Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Do u know why sweet & cute girls turn angry and bitter wives?

My eldest son sent me this joke last nite....

Girls & Wives...

Once a Man asked God:

"Why are all Girls so cute and sweet?

And all Wives are always Angry and Bitter?"

God answered: "Girls are made by Me.... and you make them Wives!!!"

I replied his message... "What about Boys and Husbands?"

Son replied... Got to check with God

Much later these were what I told him....

Just called God. HE said......

As created by ME. All Boys are Naughty and Playful. But the minute they made those girls as wives, they lost all their playfulness and naughtiness. Just like this once naughty boy who is reading my playful message now.

He laughed... "Hahaa!!"

What say you gentlemen out there?


drgmemoir said...

Good answer... :D

Unknown said...

Hi Dipa,

You are back. Thank you for reading my naughty post again.

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