Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year & A Loving Valentine Day.

Today is the first day of the lunar year for the Chinese. Happy Chinese New Year. Ooop! I am sorry! Today is also a Valentine Day to everyone, especially to the boys & girls and to all lovers.

To the Chinese, today could be a difficult day to start with. Are you going to wish your love first for A Valentine wishes or to pay respect to the elders and parents for A Happy Chinese New Year? I am puzzled myself! Well a little advice to the younger people. Start the day with a big warm wishes to your parents for they are the most important people on earth. Without them, you are nothing here. Right? After that, don't forget your love because she is awaiting for your hug and kisses. Remember her flowers and gifts too. Better still, seals everything with a confession to her...tell her from your heart..."I Love You." These three words will melt the heart. Suggest to tell them to your parents as well.

As i moved around in Shanghai, everywhere was crowded. All shopping malls and stores were busy with last minute shopping and more shopping. I believe the most luckiest people here are the children. Children are darlings to all families in China because by law each couple is only allowed to have one child. I could see six adults of four elderly foes and a younger couple were taking care of one child in a family. They were the four grand parents from both husband and wife to share one precious child. The way they pampered these children was so affectionate and loving. I wish they are not spoiling the kids. Time has changed this great China of today. Though i am considered as an oversea Chinese, i feel excited to celebrate this eventful day of the Chinese New Year & Valentine Day with them.

I wish all my readers A Happy Chinese New Year & A Sexy and Loving Happy Valentine Day.

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