Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hot chili spices.....

This happened 40 years ago. While having a special lunch with our American Boss at the hotel he was staying, we were criticised and commented with our eating habits. Everyone was ordering the expensive western dishes and drinks because he was the host.

Over our steaks we added the chili sauce, some even requested the chili padi to make it tastes hotter. The wine, beer and brandy were mixed either with ice, water or the 7-up. We were not aware our boss was observing, until he stood him to make his stand.

As boss he wasn't afraid to yell on us! He cried. What the hell is this? These are all expensive steaks, specially blended with the right original sauce which is cooked by the renowned chef of the 5 stars restaurant in town. You guys killed its originality taste by adding those hot chili. How could you be able to taste its best when your taste buds on your tongue is dead with hotness? I gave you branded drinks specially matured from the famous wine farm but you changed the quality with water. If only i knew you like eating chili and drinking normal drinks, i should have taken you guys to the outside street's eating store. He was really very furious!

Yes! He was totally right. We Asian are chili eater. We prefer hot tempting food more than any thing else. Perhaps our boss didn't know, this hot chili actually spices our lives to a greater extent. We work harder with more determination. For some might not know, chili could also strengthen our sex lives.

Tips - "Chili peppers can stimulate the nervous system and enhance the feelings of sexual arousal."

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