Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Happy Heart Sees A Beautiful World.

The last weekend i was in Singapore again, having fun with my three little brothers, i mean my grand children. The eldest boy who is nine this year asked, "Kor Kor. Do you like to be here in Singapore or you prefer Malaysia?

When this question was thrown to me at that moment, my in law the lady of the house was around with us. Instead of replying him, i smiled to their grand mum and seek her opinion. She was proud to said, "As a Singaporean, i love to be here."

They looked at me and insisted a response. This was my answer...A happy heart will see a beautiful world. I am lucky to be blessed with a happy heart. Whether is Malaysia or in Singapore i am equally happy because i could see joy and excitement wherever i go. In Singapore i have the joy to be with my son and family. Playing with these three little brothers gives me laughter and satisfaction. Back in Malaysia and in Kuala Lumpur, i get all the excitement from my career by selling life insurance. Meeting my clients and friends is a hobby to me. Yes! Unless your heart is happy, my little brother, you will never be able to see the beauty of this world.

I sincerely hope they understood what my meaning was all about. For that i add, "Happiness cannot be seen or touched. It can only be felt with our heart."

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