Friday, February 22, 2013

Looking for my perfect man....

Jenny is a 50 years old lawyer and Dr Hajit is 60. Both are my clients who are very successful in their profession. Except that both are single ladies. Their clients admire their success and achievement but deep down in their heart, they are actually unhappy professionals because they are lonesome without a family. Recently I had a chance to speak to them, when they poured to share their sorrow with me. Yes! They might have the financial success in hand but they lack the physical support from a man. Though they are very independent ladies, they still have a weak spot. At times when they cried, they wished there was a man who could provide his shoulder to lean on. Sad as they are, they feel empty with sorrow and cry in silent alone.

Asked them why they don't look for a male partner or a companion? Their answers were... Not easy to get the right ideal man! They had been thinking of this special man for years, and yet they could not locate him.

My advice to them was... Most men are afraid of too intelligent women. Intelligent ladies are difficult to cope with as intelligence comes with pride, boastful, egoistic, possessive, arrogance and temper. Men prefer a less intelligent lady. Men like smart ladies who are more understanding, caring, kind and loving. 

For Jenny and Hajit, I suggested to them that whenever they happened to meet an ideal man in front, please play dumb and stupid. Perhaps you stand a better chance to win over these men. 

How true this saying - "Some women can't find a GOOD MAN cause they're too busy looking for a perfect man"

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