Saturday, May 31, 2008

Are you an understanding father?

One of my Indian girl friends recommended me to see a Tamil Indian Love movie. Although it was a romance show, it highlighted greatly on family love and matters. It was a film that depicted our current society problems. The story was about love given from the father to the children in the wrong way. His children were over pampered when they had lost their right to think and to decide. From the time the children were born, everything was pre arranged and planned accordingly. The father was successful and extremely rich who could afford almost everything for the children. Without him realising, he controlled and dictated his loved one. His wife and the rest of his family had no say at home. They could only listen and follow the father words. They live in silence frustration and won't darn to sound a word of disagreement for fear of the father. In actual fact, the entire family wasn't happy at all. There was no laugh and cheer in the house, until the son's lover appeared to create the needed joy of love for the whole family later.

Although it was only a film show but I believe many fathers out there could have make the same mistakes. Is good to love our children and to provide for the family but not to love and possess them forever. Guide them, motivate them and advise them. Lead them to be independence and love them to love others. This is the role of a successful father.

On the hand, to love a lady is different. As man we try to love our mate until she needs not think for herself. My little darling always said, "Yes sweetheart...I am brainless since I know you!"

Food for the heart - "Be a great father, love your family with a true heart without condition and expectation."

Friday, May 30, 2008

Indian's head turn.

I was taken by surprised when I spoke with an elderly Indian man. Each time he acknowledged my questions, he shook his head from left to right, when he should be nodding by lowering and raising his head. All of us nod our head as in agreement and shake to determine disagreement in all discussion. When he shook his head, I thought he wasn't sure. Until he opened his mouth with an affirmative yes and still shaking his head to confirm his certainty with me. To make sure he was agreeable and understood my statements, I told him to speak verbally rather than applying his head language. The nodding and shaking were confusing with our discussion. Later I was told, most typical Indian shake their head for 'yes' and also for the 'no' as an answer. I call this as Indian head shake which other races can't act. If you don't believe, try to move your head from left to right and see whether you can say with 'yeses' comfortably at the same time. Perhaps our logical left brain isn't trained to do so. This is the funny part of life which most of us don't realise. So the next time, when you speak to an Indian, be careful with his nod or shake of his head. To you may be is a 'no' but to him is a 'yes', coz it has double meaning in his language.

Oprah Windfrey - "Turn your wounds into wisdom."

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Women love to be admired by the right way.

Do you realise all men like to look at women? Especially to women who are sexy and the attractive one. According to my little darling, there are two types of men. The first are those gentlemen who look to admire ladies. They are the decent type who has no bad intention in any way. Not the second type. They stare hungrily at all women, as thought they could imagine that women are naked. Surprisingly women also have their senses to know whether those men are behaving. If you are the male admirer for ladies, they would be proud and be happy with you. Admiration are meant to be beautiful and attractive. The more you look at them, the more happier ladies will be. On the hand, if you are the one who stare at females from top to bottom, please be aware because they have the mind to shoot you down as well.

The funny thing is, not all women darn to look or stare at men. According to my little darling, females also like to admire their heroes, who are macho or handsome in look. Perhaps they won't look directly at men for fear of being noticed. I am sure in their heart, they wish those heroes would look at them instead. Their thoughts are, "Hey! handsome, I am here. I am approachable and available. Stare at me and I will smile for you." After all, women also have feeling like men but just that men have to start the ball rolling first.

As far as I am concerned, I am a gentleman who admires ladies with courage. I don't admire in silence but admire with action. When I first saw my little darling, she was so attractive and sexy to me. From far I saw her beauty of a true woman and I took the attempt to approach her. With a red rose in hand I spoke to her, "My dear, can you allow me to offer you this rose? Coz you are as beautiful as this rose. I was watching you with admiration. I can't resist not to tell you, you are a very pretty lady to me." That was history. Now I called her as my little darling.

For those gentlemen who admire their ladies, don't just look to admire but be brave to let your ladies know you do admire them. Mark my words, ladies love to be admired in all ways. These are true facts of life.

James Allen - "The more tranquil a man becomes, the greater is his success, his influence, his power for good. Calmness of mind is one of the beautiful jewels of wisdom."

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

What is the most beautiful thing in the world?

Three different people send me different messages recently. The first was my elder son whom I could see has grown to be more mature in life now. He said, "We live in a very temporary world and if we can't enjoy in this world, why bother to go to a better world. Live for the present and do your best out of it." Son, I am glad you can see life deeper as you experience the world.

At the same time my little darling wrote, "I love you so deeply in my heart until I would feel electricity running all over me." I must had done something that had touched her heart. I can't resist this statement. To make it more permanent, I decided to write them on my blog for all lovers to read. Love has magic!

From another new found friend, Zarina who likes me so much. She send me this lovely poem describing what is friend. "FRIENDS... They love you, but they are not your lover. They care for you, but they are not from your family. They are ready to share your pain, but they are not in your blood relation. They are FRIENDS, True friend scolds like a DAD, Cares like a MUM. Teases like a SISTER, Irritates like a BROTHER. And finally loves u more than a lover. Thank you for being my friend all this while." Zarina, you are truly my good friend coz good friends do not come easy.

This was a wonderful week when I had a son, little darling and a good friend to give me - "The best & most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen & even touched. They must be felt with our heart."

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Creative replies inspire others.

