Friday, February 15, 2013

Wheel of Chance.......

Yesterday was Valentine's Day. I received a Valentine card from little darling. Would like to share it with you guys to see, laugh but please don't tease her. Promise?

That wheel of chance reminded me of my childhood days. When I was a little kid, those bicycle ice cream sellers carried a wheel of chance behind their ice cream boxes. For a five cent, we were allowed to spin the wheel once. All the numbers were One, except one particular side was printed as 9. Any child who could spin to get the number 9, would be given 9 ice creams. I was thrilled once, when I got 9 ice creams for only paying 5 cents.
Sad today! Because The Valentine Wheel of Chance has all the odds against me. It has 11 No Sex over 1 Sex. What a Valentine card I received! Hahaha!!!

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