Thursday, October 27, 2011

There is no woman chef....

Talking of equal rights, women have sounded their voice worldwide effectively. Today you could almost see them in every field and profession which were dominated by men many years ago. Thirty years ago, there was no lady life insurance agent. Today there are more female agents than male. I had seen taxi driven by women, buses drivers are quite noticeable and the other day I saw a rough female lorry driver too. Those day, only males took up engineering or surveying because the jobs were considered as heavy and out going. Today women are equally good at these profession too. Forget all these work or professional careers, let's go further than these. The highest paid job for a country is the Prime Minister or The President... Right? Look around, women had by passed the gentlemen. There are many ladies who are elected as leaders for their countries. The latest is Miss Cristina Fernandez, the first elected female President of Argentina. Wow! Great of her to play this important role for her nation.

BUT! Something is puzzling my mind! Woman has done well, or I should say extremely well in progressing. They have taken the challenge to undertake all employments and work, which man can do... They can do better. My question now is... How come there is no female chef. To me... A chef is a person who cooks professionally for other people. Woman is the best cook in the house. Being the mother, they cook passionately at home to serve their families. I myself love my mother's food. All my children loves their mother's food too. But when you eat out, whether is a small eating outlet, a restaurant or a five stars hotel, all cooks and chefs are males who are being employed. Funny isn't it? I really don't understand. Perhaps some of my lady readers might be able to enlighten my doubts.

Alice Hawthorne said "What is home without a mother?" and Gael Greene quoted
"Great food is like great sex. The more you have the more you want"

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