Monday, May 27, 2013

How to live up to 100 years old... continue

Sorry everyone, especially Teamama for being so patience in waiting for my unfinished story. Usually every Friday, I would disappear with my little darling to distress ourselves. Is also one way to live longer, especially if one has exceeded the young age of 60. I'm already 66 and surely I cannot be working everyday without some fun towards the weekend. Now I'm back and ready to speak my mind. 

The last sentence I wrote was... I began to feel a little uneasy because 'The April 2013' was really bothering me. That was the last month the astrologer wrote on my exercise book, which I'm still keeping till today. I could still remember he said that there are nothing more to read after that. So! Imagine when I was at 50, looking at The Year 2013 was really not pleasant. What Teamama said of me as I am a very imagination person is true. I had a choice then to think happy or sad. If I kept thinking of that prediction was going to be true, I might feel sad. Using my creative thought, I told myself that I had to prove the prediction was going to be wrong. In order to work on it, I had to revert my faith and destiny. I could not let what The Astrologer said about my happening and life to come true. I had to change my character and personality. My heart and mind also had to be adjusted to feel differently.

When I was in the twenties and thirties, it was easy to learn from the many successful friends ahead of my age. I used to have many mentors who were in their forties and fifties who were teaching and guiding me to do well in life. But when I reached fifty, those who were in the sixties and above, were almost half dead or lifeless. They could be successful in their business and career, but by the time they touched 60, most of them lost their drive and energy in life. One of the main reason was ageing. They could be strong minded but with the many past years of neglecting their health and abusing it, many who had reached 60 became unhealthy and unproductive any more. I went around the coffee shops in the evening, I saw those bunch of old folks sipping tea and coffee, when they could only talk grand mother stories, while they were waiting for the dying day to come. Looking at them, I knew I would not get any tips and advices to live beyond 65 happily. At the gym in my club, I could hardly see any 60 and above members who were friendly and in tip top physical condition. Only a few would just ride on the bicycle leisurely for excising. Looking at all these senior veterans when I was 50 then, I told and reminded myself I would not be like them when I reached their age later. So! I had to learn and develop my way differently. 

The first thing I realised when one is getting older, he or she tends to become more serious in character. The older they are the worst they become. The seriousness make them more prideful, less friendly, unapproachable and easily get angry. If you are one reader who are still young, you might not realise it yet. Or perhaps you might agree with me, is not easy to reach up to those old uncles or aunties that you have. They seldom come to you and you are also afraid to talk nonsense with them. Right? And to those readers now, who are like my age might agree with me that you might be too prideful to approach the younger generation too. Even you might have the opportunity to speak with younger people, you might speak with authority and seriousness with them. 

The above is one typical observation I could analyse in the ageing process of most people. I told myself I would avoid it at all costs. From a soft spoken man I was, I began to open up more freely. The constant collection of quotes and proverbs, allowed me to speak with confidence.I added humour and naughtiness in all my sharing, especially interacting with those who were younger than me. I didn't wait for the younger people to speak first, but rather I was the first to touch their mind and later bonded them through their heart. The mixing with those who were younger than me, made me feel young as well. I didn't realise my charisma had also attracted many dears and darlings along the way. Yes! The young men gave me the youthfulness that inspired me, while those beautiful ladies made my heart so young too. With these energies and forces surrounding me, I gradually could feel enlighten with a light heart and my mind was constantly feeling happy and wonderful. This proverb is so true; "A Happy Heart Sees A Beautiful World."

Well! I have not finished yet. May you guys allow me to continue again later? Is getting late and tomorrow is another great day ahead. Remember, blogging is a two ways affair. I can express my mind but is also good if  you can share your thought with me too. Okay? 


Anonymous said...

I am just 25 and I totally agree with you. As we grow we do become more serious . That's a great thought you shared and I am totally going to apply it in my life. THANK YOU!

Unknown said...

Hi Charlie,

Sorry for my late reply because I was on a long Chinese New Year Holiday.

Wow! You really a 25 years young?
I'm indeed glad you could accept my view. Thank you so much son.