Monday, February 28, 2011

How to ask the Million Dollars Dream Sales?

Creative Selling Tips...

Selling could be fun if you are creative and brave to add some spices and laughter for our clients. Once in awhile I might call any of my clients and tell them this... "I had a fantastic dream about you last night. Interested to know?"

Normally all my clients would say "Yes!" I dreamt you have strike rich and hit a big jackpot. Our Prime Minister has offered you the billion dollars project which you had wanted. You would be famous and the whole nation is talking about your greatness. All the beautiful ladies flocked to be with you. Your enemies turned good friends overnight. All bankers are queuing to offer you the funding which they had once refused before. As our PM is also my buddy, he suggested you should effect a Million Dollar Life Insurance cover first. He highly recommended Robert Foo to handle this".

No client who listened this dream would not laugh. Once they smiled I would ask the next question, "May I be allowed to fulfill this fantastic dream by effecting a Million Dollar Plan for you?" Believe me! I had sold many cases by asking this creative question. Sounds silly and funny but it works.

I believe this quote - "Art is making something out of nothing and selling it" - Frank Zappa.


Anonymous said...

Why not we rephrase the quote of Frank Zappa? to read like this: Selling something out of nothing is an Art. sounds better right my friend?

im not an agent nor sell something im just an ordinary man, but i guess in a point of view of an ordinary man like me, i will be more inclined to buy life insurance if there is personal touch b/w the seller and the buyer. How are you going to do that depends on how experienced you are in dealing clients which i could not elaborate because im not an agent.

Humor makes sense but sincerity makes even better. Have a nice day mr foo my friend!


Robert Foo said...

Yes your phrase sounds better but Frank Zappa original quote was written as Art is making something out of nothing and selling it. Looks like Ulysses has better sense.

I wrote many selling ideas and this title is only one of them. Try reading these...The selling formula dated 9Dec10, Passion & Love in selling dated 19Nov10, or Selling with my heart dated

Happy reading my friend,

Starblaze said...

thanks you my friend, yes i will read that older posts..neway thank you also for visiting my blog site the unfortunately some of my blogs are written in Filipino particularly my short stories and the about me portion. anyway thank you for visiting.

ulysses (aka Homer)