To ask effectively is to gain result and replying creatively is to inspire. There are many ways to answer a question. To add character and sweetness in answering could bring better acceptance. The most popular question ask is, "How are you?" Is commonly replied with I am fine or ok or I am alright, thank you. Personally I feel those replies are rather flat and uninteresting. I always put extra effort to reply that question. I prefer to say, "I am fine. More so to see you calling me at the moment." Or perhaps, "Your call make me feel so wonderful." Or, "Nothing is happier to see you around."

Replying with 'I am fine' is one way energy to the receiver. On the hand, 'Your call make me feel so wonderful' is two ways energy. The receiver gains and the giver also benefits in return. Any thing that has two ways with 'give&take' is a positive attitude of two minds.

Lovers could be more intimate if they communicate with the right answering. Some darlings could be asking, 'how much do you love me?' If you are an unromantic lover, your reply could be just, 'I love you a lot.' If my little darling asks me, I will tell her, "I love you from your head right to you toe, deep into your heart until I go crazy."

Asking and replying are a skill. If you know how to combine them well, most likely you will stand tall among your community. Hope my readers would try.

Food for thought - "Only knowledge is thoughtfully absorbed, can it become your own wisdom."

Monday, May 26, 2008

Asking the uncommon way to be effective.

To sell effectively, one has to know the right way to ask. I practise this simple phase all the time, 'Do the common things, in an uncommon way and I will be different." Let me show my readers some illustration.

For instance, is usual to ask for an appointment like this, "Mr Prospect, can I meet you tomorrow or the next day?" I find it very direct and too business incline. I prefer to address without the Mister in front. Let say his name is Mr John. I like to ask, "Hi! John, can you allow me to visit you tomorrow or the next day?" The 'Hi!' signifies friendliness and closeness to him. Calling him without Mister, reflexes my personal confidence and sociability. 'Can I' is optional to John, whereas 'can you allow me' is no option given. Meaning, it is not a manner to reply a 'no' when someone asks to allow a visit. 'Meeting you' is like selling, whereas 'visit you' is courtesy. It might sound heavy to most salesperson, but the uncommon way of approach makes me a special person. Of course the way you voice your tune is equally importance too. A soft jittery voice depicts nervousness. If you could speak with a precise, clear, confidence and a powerful tune, it relates success of the caller immediately.

The above approach is also applicable to courting of lovers. If a man is interested to date a lady, he might ask the normal way as, "Miss Pris, shall I have an honour to date you for a dinner tonite." If the opportunity is given to me to date this lady, I will never go by this old fashion way. Instead, I rather apply a bit of my playfulness and sense of humour to sound it sweeter to her. I will ask her, "Hi! Little darling, your attractiveness draws my attention. Can you allow me to have the honour to make you a happy lady for the nite, by dating you with a dinner? I am sure with a sincere thought plus going with a happy heart, Miss Pris won't reject my request.

I have learned in life - "Tranquillity comes when the mind concentrates."

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Meow!!! Cat's greeting with the head.

Hugging is good but heads knock with each other is even better. I learned it from cats when I was young. My late mother loved cats. We used to keep few cats at home. Cats like to cuddle with each other when they sleep together. When both mates play, they prefer to lean on to one another. They move their heads against each other necks and their tails twist cross together. At this posture, they look relax and calm. Usually they acknowledge their contentment by sounding their meow...meowwwwww!!! I believe cats are very passionate animals.

As a little boy, I like being tapped upon my head with my mum forehead. The touching of our heads could be felt with acceptance and affection. The few seconds of closeness were so meaningful to me then. Each time, when I had done well, my mum would acknowledge me the head touch too. Although my mother had left long time ago, I still could remember her caring knocks on my forehead.

Today all lovers know the hugs and kisses in romance. Not many understand the head touch of love. I am lucky my little darling accepted this gesture of cat behaviour. We hug together with a head knock which created a stronger impact and warm. To personal friends we met, we knocked and rubbed their heads, instead of the common way of shaking hands. They just like the new way to meet.

Elbert Hubbard - "The love we give is the only love we keep."

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Love & passion in selling life insurance.

Two unhappy lady agents approached me for advices, on how to sell successfully in life insurance. Repeatedly I told them, selling with 'love and passion' is the formula. They said it is easy for me to do it because I have already made it now. They claimed, it is not possible for them to practise passionate selling, when they are not successful yet.

I believe most agents have the same thought like the above two agents. Most survive the trade not by self determination but rather by external motivation through incentives created by the industry. Perhaps incentives at the beginning is tempting, but gradually most would lose the desire on just rewards.

I told these two ladies, when I first started selling life insurance 26 years ago, unconsciously I was applying 'love & passion' on my work, without knowing it worked. I might not have the external beauty of a man, but I do have the love and affection of the heart since a child. The first 10 years of my career, I committed on my job with plenty of attention and concern to my clients. In return, they love me ten folds to let me survive in the business beautifully. Today consciously I know my success is justified by adopting the 'love & passion' selling.

I could stay endlessly in the trade without incentives support, because I tap my energy mainly through the power of love. The understanding of life is, the more you help others to be happy and to succeed in their lives, the more happy I would be myself. With a happy heart, I see the world beautifully in all aspects. Today I am blessed with many good friends, understanding clients, interesting associates and most of all a little darling to spur me to move on in life.

My personal advice to my fellow colleagues. Please attempt to use your heart more in selling rather than just apply your head. Heart is sincere and pure. Whereas the mind is corrupted at times. 'Love & passion' is still the better way to sell life insurance.

This phrase from Mahatma Gandi won't be wrong - "The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service."

Friday, May 23, 2008

Smile create more smiles.

