Sunday, September 30, 2007

The hidden knowledge of sex's cry

Over an exciting discussion with some friends on romance, love and sexual intimacy, a hot topic was shared and gathered. When a couple is having love making, should they cry aloud when they reach their highest climax? Some said 'no' because isn't favourable to reveal one's personal feeling. 'Yes' is ideal but to be softly and mildly sounded. Should cry as much as you like to show your true emotion and satisfaction.

Our sharing were amazing cause we realized every individual behaves differently. Most of us like to cry with our feeling but the shyness holds us back. On the hand, we accepted that sex cries and sounding have wonderful effect on the intimate partners. Sex's cry distresses our tension and frustration. We feel much better when we yell or cry during the climax stage.

Imagine if you were to be driving on the highway trying to clock at 120km maximum speed but someone holds the handbrake to slow you down. Would it be easy for you to have a smoother drive? Or a mother caned a little child who was not allowed to cry. Do you think it is easy for the child to hold back his tears.

Similarly when we are extremely excited in our intimacy, it is not recommended to hold back our yelling or crying. Be like the little child who was beaten, don't be shy but cry to relieve the sensational pain. These are hidden knowledge not written or spoken.

Sir Edmund Hillary said, "I did not conquer the mountain. I simply overcome the fear."

Saturday, September 29, 2007

The art of listening the phone.

The telephone is a very useful communication tool to deal business. In selling we use it practically all the time to communicate with the people we deal with. Knowing how to talk on phone is important but more so to listen effectively is even greater. Listening with ability allows you to understand your clients. If you take a bit of time to experiment on all your future calls, learn to listen and feel whether your clients are happy or upset when they talk. Their voices and words relate their feeling of their minds. If you could sense they are happy, most likely you would secure your intention of calling him. On the hand, if you know they are unhappy, then you should console them with understanding, rather than pushing them for unnecessary proposal. Or the best to call them again on some other days. If you are even more experience in listening, you will be surprised, talking by standing or sitting has some differences. The tune of voice is lower when you are sitting. Words spoken while relaxing on the bed are not serious. The tune tends to be irregular and softer. Talking in a room or talking in a large working office vibrates different sound. Within a room, the voice is more compact and clearer.

If the next time, you call a prospect who has a compact and clear voice, you know he sits in a room. Most likely he holds a managerial position upward to be entitled for this space. If you hear his voice is lower, you can more or less know he is sitting in his room. If your hearing is perfect, when you could sense he is at tip top mood, plus you do have also a powerful confident voice yourself, securing an appointment with him is definitey there. Should you by chance to hear voice which is irregular and soft, I suggest that you should cut short your call. Because prospect might be sleeping or even making love. You have call the wrong time of the day!

Useful quote, " Before you write, Think! & Before you speak, Listen!"

Friday, September 28, 2007

Love in our heart will give us the extra miles.

Jr is a hard working man and Ww is a dedicated lady worker. Both were our ex staffs who left for another company. I had not seen them for quite awhile. Lately we had lunch together, when they invited me as one of the platform speaker for their new company seminar. Upon meeting up with them, I could see the excitement over their faces. I am sure they are extremely happy with their new jobs.

What caught me most was Ww who looked so sweet and attractive through both her eyes. On her face I asked Ww, "U are in love my dear. Are you?" With a gentle smile, she said, "Yes! but how do you know Robert?" I replied, "Your eyes tell and your face is so full of love."

I am so glad for Ww because this is her first experience in love. She was so devoted to her career all these years that she had forgotten what is true love with a man. I told her she is lucky because when she is in love, she can perform better in her new appointment. I believe, "A beautiful world can only be seen through the eyes of a happy heart." She is a very capable and experienced person, and with this magical charm of love in her heart at the moment, I am sure nothing will stop her to gain success and achievement.

Meanwhile Jr was impatience, he interrupted, "Robert what about me?" I stared at him and pondered a minute, "Ah! You have the experience and knowledge too. I know you are willing to work. However you lack the final push. Your eyes tell me you still have not found the love of your heart yet. Sorry to say, your eyes are dull without the extra drive."

Sometimes in life, the miracle of love can create wanders. Money can be the prime mover but added with the magical love in our heart, it can move mountains and clear all rivers without tiredness. Even myself, how I wish I can still fall in love again.

It was written, "The Eskimo has 52 names for snow because it is important to them. There ought to be as many for love as well."

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Cultivate good saving habits early in life.

One of my client called me in the early morning to tell me his son has been granted a place in Australia to study aero-engineering. The entire package will cost him more than RM 400,000. He wanted to know whether his three policies with me could raise that much of fund or perhaps he could borrow from our insurance company.

Life is very funny! If our children don't do well in studies, we will not be happy. On the other hand, if they do too well, we may be worried too because a lot of funding is needed in pursuing their education.

I found it difficult to answer my above client request. Although I had known him for more than twenty years, he was not willing to save from beginning till current. When he was much younger, saving wasn't his priority. He felt that insurance was not attractive. He thought there were better option to save and to invest elsewhere. By the time he realised, age has caught up on him. It was the last few years, he seriously considered some medical and protection covers. The time was too short for him to accumulate the fund. Surprisingly he had not invested in other venues, except owning a house which is still under mortgage.

