Tuesday, February 08, 2011


Interesting medical facts shared by
Prof. Dr. S. Vikineswary.
Bio tech Division, Institute of Biological Sciences, University Of Malaya

Medicines or any home remedies are effective, provided these are taken on regular basis, well before the disease set in. Generally one look around when things are bad and try these remedies and term them as in effective. No further elaboration is required on this. These are all preventive ones.

As Received...
Natural therapy for opening the veins of the heart. (Please pass it to your friends.)
For Heart Vein opening:
Lemon juice 01 cup
Ginger juice 01 cup
Garlic juice 01 cup
Apple vinegar 01 cup
Mix all above and boil on low heat, approximately half hour, when it becomes 3 cups, take off stove and let cool. After cooling, mix 3 cups of natural honey and keep it in bottle.
Every morning before breakfast use one Table spoon regularly. Your blockage of Vein's will open.
No need now for any Angiography or Bypass...

Well spoken
- "He who takes medicine and neglects to diet wastes the skill of his doctors" ~Chinese Proverb


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