This was what my little darling used to say, 'smile is free but yet not many of us smile'. Just like when you want to be happy, prepare to make others happier first. Even in church, when we said 'Peace Be With You', the Father always said, "Please say this with a smile." Smile can relax and exercise our skin and facial. Smile changes our mood and improve our body posture. Those who smile more often are usually healthy and good looking. My little darling is a very pretty and cheerful person because she smiles a lot.

To test how smile works wander on strangers, I showed it to my little darling while jogging in a nearby running park. There were many joggers and brisk walkers around. They were only to themselves without any expression of feeling while exercising. I told myself, I would be different from others who were serious and unfriendly. As a first jogger who was about to approach us in the opposite direction, I looked at him with a friendly smile. Upon reaching, I raised my arm and waved at him with a positive 'Hi!'. He was caught for a moment but he also replied with a broad smile plus shaking his head to acknowledge my smile in return. My little darling was taken aback with surprise. It proved, a smile could lead to another smile. I kept smiling with more 'hi' given to those that came along. Almost everyone returned my smiles with gesture. From strangers at the beginning but later we became friends. I had my fun while jogging. Most important, my heart felt extremely excited and joyful, for I knew happiness could be only gathered if you are willing to make others happier.

My little darling was wondering, why I was not shameful or scared to approach strangers. I told her, actually I was also scared at the start but the thought of wanting to have fun and be happy in heart, overruled the fear and timid of my mind. Jog with a smiling face and you will make many happy hearts.

Food for the heart - "When fear enters your heart, diffuse it with love. With love, anything is possible."

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Loving someone isn't wrong.

I received an interesting comment posted by a reader under my title, "Express gratitude joyfully & opening." She wrote,"Great words and great story! But sometimes men act so illogical, that we, women, can't understand them..and we don't know how to act, because we are afraid..for instance, I fell in love, but I really afraid , that this man doesn't feel the same feelings.. and I don't want my heart to be hurt. Tell me..please can a woman do the first step in the relationship. Is it right or wrong?"

I told her that loving someone is not wrong. Also never be afraid to fall in love. Normally is man leads and woman accepts. However not all men are intelligent and courageous. They have the same timid feeling like women. Outwardly they are bold looking but seeking courtship some men could be shy. My elder son is a naughty boy who has little problems in mixing with girls. My second son is much handsomer who is shy with ladies. It was his understanding wife who encouraged him at the beginning. Otherwise, he might remain to be a bachelor now.

There is no right or wrong for woman to take the first step to initiate a relationship with a man she likes. After all love could be developed from friendship first. It is the understanding and attention nurture with each other that love would blossom gradually. There is a saying, "no pain no gain." Moreover mistakes are teachers of life, including love mistakes. So the next time, if you happened to notice a shy handsome man you adore, offer him a sexy smile and await the magic of love to strike.

Food for the heart - "Smiling is infectious. You catch it like the flu. When someone smiled at me today, I started smiling too."

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Growing up verses Growing old

Looks like when a person is aging, his value also decreases.

But the fact is;

It takes time to learn and only when you are old,

perhaps you might gain some wisdom of life.

But again, when you are there, your value is no longer needed.

Could these be true facts of life.

I perceived the above was a way of life. Seeing those who are retiring when the age limit is due. Pensioners are seldom given options to continue to work with their skill. Even if they do, they are always victimized by their employers. I had a classmate who was working with an airline for many years as a senior manager. Quite comfortably was he paid. He even had opportunity to travel half the world with his loving wife before he left the company. Upon reaching 56, by appointment he had to leave his 30 years of experience job for good. Physically he is still fit. Sad to say, today he works only as a personal driver to a younger corporate manager. From my chat with him, he sounded depress and unhappy with his age. He lost his confidence because he thinks he is growing old.

Think of growing old is certainly sad but to think as you are still growing up is challenging.

I read a book, " Healthy Living" by Dr Bob from the States, who said that everyone of us can live up to 100 years. He is currently 86 years young. He is even fitter and more muscular than when he was at 16. When he was 60, he was aging rapidly. He gave up his medical practice to concentrate in developing his own health. He is not growing old any longer but rather he is still growing up now. Buy his book and see for yourself whether his physical posture can inspire you.

Immaterial of what age we are, I believe we are still growing up. When we were a child, we acted childishly and playful in nature. As we grew a bit grow older, we were given more responsibility and more tasks to accomplish. As we turned adulthood, we lost our playfulness without realizing it ourselves. At middle age, we continued to learn the progress of life. However, as we aged further, we tend to forget our childhood innocent. Perhaps at that point of time, you might think you are already old when most won't like that feeling of aging.

In order not to think we are getting old, it is nice to remember and to feel our childishness of our past. Recall and feel our childhood memories. Those past little childhood's happenings could tickle your heart and mind. Be brave to have some naughtiness in this period of time. After all naughtiness could be considered as the bad or the good kind. Pick some good naughtiness in you, they would make your heart younger. Don't listen to the old because they always behave to be much older. Naughtiness is something disrespectful to them anyway. In fact, good naughtiness create fun and joy. It enhances the overall mindset of a person. You feel much younger and more active in life. That is the time you know you are not growing old any more, but rather you are still growing up with life.

Growing up is interesting because age isn't the limit any more. You look towards life more willingly and eagerly. With a wisdom mind and knowledge thought at this golden age, you understand lives clearer and better. Growing up encourages you to maintain a regular exercise to keep the body fit and sound. Conclusion: Have a wisdom mind and healthy physical to growing up.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Decision and Promises

"Always remember two things.....

