Friday, March 30, 2007

Man & Woman need each other

Sometimes I pondered with curiosity of "man and woman". 'Man needs woman but woman might not need man at times'. Is it true?

I throw in two simple questions to those I encountered.

Q1: If the world had been created only with women and no man: Do you think our present women would look like; 3 choices to pick...

answer A: they look less attractive as from the present

answer B: they look even more attractive than before


answer C: they look the same and no different.

Surprisingly the result was 10% for answer B and 90% replied with A. Answer c was nil. They gave many support as without man, women have no incentive to look prettier or sexier. Women and women have nothing to show. They are the same of one kind. Don't laugh if you are reading my message, coz you can always ask around yourself to prove my point.

Q2: If the world had been created only with men and no woman: Do you think our present males would work like; 3 choices to pick again..

answer A: They work less harder as from the present

answer B: They work even harder than before


answer C: they remain working the same and no different.

Shocking to conclude that every one from both sexes replied with 100% for answer A. No woman, no incentive to working harder. Nothing to excite them. Is unbelievable!

Perhaps God knows better. HE created Adam first. Although Adam was living in The Eden of Paradise, he was dreaming and lonesome. God then only realised that he had to create another partner for him. HE didn't create another Adam but Eve who was a female was created to appease Adam.

Do you notice the word, Woman has "man" in it. Mr's has "Mr" in it. Female has "male" in it. She has "He" in it. Madam has"Adam" in it. No wonder "Men" always want to be inside "Women".

Now, with men around, women look more attractive. Because of female attractiveness, men get excited. That was when we took pain and afford to tackle and court our girl friends. She said, "Young man, if you have no car, how would you want me to move around with you". That would spur the young man to move and buy a car for the seek of getting her. Later when both of them fell deeply in love, the girl's mother anxiously spoke, " Young man, how can you marry my daughter when you don't even possess a house". Without hesitation, he worked harder and smarter and he finally bought a home and happily married the lady.

Man needs woman and equally woman needs man. Without the sexes of both, I think our world would spin slower and less colourless in life. Thanks God, for creating Eve into the world. Otherwise, there is no meaning in life.

"I dreamt of heaven last night. It was the most beautiful place and I never wanted to leave. But when I woke up. you crossed my mind and I said: "Heaven can wait coz I have my paradise here with YOU my darling". Spoken with the heart bcoz there is woman for man to love.

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