Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Be Generous.......................................

A thought worth sharing.......

A rich man once asked his priest, "Why does everybody call me stingy when everyone knows that when I die I will leave everything I have to this temple?"

The priest said: "There once was a pig and a cow. The pig was unpopular and the cow was loved by all in the village. This puzzled the pig.

The pig said to the cow: ‘People speak warmly of your good nature and your helpful attitude. They think you are very generous because each day you give them milk, butter and cheese. But how about me? I give them everything I have. I give them the famous sausages, bacon and ham i.e. my entire body. Yet no one likes me. Why is that?’

The priest continued: "Do you know what the cow answered?

The cow said, 'Perhaps it is because I give while I am still living.' 

Sometimes the greatness of a man can be measured not so much by what he does, as by what he doesn't do.

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