Tuesday, July 28, 2009

What do you see here?

Have been collecting pictures and posters for quite sometimes. Some of them are quite unique because they have different meaning in our individual minds. One would have seen the above picture as clean but some dirty minded could have related it as bad. What about you?

Here! You think he is naughty or innocent? Whatever it is, life has to go on and we have to live with the good and bad part of lives.

What are they? Are they graduates? You have to ponder your mind.

Hi! I like to be tickled too!!!

This is one taxi i would like to try. Any female partner interested to team up with me?

The impossible makes possible. If they can we can too....nothing is impossible, if we try hard enough. Right?
Food for thought - "A picture is better than a thousand words".


citiding said...

Thank you for sharing with us your collection of wonderful pictures.

Robert Foo said...

Hi cityding,

I am glad you here to admire my collection. There would be more coming soon. How are you any way?

RL said...

Hi Bro,
This must be the first time you have posted so many pictures in one article, but the message is clear.
Nothing is Impossible...all it needs is faith, belief and hard work.

Sis RL

Robert Foo said...

Hi sis...

Yes! Nothing is impossible. Though you were around, keeping you company and making sure you were well taken care when you were in KL, i still could post my blog in time for you to read and enjoy. Not bad! Right?