Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Honesty & Empathy

What is honesty & empathy?
In Shanghai a taxi driver cheated my grandson for an iPhone while he was trying to run to a nearby shop to change for some loose change to pay for his fare. He was instructed to leave his new hand phone in the cab, when the innocent little child obeyed. A short while when the child returned to pay his fare, the taxi and the driver disappeared, leaving him to cry in pain.
There isn't any honesty and empathy in such a big city in China.
In Kuala Lumpur be careful when you stop for a taxi! Either you ask for the fare first to your destination or insist for the meter to run accordingly before you step into them. Don't ever take that cab if they refused to take the two options as mentioned because upon reaching your destination, you might be charged a fare that would hurt your heart unnecessary.
Reasons.. there is no honesty and empathy here too.
In Singapore where I am on holiday currently is totally different. Though I am a foreigner, all cabs never take me for a ride whenever I am on them. They always used the meters, friendly and took the shortest route to my final destinations.
My personal view... Safest place where honesty and empathy lies.
In Bangkok which claims to be the hottest fun place in South East Asia is beyond my imagination. Recently one of my friend who was on a business trip there had an unbelievable ride on their taxi. Upon reaching his destination, my friend realised that he had forgotten to take his hand phone which was left at the back seat of the cab. While he was trying to shout and yell for the taxi which was fast moving away from him, a motorcycle rider stopped immediately from behind. The rider didn't hesitate to take him along to chase for the taxi in front. After a few traffic lights  ahead, the speedy rider caught up with the taxi and managed to hail him to a stop. My friend got his important hand phone back and both taxi driver and the unknown rider refused to accept any reward. A broad smile and a big thank you were good enough to keep them happy as ever.
Yes! This is what I called as Honesty & Empathy that they have.


Michelle Yong said...

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