Friday, March 05, 2010

Please love me unconditionally.

Hi ladies out there! I am trying to study women minds. Most female friends I encountered told me this. They feel more secure when their men they loved could provide some forms of security for them to hold. The securities could be a house, car, cash or credit cards. Is it true you feel better when these are given to you. Some ladies said, the more my man gives me, the more I would love him.

Of all there is only one special lady who said, she doesn't need any materialistic possession, except the true love from her husband. I was indeed touched by her statement. When she first married her husband many years ago, he was not doing well in business. He was 22 years older than her. It was his second marriage and the first for the young wife. She married the man with one thought in mind, to be always God fearing and take the husband as important. She loves him without any condition. She prays for him everyday, she prays for his good fortune and welfare. Believe me! Today the man is a very wealthy and successful business man. Though the wife did not even ask, the man is too willing to flower his lady with all those good tastes of life now.

Comparing to those women who demand and request their dreams from their men, non of these couples is as successful as the one I mentioned above. Perhaps most women have forgotten, LOVE is unconditional and LOVE has magic. The minute you have the thought to feel secure by being loved and to love with securities given, this might not be true love in you.

Read this quote carefully.."Behind every successful man, there is always a lady." A lady who could love him whole heartily, making sure he is leading a right path of life. She should feel the glory and pride of seeing her man achieveing success. She has the confidence the man will be standing with her at the same time. Her trust over him is her sense of security and not the house or cash given. It sounds ridiculous but is true facts of love. Any females like to say something. Please correct me if I am at wrong.

Specially for little darling - "A woman has got to love a bad man once or twice in her life, to be thankful for a good one" - Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings quotes

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