Friday, December 07, 2012


I really enjoyed reading this....
(Taken from the Alpha magazine, from Sophie P. 12 year old girl, New

Today I am going to talk about FARTS. Some people think farts are rude and
some people, like me, think farts are funny.

Farting is a fact of life. Everybody farts, Kings, Cinema stars, little children,
Saints and sinners. We will fart until the day we die.

Do you know why we fart?

Winds or farts, whatever you like to call them, are the production of the mixture of
gasses in the digestive tract. They are by-products of the digestive process. The
average person farts 14 times a day.

Farts are made up of the following: Nitrogen, the main ingredient making up 59 per
cent, next behind is Hydrogen 21 per cent, 9 per cent Carbon Dioxide, 7 per cent
Oxygen, and 1 per cent other stuff. But listen to this – hydrogen sulphide is the
compound that makes them stink!

Here are some top farters:
Humans (vegetarian)

If you are going to fart, do not sit next to flames, because farts are very flammable.
Please do not panic if you find yourself trapped in a small space as it is impossible to
suffocate in your own product.

Anyway, next time you fart, don’t think it is rude. Just know that everybody, including
bottles of soft drinks, has to fart.

And now, why put this story in our bulletin? Because it was there, in this respectable
magazine called Alpha, next to a passage explaining the words of Jesus about
“spitting out the gnat and swallowing the camel”.

The story reminds us that we are all human beings, all equal in a way because we are
all made of the same clay.

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