Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Well spoken! And I have to do it everyday just like what Dalai Lama said. 

I have been collecting birthday of my friends for more than 40 years and I never failed to greet them each and every year. Almost everyday on my personal calender, I have friends celebrating their birthday. Today is Chen Jiun Bao's birthday. He was my classmate when we were in form 4 and 5. I can say it's more than 48 years of friendship now. Though we don't meet so often, I make it a point to reach up to him on his great day... Today!

The early morning before Jiun Bao got up, I quickly sent him a message... "You are like a super bike, the older it be the rusty it shall be but once polish and fine tuning, the engine shines and roars with speed. Happy Birthday to this admirable friend Jiun Bao."

Later when he got up, my wishes was the first he saw. He replied, "Thank you very much. You are always a very good friend of mine."

Not satisfied with his mood, I sent another text to him... "A good day to date your darling wife for a candle light dinner strictly for only both you. Remember to kiss and hug her dearly. Then send the bills to me. What is friend for. Good luck."

He was speechless. And I knew he was so happy for I'm the only classmate who could still remember his 65 years' young birthday. I learned from the great Master Dalai Lama, and I practised what I had learned.

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