Don't take any decision when you are angry.

Don't make any promises when your are happy.

Remember these..for the rest of our lives".

They sounded simple but yet we failed most of the times when we were facing with anger or overjoyed with emotion. During those moment of feelings, we tend to make wrong decision without realizing our mistakes.

When two lovers are confronted with quarrel, their anger makes them to say the wrong words or statements which might not be meant that way. Rather to offend each other, the best is to say nothing or make any nasty decision at that moment of time. I had experienced such wrong decisions, thrown to people I loved. Of course later I regretted for my wrong doings. To those who are reading this article now, especially those whom I love: Please forgive me for whatever wrongs or mistakes I had spoken then.

Even when we are happy, don't promise any thing at that moment of time. Give ourselves a little time to ponder about the subject. Surely we think better that way. Don't rush to marry a person when you think you love her /him now. Say yes only when you know her/ him more.

I wish I should have known these simple rules much earlier in my lives, when I could have made lesser mistakes. Nevertheless is not too late to let my readers know and understand them now. This is the true facts of life.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Lock of Love.

I was having breakfast with my little darling in a coffee shop, when a sales peddler selling locks approached our table. He was holding various types of lock and insisted to demonstrate his products, claiming they are special in many features. I hesitated him a moment. I spoke aloud without fear, "I only need one type of lock. Do you sell lock of love? A lock to keep me and my sweetheart in love safely forever?" The sales man was puzzled, "Ahhh!! Love lock!! We don't sell love lock!!" Without me realising, the neighbouring customers were also amazed. All ears and attention were on me. I pondered over him, "Yes! U do have those locks. If only you could add patient, kindness, no envy, no boastfulness, no proud, no rudeness, no self seeking, no anger but with truthfulness in them, those locks will sell. Coz these types of love lock always creates hopes and always perseveres." The salesperson and the crowd laughed and smiled. I believed they knew my intention. I had bought the love lock for my little darling. I also wish those who are in love, consider to buy this miracle love lock. It definitely works wonderfully.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

The old has to live along with the young.

Today I visited two old friends, one is a medical doctor and the other is a dentist. They are about my age but I think I look much younger than them. From their discussion, I knew they had lost the enthusiasm of life. They worked for the sake of working without much passion in their practices anymore. I guessed as they are doctors, they had been seeing the sick patients for too long in lives. Their works are surrounded within the four walls of medicine without seeing much of the interesting world of the outside. I noticed they are living in a world of the past, when they had refused to accept the present. The present is exciting and lively with so much to learn and to explore. Their children all carry hand phones, when the fathers still depend on normal fixed lines. They find text messaging on mobile phone is difficult to learn. They bought computers for the families and hardly understand what the internet is all about. To write to them you still have to use paper, when the email is more practical to apply. Looks like they are actually living in their own world of misery and frustration.

I told them to change their way of life and thinking. If they want to live on, they have to accept and understand the youthful way of living. The young will not accept the old, if the old has pride to recognise them. The young can learn much from the old, as the old has knowledge and wisdom of thoughts. However if the old is not interested to change, then the young will also have the fear to approach them for advices and guidances. I find it very easy to go along with the young because I enter their gate way with a happy heart. I lever down my status and position, and instead talk to their tune of love. The young is playful but I could be much naughtier than them. They have drive but I have greater motivation than them. They seek for romance but I have more secret admirers. They surf on the net when I write blog for them to read. They are knowledgeable in many ways but I help them to understand a bit more with the wisdom of life.

To my both doctors friends, the world survives only if the old and the young can understand each other. Young is temporary, when old is more of permanent. To be happier, don't forget the young. And equally the young has to accept us, as old has to come one day too

Chinese proverb - "A diamond with a flaw is worth more than a pebble without imperfection."

Friday, May 16, 2008

Control your own destiny.

Maram is a senior manager with a big corporation would be retiring soon. He has no intention to continue with his important position. According to him, he felt that his time had been controlled by his work. He had been working extremely hard for almost 30 years with this corporate world, when he had hardly any time for himself. He is successful but his destiny is being controlled by others to a certain degree. He preferred to be like me, who is self employed. I don't have to report to any bosses. I work according to my convenient and time. I pick the people I like to meet and see. I write my pay cheque depending on the effort I brought in. Indirectly I control my own destiny.

Maram considered me as luckier than him. It might be a 'yes' or perhaps could be a 'no' as well. As a self employed person, I have all the time for myself, compare to those who have to report to others. Like Maram, he has to start at seven in the morning and could be home only late night at eight. If I don't need to meet any one in the morning, I can stay back at home and enjoy the early peace with a good breakfast. Sometimes when I don't feel like working, I can return home at any time without fear. My leave entitlement is up to me to decide. At any time, when my little darling wants to go holiday with me, I can fly off without bothering what is happening in the office. Coz I have a full time secretary to handle my business matters. My income is based on my own personal merit and not by the discretion of the company I represent. Definitely these are the plus points to be working for yourself.

Being self employed is like a rose and not forgetting rose has thorns also. To be self employed, you have to be self discipline which most find it difficult to manage. Reporting to a job is a must by rules. However when you are on your own, you might be at lost when to start and when to end. If you are too comfortable when you don't need to report to any one, the chances are, you might finally not knowing what to do. Most life insurance agents fail gradually in this business, is mainly due to indiscipline of themselves.

