Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Have fun in selling.

One lady agent was seeking my advice today. She was desperate to close a fairly big case before the month closed. If this case was to be concluded, she would qualify for a special incentive oversea trip awarded by the company. Although her prospect was busy, she attempted to contact him three times today itself. Rejected badly because the not so interested prospect did not respond her calls. At the end, she was frustrated, tense, stressful and drained off in mind. She admitted her fault, she needed the sale more than her buyer's need. Her desire to reach her dream, over reacted with desperation. She could identify a rich prospect but equally a successful prospect could differentiate a competent agent.

She asked, "Had I done wrong?" I told her, everybody has to make mistakes to learn.."Mistakes are our teachers of life." As an agent, you need to sell for a living. A living is a life long journey with the up and down paths. In order to sail a smoother journey, we have to avoid the stressful and heavy waves of obstruction. Greed, selfishness and arrogance are waves to be avoided. Flow with the wind of sincerity, humbleness, kindness, honesty and fairness. Along the way, bring out your laughter and humour. Don't sell for the sake of selling, but sell for the love of selling. Then you would begin to have fun selling.

Food for the thought - "Think of giving not as a duty but as a privilege" - John D. Rockefeller Jr.

Monday, September 29, 2008

My adorable new born baby.

This is my baby who is just a few days young. Her name is Arianne Foo. Sweet isn't it? Sorry! Sorry! Not my baby but rather my grand daughter. She is my sixth grand child from my elder son, Alvin. I still have not seen and held her yet, because she was delivered abroad. Looking at her photos, sent over by her lovely mum, Fionne, she is such an adorable baby. Feel like kissing her. With her birth, I now hold six stars over my shoulder as a young grand father. Looking at her, recalls my memories again. How I wish, all my sons are still little babies, when I could love them more. The fact is, babies are all cute and lovable. Their smiles melt your heart. With them around, they make you move, they create a sense of responsibility for the parents, they bring joys and excitement. Most important, they unite and bond two different families together for the purpose to live on happily ever after. I wish Alvin and Fionne best of luck. You both will have a long journey ahead, as your burden of life begins because taking care of Arianne takes time and effort. It might be challenging but if you know how to appreciate life, raising and loving a child is a wonderful experience. I had mine and now is your turn. The only regret I have, is not having a daughter in my life. I wonder whether it is too late at the moment. Hope little darling can understand here.

Food for the thought - "Happiness...lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort"....I think making baby is included. Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

A hungry man is an angry man

Just for a Sunday laugh...

A hungry man is an angry man. I think is true! I could be a wonderful person, but when I am hungry, I behave horribly and look a different person in character. A slightest issue could disturb my anger. I think illogically with lesser positive energy. As this is my physical and mental weaknesses, I try at all cost to avoid not eating at the right time of the day. If I need to see important people, I make sure my stomach isn't empty. A well fed person will always speak better effectively.

There is another Chinese saying, "No man could be successful, if he isn't fed sufficiently well by his upper and lower needs." The upper is his three meals for the day, and the lower is his sexual satisfaction. The three meals offer him strength and energy, whereas sexual satisfaction gratifies his desire and contentment. Food could be abundant for a man but if he is deprived of his sexual gratification, he will never be a happy man. If you see an unhappy man, most likely either his upper or lower, or both upper and lower needs are not taken care. Whereas a happy man completes his life with a woman he loves. As woman has the magical touch to keep us warm from top to bottom.

Would you agree with me? "An apple a day, keeps the doctor away. A nice sex a day, keeps the anger away."

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Are U the possessive man?

Are you the type of man, who doesn't allow your woman to look sexy and attractive? I mean, she could be beautiful, but you won't let her to dress sexily and attractively outside. Her beauty could only be seen by yourself, and not to be admired by others. If it is so, I think you are the possessive type. Possessiveness is actually dominating. You lack confidence for fear of loosing your love. It might lead to jealous and distrust which are not good for a love growing relationship. After all love is trust, patience, tolerance and understanding.

As a man, I too love to dress well and be admired by others, including by the opposite sex. I am sure all ladies love to do so even more than man, to dress and to have their own female characteristic image. Woman is created with a charming beauty for the world to admire. My little darling is a sexy and gorgeous woman. Since young, she has developed the desire and interest to look neat and attractive. I am the type of man, who likes my little darling to dress as attractive as she likes. Do whatever she could but to look beautiful and be admired upon by those who are lucky enough to sight her. She is blessed and created with such prettiness and intelligence. Why should I be possessive to dominate her in the first place? Whenever I have the chance to be with her, I know all eyes will be on her. Some male's stares could be dangerous coz of her brave sexiness exposure. Many look at her with admiration. I took all their eyes toward her as my pride and honour for my little darling is such a beautiful angel. Though she created some sensation with her fantastic personality, deep in my heart I tell myself..."Robert! u are damn a lucky man to have such wonderful charisma." After all she is the apple of my eye who knows how to express herself.....

