Friday, February 01, 2013

Life is like a growing tree....

This is my third posting on this title which has a lot to tell about life. My earlier postings were in June 03 2007 and April 14 2008. I am sure, many of my readers have not read it yet.

Life is like a growing tree. The deeper its root, the stronger it will remain. Most Malaysian trees are not deeply rooted because we have plenty of rainfall to cater its water retention. They look green and elegant from the outside but if a huge storm arises, these trees would also be rooted quite easily. Not like countries where rainfall is scarce, their trees grow deeper and wider. Their leaves may not be as green as ours but they can withstand even a hurricane storm.

Growing up is like a growing tree. Our youths of today are given too much of pampering. They have not seen the suffering of the yesteryear. They have not eaten the bitter taste nor they have gone through any hardship. Comfort and luxuries are always available right at their doors. Parents would be too happy to chauffeur them in and out. Perhaps they don't even need to think when their minds are so dependable on their computers and games. They would never have a chance to grow deeper to understand the real truth of living and surviving. Their lives are not rooted. Consequently at the later part of their lives, if they face the uncertainties and the unknowns, they shall be torn apart easily.

Too much water for a growing tree is bad. Similarly too much love and affection for the growing children is treacherous. For these are the facts of life you can't escape.

A poem I like to share; "The realization of Happiness happens only after experience of pain. If we desire to blossom like flower in the garden of life, then we must learn the art of adjusting our life with the Thorns!"

Another wiser Anonymous said...
very wise, and i agree with much of what you said. today i saw a beautiful tree and it got me thinking; life is a tree, the roots is our subconscious; hidden from view but they are the true virtue of who we are. The trunk of the tree is our past and present life; it is there for everyone to see,there might be some scars, but only to show we have adapted and grown past them. The branches is our future; so many paths before us, some bigger and so small but eventually they all lead us to the end. You must ask yourself, when you reach the end, will you be on top of the tree soaking up all the sun has to offer, looking back on the long beautiful life you have lived. Or will you be towards the bottom of the tree, taking the shortest and most unfulfilling path that was laid before you?

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tike mik said...

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