Finally with a bit of hesitation, I explained to him that all his policies will not be able to raise this high amount of needed fund. Neither can he borrow from the insurance company. Perhaps he can still try to apply an educational loan from some banks. However this amount can be doubtful without proper collateral being charged to them. He wanted my frank and sincere advices. With courage I suggested to him that his son should try the next alternatives. As the father is reaching almost 60 of age, he should not burden himself for committing further obligation and liabilities. Not forgetting he still has another two younger children who also might need his support later. Is good that his son has done well in study but if the family hasn't the means to assist, don't force the bread winner to shoulder the unnecessary toll. If he was to force himself to borrow, he might be under tremendous amount of stress and tension later. It could lead to further health and sickness problems.

That was my true feeling for a friend/client, spoken from my heart. I thought he was angry and be upset over me. Surprisingly he said, "Robert! Thank you for telling the truth. I will take your advices."

Moral of my real story. Cultivate good saving habits. Save early in life and don't turn back. Spoken by Fred Adler, "Happiness is a positive cash flow."

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Teaching is a noble profession.

Lai Chun Siong has been teaching in a Chinese Government School for a few years. I was lucky to have been introduced to him late last year. Very few young male graduates would pick to be a teacher, especially teaching in a Chinese Government School. Not like before, when a teacher was always highly respected wherever one goes. Today, most young job seekers prefer to venture into the corporate world where incentives and income are better.

Not Lai Chun Siong, who loves to be a teacher. By talking to him, I could feel the passion and interest he has over this noble profession. All his students were happy learning from him. The way the students behaved and communicated, I knew he must had taught them well. Lai knew his salary and benefits might not be tempting, comparing to his friends who worked outside. He gained his satisfaction out from teaching his students. Seeing and knowing the children grow makes him happy and delighted. I am so glad, we still have dedicated and committed teachers like Lai Chun Siong around. Without him and other serious teachers, our young will never have a chance to be properly educated. Our future depends on our youth and if our young were neglected, then our future might be uncertain and unsafe.

Lai, I certainly admire and proud to be your friend and also as your life insurance agent. You do your part to teach the students and I will play my role to assist you in your financial planning. You have the passion to guide the little one around you and I have the wisdom of life to strengthen your understanding of life. Every one on earth has a responsiblity to shoulder and I do hope we can help each other along the way.

Abraham Lincoln reminded us, "And in the end, it's not the years in your life that counts. It's the life in your years."

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Happiness is to see our clients grow.

Maniam has been a client/friend for almost 20 years. When I first knew him, he was only running a small little printing shop. Though he didn't complete his high school education, his mind is always very creative and active. As thick friends, we met often when I had giving my ears to him. In business there were always the up and down of working life. When he faced difficulties, I was there to support and when he gathered success, I too was there to share his glory. His first wife passed away when their children were very small due to dengue infection. That was the period when Maniam had to be father and mother to his three little kids. Not forgetting he had also to run his business outside. A good man always be blessed. Few years later, he was introduced to a lady teacher who became his wife, Susi. She was an understanding woman who took the sacrifice to resign her government teaching to become a full time housewife to his family. It was not easy at first, because she had to win over the love from the one daughter and two sons from his first earlier marriage. I did my part to advise and encourage her and children to accept the new mother and kids. From her, Maniam got another two lovely sons. Today, Maniam is a very successful business entrepreneur, having businesses locally and abroad as well. A very respected person within his own communities and industries.

This year, his eldest daughter had graduated to become a qualified medical doctor serving the government hospital now. His second child, a son is also studying medicine. Not only had I sold life insurance to Maniam before and present. Today, I have the privilege to talk to his daughter on life planning, as she is already an adult and professing as doctor. I had seen her grow from a little sweet darling to be what she is now. The parents had educated her well in life and now is my turn to offer my advices on financial planning.

I am proud of my good friend, Maniam's achievement and success. He is certainly a self make person who worked very hard in life to reach this point of pride. Equally I have to admire the lady who had contributed so much of her patience and understanding to support the family. This statement is true, "For every successful man, there is always a lady behind." She is Susi, the great wonderful wife. As their life insurance agent, I stand tall to share their happiness. I had given the best to him, and I promise I will try by level best again to serve his children from now onwards. An agent serving two generations with passion.

Ethel Percy Andrus said, "The human contribution is the essential ingredient. It is only in the giving of oneself to others that we truly live."

Monday, September 24, 2007

Helping is better than selling.

I was about to leave for a morning sales appointment, when another client called on my mobile phone. He sounded sad, "Can I see you this morning? I need to tell you something urgently." I replied, "I believe is important. Let me call you back because I need to cancel my appointment first with others."

One hour later, I was at his place for I managed to cancel the other sales meeting in town. My principle in life is to serve and assist urgent calls first. Sales can always come later for there is never an ending on selling. Not when a client or a friend who needs you when they are in despair. I was glad that I turned up to meet this client for he really had some critical personal problems which he felt that I was capable to advise. I spend a couple of hours listening and trying to understand him. He felt much better after telling me.

Although I had missed one sales appointment, I felt much happier seeing a friend who needed my advices. Gaining a new sale is nice but earning the respect from a client is even greater. I had the honour to be treated not as an agent but rather taken as his best friend whom he trusts and admires. He believes that I will always be with him for the better or for the worst. He trusts that I am more than an agent who can deliver under any circumstances. These are my work ethics and principles for lasting the past 25 years in selling life insurance.

