Tuesday, February 09, 2010

How to get along well with daughter in law!

Yes! It's not easy for parents in law to get along with daughters in law or vice verses. A good friend Kevin who works in Zen Japanese Restaurant is worried over her mum. She is currently staying with the elder son in JB, when the daughter in law could not get along with the old lady. The son is stuck in the in between, not knowing who to take side. The mother is extremely sad because as a widow, she brought up her two sons single handed. Expecting love and care, she has to face all the frustration and miseries instead. Kevin who is still single is wondering whether to bring his mum back here to stay with him. I told Kevin that he should. Also advising him to get marry to a future wife who should be loving and caring to the elders and the young as well. Otherwise he might land himself to the same situation like his elder brother.

I consider myself to be a lucky father in law because all my daughters in law love and adore me so much. Reason, I know how to tickle and melt their hearts. Let me show you how i wrote a recent mail recently and had fun with one of my most witty and humorous daughter in law.

"Hi my dear,

Uncle Ah Tee, Uncle Ah Lei and Caldwin helped to assist in shifting a lot of your house belongings over to my home at the moment. Currently Baldwin's white Buddha is kept upstairs for my safe-keeping. Buddha wants to know whether he should follow me or with your husband. We over turned your whole house but regret to inform, we could not find any hidden treasure. Everyone was expecting some gold bars hidden. There were many unused condoms under your bed. Wonder what we should do with them!!! There was one heavy stuff which needed to be carried by four strong men. Alamah! Is only an old TV lah..your mum gave away my new TV to Uncle Ah Far, and replaced to keep yours at our place instead. She said yours has more sentimental value because all the little brothers would be happy to see it again when they next visit us here. See! She loves your children more than me...so sad.

By the way, i thought of seeing and disturbing your beautiful God's mother, Mable tomorrow. May i have her lucky telephone or mobile number? She is one intelligent lady i love to meet and chat with. I hope she won't fall for me. Otherwise her husband would be looking for me, and you would also be in shit trouble. But u need not worry coz my true love always remain with my most beautiful and faithful little darling.

This late noon after we had moved most of the things from your house, i took the four of them for a quick lunch. During the lunch chat, we were talking about Caldwin who has all the bad habits and behaviour of me but no good points of the father. So sorry of him! Do you know why? The reason...Baldwin, your darling husband took all the good out of me and left the bad for Caldwin when he was born later. To solve this matter, the solution is...please transfer half the good qualities of your husband to his younger brother and Caldwin gives half of his naughtiness to his brother. Then both my sons should be normal. The fact of life is...everyone needs to understand the bad & good parts of life. How my dear???

Thank you for listening and i hope you can understand."


Chee Ying's reply:

"Dearest dad,

We truly appreciate and thank all of you for helping us move all our junks into your home. Words cannot describe nor express our gratitude and we hope that the only way we can repay you will be never to fail you. We also hope that in a little way, our junks can remind you of how noisy and naughty our boys were and all the good times we had in our little house. We hope in time we will be able to clear all the junk as I know what a big mess we have done to your home. Thank you and sorry for the mess dad. Please also thank our uncles for helping out. Oh, we already took our 3 precious treasures along, that's why you can't find any.

I am not sure whether Mabel is still on leave today. Perhaps you can call her office at 79573838 or her mobile 012 283838. Haha..she might faint with your sweet talk.

As for Caldwin, Baldwin took all the good from you but Alvin took the best from you!! But I think since there are so much good in you, there should be some leftovers for Caldwin. Be patient with him and you will see the good in him. Haha.

Take care dad and we hope to see all of you soon. Thanks once again.

Regards, Chee Ying

PS...for the unused condom, you may use it if still in good condition but then hor, hmmm....."

What is a daughter in law to me!! "A Daughter in law is someone who marries my son and becomes my friend."

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