My strongest belief in romance...."To trust is to love. To love is to trust." For the men, if truly you love your ladies, never possess your love in any way of their lives.

Friday, September 26, 2008

You are very important to me.

Sweet words are pleasant to our ears. Letting someone feels important is powerful. Gives sincere compliments and the world will be yours.

Everyone likes to hear these; you are smart, nice, lovely, attractive or handsome. On top of these, if you could place the important of a person, you will definitely be a likable person in no time.

Example: Someone asks you, "Can I see you tomorrow in the afternoon?"
The normal reply could be, "Yes! " or "Certainly! that would be nice."
Add improvement...."Of course! Actually, I have an appointment with another friend but I will see you first because you are too important for me."
For me, I like to add a bit of humour, cheekiness and spices...."Of course! Though I have an appointment with our CEO, I will drop him off to see you first. Because you are too important for me." (hahahahaaaaaa....)

For the ladies, if a man asks, "Dear, can I date you tonight?"
Her heart says 'yes' but her mind says 'no'. Or perhaps a 'no' is a 'yes' for woman. Or perhaps they are confused!! Finally she replies, "Let me think about it first!" I think, girls are good pretenders. Not my little darling. She would reply, "Of course sweetheart! I have waited so long for you to ask." And do you know why little darling is so positive with her reply? The reason is....I have always place her as very important in my lives.

My late mother had taught me when I was a small child..."Always treat everybody in front of you as important as your mum. You will succeed in life." It is a simple advice but it helps me to grow this far. Thank you mum....is true your words.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Can you see in darkness?

Macus is a keen Hash runner. For those who have not heard of the Hash, let me tell you briefly about it. The basic idea of the Hash is a non-competitive jaunt through the local country side to appreciate nature and to further encourage a thirst for beer that should already exist.

Prior to running with Hash, Macus was a heavy drinker. His stamina was weak and he had a big tummy. Ever since he took up Hash running, he is fitter and healthier no doubt. When a date for the run is on, he would never fail not to participate the run with his team partners. Be it the day or the night, rain or shine, they would take the Hash run. No joke! According to Macus, running during the day is easy but running in the night is a skill. Just imagine, in total pitch darkness of the jungle. They are only using torch lights to guide their way. Further more, they are not running on a straight level road. The skill is, they have to identify all the key positions of the entire location. One important requirement, they need to possess love and passion to run consistently.

The darkness should not deter a regular Hash runner to run. Similarly a romantic couple needs no light to rock on the bed. In total darkness of their bedroom, both partners could manoeuvre their bodies, hands, faces, legs and fingers tactically. With the final countdown, they know where to reach the hidden tunnel of joy. The rock and roll is a skill, they have to identify the key buttons as well.

Life is a journey. The future is uncertain and unsure. Without knowledge and advices, it might be a blind path to live and to grow. Hash runners need key markers to complete their run. Lovers know the sensitive parts to reach orgasm for full satisfaction. To succeed in life, we require the key determination and enthusiasm too. The world is not dark, if only we see it to be bright.

Food for the thought - "To be blind, but worst is to have eyes and not see" - Helen Keller.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Beauty is everywhere...U just have to look.

Mike was shaking his head with an unhappy face. Whispering softly, "Mmmmmm!!! Not good! Business is bad." He was complaining that market was weak, politically unstable and world economy was slowing down. I stared at his face and asked, "May I know when you ever mentioned that things are good for you?"

Is true! Most people would complain all the time, whether is good or bad time. The slightest excuses and uneventful happenings, they would react negatively. However when they are having a marvellous time, neither would they compliment for the blessing. In Mike's case, his business might be affected but not his health or his overall well being. He still could afford to spend lavishly, go for short holidays, driving a tasteful car and his family is well taken care.

During my chat with him, I told him this story which changed his thought. Last week I visited a lady patient at the government hospital. A SYT requested me to see the patient, as she knew I could talk like a faith healer who might lessen her pain. The patient had been suffering from cancer for two years. She was a retired head mistress, age at 60 unmarried, but adopted a daughter. When I saw her, I could see the pain on her face. The many chemotherapeutic treatments had drained her energy. She had lost her beauty and she was wane and thin. The little soft food she ate was vomited. Under such difficult situation, this weak lady could still provide me with a smile, when I was talking to her. I knew she was suffering but neither she cried not complained. I could not do much, except prayed for the divine force be upon her. Three days ago, she passed away peacefully. I considered her as truly a strong lady.