A quote given by a school mate, which will never be forgotten, "Success is always temporary, the only thing you'll have left is your character."

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Pedigree mates with another petigree.

A lady friend was complaining because her ex boy friend had left her. She raised her voice, "All men are alike. They only know how to take advantage on us. They leave you, when they have got you." I sympathised her and left with a remark, "Not true!"

Most men could be unfaithful but some are truly sincere lovers. Look at the streets, there are many stray dogs which are filthy and unwanted. Pedigree dogs are pet dogs which are not seen on the streets. They are kept in-doors which are hardly seen. Only those animal lovers know how to appreciate pedigree pets. Male sincere lovers or gentlemen are like pedigrees. You have to be a female pedigree yourself to acknowledge another male pedigree. Is natural, if it's a stray bitch, its chances of being mating another stray dog on the run will be greater. No pedigree will be allowed to mate with a stray unwanted dog.

A friendly advice to all ladies, not all men are bad and naughty. You have to be a true honourable lady to meet another honourable gentleman of your class. A gentleman knows how to pick his lady of his expectation and selection. If you are truly a great lady who has the love and passion, I am sure that great gentleman will be there for you.

There is a saying, "Is easy for a woman to get man. But is not easy for a woman to get right man to fall in love."

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Jenny Yeoh a super insurance lady agent.

Our Top Agent, Jenny Yeoh came to my office yesterday. Although we had known each other for many years, we never had a chance to speak our mind. From a little chat we spoke for the entire afternoon. I had always admired this great lady for her determination and aggressiveness in succeeding with our life insurance business. She had been winning awards ever since she joined Prudential since 2002. Prior to selling insurance, Jenny was a nurse who understood the care and concern for the sick. With her sweet dynamic personality, she fits well in our profession. I am glad she still remains as humble and kind, even she has achieved super success in selling. She shared with me her Organisation beliefs, "A C T." A is; Action is worth more than a thousand words. C is; Courage to achieve your dreams. T is; Teamwork is the key to success. At the same time, Jenny invited me to be one of her Consultant within her Organisation. I accepted willingly cause I believe, Jenny is truly a lady who works not only with the mind but her heart as well. The few hours of discussion, tells me that she is a woman who has a lot of warm and love. Without this miracle of love, Jenny could not have the strength to pursue so far in this career. More so she has the beauty and intelligent. I hope my affiliation to her Organisation will benefit everyone.

Spoken by Stephen Levine, "When your fear touches some one's pain, it becomes pity. When your love touches some one's pain, it becomes compassion."

Friday, September 21, 2007

We need trust and sincerity to sell effectively.

Nirmal has been a client and friend for more than 20 years. Prior to knowing him, he had taken few insurance plans with other companies. He has plan to migrate to Australia and planning to review his current financial needs. All the other policies effected are not represented by agents who had left the trade. The original company names have been changed, as they have be taken over by new establishments. He took the trouble to visit these new companies, bringing along his various policies for some enquiries. The offices of the customer services were very impressive. However non of the attending staffs were capable to explain the old life insurance plans. He was very upset and unhappy. The man had diligently paid his premium for more than two decades. He was encouraged to terminate and cash out his policies. With some hesitation, he held back, took his mobile phone and instead contacted me for a meeting.

Today we had a casual chat over a cup of tea, when Nirmal brought all his policies for me to review. I highlighted the important of the increase protection plus the spinning effect of the investment. As these are very mature old plans, the return are very attractive. I suggested to him, if he still could afford to pay the premium, he should continue paying and keep the protection for his family. My few minutes explanation were enough to be accepted by him. Nirmal promised he will not stop the insurances.

As we were about to leave, I asked him, "Nirmal, can you tell me why you took my words without hesitation." He replied, "Your words had positiveness, trust and sincerity." That statement was equally powerful to create a sense of pride in me for my endless belief in life, "The mind grows by taking in, but the heart grows by giving out."

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Selling is a number game like flirting.

Raj, a 25 years young man from our company came to seek my advices. He has been in our business for almost 3 years when he found it difficult to move further. He wanted to know the formula to sell effectively. He knows well in products but no one taught him the professional selling. In between our discussion, I brought up the subject of how to be a professional playboy. Looking as his face, I knew he was amazed and excited. A playboy sells like a salesperson. I asked Raj, "Are you interested to know?" "Yes! Yes! Yes!" were his response.

The story goes like this. There was once a young man who wanted to flirt with many ladies. He knew no female would offer him free sex if he did not approach them. With courage and curiosity, he took up determination to ask from ladies he met. His first few attempts were horrible and rude. He was so direct with statements like, "My dear, can I sleep with you a nite?" or "You look pretty cute! Can we have one nite stand?" or "Are you available for a quickie?" Not only he failed badly, he was slapped on the face many times by those angry females. Each time he failed, he improved by applying new approaches and sweeter words were spoken. Surprisingly after many months of flirting, he managed to win over 10 ladies from 100 cold calls. From an amateur, he had turned to be a professional playboy who knew, whom to ask and who not to be asked. By the sight of any lady around, he could sense and feel, whether she was the available type. He knew the particular approach and words to be used to win over the lady he favoured. A professional playboy has the ability to sell himself.

