Sunday, December 09, 2012


Sunday laugh...

A Pakistani resident in the US phoned his burqa clad Mom in Pakistan.
Khan: "Ammi, I have a big problem; I got AIDS. What shall I do? Will I come back home, to our native village?
Mom: Son, don't do that; don't come here!
Khan: Why Ammi?
Mom: If you come here, your darling wife will catch AIDS. And from your wife, it'll spread to your brother,
And from your brother to the maid,
And from the maid to your Dad,
From Dad to my sister (your aunt),
And from your aunt to her hubby,
And from her hubby to ME,
And from me to our chauffeur,
And from the chauffeur to your sis,
And if your sis catches AIDS, the whole damn village will catch AIDS!

It won't be very long before village after village, and then whole country goes down with aids!

For the sake of the Kaid-e-Azam, you HAVE GOT to save Pakistan!

Do not come back, my beloved son!!!


Umar Jamil said...

Wow! That's pretty cool :)

Robert Foo said...

Hi Umar,

Thank you for reading my post young man. You do look handsome there.