After when Mike had listened to this touching episode, he promised not to complain anymore in life. I reminded him, when your heart is happy, you will see a beautiful world...no matter what happened.

Food for the heart - "Happiness cannot come from the without. It must come from the within" - Helen Keller.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Life starts at 60

I have two mentors, our ex PM of Malaysia, Tun Mahathir and Dr Bob Delmonteque. Both are in their mid eighty, who are still physically fit and healthy. Although Tun Mahathir has retired from politics, he is still a great elder statesman for our nation. Dr Bob was a medical doctor and today he is a health consultant. His present body posture will put many to shame.

As long as these two gentlemen are still around, I will consider myself as young. Not like many who are like my age or even younger, are afraid to live too long in life. They think old age is a burden to their family or they might not have the value to be respected. Not me! I personally think, life begins at 60,when I have gathered much knowledge and wisdom. Knowledge allows me to grow and wisdom helps me to understand life better. Today I have been fitter and healthier than when I was much younger. My little darling thinks I am handsome because I know how to present myself to be younger, in thought and body. My constant exercise built stamina and strength, which improves my overall sexual performance. They said when you are old, you should reduce your sexual activities. Not me again! In fact, I had never enjoyed my sexual life greater than today. My mind is more creative and sharper. I speak confidently and write to draw attention. My heart is richer when I am too eager to share and give. I enjoy and appreciate every moment of my time now. I don't feel I am 60 but rather 37 and turning 36 next year.

A wise mind and a healthy body is possible, if our mindset is positive and fearless. My two senior mentors have make it, so am I and you as well. We are not growing old but rather we are still growing up.

Food for the thought - "A man's worth is his knowledge" - Saidin Ali Bin Abu Talib.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Even U don't buy, try not to reject!

Nobody likes rejection, neither do I. With forty years of selling behind me, I guess, I encounter more sales rejections than most normal salesperson. Sales rejections are unavoidable, as most people don't like to be sold in the first place. If you want to try selling, ask yourself whether you are the sensitive type. If you are, then selling isn't suitable for you.

In my early days of selling, I had experienced the worst of rejections which I would not forget till today. I was scolded as being pest to my prospects, insurance agents are like beggars, hate seeing salesman, are you coming to cheat, you are wasting my time and etc. Those statements were hurting, and it took me many days to compose myself. Each rejection made me tougher. Each rejection made me to understand why people didn't buy. Each rejection strengthened me to be a better salesman.

However not many who venture into selling could be able to accept this rejection world. With my many years of experiences of encountering rejections, this is what I do now. Example: Whenever I met another salesperson, I tried not to reject them even I did not buy. Instead I became more creative with my reply.

I was approached by one telemarketing lady who tried to introduce her services. In order not to give her a direct 'No', this was what I told her, "My dear, you really have caught me at the wrong timing. Can't you hear the wedding bells? I am about to propose to marry my little darling who is beside me now. If you are going to speak to me further, I might loose the golden opportunity to confess my love." Immediately with delight she replied, "Congratulations! Please go ahead with your proposal. I shall not disturb you and I wish you best of luck." When I hanged down the call, I knew she wasn't directly being rejected. Although she could not sell her services, I was sure she felt great and excited with this reply.

Conclusion - I turned rejection to others into fun and laughter without hurting their feeling. Why reject for the seek of rejecting, after all rejecting is always hurting. Even you don't buy, try not to reject!

Food for the thought - "A candle does not lose its light by lighting another candle. So light up the life of those in darkness."

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Memory lane.

Walking along in memory lane........

My hand phone is having some technical problems. My little darling advised me to trade-in for a new one. As this phone was given to me by my first son, I will never trade-off for anything for its sentimental value. I rather buy a newer phone and keep the old one for fond memory. Many friends knew I have two old watches, which were bought by my two elder sons, when they just finished their education in England eighteen years ago. Although these watches are simple non branded type, I am proud to wear them everyday. To others they are worthless, but to me they are priceless. Looking at these watches, I could visualize the past memories of how I raised my children and the life journey that I had been through. Every moment of time could be recaptured with a sense of sweetness and joy. My sons might not be near, but their presence are always felt greatly by the wearing of their watches and they are very closed in my heart.

Not only I keep my sons' gifts and presents, I have countless letters and birthday cards of the past memories. Occasionally I read those wonderful words written by those who appreciated and loved me. It gives energy and it's like a "magic wand". It brings happiness to the heart and spur me to move on. I believe the past is important, for without the past there is no today. With a meaningful past and memories, it will make a better different of the present and future. That is what life is all about! I keep 'old vase', including love and romance. If I say, I love my little darling, I mean it all the way, for I will keep and cherish love forever as well. Do we treasure what we had and not taking it for granted? Maybe it is time for you to walk back into memory lane.....

