sent astronant into out-space, most expensive motor cars are for sale, most fashionable clothings are being dressed, might have gathered enough knowledge from the outside world, might have the oldest wisdom of their past history, I am sad to say, they have not changed their manner of living.

The past few days here, I could notice their unpolish manner. Their behaviour was rude. They seldom said sorry even though they made mistakes. They were rough and pushy wherever you see them. When a crowded lift opened, they moved in faster than those who should come out first. They forced themselves into the train before passengers could alight from it. They spoke with a rough tune even though they claimed that their language was most refined. The worst part of all, spitting is their common habit. Someone told me, this old habit of spitting was brought down by their kings of the past. If the king could spit, the rest of the country like to follow him as well.

The present China could be knowledgeable but they have forgotten The Confucian Teaching of Wisdom of life. In the progress of this great nation, they have lost their simplicity of manner. Perhaps nobody could be perfect coz this is the true facts of life.

W. Edwards Deming said, "It's not enough to do your best, you must know what to do, and then do your best."

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Hardship comes first.

China is a large country with a huge population. There were more adults than children wherever I visited. Simply due to the effect of one child per family enforced by law many years ago. The rich would definitely pamper their little dots. They were given the best and attention. However I also saw the dark side of the poor. This was what happened. While buying our underground train tickets, we saw an eleven years old boy, requesting to assist in purchasing passenger tickets from the station vendor machines for a tiny fee. Those passengers from the rural were unfamiliar with the ticketing, would not mind for this simple service rendered. What surprised me was the enterprising courage of this young boy. Non of us would allow our children to expose such envirolment. Not far, there was another five years old cute girl who approached us. She asked us to buy some plastic flowers from her. She was begging, telling us if she failed to sell her flowers, her mother would scold her. Whether it was true! The fact was, she had the guts to sell to strangers. I remembered my cold calls selling's days, when I first started to sell, I was twenty one then but she was only five. Her braveness was greatly admired by all of us.

Next is something interesting. Do you know most poor Chinese babies don't wear daipers? They just wear pants with a little opening at the back. The purpose is for easy discharge without changing of baby pampers. Baby pampers cost money. Without wearing them, they save money for their parents.

The Chinese in China lives a tough life. They make do with whatever they have. As adolescence, they have to face hardship. Eventually they are molded to be stronger in later part of their lives. As an oversea Chinese myself, I am proud to be one of them.

There is a saying; "A teacher teaches lesson first and then takes the exam. Life takes the exam first and then takes a lesson."

Friday, February 08, 2008

Something I learned in Shanghai

It is my first time experience of a typical Chinese New Year celebration in China. Athough is extremely cold here for me, the warm of my Chinese friends around keep my mood alive. Before the strike of 12 mid night, the firecrackets and firework were thundering all over the Shanghai city where I am staying now. I had heard and seen our Malaysian firecrackets but never could imagine the amount of powerful firecrackets being lighted to usher the Rat of the Chinese New Year in style last nite. It was a memory I will cheerish forever.

Shanghai is a cosmopolitan city where all Chinese in China are proud to show to the entire world. Something I picked up while learning from my friends here. The rich in Shanghai eats more food than rice. Only those who can't afford much, eat more rice. If you are invited to a dinner, don't be surprised that rice is not available, unless you request for it. Not before when China was poor. They ate more rice than anything else then. Progress has changed them to eat in style and taste currently. I was reminded to follow some rules while dining with the Shanghainese. Eat only when my host starts eating, for this is their manner and respect. Drinking is a must in the Chinese culture. The host would toast their guests until they are drunk to show they are happy with the invitation. I was a lousy drinker but I pretended I was drunk to aplease my host.

Another unique culture I observed in Shanghai. Ladies in this city are treated with pride and honour by their males. Men do the cooking at home while the women relax in comfort at home. Even when they are out shopping, their men carry their handbags. Something you won't see in other parts of the world. Back home, no girl friend of mine would allow me to carry their handbags. May be they are afraid that I might take their belonging away. For the girls at home, if you want to get an ideal man, consider a Shanghainese gentleman. They would pamper you all the way as a lady for life. For the man like me, I don't think I will ever fall in love with a female here.

