Thursday, February 28, 2013

Teacher is the most noble profession of all.

YCLim is one of my respectful client. He has been teaching for the past 10 years, ever since he left school. The minute he was granted the training to be a teacher, he never look back. As in his heart he has all the passion to teach. With so much of dedication and commitment in this career, he was recently promoted to be a Senior Assistant in a Primary Government Chinese School. Not many teachers of age 32 could be given this opportunity and I'm pretty sure Lim would have the chance to become a headmaster one day.

Nowadays not many males would opt to become teacher. They feel teaching is a feminine job, and the prospect of making big money is very limited. The name as teacher is not so noble as before. Most young people prefer to seek their future in the corporate world, where status and position are more recognised. However not Lim again. He felt that teaching is a passion and he loves to see children grow. I told Lim... Of all the professions, I respect the most is a Teacher. Without my teachers, I would not be what I am today. They taught me how to read and write, they made me to understand what is moral, they helped to mold my character, they corrected my behaviour, I learned from them what's the important of discipline and they taught me all about the world we live in. Though they might not be around any more, but deep down in my heart all my teachers remain in my thought as long as I live. Each time I meet any teachers, be they of any races or nationalities, I will address them as Teacher or in Mandarin I called them as Lau Cee. 

To my great friend YCLim, I am honour to be your agent and a friend. With teachers of your special kind who has so much of devotion and love over this teaching profession, you certainly would be able to help our children to face a better future.The future of our country depends on our children of today. Lim, thank you for being a teacher.

Specially for Lim - “Teaching is the essential profession, the one that makes all other professions possible.”


Wan said...

Hi Robert,
Your qoute of the day is so meaningful....

Robert Foo said...

Hi Wan,

Thank you young man.