What about you? "Are you a person who makes a difference by doing things at the right time that will make the difference in other people to make a difference."

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Sex???? Sex business????

Selling life insurance is a professional and noble job on planet earth, but some black sheep make it unprofessional. I had seen it when I first started twenty six years ago. It is sad to see and to know this is happening again. Today they still practising it. The most simplest way to secure a new business is to provide sexual favours and obligations for those targeted prospects. They are usually the male prospects who are being fished out from the opened market.

Those days, attractive ladies were recruited to sell by their feminine seducing charm. Most men who received calls from them, found it difficult to resist not to meet these sexy darling agents. Today, I am surprised there are some female agents, taking the short cut way to reach their goals. To achieve success by working hard is meaningful. To reach your dreams and targets by being ethical and professional is respectful. However to gain all these recognition by merely tempting your prospects to buy with sexual offer added, is definitely a shame and disgrace. Where is the professional integrity?

Life insurance should be purchased with a needed protection. If the sales were concluded only by unethical and immoral services, most likely the sales would not last. The chances of lapsing is great because no professional advices and services are given. In the long run, clients would not benefit and insurance protection is neglected.

My advice to all my dearest professional insurance agents. When you sell, it should be with business ethical and no sex involved. If you have the intention of involving a relationship with the prospect, don't deal with him as a client. Draw your line!!!! Closed cases with pride and glory. But not with grudges and regret later.

Food for the thought - "I have learned that success is to be measured not so much by the position one has reached in life as by the obstacles, which one has to overcome while trying to succeed."

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Do u keep secrets?

What is secret? On checking the dictionary, it has many definition. They are; Not expressed: inward, Kept hidden from knowledge or view: concealed, Known or shared only by the initiated.

A sweet young thing recently asked me, "Does everyone keeps secrets from her loved one?" Certainly my dear! Each and everyone of us here, young or old, has secrets within themselves. She continued, "Is it good to keep secrets from the one you loved?" Mmmmm! That depends! Is good to keep secrets for good intention. Intention not to review for not hurting the other parties. However is bad to keep a secret when it is meant to be given. Perhaps that expression of secret could mean so much to her loved person.

The about explanation interests SYT. With some hesitation, she told me her heart has a secret written in thoughts. With her permission granted, she allowed me to reveal her hidden loves.

It was concealed as, "Darling, last night when you gave me a tender forehead kiss with a light hug across my arms, I felt so nice in feeling, when I can't blame you for doing this gesture..I want to say getting to know you is my honour and having you to be by my side is a miracle. Knowing your unconditional love and care to me is beautiful and marvellous.... u are my star, my hero, my protector, my buddy, my sweetheart, my darling and my soul mate. I will be there for u whenever u need me.. I am not sure why we only meet now but I know its for a reason and purpose. Thank you God for giving me such a beautiful warm passionate kind hearted intelligent committed responsible angel. I love you."

WoW!!! I could not believe those romantic expression. I told her, "My dear, that secret thought should not be kept at all. Please unfold your heart and let your lucky man knows." Although SYT was shy and timid, she finally revealed her love secret to her deserving man after my initiating.

Not all secrets are secret. Some are meant to be kept permanent. If you happen to have this hidden view and emotion, please don't keep it as a secret. You will be amazed how the effect is like, when the rightful person received your expression. I hope my little darling will not keep her intended secrets from me.

Food for the thought - "What one hides is worth neither more nor less than what one finds. And what one hides from oneself is worth more nor less than what one allows others to find" - Andre Breton.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

If u love the man, be with him.

Edi and Siew Lan are one loving married couple, I have known for many years. Recently Edi is posted to work in Indonesia, not knowing when he could return. Leaving Siew Lan to manage and care for their three teenage children at home. I called on phone to Siew Lan today to check on their life insurance matters. On our conversation, she was frank to review she missed her husband badly. Although there are regular flights to Jakarta everyday, she isn't prepared to spend this unnecessary expenses. She is planning to see him only during Xmas.