Controlling one's destiny is good. However not everyone is capable to do so. So before you decide to consider to work for yourself, make sure you are truthful to yourself again. Are you the type who can self motivate your own or rather you are the type who needs others to motivate and advise you from time to time.

I might be lucky as Maram claimed, but equally I consider Maram as lucky too. After all these years of hard work, he has climbed the ladder of success within his glamorous industry and also highly recognised internationally. Maram, I do admire you as a true friend and as a faithful employee.

Food for thought - "Enjoy the journey, enjoy every moment, and quit worrying about winning & losing" - Matt Biondi

Thursday, May 15, 2008


We used to read this phrase, "I was sad bcoz I had no shoes until I saw a man who had no leg".

The latest version could be this, " I was sad until I saw a man without two arms, shaking his shoulder and jumping with joy. When I asked why? Are you happy? He replied, I am not happy, my balls are itchy. i can't scratch it!! Ou!".

The later phrase was sent to me by a distance relative from the Philippine. A man I so admired. Although he is much older than me, he has sense of humour and plenty of love. Now I know why he and his wife are so loving, because the man still has the cheeky naughtiness with him. Without that naughtiness, he could have looked much older. Thank you for showing the wisdom of life to live younger which books don't. I remain cheeky and naughty like you as well.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Closing a sale is as pleasurable as making love.

Selling is as pleasurable as sex to me. To appreciate love making, one should know the various steps to satisfy a love partner. The steps could be like; when, where, mood, patience, understanding, caring, pleasing and finally ends it with a good sex making. To have a romantic love session, we have to plan according to convenient time. A rush rush situation could dampen the mood of both lovers. The place of romance has to be conducive with suitable environment. Blended with wine and music, the feeling could be ideal. The man has to be patience not to over react or over excited. His words have to be sweet and nice. His approaches have to be charming with pleasantness. His heart has to be sincere and tender. His body has to be flexible with arms and hands to move right accordingly. He talks softly and gently, added with the potion of kisses. He knows how to detect the acceptance signal. Confidently he clears the passage by undressing the willing partner. His skill is sharp to push the right G spot for the cry of wanting more. Yells and shouts are thrown to witness the satisfying partners. One who serves and the other to appease.

In selling the approaches are quite similar with love making. The timing of a sale is vital importance. You don't sell to a prospect who is busy or not at the right frame of mind. The place to discuss business has to be suitable. Quiet with a friendly environment as well. The salesperson has to be patience. He has to listen and to understand his prospect needs and wants. His heart has to be kind and willing to serve. His speaks the truth with a forceful personality. A skillful salesperson knows how to detect buying signals from his prospect. With confidence, he signs the prospect without any objection. He presses the right G spot, when the prospect is too happy to pay in kind. Hooray and congratulation are exchanged to determine a satisfying customer and a pleasing sale. One who buys and one who sells.

Be a good lover to enjoy the romance of love with a satisfying soul mate. If you are in sale, master the selling process to enjoy the countless sales with excitement. Each successful sale could motivate you to reach orgasm, characterized by the same strong feelings of pleasure gain in sex making.

From my little darling who share this phrase - "Do what you love - love what you do."

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Fantasize the place to make love.

Over a recent party with some interesting friends, we were sharing some wild thoughts on love making. We agreed that most couples seldom have guts to explore and experiment on sex. For instance, most love making is done on the comfortable of a bed. So much so, after a long period of time, these couples might loose interest on love making coz sex turns boring and unexciting any more. During this sharing session, all of us with males and females around, agreed to forward their best experiences, ideas or suggestions. Our topic was, 'Where to fantasize a place to make love.'

The first lady who shared with us, she prefers to make love in the bathroom rather than the bedroom. There is the shower or the bathtub with the running water to create the romance of fantasy. MMMMM!! It sounded nice from a female.

From another gentleman who claimed that occasionally he and his wife made love in the kitchen. His wife loves it so much there. Could be the kitchen is her paradise.

Going up a lift of 20 floors could also be an ideal place for a quickie one. Both have to be bold and willing to try. Cinema is a common place for the young but the older couples should also try once in a while. If you have a car and have never try making love in it, is really a waste. Do it before your car is being taken away. For something high flying, attempt to make love in the toilet of a flying jumbo jet is challenging. However you have to do in quietly without interfering other passengers.

All sounded interesting, not until when my turn came. Making love in a washing machine is unimaginable. This is supposed to be the French popularity, a style that thrills all places you could think off. In the washing machine, the couple hugs and holds each other tight, while the machine rolls and spins. I believe the French washing machine could be larger than our normal machines available in Asia. Given a choice, if my little darling is brave to roll and spill with me in the wonder machine of romance, I will be too happy to accept the trial.

Love is exciting if only when one is prepared to explore. If you were in love but no longer in love now, please do something immediately. Don't live a monotonous love life. Make things different in every way, including the places you make love. It will spice up your love feeling and enhance a better relationship with your partner. Like George Washington said, "Do the common things, in an uncommon way. The world would be at your command." Or should I say, "Do make love, but make love in an uncommon way. The romance world would be at your command."

Monday, May 12, 2008

Soul mates.

I thought I know, actually I didn't know, until when I know that I don't know, than only I know I didn't know. This is a true statement always forgotten!

I thought my little dear could be close, or a little darling could be special, or even a sweetheart could be sensational. Until an enlightening lady who told me, nothing is greater than a Soul Mate. A name very seldom being introduced and spoken. If ever I love that little dear or darling or sweetheart, do I consider her as my soul mate! Incidentally by chances, I walked into a gift shop where I found a very romantic card, worded with my feeling for my soul mate. Perhaps I take this opportunity for me to share with those who might have the same thoughts in mind. To those who are in love.