Raj, "If you are truly a professional sales agent, you should also know how to sell yourself." My only advice to him, go to a biggest shopping mall in town and try to sell himself to strangers. Sell himself and create friend out from people that he doesn't know. If he darns to take my challenge to meet and talk to 1000 strangers, he will be able to understand my words. I am sure, after meeting 1000 or more strangers, Raj will be a change man. He will develop stronger confident and he can understand the art of selling. Just like the playboy who knows the art of flirting. Selling cannot be taught. It has to be self developed by the hard way.

Quote of the day, "Anyone can give up. It's the easiest thing in the world to do. But to hold it together, when everything seems like falling apart; That's true strength"

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Are u counselling while selling?

The greatest honour that I benefited from my career, selling life insurance is being accepted as a close friend by all my clients. Some of them took me as their best buddies, when they could tell me everything. Their personal feeling, their desires and even their dreams. Even their spouses might not know but I do understand better. I am not just an agent, at times I acted more like a brotherly or fatherly figure to them. Perhaps with my wisdom on understanding of life, I offer my counselling whenever is required.

Honey Lee (not the real name) is one of my lady client for 15 years. Most of her friends thought she is a happy go lucky person. She is not! In fact she has many frustration and unhappiness in herself. She always assumed that the world is unkind to her. Started as a clerk, today she works as a secretary. She has to assist her lady boss, who hardly comes to work but have the privilege to spend lavishly as and when she wants. Her bosses drive expensive cars, when she drives only a little Kancil to work. She works during the day, mother and husband to the family in the evening. She has to awake earlier than the husband, cause to fetch her two daughters to school. She contributes much more than the husband in term of financial to support the family and the parents in law. As a lady, she needed the extra romance and attention, but with an uneducated husband with no passion, his style of love is very conservative in character.

As I said earlier, I am like a brother to Honey Lee, I do really understand her frustration. She has been working very hard but the little attention, recognition and love are not given to her. I told her, "The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen and even touched. They must be felt with her heart." She has a choice to be happy or to be sorrowful. If she continues to compare and compete with others, she will be unhappy all the way in living. Any way life is never all the roses cause we have the thorns in between to avoid. Accept as what she has and make the best out of it. In fact she is lucky because her bosses need her experience of work. Her husband is unromantic though but a very sincere and a faithful man of admiration. She should feel proud to be a family provider as she earns more. If only she could see the positive part of life, she should be having a wonderful time with her family at this moment. I had sold life insurance to her, together with the enlightenment of life.

Quote of the day, "Let's define happiness as a feeling of contentment created when all of one's physical, emotional, psychological, intellectual and spiritual needs have been granted.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Grow with our clients to succeed.

In our life insurance business, isn't how much you know your products to succeed. It is how much you know and to understand our clients that matter most. After selling life insurance for more than 25 years, I have built a substantial amount of clienteles to make my work interesting and exciting. Every year and every day, I will have friends who are happy and some may be sad. I make it a point to see first those who are sorrowful and try to offer advices and assistance if needed. Those who are happy will also like me to turn up and share their wonderful moment.

Like today, I visited a client who just returned from London with his entire family. He is Hanafiah whom I have known since 1994 when he was only 24years young then. At that time, he was an unemployed youngster who was trying to look for a simple job. With a lot of encouragement and motivation given to him, he managed to sit for his investment examination. Later he joined Maybank Security as a remisier. Although his starting was never easy, he never looked back but keep pushing himself forward. The critical test for him was during the 1997 & 1998 period, when the Asian Crisis crippled our financial system. Many of his peers left this trade because practically there was hardly any trading at that time. Not Hanafiah who worked even harder. He stayed and fought the battle alone. Today he is one of his company successful dealer who is most recognised by the corporate world. I am equally proud to be associated with him. I know his entire family, a loving wife called Rasyani, a son, Muhammad and three darling daughters, Khairulnisa, Nuramirah and the last Nurelisya.

Hanafiah, I salute and admire your success. My life career isn't easy but equally I know yours is even tougher and harder to achieve. Today we are not just agent and client's relationship any more. We are considered to be best friends for life. You have built a good amount of client base to succeed your trade and I have also sold myself to the same amount of clients as well. How I wish those who are of similar professions like us, would practise the same manner like us to succeed.

Quote to spur you further, "You have the potential to be anything you want. You are free to choose. You are limited only by fears. Let your dreams take over. Fly with the eagles. Sour into life. The world is waiting for you."

Monday, September 17, 2007

Professional salesperson helps client to buy.

There are many types of salesperson. The unprofessional class is money and incentives driven. Those who are professional, do not sell but rather help the prospects and customers to buy. In order for companies to sell their products or services, the easiest way to push further sales is to create and promote incentives to their sales teams. Incentives can come in fold by weekly, monthly, quarterly, half yearly and yearly. They are almost endlessly given to tempt or to encourage more sales.

It might be alright to encourage an amateur salesperson to sell with some incentives. However on a longer duration of time, incentives might not work. Sometimes incentives create unethical and unprofessional selling. For the sake of bringing extra sales, unreliable promises or lies are committed. Indirectly the salesperson needs the sales more than the customers. Any way not many sales persons who depend on incentives would last long in their careers. Either they lose trust and respect from their clients or they lose their interest in hard selling.

Like I said earlier, professional sales persons lead and assist their customers to buy. They have the patience to listen and to understand. They know exactly what the prospects want and needs. They offer solutions and advices. They recommend and suggest with sincerity and understanding. They are not the least border with incentives or recognition from their companies. They feel proud and delighted when their clients' problems are solved. They enjoy and know how to have fun with their work. They believe the Law of Return - An honest career will be rewarded accordingly. They are there to stay and last permanently.

