Thursday, October 20, 2011

Love has got magic... Even in selling.

Selling tips...

RF... Do you love me darling?

Little darling (LD)... Yes sweetheart.

RF... Tell me why you love me.

LD... I love you because you are intelligence, kind, fun, good hearted, understanding, motivated and lovable.

RF... Wow! Really!

LD... Love alone isn't enough. The man can be intelligence but can he creates fun and excitement and offer humour to make me laughs when I'm sad. The man can be smart but does he cares and has concern for me. He can be rich but does he understands me. Has he got the confidence to motivate and to advise. Is he an all rounder of a likable and lovable person.

RF... U make me float in air darling.

LD... I love you because you are generous, adventurous & out going, not selfish and willing to share, inspiring and creative, healthy and have a marvellous personality.

RF... One last question darling. Am I replaceable?

LD... Is going to be difficult sweet. Because you are almost like God send love to me. You better out-live me in life.

RF... I love you as much too darling. A warm tight hug for you.

Moral of the story... Selling is the same. If you truly want to be the most ideal salesperson, especially as a life insurance agent, do you have the same qualities of the above to charm your love mate. Our clients would also expect to have an ideal agent who is intelligent, smart, knowledgeable, kind, understanding, inspiring, motivating, generous, humorous, honest, sincere, fun and a healthy person.

Conclusion... I believe if one cannot be a lovable and a likable person to his or her companion, the chance is... selling as a career is going to be tough for them.

One of my best collection quote...
“Love and magic have a great deal in common. They enrich the soul, delight the heart. And they both take practice. ”

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