Friday, May 24, 2013

How to live up to 100 years old... to be continued.

Is good to see my readers are still there for me. They gave me the inspiration, and without them for me to write continuously wound not be easy at all.

I was thinking Teamama was a grand mother, until when she took the trouble to email her concern for me. She scanned over her specimen signature with a few words written, and that was when I realised she is actually a young working mother with a positive driven personality, very responsible and a focused lady as well. Her hand writing reveals. Am I right Shaw?

Wan, a reader all the way from the East Coast will not fail to read my blog. He is a very supportive friend who loves his family very much. Thank you Wan.

An anonymous who just sounded with YyyyyyeeeaaahhHhhhhh on the comment column must be one of my darlings. Tell me who you are lah?

Mdkhan is one of my young client who really surprised me. I didn't know he is reading my blog too. Thank you for coming over young man.

Another great fun guy I just recently encountered is Bandit. He is one year my junior, all the way from The United States. I believe he is a God sent friend who always dare to tell what and how he sees in me. Though we haven't met before, I believe he must be more handsomer and more naughtier than me. We are both a rascal. Right Bandit? 

Tomorrow is Wesak day, a public holiday in Malaysia. I'm preparing to leave for a short break this weekend with little darling, Looking at my time now... Oh My God! It's already 12 in the nite. I still have not continued to write my unfinished story. Trust me! I will write when I return again. All from the heart because you guys really touched my soul. Good night!


雅雅和茶媽媽 said...

Hahaha, old grandmother?! You are full of imagination Robert!
Come on, don't treat us like this. When are going to complete your story?!

Anonymous said...

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