To the one person I consider to be my Soul Mate.

I am so glad that you are a part of my life. It is a privilege to know you, to share myself with you, and to walk together on the paths that take us in so many beautiful directions.

I had heard of "soul mates" before, but I never knew such a person could exist - until I met you.

Somehow, out of all the twists and turns our lives could have taken, and out of all the chances we might have missed, it almost seems like we were given a meant-to-be moment to meet, to get to know one another, and to set the stage for a special togetherness.

When I am with you, I know that I am in the presence of someone who makes my life more complete than I ever dreamed it could be. I turn to you for trust, and you give it openly. I look to you for inspiration, for answers, and for encouragement, and not only do you never let me down - you lift my spirits up and take my thoughts to places where my troubles seem so much farther away and my joys feel like they're going to stay in my life forever.

I hope you'll stay forever, too. I feel like you're my soul mate. And I want you to know that my world is reassured by you, my tomorrows need to have you near, so many of my smiles depend on you, and my heart is so thankful that you're here. Written by Carey Martin

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Are all men corrupted in sex?

My little darling asked, "Dear, whenever man asks, requests or even says something to a woman, he has intention to have sex with her. Including me as well. Is that true?"

What she meant was, when ladies ask things with men, they never have the thought of having sex. Whereas men always have the corrupted intention. Example: Can I have tea with you/ have sex after tea. Can I massage your back/ in favour you give me sex. Shall we go for a movie/ sex later. These were my little darling perception against men.

I explained to her. Our world has the bad and good people. We have the gentlemen and the non gentlemen. A gentleman sees first the beauty of a woman externally. He appreciates the attractiveness and personality of those ladies he looks upon. Later he talks to them to understand their thoughts and thinking. He could sense the intelligence of their mind and to feel the love of their heart. If he finds one who has the beauty of the external plus the inner, he admires her as a total wholesome person. If he finds one who touches his heart, certainly he would fall for her. Sex would not appear in his mind until the lady has accepted him as her love. This man is termed as a true gentleman because he is a polished and a refined person who understands the principle facts of life. On the other hand, the non gentlemen are the opposite. Upon seeing an attractive and sexy woman, he would try all out to approach her with intention to have sex then.

To my little darling, man has the good and the bad type. Equally I believe, there are the intelligence and not so intelligent women. The smarter ladies know the difference of a real gentleman or not. Sorry to say, those who are not so smart women, tend to be carried away by the witty men around. I might be a cheeky and naughty man, but I have a noble love in heart. I trust you are intelligence enough to judge whether I am a true gentleman or not. Not all men are bad! Just that, whether you are smart to get one who really love you whole heartily.

Food for the heart; "F.E.A.R. - False Evidence Appearing Real."

Saturday, May 10, 2008

How a five minutes sale works!

One of my closed associate, PP who was over joyed when she sold a policy within a five minutes discussion. A feat which not many life insurance agents can do. After listening her entire story, I told her that wasn't a five minutes' sale but rather was a fifteen years' sale. The logic was, she had known this client for fifteen years. During this long period of time, PP had earned her client's trust. She was having plenty of patience and tolerance to understand her client. With her sincere heart, she offered care and concern to her client no matter how busy she was. There were times, when her client was facing hardship, PP was always the first to be there. She has the sense of humour to make her client laughed. She is witty and intelligence, to offer all necessary information when needed by her client. She has the confidence to deliver all promises made. Most important, she has a successful personality which her client admires.

I told her, "My dear, you took fifteen years to earn this 5 minutes creditablity. I salute to your determination and consistency. You are truly a professional class of life insurance agent in action. How I wish all agents sell like you. Congratulation!"

What Zig Ziglar said was true - "You can get everything you want, if you would just help enough people get what they want."

Friday, May 09, 2008

The best life insurance plan available?

Sometimes I am being asked this question, "What is the best life insurance plan available?" Deep from my heart, the best plan could be from any life insurance company. All our life insurance companies in Malaysia are controlled by our Government Central Bank. All plans are subjected for approval before they could be marketed. In simple logic, when you pay little premium for maximum covers and benefits, the investment returns will be much lesser. If you intend to have a much higher investment payout, by paying the same premium, you have to reduce the covers and benefits. Definitely you can't be paying lesser premium to have higher covers and benefits, plus a maximum investment returns later.

If a specific company or an agent who claims that his company has the best policy plan in town, he is almost like not telling the truth or perhaps he hasn't done his homework yet. My best advices to those who intend to buy life insurance, buy from an agent who is committed, knowledgeable, sincere, honest, kind and willing to serve you with a smile. Ask yourself whether you are comfortable with him. Most likely your senses can tell. Never deal with an agent who has intention to switch or twist your existing policies. In fact, the older your policies, the better they are. Some unethical agents use all sort of tactics and ways to persuade you to change for newer plans. These are the black sheep of the industry who should be penalised from selling.

I hope these little information could be useful as a guide to those who intend to purchase life insurance. One final advice - "Buy Life Insurance when you don't need it coz when you need it, you can't buy."

Thursday, May 08, 2008

A beautician who loves her profession.

Now I know why women are always prettier, because they do spend a lot of time to beautify themselves. Besides clothing and hairdo, they put much effort on their face by facial treatment which men seldom bother. With a little influence from a special lady, I took the courage to sign up a facial package from a beautician. I was a bit shameful at the beginning, thinking that treatment of such was meant only for females. However after treated several times on my face, I strongly believe my face looks brighter, fairer and younger. Most important, I felt I am still growing up rather than growing old. Most older person refused to accept changes of life.