Before I ended this telephone chat, I asked whether I could offer some personal advices to her. She replied with a whole hearted yes. This was what I told her. "Man & woman are different in chemistry. Man could be contented with just one need...a woman he loves. Whereas woman has ninety nine different needs to get satisfaction of life. She can be happy with children, her parents, friends, holidays, diamonds, cars, shopping and many more things out of life. If you don't see your husband often, you can still be happy with other happenings here. Not your darling Edi there. Without the lady he loves to accompany him, on a longer duration of time, he might be sad. From sadness, it leads to frustration which could translate into depression and stress later. If the man isn't a faithful man, he might look for another woman to satisfy his desire and lust. As I know Edi well, he is definitely a one man one woman's husband, would remain faithful till he comes home. However if he continues to suppress his sexual needs, he might turn to be a stressful person. A stressful man is an unhappy man. An unhappy man can be a sick man. The outcome does not look beautiful for him and the family then. My advice is, don't wait until the year end to visit him. Don't try to save the cost of the flights to see him either. Make it a point to be with him monthly. I am sure he will be happy to see the wife he loves more often. Don't be penny smart pound foolish. Gives him the love and attention wherever he is, my dear Siew Lan."

Siew Lan said, "Robert, you speak more wisdom of life than our church. Thank you for enlightening me. If you are not this direct in words, nobody would be brave to explain like what you did. I will book a flight sooner to see my darling."

Do you know - "A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z...the one who invented alphabets was a genius. But he made a mistake by keeping 'U' and 'I' so far."

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Any relationship needs commitment.

Are u a committed person?

Selling life insurance needs commitment. Because relationship is involved. Any relationships, especially loving someone , you need to be serious and be responsible to each other. When you love someone, you have to love her/ his entire family too. Or you marry a wife or husband, you marry the whole family also. You can't just love that person and forget the family. To love a person, you have to offer care and concern. If you could offer the same attention to his/ her parents, brothers, sisters and even relatives, the relationship definitely will be beautiful and lasting. Unless you are a committed person, you won't bother to love the entire family. The simple reason is, commitment takes time and effort. Many relationships and marriages breakup because commitment isn't there in the first place.

A successful life insurance agent loves his clients and their families. He doesn't look at sales alone. He builds his relationship by spending a lot time with the clients immediate families. He knows what they likes and dislikes. He shares their joy and sorrow. He inspires their dreams and offers advices when they face problems. He could be like a parent or brother to the family. He will never fail to be around when he is needed most in time of any eventualities. This is the commitment of a good agent. Usually such agents could be loving partner as well.

Food for the thought - "If someone listens, or stretches out a hand, or whispers a kind word of encouragement, or attempts to understand a lonely person, extraordinary things begin to happen" - Loretta Girzatlis

Monday, September 15, 2008

Feelings can kill?

A sweet young thing had fallen madly in love with another young man. After a period of time, she found him to have another affair with another girl. She became hysterical, mad, sick and extremely unstable. Many friends were trying to encourage her to forget this unfaithful man. However she refused to accept the advices, simply because she still loves him. She wants to be the only girl for him. Otherwise, she might even consider to take her lives away. This is a very serious type of love relationship.

With curiosity I asked many younger people for their comments. The question is; "Does Love be greater with sex or without sex?" Their conclusion are; Whether with sex or without sex, love can be serious in any relationship. But those who are having sex in their love, is definitely more serious in feeling. Sex is pleasurable. Sex can bond couple together. Sex has gain but equally has pain. Sex is possessive and can be very sensitive.

The explanation from these truthful young people most likely confirmed, love relationship involved with sex is deeper than those without sex. The man had cheated the feeling of this SYT who willingly gave herself to him. The sad thing is, this feeling of unfaithfulness hurts. If not taken care, feeling of such can kill. Avoid it at all cost if you can.

Food for the heart - "Hatreds never cease through hatred in this world; through love alone they cease. This is an eternal law" - Gautama Buddha

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Fire of passion and desire is boiling.

Closing a sale is like closing a date with a girl. If you think your ideal lady has the interest over you, don't wait but push yourself harder. No female would approach a man for a fling, he has to be thick skinned and confront her. He has to pursue, talks with enthusiasm and shows keenness before she agrees. Selling is quite similar with dating. A lot of sales are not concluded because they were not attended to immediately, when the prospects and clients were eagerly interested. Most sales are closed when buyers are excited, not when they have lost the jest to buy.

As a good salesperson, you have to know whether your buyers have the interest by observing their body's language and buying signals. And as a gentleman, you have to understand whether your lady is romantically interested in you. Both these approaches need guts and determination to succeed. If you fail to be a gentleman, most likely selling might not be easy for you either.

My belief - "When there is passion of fire and the desire is boiling, don't wait. For it is definitely a sure close, either in sex or sale."

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Are you spending enough time with your children?

