Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The small one but's it's a big problem!

Can lives be miserable when you have a small one, i mean a small tiny dick? Some say yes and some say no! I personally think is a big problem. To check with a special person, when i was afraid to speak in person, i wrote to little darling for her comment and view.

This was her exact reply; "It takes two to tango. If the other half loves him because of his personality and loves him as he is. This might not be a big issue. After all God is always great. Something has been created as 'TOOLS' to use for. Although sex life plays a big part of the relationship. Effective communication will be most needed to satisfy, to understand, to sacrify. Well oral is good too!!!! It can be tough love. But when there is love, nothing is too much trouble and there is always time.....".

Very Good! Its a remarkable comment little darling. Is a relieve to most men who might have a small one. Isn't really a big problem if only you find an understanding and caring partner who truly loves you. Wondering whether anyone out there who are brave to offer some comments to this issue.

Specially for little darling - "You have a small mind but a big heart".


Anonymous said...

If you think you've got problems, Robert, consider the poor iguana. It has two of the said appendages to be anxious about!!xx

Robert Foo said...

Hi My dear...

Thank you for your concern. In fact my problem is i do have a big one and definitely the iguana is rather impossible to assist me. Any thing better?