Monday, December 03, 2012

The old & the young......

Can the old mixes with the young? Or can the young mixes with the old? It's debatable but generally I think its difficulty for these both young and older generation to meet and talk freely together. 

My experiences... When I was in the forties, I saw those older club members who were in the late fifties or sixties were the most unfriendly class. Though they might had gained some financial standing and statues at that age, they were prideful and unapproachable to the younger groups. Their look was stern and serious, creating a fear for the younger people to meet up with them. Inside the gym room if ever they bother to visit then, they looked weak and lifeless to me. I was never impressed upon by them and I knew one day I would be at their age. Deep down in my heart, I told myself then I would avoid at all cost not to be like them. Not to be old, unhealthy, weak, unfriendly, unapproachable, selfish, prideful and unpopular. 

Twenty years had passed by. If you ever got the chance to visit my club house in KL today, let me entertain you at our place and see to believe the different. I'm the oldest senior member, especially inside the gym but the youngest in heart and the most playful one who always create fun and laughter for the young and the old here. Each time I walked into the gym to exercise, all members would be happy to see me. They knew I would never fail to make things exciting for them. Yes! I had proven myself that I wish not to be like those old unfriendly members of the yesteryear. The only way to befriend the younger people is to low down our esteem. Speak to them at their level, speak to their tune and language. Don't wait for them but rather I have to approach and rub shoulder with these younger gentlemen. Once we could communicate and interact together, friendship and relationship could be built easily.

Tell you what. The secret of keeping young is to have a lot of younger people around as friends. Try please! 

I like this quote - "One of the best parts of growing older? You can flirt all you like since you've become harmless" ~ Liz Smith

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