So! Are you the short term salesperson driven only by cash and incentives? Or the one who loves selling because you do have the self determination to succeed by helping others to buy?

Napoleon Hill said, "It has always been my belief that a man should do his best, regardless of how much he receives for his services, or the number of people he may be servicing or the class of people served."

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Is my smile naughty to you?

A lady friend read my blog and saw my face on photo posted. She text me on my mobile phone written, "Just to let you know, you look a bit naughty in your smile! Haha!" My dear, you are right, my smile certainly has some cheekiness. Coz I smiled with a mind of 60 but the heart is only 38 turning 37 this year. If I smiled with mind and heart as 60, my look would be unpleasant and serious that you might not even like to adore. At least now you are attracted by me and had the thought to even send me this wonderful message.

To smile with a heart of cheekiness, I have to be brave and to be understanding. Brave enough to behave with my unforgotten youthful past of excitement. Wise enough to accept the wisdom of life with challenges. If I delete my feeling of naughtiness, most likely I will age faster and I certainly will try to avoid. I accept growing up but not growing old. Growing older is mandatory and growing up is optional. My dream is to remain as young until death or at least when I reach the biological age of 75, I still can hold my charisma and value of life with naughtiness.

Marcus Aurelius, "No man is happy who does not think himself so."

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Sweetness of words stimulate mind

Irene sent a text message to me, "I am glad I read your blog. I have gained some useful knowledge from it, especially the sweet part of it."

She claimed that she had better response from her clients, when she started to address them as "My dear Mr Lee or My dear Miss Alice" rather than using "Mr Lee or Miss Alice." Sweetness of words stimulate our mind. Whether is verbal or written words, those who listen and read these sweetness, will definitely love them. For those who have the courtesy and courage to apply them, they will be well received and accepted. For those who sell, sweetness of words help you to connect your relationship with your clients closer.

Don't just use the word 'dear', cause there are many other words that are even sweeter. Try these as well, "darling, sweetheart, honey, juicy, sensation or my love." You don't need to be an actual darling, to be called as a darling. The fact is, when someone calls you by that sweet word, "darling", your mind automatically or psychologically felt so wanted. The only way to prove my sharing, you have to try to believe.

Samuel Taylor Coleridge said, "The happiness of life is made up of minute fractions - the little, soon-forgotten charities of a kiss or smile, a kind look or heartfelt compliment."

Friday, September 14, 2007

8.4 magnitude intimacy

A loving couple was making love in their private apartment on the top floor. Although was only noon, they could not resist the lust to wait until the night cause this was their first encounter. Both of them were sexually intoxicated to the extreme without bordering what was happening outside. As the male was on his heavy piling over his sensational platform, the entire room was shaking. Glasses were falling, painting on the wall was moving side to side and they could see the mirror cracking. The female was amazed with the power and stamina of her man. She could not believe his penetration force was so great and intense. Out from her cry, she yelled, "I can't believe it my dear. You too fantastic! You are my hero! Not only you thrill me but you shake the whole room."

This happened two days ago, when South East Asia was shaken with a 8.4 magnitude quake. The entire region was affected by a series of powerful aftershocks. The couple was not aware of the tremors because they were too blindly engrossed to their intimacy of love. If you are in love with a magnitude of 8.4, nothing could separate your relationship. Love has miracle.

Love poem given by an Indian friend from India, "Love opens a heart and when it is gone it created a lonely void. There is no loneliness like a heart that is void if the one it loves. It is hunger that cannot be satisfied."

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Our world is almost like heaven.

Someone ask,"How are you?" I replied, "Good, just too good!" He was amazed by my positive reply. He asked, "You are always so full of energy. Your good is too strong to believe. Can you tell how you get that vibrant feeling?" I laughed, "Haha! I am feeling that I am just like in heaven now!"

My friend just could not believe my statement. I explained to him that everything on earth is available here. The world is so colourful with the smell of sweetness all round. We see the mountains, the rivers, the seas and the skies. The birds are flying and the animals are there. The world comprises of many nations and people. We speak differently but we look alike. Happiness is there. You don't have to wait for it to come. Happiness is to see others happy. In turn our heart will feel the sensation of joy and acceptance. Don't you think this is heaven? A world of wanders where we can feel and see. Why have we got to wait for the next world to reach heaven, when the real world of heaven is already here. It may be true that there is a next world we claim as heaven. Nonetheless you may not qualify yourself to be there, when you are not happy now in this world. In my own definition, I term myself that our world is considered as Heaven One. Unless I am contented, satisfied, truly a happy person, willing to assist the needed and give LOVE whole heartily to this real world, I will never be able to qualify and reach Heaven Two in the next world.

Quote of the day,"Sunshine is delicious, rain is refreshing, wind braces us up, snow is exhilarating, there is really no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather." Written by John Ruskin.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Male & female offer different remarks on love.

I have many friends and some best friends. Friends seldom tell you when you are at wrong. Only best friends have the courage to do so cause they are not afraid to be offended. Although best friends offer sincere opinions when needed, male and female have different views in helping.

