Friday, December 14, 2012

What is happiness?

Little darling is helping her client to get young children to enrol for a new tutorial college. Is school holiday here and there is an English in house learning class for 4 days, specially for weak students who could not communicate in this language. Through little darling's strong net work, she is encouraging parents to bring their children for this learning session. Though the course is reasonably  priced, not many parents could afford it but little darling is prepared to sponsor half the fee for each child who is coming.

Little darling spoke to be me with excitement because there are a handful of children who have enrolled for the class next week. She said, "Why am I so happy dear? I had to waste a lot of time to convince many parents to participate in this English program. I don't gain a cent from the enrolment and yet have to pay half the learning fees to the college. Not forgetting much time was wasted for the past month!"

I told her... "Happiness is to make others happy. Happiness is to help others succeed in life. Happiness is to make others smile because of you doing it dear. Congratulation."  


Happy walker said...

okay.. now help me to become rich~ XD

Robert Foo said...

Hi Mr Not So Lonely,

Not a problem. First you have to practise and to understand what is happiness truthfully. Will You?

Happy walker said...

sigh.. >.<