Thursday, February 18, 2010

Women Are Very Difficult to Understand.

If you kiss her,You are not a gentleman. If you don't,You are not a man.

If you praise her, She thinks you are lying. If you don't,You are good for nothing.

If you agree to all her likes,You are a wimp. If you don't, You are not understanding.

If you visit her often, She thinks you are boring. If you don't, She accuses you of double-crossing.

Love Humor? Join our Group Funzug! If you are well dressed, She says you are a playboy. If you don't,You are a dull boy.

If you are jealous, She says it's bad. If you don't, She thinks you do not love her.

If you attempt a romance, She says you didn't respect her. If you don't, She thinks you do not like her.

If you are a minute late, She complains it's hard to wait. If she is late, She says that's a girl's way.

If you visit another man, You're not putting in "quality time". If she is visited by another woman,"oh it's natural, we are girls".

Love Humor? Join our Group Funzug! If you kiss her once in a while, She professes you are cold. If you kiss her often, She yells that you are taking advantage.

If you fail to help her in crossing the street, You lack ethics. If you do, She thinks it's just one of men's tactics for seduction.

If you stare at another woman, She accuses you of flirting. If she is stared by other men, She says that they are just admiring.

If you talk, She wants you to listen. If you listen, She wants you to talk.

In short: So simple, yet so complex. So weak, yet so powerfu. So confusing, yet so desirable. So damning, yet so wonderful... .....WOMEN!

For me: Yes! Women are difficult to understand but i still like them so much, especially my little darling. They make my life worth living.


Anonymous said...

Ha ha. True it's true

Robert Foo said...

Hi Anonymous,
I guess you must be a woman then. Thank you for coming by.