Just for illustrating purposes, let me give examples. If I were to relate to my male best friends that my girl friend had left me for good, and facing love sick over her, they will laugh at me. Instead they might encourage me to forget her. Or perhaps it is an ideal time to replace a fresh one. After all she isn't the only girl in town. These are remarks from men. However should I discuss this problem over with my female best friends, they might sympathise my emotion and sadness. I will be admired my them for my seriousness in love with only one lady.

Assuming at this broken hearted period of time, there are few available single ladies who might be interested in me, my male best friends will definitely encourage me to take opportunity to befriend them. If I were to tell them that I am not interested cause I still have strong feeling for my ex-lover, they will take me as a stupid fool to cry over the unfaithful mate. On the hand, if I were to relate this outcome to my female best friends, they will definitely be inspired with my true love for the one person that I love. I will be taken as a sincere gentleman for all women. I am considered a hero then.

Looking at these two episodes, man and woman have different feeling and aspiration in life. Sometimes we need to seek the right party or sex to determine the right answers. If you pick the wrongful party, you might land yourself into further problems without realising yourself. Because these are the facts of life we have to face.

This happy quote by Thich Nhat Hanh, "Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy."

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A confident voice sells more effectively.

In selling, voice is an important factor. Isn't how loud or how powerful is our voice to impress our clients. Rather is how confidence our voice be heard. Our voices or words spoken reflex our personality and character. If you are at a low esteem, most likely your tone of voice, will be dull and soft. Or perhaps, if you are excited, your level of words will be strong and full of enthusiasm. Sometimes, a good actor can control his voice and tone, depending his acting and needs. Not many salesperson can act like an actor though. It is necessary that we have to speak from the heart that matters.

The confidence of our voice relates to our confidence of work. If we have acquire sufficient knowledge on our job, understand our profession and truthful in our selling, I believe we speak better and more effectively. Voice therapy can excite selling because these words spoken have energy and sincerity. When you say "Good Morning" to a client, he will feel the lovely words out of it. Or when you mention "The plan is good for you", they will accept your statement without reluctant. Cause your words sound with full of confidence. Do you have this voice?

Oliver Wendell Holmes said, "The best of a book is not the thought which it contains, but the thought which it suggests; just as the charm of music dwells not in the tones but in the echoes of our heart."

Monday, September 10, 2007

How do I sell with my 5 minutes sales?

One of my closed associate asked, "How can you conclude your sales presentations without explaining to your prospects and clients, and yet they are willing to buy in such a short period of time. Not even more than 5 minutes of selling."

I replied him, "My selling could be 5 minutes but it took me 25 years to earn that 5 minutes of selling!" Looking at his face, I knew he might not understand my words. When I first started selling life insurance 25 years ago, I faced the similar problems like all beginners. Not many strangers like seeing me. Even friends were also trying to avoid me, when they knew I were trying to approach them on insurance matters. Can't totally blame them because nobody like being sold in the first place. Moreover most people did not like seeing insurance agents. If ever, I had the opportunity to sell and present my plans, I had to do it many times before some agreed. My presentations were weak and unprofessional. I managed to succeed not by luck but merely on real hard work. Perhaps I had to see 10 prospects before one would buy. I had to face many rejections but luckily I managed to overcome most problems by the learning process and determination.

During these 25 years, I had shown my commitment and dedication. I earned my respect with the words and promises I had given to my clients and their families. My punctuality depicts my responsibility, my honesty relates my creditability and my love to them reflexes my care and concern. I have the perseverance and the patience to understand them. They termed me as successful but yet I am still as humble as before. My kindness and warm touch those beyond their belief. I am competent and knowledgeable on my profession with the confidence shown. At the same time, I added my knowledge with the wisdom of life to make my character more refine and polish.

I no longer are treated as an agent by my clients. They respect me as a true friends, they are happy and proud to listen my words and advices. I don't consider them to be buying my products now. Rather, they are actually taking my sincere advices to effect their needed insurance covers. They don't need to be sold any more because I had already sold my credibility long time back. In real term, my 5 minutes' sales took me more than 25 years to be sold.

My strongest belief in words spoken by Mother Teresa, "It is not how much we do but how much love we put in the doing. It is not how much we give but how much love we put in the giving."

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Infinity of tears from love

I received a little poem from an Indian lady from Hyderabad who loves poetry. Its written as: "The infinity of tears of my eyes proved, my love recognized & loved in return named LOVE."

Sounded very romantic and enchanting to me. As love has sweetness and bitterness, I like to tell this dear friend, that infinity of tears could be joyful and sometimes painful as well. When your male lover declares his love for you, you cry with joy. Be careful, cause the love journey is never always pleasant and assuring. For some reasons, if he ever leaves you for another woman, your tears could be painful and sorrowful. Not all loves are permanent. It takes pain and experiences to understand what is true love.

I learned from a woman I love, who is unselfish and willing to sacrifice for the sake of loving me. She taught me what is LOVE....
Love is patient.
Love is kind.
It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.
It is not rude, it is not easily angered, it keeps no records of wrongs.
Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth.
It always hopes, always perseveres.
Love never fails......

Thank you to this special woman who showed me what is real love with only joyful tears to cry. My love recognized and loved, in return named LOVE. I will certainly wait until her love returns again.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Man will never resist favour for ladies.