I had not seen my grand children for many months. The last few days I was with them. I was locked in with them in their apartment. I talked like a child and acted like a child. They thought I am one of them. They address me as 'Kor Kor Yea Yea' in Chinese, which means 'Brother Grand Dad'. When I was young, I never had a chance to fool around with my children. I was very strict with all my sons and I believe they were equally afraid of me. I regretted not spending the quality time with them. Time passed so fast, now is the turn for my children to raise their children. I wonder they repeat the same mistakes I had made.

Little things could mean so much. Just like spending some time with Barry who is only four now. He was alone in his room, when I suggested to take him for a walk at a nearby park. Excitedly he took along his roller skate and both grand dad and grand son had a chance to fun around together. I held his tiny fingers with pride. I pushed to offer him strength while he skated happily. We talked and laughed. He listened to stories which the parents had not told. As I said earlier, these tiny gestures and fun time could be little things to most parents, they meant a lot to me now. Deep in my heart, I had missed the best part of my lives when my children were young but I did not know how to appreciate and spent those quality time with them then. Thanks God! Luckily I still have a young heart and mind to be with my grand children today. I hope my children would not fall into the same trap like me, when they are being carried away by their careers and the surrounding.

To all young parents - "Our children could only be young once. Make the best of your time with them when they are still young and innocent. The little things could be big things eventually in lives."

Friday, September 12, 2008

Never compare when buy life insurance.

You can compare most products on purchase but try not to compare when buying life insurance. The minute when you start to compare life insurance with various companies, all agents will attempt to sell for their gains and not to sell for your actual needs. After all, agents are smart and witty salesperson who could juggle and manipulate their plans to capture your interest. The plans might look attractive in prices and covers externally but without you knowing many hidden benefits could be taken away or not included. Their main objective is to sell you on a short term basis, and not bothering the future outcome.

Bear in mind, there is no such plan as cheap in premium but high in protection and return. Logically is, protection and return are tailored according to premium payable. Or either high protection with low return at reduced cost. If any agent who promises, cheap premium for attractive protection and return, I suggest you have to be careful with them. There is no free ride for sure and don't be too gullible in the first place.

The best way to purchase a good life insurance is to pick from a committed and professional agent who cares. When you have identified the right agent whom you think is reliable and comfortable to you, just give him/her your intend budget and needs. A serious agent will be able to work out the appropriate plans and benefits which most suit your requirement. Meaning, he/she plans according to your needs without having the fear that you are comparing with others.

I hope the above information could be useful to those who intend to buy life insurance. My personal tag line - "Buy insurance when you don't need it. When you need it, you can't buy."

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sex comes first in relationship?

Something to ponder!

Should sex comes first or love? The old days, was a taboo to have sex before marriage. Normally a man had to get engage prior to his interest over a woman. The female family would not be comfortable with this man, if engagement was not proposed. Was like a temporary lock up in love. I was one who were caught in this period of time. However, engagement did not give us the passport to sex. Within the shortest time, the in law would insist a marriage for the proposed parties. At last, sex was approved! What a joy.......

Today is a different era, when most couples start with sex before marriage. To them is like, try out first and see later. "Testing! Testing! 123......" Or perhaps they are playing with their emotions. Or mutual biological needs. Or is it a starter!! In a relationship, could love be developed without sex? My guesses from personal experiences and observation, love could not be flourished without sex in the first place. Couples could meet and talk endlessly, but without sex their feeling for each others will not be intense. They might be considered as just good friends but definitely not intimate partners. With sex over a relationship, both parties become serious and really involve in feelings. They are committed and responsible to each other. They tend to be more transparent and truthful. However having sex together, does not guarantee a faithful and happy love relationship either. It takes both to tango and to nurture a beautiful romance after that. I am from the past world but living in the present world to see the different of love and sex. Conclusion, I think love has to grow with sex. What about you?

Food for the heart - "Never break four things in your life - Trust, Promise, Relation & Heart because when they break they don't make noise but pains a lot" - Charles.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Try something different in selling.

Do you try these?

I will never start selling without a good head conversation. It might be a first introduction or to present a proposal to a prospect. I normally begin with a friendly chat to feel and understand my listeners first. I have to sense that my prospects are comfortable with me, to know whether the time and place are convenient, and to understand their mood at the moment of interaction. If any of these are not placed right, I will not proceed to the main frame of selling my services. What is the point to sell, when our prospects are not ready to listen! If their mind and concentration are not with me, I am sure no sales could be concluded. This is the golden rule of selling. Please believe me because I had made enough mistakes in my forty years of selling to confirm this rule.

Once I could settle with a prospect who is ready to listen with my plan, I always sell with a minute sale first before I proceed to the longer minutes sale. Try these. "Are you ready to see the million dollars in making? If yes, I need half an hour of your pleasurable time, Mr prospect?" Or..."I can lead you to a Million funding, if you have some time with me." Or...."Your past was the experience. Your present is important to face the future challenges. I can see your fantastic future. If you can allow me to show and share with you. Just give me one hour of your time, you will never regret over it."