I was recommended to Amy Koon of the AK Health & Beauty Concept, who packed me to their Intensive Hydrating Facial, Acne Skin Treatment, Pigment Skin Bleaching and Aroma Ear Tummy Candle Treatment. As Amy has been in this profession for many years, she not only knows her work well, she works with love and passion on all clients. Each time she massaged my face, I could not resist her soothing stroke and tenderness from her soft palms. The relaxation made me fell asleep while she cleansed my face. I believe any professional who works with dedication and commitment, will definitely create success.

Two things I learned from here. One, I felt younger and energized with a good look. Believe me, each time when I completed the treatment at her beauty centre, I almost could not recognise myself when I looked at the mirror. I saw a younger handsome man of me!! Secondly, Amy has proven to me that when one works with love and passion, love will always create magic. She is happy because she made another customer a satisfying and a happier one.

Spoken by Francoise de- Motteville - "The true way to render ourselves happy is to love our work and find in it our pleasure."

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Wine and women.

Around the corner of my neighbourhood, there is a little coffee shop. It is very popular with their western meals. They served cheap and delicious food. Recently I noticed, those older male customers were taking their meals with beers as well. They ordered their beers not that they enjoyed them but rather there were three sexy sales Carlsbery promoters who were promoting their brand. I was not spared either when I patronized this place. First was the younger sales promoter who politely came to my table to try and sell me her beer. I replied with a broad smile to say no. Not giving up hope, the three returned again later to persuade me to buy one. They really tried all approaches. They threw me with sexy smiles, swung their lovely hips and swollen breasts. They were trying to out-sell another high nut salesman here. Finally they took defeat because I still insisted a 'no' as a reply. My principle in life, I buy what I need & I drink what I think is best for my body. I felt pitiful to the older uncles around who were succumbed by attractive ladies. They bought their beers out of temptation or weak hearted. Or perhaps wine & women always come together as a pair.

Some said, "A great life for man is wine, music & women." To me is, "A great life for me is wine, music & one sweetheart."

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Love bite is symbol of love

I was enjoying my sauna with Dr Fateh. He was seriously looking at me, when he said, "Hi! You have some rashes on your neck!" I was quick to respond, "Those are not rashes, Dr. They are love bites. Can't you see the different?"

I explained to this medical doctor who was puzzled for a moment. Rashes on the neck look like love bites too. The different is, rashes are skin diseases, whereas love bites are rashes endorsed by your lovers. To see the different, you have to look at their eyes. Those who carry love bites have love grows on their eyes. Their eyes sparkle with joy and they have confidence to show their kissing marks. On the other hand, those who are suffering with skin rashes have dull eyes because they are not happy with this inconvenient illness.

Love bites are symbol of love. The one who bites, is like saying I love you crazily. At the same times, she wants to know whether he is brave to acknowledge her love in sign. Or perhaps she wants the world to know, this man is already in love. It is applicable to either sex for the endorsement on body or on neck. So the next time, when you want to know whether your sweetheart is seriously in love with you, no harm sucking a love bite on her neck or shoulder top. If she does not mind, it is confirmed the lady really loves you with confidence.

Back to Dr Fateh who asked me whether my rashes are really love bites. I told him, first get a sweetheart to kiss and suck some love bites on his neck. Then you will understand. Simple as that, Dr!

Chinese Proverb said - "He who asks is a fool for five minutes, but he who does not ask remains a fool forever."

Monday, May 05, 2008

A cup of tea with love and passion.

I love visiting to Ihsan and Kabeer homes. Kabeer is Ihsan's uncle who stayed at different location. Each time I visited them, Ihsan's mother and Kabeer's wife would prepare a cup of typical Indian tea for me. They know I am a tea drinker, who enjoyed special quality tea. I know much about tea because I was brought up in a Chinese coffee shop, when I was young. Besides studying, I had to assist my father's shop. I served customers who patronized our place and at times I prepared drinks as well. With the many years of drinking tea, I could see whether a cup of tea is well served by its colour and aroma. Is really sad today we don't get good tea being sold in town. Whether are from the five stars hotels or the normal coffee shops or restaurants, the best cup of tea is hardly available. Not the teas from Ihsan's mother and Kabeer's wife. They are superb because their teas are prepared with plenty of 'love' added. First, they make sure the tea dusts are specially purchased from India or Ceylon, which are of the best and fresh qualities type. On preparing the beverage, the ladies have to make sure the water is properly boiled. Hotness of the tea is vital important. Right spices are added to bring out the aroma. Sufficient fresh milk is mixed with a bit of sugar to go by the taste.

As I sipped my tea, the ladies of the house stood a far to observe my expression. They would not be sitting with me as they are the very shy and conservative Muslim females. I could only sound to them with a 'mmmmmmmMMMM!!!' Meaning to say, the tea is sensational brought out from my heart. Meanwhile I could see their eyes grew with joy with an acceptance of sincere friendship. Making a cup of tea is easy but making a cup of tea with love and passion has to be from the mind and the heart. I know these two great ladies have the love. Thank you to these wonderful friends I have gathered through my journey of life. You really make my life so meaningful just by drinking your cups of love tea.

Specially to these two ladies I adore - "Real happiness is the pure, comforting, and delightful feeling that comes after giving and renouncing."

