Saturday, February 12, 2011

Your mind is clearer when you stand to think.

Yesterday i posted this title "The effective way to speak on the phone" is by standing up. Today i ponder another question to myself, "What about sending sms?" Is standing or sitting or sleeping be better when i text messages to others.

Out of curiosity i sent a message to little darling. Please send over three different words or thought by standing, sitting and in sleeping position.

It came with these... "DdddaaalingGGGGGgggggGGGGGG... Darlinggggggg. darl..i..i..n..g.. Guess which is which babe?"

I took a bit of time to study the pattern of characters. I think the 1st is by sleeping position, followed by the 2nd as sitting down and the last might be standing up.

The answer from little darling was; 1st is standing 2nd is sitting and 3rd is sleeping.

Wow! Looks like standing up is more powerful with a lot of creativity, followed by sitting and the sleeping position is dull and inactive.

Conclusion: Never text a romantic message when you are lying on bed. For business or romance, standing up is still a better position to send sms. Don't believe, you can try it yourself.

How true -
“I would rather die standing than live on my knees” - Emiliano Zapata quote

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