Unless those powerful sentences are accepted whole heartily, your prospects might not give you their full attention to listen. Not forgetting, listening is not the same as hearing. Hearing is light but listening is stronger. In selling, listening of our prospects is vital important. When our prospects actually wanting to listen, our selling or sharing of ideas will be more effective.

Selling and courting are quite similar. If the lady isn't listening, the man might find difficulty to win her. The same one minute sale is applicable to capture the interest of a girl. Try this! "All men will fall for you my little darling. Just give me 10 minutes, I will tell you."

Food for the thought - "We are made wise not by the recollection of our past, but by the responsibility for our future" - George Bernard Shaw.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

I am younger as I grow older.

Chee Ying is one of my daughter in law. I have not seen her for almost a year since they had moved away for the south. Upon reaching her home, she stared at me with surprise. She said, "Dad! You look so young. My husband or your son seems to be older than you now. He won't darn to dress your colour. Who have changed your personality?"

Hugging her, I replied, "I have a little darling who shows me the way to keep young. You are to be blamed for not making my son looks younger than me. I gave my handsome boy to you and you turned him to be older than his dad."

This is true fact of life. When you are younger, you want to look older. However when you are older, you prefer to be younger. The upper is easier to reach but the latter is difficult to maintain. Because you need plenty of guts, know-how and love to get it. The easier way is to fall in love again with a little darling who cares and understands you.

Food for the heart - "A smile is a light in the window of the soul indicating that the heart is at home."

Sunday, September 07, 2008

The pregnancy result.

Would u agree?

All pregnancy tests create excitement. Either positive or negative, they lead to happiness or sadness. A childless couple will be extremely joyful to see the positive result. Not an illegitimate couple who have an affair. A childless couple will be sorrowful to have a negative outcome. A negative showing will be a joy to those who are not ready to have baby. A positive result could be fantastic for one but might be a nightmare for another person. What about you?

The pregnancy test I bought yesterday created anxiety to me and my little darling as well. I can tell you my feeling but please don't let others know about it. Ok?

Prior to testing, my little darling wasn't able to sleep for several nights. She was worried and tensed. I could see in her eyes were nervous. May be she was quietly saying a short prayer in her mind before she took out the test kit. Five minutes later, the test indicated with only one bar showing. The result was negative. She was not pregnant. Immediately she jumped with joy and I could feel her relieve.

On the other hand, I was taken aback with the negative result. I was expecting positive news which I knew my little darling won't like it. A two bar indication will lift my pride and self esteem to a higher level. I believe a positive result will make me feel much younger. Money alone won't motivate me but the positive outcome will. However I was happy for a moment when it created a false alarm. Not to let little darling know my real commotion, I pretended to be happy like her.

Whether the about was a true event, this is all part and parcel of life we have to go through. A 'yes' might be a 'no' to another person. Or a happy moment might turn to be sorrowful. Whatever it is, accept what is given.

Food for the thought - "One man's meat is another man's poison."

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Grandmamma needs pregnancy test!

Is an exciting Saturday!!! What about yours?

I walked into Guardian Pharmacy, trying to look for something which I had not bought before. To make it easier, I asked the attending pharmacist, "I am looking for pregnancy test. Where can I get them?" She stared at my face with some doubts which I didn't really like. She asked, "For whom? May I ask." I was a bit annoyed. My reply was, "Is for my grandmother!" Now I created some confusion on her. Her words,"For grandma!! Are you sure?"

At that moment, my little darling was coming in her way. Immediately I responded to the pharmacist, "I have five and a half grand children. This is my little darling who is gorgeous, young, sexy and still very productive. All our grand children called her young grandma. She is the one who needs the pregnancy test." Without further ado, the pharmacist recommended us the Dip 'N' Tell Midstream Pregnancy Test. Perhaps this could be the first time she had ever sold such prenatal care test to a grandmother. I was giggling in my heart, "Hee! Hee! Hee!!!"

Food for the thought - "Always give people or others a benefit of doubts!"

Friday, September 05, 2008

I don't just sell but also preach to gain the divine force.

A life insurance agent is like a preacher who preaches faith. The later works for God and the upper works for mankind. A preacher advocates his belief to create hope and peace, which can't be seen but yet powerful enough for his followers to believe. A preacher has nothing to offer physically, except words which we except whole heartily with joy. An effective insurance agent advocates his belief to create the needs of hope and peace for his clients. Life insurance is an intangible product. It can't be seen but can only be felt.

