Saturday, February 20, 2010

How to live younger?

Few days ago i was introduced to a most admirable gentleman, my son had been talking about ever since arriving in Shanghai. A successful man almost similar to my character and personality that i eagerly wanting to meet. His name is CY and is well known in most part of China. A self made man who started life from the hard way. Before i came to Shanghai i was told CY is older than me by four years, but his physical and heart's age is much much younger than me.

Over a lunch we met and upon seeing and shaking his hand, i was so impressed by his real self. His face shows the strength and wealth in him. His personality is magnificent and dynamic. He spoke with wisdom, and i could feel his humbleness. According to CY, he always feel young and behave and act young all the time. I seek to learn from this great master and mentor. The secret of his success is never to think of retiring, always look to the brighter side of life, have a good heart, go to the gym four times or more a week, avoid meeting those old foes who have no challenges in life, mix only with younger people who are sincere and aggressive, never stop having sex and be brave to fall for younger ladies who are intelligence and beautiful.

Wow! Fantastic! I thought i was wrong in the way i live but brother CY had given me the endorsement and confirmation that life is actually an interesting path of living. Be daring and be happy. Thank you CY for accepting me as a good friend and a brother as well. I will never fail you and see you again.

For my readers - "The secret of staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly, and lie about your age."

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