Thursday, February 25, 2010

Chinese Calligraphy

I sent some beautiful Chinese Calligraphy and Art to some of my good friends. Of all, Captain Azhar wrote me a short note.

He said...."When I was in primary school, I was taught Art & craft ( as a subject). In those days, as young boy, I wondered why was it so important to learn Art & Craft. After 50 years, I only realised that the subject is very important, especially to men. In order to go to China for reason of appreciating the "Art", the men (generally husbands) have to be "crafty" in formulating all sorts of reasons in order to deceipt their wives of their trips to China. Hence, the subject "Art & Craft" is very poignant, especially for men who regularly visit China in order to savour the fine arts of that great nation."

Yes! Is true Captain. I think you must be visiting China most of the time now. To be crafty follow his words ... "Imagination is more important than knowledge" - Albert Einstein, Scientist

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