Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Xmas.....

Yesterday my eldest son sent me a message from abroad... Merry Xmas dad.

I wrote him a long reply... When I was a little boy, I knew nothing about what was Xmas. I was adopted in a typical Chinese family who didn't celebrate Xmas. And Xmas was just like a normal day when I still needed to help my father's coffee shop. Later when I turned to be a teenager, Xmas was fun and parties, dancing the  Cha Cha or the Twist. When I got marry, Xmas was to buy presents for my three naughty sons. Or having great time to get drunk with friends. Now! Today Xmas for me is to make others smile and be happy. Everyday is Xmas time for me. I don't wait for the one day a year to celebrate Xmas because everyday is a giving day to me. Either I give moral support or financial assistance to others if I encountered them. I am a Santa to those who need help.

In short my son said To me everyday is a good day too.

I told him this true story... I just spoke to Mrs Lim, a family friend of many years. Her dad lives in Muar, a small town in the south, had a severe fall few days ago. He is 96 years old. The fall was bad that broke his back, and he could not walk any more. Mrs Lim, the only daughter doesn't know what to do. Her husband is a stroke patient who needs her attention at home in KL. The old man's wife passed away few years ago. Her two elder brothers in Muar are reluctant to engage full time maid to help and care for the sickly father. Their wives or the daughters in law are not in good term with the old man too. Mrs Lim is poor and she is supported by her own grown up three children. I guess the entire family of this old uncle, from children to grand children could be more than 20 members and yet could not raise fund to help. What a shame! Without hesitation on the phone, I told Mrs Lim, I'm prepared to sponsor to pay for the financial support for her dad. She could not believe that statement! If you don't feel good, please go back and tell all your family members  whether they are also prepared to go along with me to assist their father. 

Talking to my son... I said this is Xmas to me coz I am a Santa to those who need me everyday. In the spirit of Xmas, by giving is to make others smile and be happy.

Happy Xmas to all my readers. 


Happy walker said...

Merry Christmas~

Anonymous said...

we have no chance to contribute anything for this old man anymore... wish he rest in peace!

Robert Foo said...

Hi 5 Jan,

I think you are one I know too. Right?

Anonymous said...

ya, sure. i will go muar with my dad and brother tomorrow to send my grandfather the"last journey".... know me now? i am so thankful with all your gift to my family... thank you very much!

Robert Foo said...

Hi my dear,

My deepest condolences to the family.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, brother!

Anonymous said...

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