Friday, August 30, 2013

I sell love....................................

It had been quite sometime that I wrote on my blog, and many of my keen readers were concerned about my well being. Tell you my friends, I'm always on top of the world. Just that lately I am extremely busy, never had I been so fully occupied in my entire life. They said when you grow older, you would be less busy and more time for yourself. Not me! I think I'm still growing up, rather than growing old. Growing up is by choice, while growing old is mandatory.

Believe me, this happened recently to me. In one of my dream world's night, I received a call from A Boss of The Universal G.O.D. Corporation. Out of the million candidates, HE had chosen me to be a recognised Rep for his corporation. The qualified candidate has to have experienced the "Good & Bad" of our earthly lives. A simple person, not rich, not poor either but have all the fun and humour in him. His heart has to be pure and sincere, and the mind must be willing to give unconditionally. It took HIM sixty five years to endorse my qualification.

On the phone, The Boss who spoke so sweet and blissful, melted my heart when HE gracefully announced my appointment with The Universal G.O.D Corporation. As a Rep I am allowed to sell one of their unique product. There is no basic or any financial return of any kind while selling this product but I know the benefits will be tremendous. The product is L.O.V.E. and I have to sell it without discrimination and prejudice, no colour bar, race or faith.

Lately as A Rep for the corporation, I had been moving around acting as counsellor, preacher of love, fun maker, horoscope and palm reader, graphologist, motivator and guest speaker, fund raiser, fate healer, match maker, job seeker for others, entertainer and actor. Most important of all as a father or brother to whoever I met, when I could sell my miracle product, L.O.V.E. to them.

How I wish one day is 48 hours and not 24.

BTW.... If you need my product, please don't hesitate to let me know. I'm just one call or email away. Forgotten to tell you guys, my product is free.

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