Sunday, April 01, 2007

April Fools

Last night one of my girl friends reminded me through sms: "Dear, tomorrow is April Fools' day. Please be careful".

I replied, "I would not mind at all to be fooled, if fooling could make that person happy. Is only person who don't understand, would not like to be fooled. Think!".

"Laughter or a cheerful disposition is the best medicine to our heart". If one has the ability to create laughter or the one can laugh most of the time, he or she would definitely be having a warm and friendly personality.

So! Let someone fools you today and don't take it seriously but rather let him be happy. The guy who created This April Fools' day must be a joker. He wanted the whole world to laugh more. He made a mistake by creating only one day of laugh a year and not 365 days.

So today is the opportunity if you want to make someone you love to laugh. "Don't wait for your ship to come in....swim out to it" Don't wait for someone to fool you but rather you go out to fool that someone by adding those humorous touch.

Happy April Fools to all my friends.

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