Time has changed China beyond imagination. 50 years ago, my parents had to send money back to China to help their families. Not today any longer. Instead they are even richer than us.

The definition of happiness by Ambrose Bierce; "Happiness: An agreeable sensation arising from contemplating the misery of another."

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Happy Chinese New Year 2008

Money money
Money can makes the world goes round
Too much money can also turn our senses down
Money isn't money if isn't utilized
Money spend can contribute to economical growth
More so, if it is spend to save a person's live
Too much money can be evil
Too little money can be sorrowful
Just have enough and would do
Money makes us happy
Too much money makes us crazy
No money makes us sad
Too much money makes us lack
Little money makes us humble
Too much money makes crumble
Money is important but money isn't the least important
Money brings us hope but also brings you droop
Be happy with what we have and be happy with what we don't have
Money makes the world but money also makes your dreamworld
But friends ahhhhhh!!!!
They make life worth living
Especially my readers, clients, relatives, my admirers be they the males or females,
my loved one, my dears, my honeys, my darlings
and most of all my sweetheart
Or the one who is reading my greeting now...
Happy Chinese New Year.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The Chinese is growing in person & in nation.

I was on the connecting flight from Hong Kong to Shanghai, when I saw the different of Chinese passengers of the past and the present. Ten years ago, those travelling Chinese were slimmer and old-fashion like. Not in this plane, when the today Chinese tourists are more fashionable, especially the ladies and they are no longer thin but are fat and over-weight. I was wondering why they have grown in size, until when I reached Shanghai, a city which I last visited twelve years ago. As I was taken by a local friend who took me down town to look for food, I was amazed and surprised how all their restaurants were florishing. In order to dine, you have to book in advance for the table. Otherwise you have to wait by the numbers. That evening we waited for almost one hour before we were given the table. I had the experience to dine and wine in class with superb good food served. I observed all Shanghainese love eating. The next day, I was taken to the hyper market, Carrefour which I could not believe with my own eyes the amount of people packed into such a big food store. People were just buying and buying of food non stop, as thought everything was for free. Now I know, the Chinese in China really loves eating. The eating makes them grown fatter. The eating creates business opportunities for the market. Their market grows and the economy grows as well. Every one from the other parts of the world is currently eyeing at China for business. Including myself! Eating can make you grow. So if you want to prosper, consider to eat more. China has proven it by eating more endlessly.

I believe such phrase works in life; "The more you share, the more you gain and the more you spend, the more you gain as well."

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Our ladies prefer the White gentlemen.

JL and FZ are two attractive intelligent ladies. Both are at their forties and equally successful in their respective careers. JL is still single whereas FZ is a divorcee. They had experienced many unhappy love relationships, until recently both met two white men who managed to win over their hearts again. From my conversation with them, they both had lost confidence with our Malaysian men. According to them, Malaysian men are considered as immature, irresponsible, not affectionate, selfish and unromantic comparing to the caucasian men who are so different. The White is individualistic who sees ladies as what they are in person whereas The Asian sees women from the external beauty only. The Asian communicates lesser with their ladies whereas The White engrosses the women with charm and fantasy. The White pampers and cares the women whereas The Asian takes females for granted. The White is real gentleman in love making from dining, wine and music with his partner. Sad to say, we The Asian is good only on the bed with our partner. No wonder why these two successful ladies opt to select the foreigners. Is time, the Malaysian males have to buck up coz our ladies are having a much higher expectation in life now.

"If you have the eyes of love, you just see love wherever you go" Spoken by The Mastery of love, Don Miguel Ruiz.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Our children's warm is greater than any severe cold winter.