Do you notice, women are always treated kindly by man. If ever they request favour from man who may even be a total stranger, that person will not decline to assist. What ladies have got to do is to ask with a sweet sweet voice, like, "My dearrrr or Misterrrr, can you help to carry my heavy bag?" Instantly the man will not hesitate to render his help plus with a lovely smile given to her. Perhaps this is the magical charm of women again, especially those beautiful one.

Pity our men! It will not be easy to request favour from ladies, more so if the woman doesn't know you. If you doubt me, please try to ask, "My dearrrrr or Misssss, can you help me to carry this extra bag?" Who ever the lady is, she will definitely stare and blink her eyes towards you. She will respond with a "Humm!" Unless she is your special lady who cares. Perhaps man do not have that magical charm like women. Whether is fair or unfair, thats the way our world was created by HIM. How I wish we were created the other way round!

Quote from Russell, "The key to happiness is accepting reality every day."

Friday, September 07, 2007

Punctunity earns respect and trust.

Most Malaysian have a bad habit, we are always not punctual with appointments. Every time we are late, we have reasons like, traffic jam, bus break down or our cars can't start, accident or not feeling well. We have forgotten, the more excuses we give, the more it reflexes on our characters. Being not punctual, relates that one isn't responsible. If the person is fully a committed one, he will be serious to plan right to be on time for each appointment. No matter how far the location or how heavy is the traffic, he will plan to reach his destination perfectly.

In my 40 years of selling, I have earned respect to be a serious and responsible person. My punctuality is almost 99.9% perfect. I will always start and plan early to reach my appointments without letting any obstacles to delay my time. I try not to fix the time too near of two meetings in between, cause time can be a constraint to meet up later. As time management is a factor, I have to be careful in planning to meet my clients. I rather fix lesser appointments than to be late in all my meetings. Most of the time, I prefer to be early to wait for my clients, rather than they be waiting for me instead. By doing so, I then hold a upper hand to my clients. Through the many years of dealing business with my clients who know my punctuality, I have created my creditability and trust with them. Doing business with them is so much easier because they know I will never fail them in any way. My punctuality has reveal my true identity. What about you?

Quote of the day; "Respect and trust cannot be given. They have to be earned one step a time."

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Be proud to be a salesperson.

Although I had met many insurance colleagues, not many were proud to introduce themselves as Life Insurance Agents. Their call cards were written as consultant or financial advisor or agency manager. Not one name himself as agent. If they were not proud to be an agent, how could they be able to sell themselves to the public. Whenever I introduced myself, I called myself as a salesman who sells Life Insurance.

No one will respect us, if we ourselves are not proud to be one. All insurance agents like to make money but they do not like to be named as insurance agent. Without them realising, they are like telling the consumers that they are selling for their own interest and not for the interest of their clients. Don't forget, when you are looking at your prospects and clients, they are also smart to be observing your move too.

I feel great to be a super salesperson selling life insurance. Without the miracle of our products, the world will be living in uncertainties. Life insurances create protection and offer peace of mind. We provide comfort, security, hopes, dreams, needed fund, medical attention and a better future for our clients. Selling life insurance needs dedication and devotion. Selling in this career is a professional one with total commitment. If you are not proud to be a salesperson selling this product, I don't think you can last very long in this profession. Liking the income and liking the career are two different things. Unless you are going to be truthful to yourself, you will not succeed easily. Be honest!

Quote of the day, "I don't like work - no man does - but I like what is in work - the chance to find yourself." Spoken by Joseph Conrad.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The one minute sale.

Have you ever heard of the one minute sale? Yes! All my successful sales start first with the "One Minute sale." My experience tells me, if my one minute sale isn't catchy and interesting, I will not be able to conclude the final sales. Most salesperson lost their sales because they do not have the one minute sale to start the actual selling. Or perhaps they don't even know what is the one minute sale. To them, they can't sell with just one minute of time. One minute is too short a time to explain and illustrate your products. That isn't true, if you know the art of selling.

Let me explain what is the one minute sale. Don't forget most people don't like to be sold but they like to buy. Explaining any products or services, certainly requires time. When prospects know you are explaining and illustrating your products, they also know you are trying to sell. Even they offer you the opportunity to present your sale, they may not whole heartily listen to your words and explanation. A lot of times, sales were lost mainly because the prospects never understood your presentation. They actually didn't listen attentively.

The next question is, how could you not be selling but yet prospects are eagerly wanting to listen. That is the catch, if you could overcome this obstacle when your presentation is ideally heard and understood, most likely prospects will buy. To overcome this first hurdle, you have to create a need or to arouse an interest, which prospects cannot resist not to listen. I termed this creation and interest as the one minute sale.

If you had intention to sell a program of one million, you should create a question like,"Mr Prospect, have you got a million cash in your bank account at this moment?" His reply may be, "No! I don't have such a big amount." Next question to excite him, "If there is somebody who can deposit this one million cash to your account soonest, would you believe?" He is stunned with a nope on his head. Final question, "I will show you the possibility, if only you can spare me half an hour or more to explain. Provided you have the time and keen to listen." If your prospect is attracted to your proposal, he will definitely offer you the solid half an hour presentation as require. The above three questions will not take more than a minute to ask. They will open an opportunity to create a better and favourable situation for you to sell later. This is what I meant as the one minute sale. With some practises, you can master the art of selling.

Quote of the day, "Successful selling is to sell when your clients do not know that you are selling."

