Friday, October 14, 2011

Standing Ovation......

The above photo came at the right time when it captures my attention.

The facts of life is.. when our mind isn't at peace, our heart fumble and the lower bottom tumble. Creativeness not working, affection is shallow and erection is difficult. BUT! When the mind is firm with confidence, the heart rolls with joy and excitement. That little John stands bold and unbeatable.

See! When the couple is at Standing Ovation, the time when they are being enthusiastically recognized and accompanied by loud applause, The Male Dancer could still hold his erection over his partner. Amazing! A feat not many could hold. Since I am back into action again with all my confidence and excitement, I believe I too can stand on this ovation again.


Maram said...

Good luck bro Bob! Never ending quest for most maturing men!
Everyone tries to beat mother time. At the end of the day, we know that time always wins. Proven since the begining of time itself. Perhaps its time that we shud give time its due respects and move along with it gracefully!
Take a little time .. To ponder?


Robert Foo said...

Hi Maram,

I have a plaque displayed at my home front. It says... I'm the master of the house but when my wife says no, i will also say no.

As Maram is my elder brother, I would also agree with his thought.

Maram said...

TQ Bro Bob. You have an uncanny ability to differentiate what is fact & what is fiction. You will b safe always! It's indeed a priviledged position to b as an elder bro to a young wiseman going 64!

Maram said...

TQ Bob.
You hv this uncanny ability to differentiate fact from fiction! It is a real prividge to be like an elder to a young wiseman going 64!

Anonymous said...

My dear Robert,
Good to see your articles streaming in again.
The male dancer should be more professional!
If he cannot control himself, he cannot control anyother thing. Some things are better kept discreet!

Robert Foo said...

Hi Anonymous,

You are very sharp and I am sure you are a very focus person. Thank you for the comment.