Saturday, March 31, 2007

Hearing & listening

One of my young reader who gave a comment, under my title, "Listening and Understanding" was so encouraging. He was only a young man of 19 and yet he could understand the different of "Hearing & Listening". A lot of youngster of his age could be struggling to understand words and meaning but he could see the different in them. I really admire you, Ihsan.

"Many people hear for the sake of hearing". Applying the advices by Daniel Theyagu on "Develop A Razor-sharp Memory", we have the Short-term memory (STM) and Long-term memory (LTM) in our brains to serve the hearing and listening mode. Hearing could be stored in the STM between 7 seconds to the maximum of 48 hours before one forgets. By about 24 hours, most people could have forgotten what he had heard. I believe, by listening attentively and to understand the hearing, the memory could be stored in the LTM for life.

Hearing is temporary but listening is permanent. Listening is an art and skill. Listening can make you more of an understanding person. For further enlightenment on this subject, please read my article posted as "Listening & Understanding".

For readers to understand the above explanation on memories, please read the posted article under "Develop A Razor-sharp Memory" for further elaboration.

"Hear for the sake of hearing. Listen to understand life"

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Mohamed Ihsan said...

I'm quite speechless Mr. Robert.
Well, I will never fail to thank God for giving such a practical lesson in this period of life time.

Btw, it is true that we have STM and LTM. However, it will be good if it is possible to convert STM to LTM.

Among the priciples that I've gone through by reading some of Tony Buzan's books is about accessing the different mode of brains. It uses different tones and gestures during conversation in order to "hypnotize" the other party so that finally the will listen.

It would be a wonderful thing in the world if everyone can listen to anyone.

However, it it definitely impossible. If we listens to anyone, finally no one will listen to us. Let me present to you one of my most favorite English poem: If by Rudyard Kipling Please note the line "Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools"

After all, it's an April Fool's day. ;-)