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

What your handwriting reveals

Many believe in palm reading, cards reading or even facial reading to determine your future and character of a person. However I fancy more on handwriting. Like a candid photograph snapped in an unguarded moment, your handwriting can say more about you than you may think. No matter how you are taught to write at school, your handwriting will eventually take on your own personal style and become a unique guide to your character. This is called Graphology.

I picked up this interest while selling insurance in the early days. All those who effected insurances with me, had to complete and sign our application forms for proposing their respective plans. In order to understand the character of each client, I took the trouble to study their writing and signing. Each feature of handwriting will reveal something about the writer's character. All features have to be examined and the meanings put together like a jig-saw puzzle. Small writing usually indicates modesty, but other features, such as the width or slant of the letters, may suggest that a person with small writing is also outgoing and friendly. I find the understanding of graphology is very useful because I would know more about my new clients better. Examples like their personalities, sociability, working qualities and responsibilities.

Looks like talking alone isn't enough to handle selling. You have to know by reading the handwriting of your prospects mind and thinking. Then you are truly a professional salesperson to compete with the rests.

Quote of the day, "You can hold your speech but not lie your handwriting."

Monday, September 03, 2007

Being good naughtiness understands life better.

Its always nice to be admired by others. Yesterday I received a text message from Amy, a pretty colleague from our company. She wrote, "Si Fu (master), you are always in my mind. Do you know something, I want to be like you. An ever green performer in our career." My reply to her was short, "To be an ever green in our business, you have to be good naughty!" She was puzzled, "What do you mean? Good naughtiness?"

Amy, it is not easy to explain on text messages through our mobile phone. I think writing and sharing on my blog here, allows you to read with some understanding, and at the same time will benefit many as well.

To be a life insurance agent, one has to be good in personality, manner and character. Understanding the good way of living. On the other hand, 'good' isn't enough cause to be good is much easier, when most people tend to behave good. Do you know and understand the bad part of life too? 'Bad' is even more difficult to understand and to encounter. We were all brought up by the good sense from childhood to adult. Not forgetting, we were never shown to behave 'bad' in the first place.

Suffering is bad part of life. Do you know when those have no money or income, the fear and feeling are terrible in them. Cheating and corrupting are equally bad. When one has no money, he might even turn to cheat or to rob. Being not responsible in life is considered as bad in character. If one isn't responsible, he and his family might suffer later in life. Amy, if you are only a person of goodness, you might not understand why these people behave these manners. As a good person like you, you will not feel comfortable to associate with the suffering of the bad. However, if you do have some good naughtiness feeling in you, perhaps you will take some effort to understand them.

I had spoken many a time, life is not just all roses alone, because it has thorns in between too. Not only we should understand the good part of life, cause the bad part of life is equally important to know. The funny thing is, when you are good, you do not like to mix with the bad. At the same time, the naughty one will not like to be related to the good too. Good is most acceptable by all but if you have the good and naughtiness combine together, most likely you would have the both worlds in your hand. The good and naughtiness cannot be taught or transferred. Amy, you have to develop and cultivate them by yourself. To understand goodness is easy but to understand naughtiness, you have to be courageous and farsighted. These are not knowledge but wisdom of life. Conclusion; in life we have to be good but also understand the bad as well.

Amy, if you want to be different, follow this quote spoken by George Washington Carver, "When you do the common things in life in an uncommon way, that is when you command the attention of the world."

Sunday, September 02, 2007

A True Friend.

We have many friends but isn't easy to have true friends. I read a poem while on holiday, written by Sister Felicidad Lipio from Bulacan of The Philippine. Like to share with my readers.

A True Friend...
A true friend is Always loyal and true:
One who is always There to be with you.
In "thick & thin" You can count on him,
He'll forever love you Till the end...

I wish to have such friends but you rest assure I will always be a true friend to all I know.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

The magical charm of woman's beauty

Some women said that men are cheeky. They stare at us and try to be naughty with us. Deep down in my heart, I wonder whether they like us not to be cheeky or naughty. Just imagine, all ladies love to look pretty and attractive and if no man looks at them and to admire them, would they be happier. After all, men are always attracted by the beauty of women and they really can't stop men not to be cheeky with them.

On the other hand, if women are not interested to be attractive, men might not be cheeky and naughty too. When that happened, the world might be less progressive and productive. Remember the day, when you were young, you saw a pretty girl who drew so much of your attention. You tried so much to court and tackle her with sincerity. Out of your sheer effort, she said, "Young man, how can you date me when you don't even have a car?" That sentence was great enough to make you work harder without turning back. Her encouragement made you to do well and both were dating and romancing as lover. Came a day when you tried to propose to marry her. Surprisingly she spoke, "Dear we can't marry without a house!" Your parents words might not even be better but that simple statement again spurred you to work harder than ever. For the sake of your woman, nothing could stop you from achieving whatever you had in mind.

The beauty of woman can boost the moral of man to a higher level of esteem. Or if not properly taken, it can also destroy the self esteem of man. I think the creation of man and woman is to let woman leads and man to follow. Woman to be attractive and man to be cheeky and naughty. They are not wrong and neither are we. We need both to survive in this world of feeling for each other. Accept it or not, this is the true fact of life.

Love quote from J.E. Buckrose, "Happiness comes more from loving than being loved; and often when our affection seems wounded it is only our vanity bleeding. To love, and to be hurted often, and to love again--this is the brave and happy life."