A good preacher who convinces you to believe his faith is because he understands the holiness of life. He has seen suffering and tasted sweetness of lives. He understands mankind needs and wants. He knows our weaknesses and strength. He proclaims love and togetherness. His words vibrate with confidence. He speaks with sincerity and humbleness. His life is simple but full of wisdom and knowledge.

A professional insurance agent speaks like the above preacher. The difference is, a preacher earns nothing, except the blissfulness from his belief. Whereas the agent is paid in kind and remuneration according to his effort. As a follower of a faith, you pay your regular dues by prayers to remain connected with your belief. The insurance clients have to pay their yearly premium to be covered effectively.

A friendly advice for my fellow colleagues, don't just sell but be a preacher as well to succeed in this career. You will definitely gain the divine force and support from those you sell and preach.

Food for the thought - "Having money does not always bring happiness, but having a clear conscious definitely brings a peace of mind."

Thursday, September 04, 2008

In love with my career.

To sell effectively and successfully in life insurance, one has to fall in love with it. When you are in love with a person, your eyes sparkle and your smile is sweet. Everyday is a Valentine day when you look forward to meet your love. Similarly when you love this career, your personality shows. You have all the energy and enthusiasm to move on. To love a person, you need to be brave and courageous. Selling life insurance requires guts and determination. To let your partner feels nice with you, you have to be a lovable person too. To succeed in selling life insurance, you have to be a likable person as well. Women like their mates to be fun going and if you are a humorous agent, you make all your clients adore you. All ladies like intelligent and responsible boyfriends, and to be successful in selling insurance you have to be smart, accountable and trustworthy an agent. To convince your ladies, you have to show your kindness, honesty and sincerity before she falls for you. Selling life insurance needs all these three important qualities. No woman will like an impatience man and no agent could succeed without tolerance. An understanding man will make a better lover. A committed agent will be more accepted. If you have all these qualities of a person, you will never fail in love or career. If you have not been doing well in selling life insurance, I guess you have really not fallen in love with this career yet. You have actually picked the wrong person. Because love seldom fail, it always prevails.

Food for the thought - "Be more concerned with your character than with your reputation. Your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are" - Dale Carnegie.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

How to win woman's heart.

A not so young man holding a greeting card in one hand, was jumping with joy. Out of curiosity I asked him, "May I know why are you so happy?" With a broad smile he said, "My darling sent me this card with all her admiration for me." He was not shy. Instead he handed me this special card for me to read.

The card was pink in colour, with the front headline printed as Valentine....I"m speechless. The next page was hand written by her. It started with, "You are brave, lovable, responsible, intelligence, approachable, funny, passionate, kind, creative, honest, fun, handsome, patience, cheeky, sincere, strong, understanding, committed, awesome and the best." The next following page was worded to him, "To my sweetheart darling. Everyday is a Valentine Day for me. Thank you for coming into my life. Thank you for being so patience with me. Thank you for your love, support and most importantly is thank you for being there for me whenever I need you. Thank you so much sweetheart! I love you!!"

Now I know why this gentleman was so happy. He was like standing on top of the world. He had conquered love. He was appreciated and accepted by the lady he loves so much.

For all my male readers out there. Many a time, we had forgotten how to love our ladies or we might not know the right way to love them. Perhaps this special romantic card shows the appropriate ways and manner for us to win our loves. Especially me, I have to give more to my little darling. I wish she could send me this card one day too.

Food for the heart - "Do not consider telling other people the truth about themselves unless you are unconditional loving and they are feeling loved enough to hear what you are saying" - Greg Baer, MD. Real Love.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

I feel naked without make-up!

Don't judge a woman face by just her one look. They look differently at different time of the day. I learned it from a male friend who once experienced a date with a sweet young thing. She was a chat fan online who became friendly. They met over lunch and he got very excited with her. She was sexy and gorgeous. Their meeting was fruitful, from talking they ended up into a room at a nearby hotel. In the dimmed romantic room, the SYT was attractive and desiring. He was totally blinded with temptation. The wine and music led them to the bed for a good nite romance. The next morning, when he got up, he had a fright of his lives when he saw his sleeping partner wasn't a SYT any longer. Looking at her face, he yelled, "Ohhh my God!!" She was totally a different woman of yesterday. This was her real natural unattractive face without the cosmetic touch up and proper hair-do. During the day, she was sweet and admirable, and in the evening she was sexy and exciting, but the morning could be frightening when nothing was added. From a beautiful lady who told me, "I feel naked without make-up." I think this is true fact of life for ladies.

This simple proverb cannot be wrong - "Never judge a book by its cover." Read them first. Or to know a lady, take your time to know her better.