For the past 50 over years, I had celebrated my Chinese New Year in my own home. Not now any longer as my children have grown. Last year was my first new year celebration away from home with one of my son who is staying in the southern hemisphere. Another son who resides in the northern hemisphere, China where I will be going today. Taking the first available flight, I should be seeing my son by this evening. No doubts we know that China is currently facing a very heavy snow storm, with severe cold, it will not deter me from going. The weather is cold but I believe the bonding of father and son relationship is warmer.

As I am preparing to leave for the airport, I linger over the thought of how time had passed. From being a little child myself, to getting marry and raising my own family. When my children were young, they would be around with me, making sure that I had to give them my ang pow. The reunion dinner or the eve of the celebration, would always be gathered together with my family. We would eat and drink the whole night until like no end of the day. However things have changed now, as the children have grown to be independence. They have their own families and are in different places of the world.

Wondering!!! Was it when they were young, I was happier or is it now when they are adults? Anyway to me happiness is only a feeling of mind. So I have to feel for the past, appreciate the present and expect the best for the future to be happy all the time. As long as I live, all my sons are considered as babies to me. Immaterial of how old or young they are. As father to them, I talk with the cane and as friends, we mix like we are buddies.

Great China, here I come.

Something I learned from life; "Happiness is a state of the mind. The dictionary difinition is 'feeling of joy and pleasure mingled together'. A feeling of happiness is more than just an experience of joy or pleasure. It is a state of mind where the individual feels that life is good."

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Cock & Pussy.

Some laughter for the Sunday:

The world has so much of uncertainties, sicknesses and diseases. Today when the birds sneeze, their flu might even kill us. It is worrisome! I seek Professor Hamid who specialises in birds and animals for some insight of this social problem.

He sent over this mesage:
Bird flu also kills poultry, many cocks die!
That's why many women are without men.
Luckily, no cat flu has spotted yet.
Otherwise, where to find pussies?

I replied him:
That was a good thought. The world should learn more to be animal lovers. Then there won't be anymore flu for them. The cocks survive and the pussies will be happier.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

How do you know u are likable & lovable?

To be a likable and lovable person, one needs to have the skill for it. In order for me to know whether I am a likable person to a male friend, I see the way they address and call me. If they called me as Uncle Robert or Uncle Foo, I know they respect me but are not comfortable with me yet. Those who call me as Robert, are comfortable but still are not very closed with me either. Many who call me as brother, hi or even young man, are those who are very comfortable with me. I considered I am a very likable friend to them then. We could speak our heart and mind without fear.

On the other hand, those girls, women and ladies who called me as Uncle Foo are really not my friends. I make sure I am a lovable person to all females I met and encountered. I distance those who addressed me as Uncle. Initially they called me as Robert Foo, when they speak a six feet gap away. As they begin to understand me more, we called each other as 'dear'. The dear has many meaning. We could have developed a trust and confidence between us. We are very comfortable with each other as closed friends. We speak a distance of three feet nearer. I wish there is one who could sweetly call me as darling or sweetheart. When that happened, we would be speaking at intimate level. If for any reason, a lady who calls or writes without a name addressing to me, I know my value to her is definitely low. I believe I am a lovable and likable person to most friends. What about you? Just tell yourself that you are beautiful, talented, unique, capable and skilful. For you will turn yourself to be a lovable and likable person too.

Food for the heart; "When your self-worth goes up, your net worth goes up with it." Mark Victor Hansen.

Friday, February 01, 2008

Wise man talk.

I had a chance to meet another man of wisdom in a small little town. Started from our firm hand shake, we became good friend. He told me by the way a person shakes his hand could determine his personality. When I shook his hand, I gave him a friendly smile, plus a gesture of warm and sincerity which he could feel. According to him, if a hand shake is without the eye to eye contact, don't ever trust that man. The movement of the eyes is an important factor to judge the sincerity of the first contact. Another pointer he added, don't ever trust a person who laughs at you before you even utter a word. Respect those who have the guts to comment our wrongs. Coz normally it is only parents would do it. Never fail to listen from the old because they see more things and eat more salt than us. I totally believe what he said.

This cannot be wrong: "Wise man talk because they have something to say; fools, because they have to say something." Plato (429 - 347 BC)