Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Everyday is an exciting & a beautiful day.

It was a Sunday when one of my dear asked how was my day. I told her the day was exciting and i believe tomorrow on a Monday would be even more fun. She didn't sound too happy herself but was curious how my day became so interesting when she wasn't.

There are two types of people. One would be those who wait for action to come by. They expect others to bring happiness or to make things exciting for them. They prefer to receive rather than to give. Or they just do not know how to be interesting themselves. The second type are those who make things happen all the time. They approach and reach out to others, creating energy and enthusiasm along the way. They love to give and share willingly without condition.

I am the second type of people. Though it was a quiet Sunday at home, i contacted 12 friends on phone by sending funny messages and greeting to them. All my messages were beautifully written, creating values and humour to make the day a memorial one for all these special friends, whom i hadn't seen for quite sometime. Each contact gave me a sense of pride, knowing they were happy and also wanting to meet me sooner. Many different stories and latest news were related to me. If i didn't make the first move to reach up to them, I would not have been informed. The interaction and connecting caused the excitement. Otherwise nothing could have happened. The day ended very fulfilling for me and my friends. Yes! It was a beautiful Sunday and i made it happened. And i am sure tomorrow or the next would also be equally an exciting day. So! What about you? You want to wait or you prefer to create those excitement yourself.

Try this readers. It works - "Tell me and I forget. Show me and I remember. Involve me and I understand" - Chinese proverb


Kadija Sharmilla said...

Dear Robert,

I would choose the 2nd, Prefer to create those excitement things. Tatz the way to make ourself happy and our day enjoyble. I've to change myself sooner.Realli admire you Robert.

Robert Foo said...

Hi my dear Kadija,

That's the spirit. Excitement has to be created by ourselves. I am glad you are prepared to change. Do it immediately. Ok?

Kadija said...

Dear Robert,

True tatz the spirit. Ill do it, and im working on it to change myself. THX Robert!