Sunday, May 04, 2008

What is success against life.

Would like to share two versions of life experiences from a lady and a gentleman. The first one is from Young Kat.

Life blossoms like a flower at 70
It is not strange to live at 80
Life is great and fine at 90
Have a happy smile when you are 100

At 60 you are a young man (Robert)
At 50 you are is like a child
At 40 is like a baby in a cradle
At 30 just a new born baby.

The second version is from Michael Leow.

What is success?
At the age of 3, success means - not shitting in you pants.
At the age of 12, success means - having friends.
At the age of 18, success means - having a driver's licence.
At the age of 20, success means - having sex.
At the age of 35, success means - having money.
At the age of 50, success means - having money.
At the age of 60, success means - having sex.
At the age of 70, success means - having a driver's licence.
At the age of 75, success means - having friends.
At the age of 80, success means -not shitting in your pants.

They are worded very meaningfully. The female version is gentle and soft. Of course man is a man. We are more direct and down to earth. These are all true facts of life in every sense of the world. Young Kat & Michael Leow, thank you for sharing.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Forget the past, challenge the present.

Four ago when I first known Nor Elizabeth, she was a very sad lady. Her husband left her for another woman. She was at her early twenties then. Without financial support and without any working experience, together with her two years old son, she returned to her own mother's house. Sorrowful though but with love from her family and encouragement from all of us, she managed to get a new found job as a restaurant supervisor in town. As I am also her life insurance agent, we met quite very often. I used to enlighten her with knowledge and taught her to understand the aspects of life. Within a short period of time, she was promoted to be the manageress of two outlets.

Time passes by rapidly when I had not seen Nor for almost six months. Last week I was surprised, when she called to invite me to her new business premises. Upon reaching this new address in a very elite commercial location, I saw this attractive Arabic restaurant, Laziz - Journey to Authentic Middle Eastern Cuisine. She was so glad to see me around. I could see the sparkle in her both eyes. Yes! Nor is no longer working for someone. In fact she is half owner of this beautifully done restaurant. Her face tells me she is in love. From her mouth, she related that she has found a new lover who is the co owner of their shop. With love in her heart plus the passion in food business, I am sure she would do well. The last four years were not easy for Nor, when there was no love in her heart. Now that her heart is full of love, her hopes and dreams are all in place again. Nor, I am equally happy for you, as you are brave to forget the past and willing to take the challenges against the present. Congratulation!

Mahatma Gandhi said, "To forget how to dig the earth and tend the soil is to forget ourselves."

Friday, May 02, 2008

Man propagates for world evolution.

Dr TS is a wise man who asked, "why man needs women more than women need man?" He gave me a very interesting insight of this 'always talk about subject'. The purpose of male on earth is to propagate the expansion of human living cycle. All living plants, creatures, animals and human being need to reproduce. Without the reproduction of all these living things , there will be no evolution of the world. The creation as such, all male living species have the natural instinct to mate with the opposite sex. The animal kingdom will go wild to propagate their natural growth. Look at the lion or the dog, they breed their offspring without control. Their natural male sexual instinct is there to force themselves to mate with their females. The human is no different either. Once a man turns adulthood, we too naturally love to seek for our sexual satisfaction with another female. During the pre historical period, when there was no law and regulation, man was also like animal who was wild with sexual aggression. They procreated to multiply the earth population. Otherwise you and me will not be around to write and read this blog.

So the next time when a man is courting a lady, bear in mind, most likely he might have the thought to have sex with her. He might start with a chat, talk and later the love making. For the ladies, please try to understand us, we are built and created with this propagate instinct which is unavoidable. However time has changed, when animals are still wild on sex, man is more understanding towards sex. We take sex as part of love which is beautiful and exciting. Agreeable upon by two souls who are united to be bonded as one. Indirectly man has a role on earth. He propagates and women conceive to multiply. That was the reason why Adam & Eve were created in the first place.

To those who had failed in love, I like to share this little poem -
Gave Of Love.

"In the game of love - It doesn't really matter who won or who lost.
When you think of your past love, you many view it as a failure.
But when you find a new love, you view the past as a teacher.
Love will always find a way. Will always win."

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Discipline coud be judged by cleaniness.

Do you know the way you portrait yourself is very important? Your character and personality are almost judged by the way you dress up your entire physical. The better looking you are, the more you are recognised as a true successful person with responsible behaviour.

Next could be your working place. If you are a person who is discipline and also responsible, you tend to have a working desk which is tidy and well arranged. Or if you have a chance to visit another friend's home, observe his house environment. His clean garden plus a comfortable interior would tell you that he is a man of discipline again. Take an excuse to visit his toilet. If is in super condition, this family is truly a responsible one.

Last Saturday, I visited Singapore which is not too far away from Malaysia. Since my second son has migrated there with his family, I took the opportunity to stay in his apartment. I had a chance to drive a bit around the city, jogged in the nearby park, walked over to the wet market and the surrounding food courts. To my amazement, I noticed there was no littering or throwing of rubbish wherever I went. Although Singapore is a little island city with a few million population, it has managed to control the cleaniness of the country to almost perfection. Is definitely not an easy task. I am sure their nation has spend a lot of effort to teach and to educate their people. It relates to me that Singapore is a very discipline country. And that is the main reason which helps them to advance to where they are of today. Congratulation Singapore!

Moral of this story - To have a responsible and discipline nation, one has to start from our oneself and family first. Are you?

A Chinese Proverb - "A bird does not sing because it has an answer. It sings because it has a song."