Thursday, February 21, 2013

Road to success....

I was so happy to meet Lili yesterday. She just came home from UK for the Chinese New Year. She makes her parents proud because she came home as a qualified Chartered Adjuster. I had seen her grown since a little child. Though she is the eldest in the family, with a younger sister and a brother, she was an innocent and  a quiet girl before she left to study in London 10 years ago.

The father being the breed winner, the mother had to save very hard to provide for the three children. Lili had the intention to pursuit her educational dream abroad when she was still young. After leaving her secondary school, she immediately went into the working force to earn and to help her family too. With some hard earned saving, she seek her mother assistance whether mum could allow her to study in UK. More so she was invited to study in one of the University there. Being so ambitious in her studies, the mother took out her entire saving for her. The combine saving of both daughter and mother might not be a lot but to them was   really some big money then. So sad! The amount could only keep Lili studying in UK for less than a year. Nevertheless the young 21 years old lady was prepared to take her risk to venture into this educational dream. Before she left, some of the relatives were pouring cold water over her mother as why she was wasting unnecessary money for this unintelligent child, more so she is only a daughter. Lili cried over hearing this remark at the airport before she left. In the plane she told herself she had to be successful in order to let her mum stands tall again for her.

For the first few years while Lili was attending her University studies, she had to take up several part-time employments in order to finance her personal needs and educational fees. She had been working as toilet cleaner, dish washers, waitress, cashier and clerical. She had to work hard to self support herself without disturbing both her parents financially back home. Not only she is intelligent, she is charming and pretty too. There were many male friends who were trying to court her attention all these years. Sorry! Lili being strict and serious herself, she abstained and controlled her emotion very well. Telling herself that love was the least important, except achieving her success in studies. After four years of studying she got her degree, but was still continuing to aim for her final level as a Chartered Adjuster. With all her determination, perseverance, plenty of hard work and concentration, this timid and innocent child of the past, have finally got what she wanted. 

Yes! The little child I admire so much is today a very confident and capable lady who holds the title as A Senior Chartered Adjuster. Yes again! You have proven to those belittled relatives wrong and your success has certainly makes your mother stands tall and be proud of you my dear. Congratulation!!!

Moral of the story - "The road to success comes through hard work, determination, and personal sacrifice"

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