Thursday, March 29, 2007

Miracle of Insurance

This was a one lunch that I would never forget in my life. It was 25 years ago, on a very special occasion, Mr Chia, my insurance agent was lunching with me at a hotel. While we were chatting, there was a charming lady who came over to our table and excitingly greeted my agent, "Hello! Are you the Mr Chia from Prudential?".

From their conversation I over heard their interesting story. Chia was the servicing agent to her father who was running a coffee shop in the other part of town. He was rather a typical Chinese man who always refused to listen. However with a lot of patience and understanding, Chia was able to persuade and convince the man to pick up a handful of insurance covers through the years.

Unfortunately as time passed, business was bad and the man was very stressful. Not too long the man died. He was suffering from an advance stage of cancer. It was a blow to his family. He left a housewife and two daughters still at high school level then.

Luckily because of those insurance taken, the proceed from the claim was able to let the wife to continue the coffee shop. The daughters could still continue their studies and even make it through the universities.

This was spoken by the emotional lady who was at the lunch, "Mr Chia, if it was not you who took the effort and pain to encourage my dad to buy those policies from you, my mother would not have the mean to up keep the shop at that time. With whatever we had, we were strong and determine to continue our studies. Mr Chia, today I worked as an accountant and my sister would soon be qualifying as a doctor. You are almost our saviour to the family. We were too young then to know you and to appreciate you with a great THANK YOU. Mum was talking so much about you. Please let me have your current address. I would make sure our family pays you a respectful visit soon".

Those words were spoken with tears and emotion. Chia was shocked and speechless. She hugged him like a father. I was touched and inspired.

This episode was like God sent because I had always in my mind wanted to do something good for others. I knew I could not be a pastor who could preach a religion to save souls spiritually. I do not qualified to be a professional doctor. Right in front of me was a scene so convincing that I told myself I should follow the footstep of this insurance man.

That was history because immediately after that episode, I became an insurance agent. There was no turning back and I told myself 25 years ago, I would be the best and most committed insurance agent for my company. That story moved my mind, heart and soul. I would work like a preacher but to preach the word of insurance to every home that I know.

These 25 years was really an exciting years for me. I had the up and down of life. Nevertheless my career allows me to meet people by the thousand. The experiences and knowledge I gathered are unanimous and tremendous. The good and bad part of live I learned. The suffering and the pain I went through. I truly understand the wisdom of what I am now.

I sold the unaccountable lives through the years. I had seen death more than any normal person ever seen in one's living through my claims. I had visited countless sick either in their homes or at hospitals. I had seen hundred babies born and today they turned adults. They talked to me as a child but today they talked to me as a friend. My encouragement motivated them to study well and my wisdom spurred their parents to understand live better too. I am not just an insurance agent to them but more so as a family friend forever. I am always just one call away from whoever needs to see me because I truly love my job. I don't even consider my career as a job but rather as a hobby now.

Today, I take this opportunity to thanks my Agency Manager, Mr Chia who allowed me by chance to witness the above inspiring episode. Otherwise, I would not have been of what I am today. You had created miracle out of insurance and I had even created more miracles out of it too. If God permits me to live up to 100 years and healthy, I would still love to sell insurance until I leave this wonderful world of ours. Thanks again Mr Chia for I really speak through my heart.

" The answer to true happiness living is loving and giving. For only LOVE can make man kind. And kindness of heart brings Peace of Mind".....and I got it through the miracle of insurance selling


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Good for people to know.

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Hi leia...

Thank you for reading my blog.

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